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Harem Ring 2: Kelsey's Price

BOOK: Harem Ring 2: Kelsey's Price
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Jen Eastwood


This is a work of erotic fiction and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Please enjoy this story, but be advised that it contains sexual themes and explicit language. Please exercise personal discretion if you believe you may find this content objectionable. If you proceed further you accept full liability for your actions and consent to reading adult material.

The characters and events in this story are intended for titillation purposes only and in no way represent any real people or transpired events. Any similarity to actual individuals or events is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are the age of 18 or above.

In summary, if you are above the age of 18 and do not find heavy erotic themes offensive, please read on. If you fail to meet either condition, scram.




It had been slow that afternoon, just like any other weekday. The only two through the door were already up the intermediate wall, one girl average looking. The other, however, piqued my interest better than enjoying a blowjob while eating a rack of ribs.As easy as the ring made life, I still had to work for a living like everyone else. Coaching at the rock climbing gym didn't pay well. At least, not until my inheritance made getting hefty tips a cinch.

It had been slow that afternoon, just like any other weekday. The only two through the door were already up the intermediate wall, one girl average looking. The other, however, piqued my interest better than enjoying a blowjob while eating a rack of ribs.

Real estate agents in between sales calls were frequent visitors, but these two were new. I could tell the spare was better at the game, driving herself and her hot friend in a damn nice SUV. She'd be good for another generous tip, at least.

But Kelsey had ass for days, shaped just perfect for those black yoga pants that hugged her like a second skin. As a belay, you're never supposed to take your eye off of someone on-rope. I was watching her ass like a starving hawk.

I didn't expect any money from her, but I did have a request in mind. As her foot slipped from one of the tricky spots, I tugged the rope and halted her fall. The harness tightened around her thighs, sticking her perfect rear out like a beacon. Stopping myself from yelling, “Nice ass!” to some customers had always been an issue working there.

Kelsey had enough, her flats made more for fashion than gaining traction on a foothold. She was a good thirty feet up and nervous. “Feed yourself rope and get horizontal. The harness will hold you. Walk down, don't jump.” Jumpers were always an issue, smacking their shins against a jut in the wall because they think action movies are instructional videos on rappelling down a rope. The ring also made cutting that crap out a matter of giving the instruction once.

Every careful step Kelsey took brought her petite, yet generous roundness closer. I wanted it for myself.

As she made the last few steps down I asked, “So what do you do for a living?” I knew already because of the vinyl sign on her friend's Lexus, but it did the job.

“I'm a realtor. Mainly with rentals.”

It was an in. “I'm looking for an upgrade from the place I'm at now. Have anything good off the top of your head?” I gave it a quick thought before she could answer. “Anything for rent out in the country? Some privacy would be awesome.”

Kelsey finally had her feet on the safety mat. I pulled the rope through the descent device as she said, “There's a place fifteen miles from here that's perfect.” She sounded hesitant.

“I'm off at five and I can be there with my girlfriend by six. You available tonight?” It was short notice, but I knew Angela wouldn't be as happy with my apartment if she weren't under the ring's influence. It tingled around my finger, just like it always did when I looked after the wishes of others.

“What's your range on the rent?”

I'd gone from maybe fifty dollars a week in tips to clearing several hundred a day. “Anywhere from the four-fifty I pay now to a grand at the most.”

I could tell she was getting ready to high-ball. “Nine-fifty is what the owner wants, no utilities paid.”

Out of my range, but I knew better than to trust anyone with a financial interest in not telling the truth.

“Give me an address, and we'll see you there in a few hours.”

Angela and I showed up a couple of minutes late. It was a nice A-frame, surrounded by a hayfield ringed by thick trees. And only one neighbor barely in sight. Peace and quiet was definitely an upgrade from the student slum I'd settled on before.

Kelsey stood beside her little Toyota, legs and arms crossed. She'd already changed, trading in those wonderful yoga pants and tank top in for a white blouse and pencil skirt. Even her hair had come out of that ponytail I made her wear, just to avoid a free haircut should she have gotten a lock caught between the rope and the descender.

I was even more impressed with her already. Kelsey was the perfect complement to the wonderful scenery Angela so generously provided. But I wanted to know what else she could do for me. I just had to figure out what I could do for Kelsey to strike a deal.

I parked and got out. As I smiled and pulled the tail of my shirt down, the ring chimed in.
You're very close to what she wants. Watch how she presents the house.

Angela was ready to make a friend, already trotting ahead of me. Those cut-off jeans barely kept her ass contained. I already knew what I wanted besides a bigger place to live.

“Hi, I'm Angela. Adam told me you thought this place would be perfect.” She took Kelsey's hand and gave it a quick squeeze. “I like it already.”

“It's four bedroom, two and a half bath. But don't expect the world of it. It's a vacation house the owner can't use anymore, so it may need a little work.” They definitely weren't the words of an agent wanting to move a rental.

I put my mind in touch with the ring. “Care to tell us why you don't sound too excited? Anything we should know before going in there?”

“I'm not supposed to tell you this, but the owner will go as low as five hundred a month. I really wanted to steal it for myself.” Defeat was all over her face. I felt bad for her, but it didn't mean someone had to end the meeting unhappy.

“I know a way to make this work for everyone.”

Angela took my arm in her own. “What are you talking about?”

I made sure to address both of them as the ring heated up. “There's plenty of room for all of us, and five hundred split up two ways is less than what I thought I'd be paying.” Angela didn't work, but I made sure to replace Stuart as a sugar daddy. She earned her keep in her own way.

It was on Kelsey. “Let's head inside. We can talk about that after you see the place.”

Give Angela what she wants, and give Kelsey what she wants. Great rewards await if you do.
I couldn't argue with it. Life had already turned around for me, but I wasn't willing to settle for 'pretty awesome.' I was chasing dreams at that point.

We followed Kelsey onto the redwood deck. She unlocked the front door and held it open for us as she said, “Well, let's take a look.”

I wiped my shoes on the doormat. “How many square feet?”

Angela stepped in as Kelsey shut the door behind herself. Kelsey looked at me and said, “Eighteen-hundred.”

Plenty for my tastes, but I glanced over at Angela. She was already smiling, excited enough over the living room already bigger than my entire apartment. “I like it so far.”

Kelsey walked us through the kitchen and on to the dining room. There was a little age and wear to the place, but it wasn't nearly as bad as she had warned. A good weekend and a few cans of wood polish would have had the place in far better shape.

She came to the spiral staircase. “Three of the bedrooms are down here, but the master bath and bedroom are up this way.”

I motioned for Kelsey and Angela to go first, not necessarily out of courtesy. The tight spiral guaranteed a bitch of a time moving, but it did give me a great view on the way up. Before I hit the last step, I was harder than the cast iron handrail.

The landing in front of the master suite was bigger than my current living room. I was already imagining a furniture layout for the spot, everything being a great platform for getting busy as the first criteria. And with three other bedrooms, Angela and I had room to grow our 'family' beyond just adding Kelsey.

We walked through the open doorway and into the bedroom. The ceiling peaked with the roof, bare cedar beams crossing the whole expanse gave it the feel of a stadium. Even empty, the built-in bench lining the entire back wall of windows already gave the room an option.

I stepped over to the view around back. The sun wasn't quite setting, but it was getting close. Seeing the picket line of trees, the sun peeking above and bathing everything in gold, inspired me to close some kind of deal.

Turning to Kelsey, I grinned and said, “Five fifty per month just to cut the owner some slack, and all three of us should take it.” I felt the ring warm up to my request.

Kelsey's eyes lost their despair. “I wouldn't be intruding, would I?”

“Shit no!” Hell, she was one of the selling points in the deal. “Besides, Angela's taken a liking to you.”

“But we just met. Shouldn't the two of you discuss having a roommate?” She was too polite, probably even for her own good.

The ring started to heat beyond comfort. At the time, two people at once was my limit of influence. “It's alright, just relax and enjoy the hospitality. Angel, show her how we get along at our place.”

Angela smiled and looked at me. “You mean...”

I winked and nodded. “You got it.”

Angela wrapped her arms around Kelsey's waist from behind. Kelsey jumped a little at first, and then eased into the embrace. I was happy to be the bystander so far, if only to see how this experiment with the ring would work.

The skirt began to slide down, revealing the laciest pair of white panties I'd ever seen. Kelsey put her hand on Angela's face, leaning her neck back for my girlfriend's nuzzling. Still hard from the primo view of their asses on the way upstairs, I took a seat on the bench and watched the show.

Each a perfect score on the final exam for hot, Angela and Kelsey merged together into a firestorm of raw sex appeal. My lungs almost collapsed as Angela got to work on the buttons on Kelsey's top. The pencil skirt hit the floor and our new friend stepped out of it.

Kelsey's hands went back, tugging against Angela's tiny shorts. I propped a foot up on a knee, observing my handiwork like a big-budget movie made just for me, and me alone. “You two should enjoy each other.”

Angela pulled herself away from Kelsey's neck, giving me that come-hither wave of her finger. I shook my head. She pouted a little, then went right back to work, dropping her cut-off denim around those legs I loved so much.

It was Kelsey's move as she turned to face my blonde goddess. She let the blouse fall off her shoulders, down her arms, and then onto the floor. Angela pulled the tank top over her head, leaving them both stripped with just one layer remaining.

The match was set with a brunette in white, the blonde in black. I could see Angela sizing Kelsey up, taking the lead role with every move. As for myself? Choosing between the two on a normal day would have been an impossible task, but in that moment, it would have been torture to leave either behind.

I caught Angela sneaking ahead, running a hand down the front of Kelsey's lace panties. She was smooth as a Don Juan, but a damn sight more attractive. It brought Kelsey back into the pace of things, rolling her tongue around in Angela's mouth and grabbing her ass like twin stress balls.

They both hit the hardwood floor, going at each other like prom dates. It was painful to just stand there and watch, so I made my way over. Kelsey and Angela welcomed me into the group like an old friend.

Angela pulled her mouth away from Kelsey's and then turned to face me. She slouched down, resting her head against Kelsey's breasts. Looking at the two in that moment, they were beyond perfect, complementing each other with their own flavor of beauty.

I knelt with my legs around Angela's thighs. They both looked me straight in the eye. That was when the ring did something new.

When they look you in the eye. That's when you're at your strongest.
It burned with a new heat, more like light that was way too intense instead of a fire. It felt like confidence. Almost comforting.

It took me a few seconds to break out of both the mini-trance and the calm feeling. “Well?” Angela had cocked her head in Kelsey's cleavage. I didn't know if it was for the question or because I had been acting weird.

I didn't know how to respond.
Make a deal. How can they benefit you, and you benefit them?

The realization struck me like a right hook to the jaw. I remember my uncle always saying the same thing when he'd say goodbye to anyone he'd just met. They always seemed to like him after it. “Let's make each other happy.”

BOOK: Harem Ring 2: Kelsey's Price
7.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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