Hail Mary Baby: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

BOOK: Hail Mary Baby: A Secret Baby Sports Romance
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Hail Mary Baby: A Secret Baby Sports Romance
Kara Hart

© 2016 by Kara Hart

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Author’s Note

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Prologue: Liam

ast cars
, women, and the love of the game. Nothing else mattered. Well, not to me. I was at the peak of my abilities. When you’re labeled player of the year, baller of the century, you better believe you expect the best. “You play the best, you get the best.” My agent told me right when I got signed. Ever since then, I devoted my life to football.

You see, I was considered a champion in the league. High School was nothing to me. College? Even easier. I schooled those losers like it was nothing. Now I was enjoying the fruits of my reward. I was a fucking king to these people. And you better believe I was bringing my brothers to the championships. I always did.

I was 31. This wasn't my first rodeo. I knew how to play. And on that field, I was a killer. Some say that 30 is the end of a good player. Well, they haven't met me. I was older, but I still played better than the youngest players in the league.

“We’re going to the fucking Super Bowl!” I screamed, fist full of beer. We had all gathered in the guesthouse. It was
place to go after the game to wind down and drink some beers with some of the guys. Hot women, of course, were invited there too. Yes, touching of the players was always allowed.

Jenkins, the best wide receiver we’ve got, leaned in and said, “We
to prepare for the after party, man. We need like a million women. A billion nipples. The younger the better, bro.”

“Just press them against my face and I’ll be fine. I’ll just be over on some couch, half-wasted from all the alcohol I’ll be drinking. You just gotta place one tit in each eye ball and rotate. You got that, Jenks?” Jenkins clasped his hands in approval and burst out laughing.

we win. You have a lot of training to do” Clive Manning walked by, eyeing us cautiously. He grabbed the rest of the unopened beers and threw them in the garbage. “Don’t get too cocky, boys. We’re not there yet.” He was one of the defensive linemen and he was

“Yeah, but we will be. If we have anything to do with it, we’ll fucking crush them.” I said, downing the rest of my beer. “Man, I gotta find me a girl, Jenkins.”

“You have a million of them, man. Just pick. They’re all for the taking.” He said with a childlike smile on his face. The cheerleaders had made their way into the room now. One girl in particular, some blonde babe with a g-string bikini on had made her way over to me.

“When you're right, you’re right.” I said, opening my arms to blonde babe #1. I had no idea what the chick’s name was and I didn't really care to either.

“Hell yes. I don’t need to get tied down and shit. Football is my wife. And boy is she sexy as hell!” Jenkins called out. The other guys hollered back at him in agreement.

“Well, well, well. Who do we have here? You look like you're having fun tonight.” I said, eyeing her up and down. She wasn't just hot. She was on fucking fire. And the fact that she had already placed her hand on my thigh made me want to tear away at her g-string with my teeth.

“You were incredible out there.” She whispered to me.

I placed my hand on her thin waist and squeezed lightly. “I know.” I said, slapping her ass.

“Want to go somewhere private? How about I show you the VIP room?” I suggested. Her small perky tits were laying against my chest now.

“Wow, that sounds exclusive.” She said, getting herself excited. I could feel her pussy get wet as she straddled my leg like a cowgirl.

“It is, baby. It's only for the best players in the league.” I lied. It was just some room away from the other guys. Anyone had access to it really.

“Take me there. I want to see it.” She smiled, giving me a weak look, as if she was already close to cumming.

I pulled her into the hall and we fell into a room where she instantly fell to her knees. She unzipped my pants as if her life depended on it and I sat back and enjoyed my blowjob. Yep, it was good to be the king.

uge billboards overlook
all of the big cities, action figures with a mock-up version of your face and body, a replica of the jersey you wear. There were girls to make your cock rock hard and there were drugs to make you brain fizzle. This was the life we led.

It wasn’t pretty. I probably had over a hundred concussions by now. It wasn’t perfect either, but it was
life. Only, I had a little secret. I came to conquer
And as soon as I did, I’d get out of the game. I’d get out, find a woman and make her mine. Eventually…

That was always the plan, anyway. Turns out, I’m not too good at leaving, even the things I hate. So if the suits above me need another win, I’ll win it for them. If they give me all the alcohol I need, coupled with all the finest women in the world, I don’t give a fuck. Jenkins was right. There ain’t a woman out there for me, him, or any of the other players. The game is my wife. And I’m going to lay her down and give her all I got.


my eyes and take a quick breath before I close them again. The roar around me is deafening. It's so loud that my brain automatically has to tune it out.
That's it. Tune it out. Feel the leather in your palm, the thread between your fingers.

I open my eyes again and suddenly everything has sped up. A 250 pound barbarian has made his way through the front lines and he's set on smashing my skull in.

"Pass it to Jenkins!" The coach is yelling at me from the sidelines. The infamous Super Bowl Championship game. He's got a lot riding on this. I'm guessing I do too. Truth be told, I'm just waiting for the after party.

I wound my arm back. The tension between my muscles and bone is astronomical. Within one second my arm is pushing through the wind at full speed and force. With a flick of the wrist, the ball leaves my hand spiraling. All eyes are on that perfect spiral. I smile, knowing nothing can touch me. I'm that good.

I drop my head down and take a look in front of me. That maniac is diving in the air. "It's already over, champ." I say with pride. But his helmet smashes into my chest and his arms wrap around my body. He knows it's over but he's gotta at least act like he's got a shot. I get it, I really do. But I can't help laughing as I hit the turf.

As soon as I'm on the ground, I rip my helmet off and push him off me. The ball is still in the air and it's almost to Jenkins' outstretched hands. Even though I'm on the field, I can just hear the announcer's anxiety. Will he catch it? He's in the end zone. Seconds left. This is the deciding factor of the championship game.

My hands are on my head, my teeth are grinding. Come on, man. Catch it. You have to. His fingers brush against the swirling leather and I can see the determination in his eyes. He's got this. He has to!

The ball fumbles into his hand and almost immediately a defensive linebacker dives into his legs. Jenkins has his hands around the ball, but he's pummeling toward the ground.

"Come the fuck on!" I find myself yelling. I threw a perfect throw. If Jenkins drops this, it's over. They'll win the game.

Jenkins drops to the floor and I witness something incredible. His arm snaps almost immediately, but his determination is something astounding. I ran up the field to get a better look. The crowd was going wild. It was incredible to witness. Sure enough, his grip is fastened tightly.

"Touchdown!" The words echoed in my ears. I fell to the turf and threw my hands in the air. Glory. All the hard work I had put in was finally paying off. The coaches ran to the field as Jenkins was carried away on a stretcher. He'll be fine. It's part of the job. He'll be traded to a better team, awarded millions and thrown into the football hall of fame. It truly was the catch of a lifetime.

All of the other players were on the field. I grabbed the trophy with Johnson, one mean tight end, and we proudly displayed it in the air as my 'brothers' pushed us onto their shoulders.

I'm not much on celebrations, but I enjoyed the rush of winning. It was why I played sports in the first place. And this was like winning the biggest thing you could win. This was like going to heaven. It was the Super Bowl for Christ sake!

I quickly jumped into the crowd, throw a kiss to the crowd, and headed into the locker room. I had done my duty. Now it was time to decompress. There was a huge party to go to.

“Liam! Liam! How are you feeling after your big win?" A reporter shoved her microphone in my face. I would have walked away if I didn't notice her legs peaking out from her dress.

"Peachy. I'm going to
Disneyland! " I spat into the camera and grabbed her ass. She looked horrified. I simply pushed the microphone down out of my face and laughed loudly to myself. Of course, the lady started crying, like I had ruined
day or something. Normally I would have ignored her. But today I felt a little different.

"I'm sorry if I came off like a total asshole just now." I found myself saying.

"Well you did." She said, pushing her thick brown hair away from her eyes. I reached out and helped her with her hair. I could tell this pissed her off, yet she remained completely still. She was young and drop dead gorgeous. I wanted her now. No, I needed her.

"Want to come to a party tonight?" I said, trying to get a read on her.

"With you? In your dreams." She scoffed.

"Well, if you change your mind, there's an interview that comes with it. Exclusive. With your name all over it. Plus, it'll be fun. Your choice. Here's the address." I handed her a card with the after party info on it. Exclusive information only the team and the girls knew about.

She crumpled the card in her hand and threw it on the ground. "Sorry, I don't take bribes." She was on fire. I smiled and walked away shaking my head. She seemed, well, special I guess. But there were at least a billion special girls out there and a dozen decent cheerleaders would be waiting for me at that party. There just wasn't any point in dwelling on these things. I won the fucking Super Bowl. What else could a guy ask for?

At this point, most of the other players had made their way into the locker room. When I got in myself, I undressed and headed for the shower. "Hey Conway.” A voice said behind me. Conway was my last name. "Nice throw, brother."

It was Jenkins. His arm was already in a cast. They got you in quick around here. "Shit man, nice catch! After that stunt, they'll have to put you in the hall of fame for sure. You okay? Feeling alright?" I slapped his hand and brought him in for a slight hug, pounding my fist lightly on his back.

"Yeah, I'm okay. The doc said I have to take it easy from now on." We couldn't help but laugh at the thought of that. "It's just a waiting game at this point."

"Right on, man. You're tonight's MVP. Don't you forget it. You're going to be at the party still, right?" I eyed him.

"Conway, you know I'll be there. I got dibs on the hottest chick in that room too." He said.

I laughed, shaking my head. I started to walk toward the showers. "You can have all of them. My sights are on one girl." I said.

"Oh yeah? And who's that?" He said.

"That news reporter chick." I said, whipping my towel at him. He jumped.

"Careful, now! You know how the media is."

"What can you blame me?" I laughed.

"Nah, she's fine as hell. Saw her earlier. Shouldn't be too hard a catch." He reasoned.

"Yeah well, I pulled a classic Liam Conway move on her." He rolled his eyes at me. The whole room erupted with the team hollering. I turned to them. "Ah, shut up and listen up everyone!"

The room got silent. I walked up to a bench and stood on it, holding my damp towel in my hands. "We did good out there. Shit, we did great. And, to be fair, the other guys did too. But ultimately, we played like a team. We gave them all we got. And in the end, we took it all the way home. Now, tonight is our reward. I want to see you all at that party. And you know what I want you to do?" Silence. "I want you to take it all the way home."

BOOK: Hail Mary Baby: A Secret Baby Sports Romance
8.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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