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It came to a natural end. He took down a deep breath to resist the hardening of his groin.

I am now.”




Romano tried to move on her and she gently pushed back on his chest. She kept handling him like some delicate flower. He missed her. They’d stopped and rested in four different cities. And the ones that wouldn’t let him rent her a room meant they slept in the car together under the stars. He’d settled for holding her most nights and that was fine. However, his body was on the mend. He could use his arm without the aid of the sling. Now he needed to feel her lush curves underneath him again. “Something wrong?” he asked.


I’m so happy,” she said.


Romano cupped her cheek and thumbed away a tear clinging to her dark lash. “I plan to make sure you stay that way, Songbird.”


Vinnie, what do you think of this place?” she whispered.


The question went right past him. He was now looking down the line of her body with her black nipples against her smooth brown skin. He eased down a bit to capture a nipple with his mouth and tease it with his tongue. Her hand immediately flew up to stroke the back of his head.


Answer me please.”


He lifted his head and glanced up into her dreamy eyes. “What’s the question?”


Do you like it here?”


He let his gaze sweep around the room. It was one of the better haunts they’d stayed in. “It’s okay I guess.”


I know we talked about Santa Fe, but… I was out today and I got a good look at the town. It’s really lovely.”


Can we talk about this later, been missing you, Songbird.” He cupped her between her thighs and he saw a small shiver go through her. “We’ll see many lovely towns.”


Yes, but this one, well it’s different.”


Romano stroked her below, a little curious. “Different how?”


Harmony chuckled. “Haven’t you noticed? The town has a Negro sheriff; there are many Negroes, and Natives here. Some whites. It’s like home but everyone lives together.”


We’re in New Mexico, Doll. It’s probably like this everywhere.”


Up and down his middle finger went across her slit slow and easy. Her breath hitched, but the soft grunting moan she gave was a sound laced with pleasure. His finger dipped into her tight hole and her lids fluttered shut. They’d driven for two weeks. She took to a few places but something was different about Mandero for her. Santa Fe would be another six hours. Harmony went out to do some shopping while he caught up on his sleep, and she had returned as excited as he’d seen her in days. Even told him about a speakeasy that had closed, now he knew there was more to it. “Talk to me.”




He withdrew his finger and she shut her thighs immediately. He traced his damp finger over her tummy. “You were saying?”


Ah, yes, I uh, I met a woman today. Her name is Etoya. Older lady, reminds me of my Grams.”


Okay?” He lowered his face to lick her earlobe while he eased his hand up to her breast. He squeezed it and pinched her nipple. Oh how he loved her boobs.


She said this town is different Vinnie because they made sure it was that way.”




The Negroes, Mexicans, and Natives made it that way. Santa Fe is run by whites Vinnie, but Mandero isn’t, and hasn’t been since the Civil War. She doesn’t think we should go to Santa Fe, because it’s overrun with wranglers and outlaws since the Mexican Revolution.”


The seduction stopped. He frowned. “What does this have to do with us?”


You’re right Vinnie, Etoya said I’m pregnant. I want our child to grow up accepted. I want our life to be on our terms. And I think… I think this is the place. Maybe we can buy the speakeasy and I can sing again. The town needs a teacher and I can do that too. Just a lot of possibilities.” She peeked at him wondering about his reaction. Now he understood. She worried that he wouldn’t want to live in a town with people that weren’t like him. That he couldn’t adapt under this town’s rules. He surprised himself by smiling. Here she lay thinking she’d have to convince him of her dream, when all he wanted to do was give her everything her heart wanted. He had his dream and it was her. He could give a shit where they landed, as long as they landed together.


Say something Vinnie.”


I say if we’re going to stay then before we buy a place or anything it’s time.”




To get married.”


She grinned. “I love you so much!”


Prove it. The old woman said you carry my baby, so stop treating me like one.”


She grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. She pushed him off and turned over to her hands and knees. Romano rose behind her and she pushed her ass backwards while widening her stance. She glanced over her shoulder and dared him to go the distance.


Romano smirked. He cupped his hand and swatted her bottom. She giggled shaking her toosh at him. He fisted himself and watched as he placed the head of his dick at her entrance then slowly pushed his way inside. The heat of her, so moist and welcoming, beckoned him. He pumped his hips and stroked forward, not stopping until he was balls deep. Moist heat clamped down on his shaft and he began to fuck her harder and stronger forgetting his limitations as well. He refused to relent. Harmony’s arms gave out and her chest dropped to the bed but her ass lifted higher and it made him wild with excitement. He grabbed her hips to hold her still and thrust repeatedly until they both were shattered with happiness.




Two days later –


Harmony held his hand. She wore a white dress with a long hem and a ring of flowers around her head. He was dressed much more dapper. His dark suit and sly smile melted her heart. They stood on the land he bought for them. Etoya had her husband Red Horse perform the ceremony. He was the town spiritualist. They didn’t have a church, but maybe they could build one some day. He chanted and spoke in his limited English, blessing them and their union. She promised her heart to him and their child. She couldn’t believe the way Vinnie grinned and nodded. He was like a changed man. When it was done he pulled her to him and grabbed her face kissing her deeply.


I love you, Songbird. Always.”


I love you too, Vinnie. I’m the happiest I could be.”


Not yet, but you will be I promise.”


He lifted her in his arms and the six people gathered clapped for them. He had no clue how much happiness she had found with him.




Oh God! I can’t! I can’t!” she yelled through her tears, holding her knees.


Push down. Hold your knees!” Maria said. Harmony threw her head back and cried out as pressure below ripped her in, and then release came. Exhausted she dropped on the pillow. As much as she loved their baby she couldn’t go another inch. They’d have to cut the kid out of her.


He’s here!” Maria cried out in Spanish. Harmony had picked up more and more of the language and the native tongue of the Comanche.


She blinked through her tears of sweat and frustration. “He?”


A pink wrinkled little piece of joy was placed on her tummy. The baby squirmed and let go a soft cry. He had a head full of dark black hair and an apple shaped head. Harmony burst into tears. “Get Vinnie! Get him quick!”


Let us clean you and his boy up first.” Etoya said.


She released tears of happiness. “Okay.”




Still holding on to the poison.”


He glanced over at Red Horse and closed the door behind him. “What are you talking about old man?” he said taking a seat.


Thinking that wife and son of yours shouldn’t be yours. Thinking the way of the man you were.” Red Horse set aside his pipe. He leaned forward. His skin dried and wrinkled from the sun was the color of copper. He smirked, revealing his missing teeth. “In a minute you are going to be introduced to your boy…”


Don’t know if it’s a boy.” Romano mumbled.


Your son is destined, I know it’s a boy. In a minute they will bring you to meet him. The man he sees is the man you are now, not the man you were before you began again.”


I’m done with that.”


Are you?”


He opened his mouth to speak then gave up. He shook his head and accepted the truth. Etoya walked out looking exhausted. “The baby is here.” She said. “A fighter, and stubborn, definitely a Romano.” She walked over and patted his cheek. He stood. “What is it?” he asked.


Go see for yourself.”


He hurried into the hall and passed Maria as he entered inside the room. Harmony lay in the middle of the bed. She held their baby in her arms. Her hair was wild and her eyes were red and swollen from tears of happiness. She looked up and nodded. “Meet your son.”


He couldn’t move. Nothing on him moved. He stood there transfixed. “Vinnie. Come here.”


He approached the bed and stared down at the little angel. His pursed lips and fat jaws reminded him of his baby cousin when she was born. “Can I hold him?”


Harmony lifted his son to him and he accepted him gingerly. Once he held him he understood what Red Horse had advised. This boy and his wife were his past, present and future. He could believe.


I love you.” He smiled at Harmony.


I love you too, Vinnie, always.”



Coming Soon!


from Sienna Mynx













BOOK: Harmony
13.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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