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BOOK: Greyrawk (Book 2)
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Then came the day of departure. The Talos Company was up at dawn and packed when Jaele and Greyrawk got up to see them off.

"Keep well you two," said Kerreth.

"We shall think about you often," said Moria. "But we may not pass this way again in your lifetimes. If we ever draw near, we shall visit."

"I expect Loric to come through in another month," said Kerreth. "If you need us send a message to Blackthorne in Calendia. He lives north of Stormridge and will know how to reach us."

"We can't thank you enough," said Jaele.

"Goodbye friends," said Greyrawk.

Kerreth Veralier nodded to Greyrawk and turned his horse and rode. The others followed him and Greyrawk stood in the road watching them until they were gone from his sight. He went back inside to get to work.

Jaele had gone to bed. Greyrawk sat on the porch feeling the gentle breeze rising. It was good to be home, but he still felt uneasy. Perhaps he was overtired, but he didn't feel the same as he had before he went to Cresida. He could not shake Belderag's words to him. Would he really turn into a Vlakan one day? Did everyone with a trace of Celaeri blood change into Vlakan? It sure seemed that way. Would his unborn child suffer the same fate? What about Tera and Davan? Davan was a teenager already; what was in his future? He was glad now, that he hadn't mentioned to anyone what Belderag said in the cave. He had felt that alien drive surge within him to kill Belderag and he could not stop until he had hacked Belderag's body until blood covered the walls and floor of the cave. There was a cold stream in the cave and he washed most of the blood and gore off him. No one would suspect what had happened. He would keep his dark secrets to himself.

He shivered although the night was not cold.

BOOK: Greyrawk (Book 2)
9.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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