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Having Prudence

BOOK: Having Prudence
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Having Prudence


©Copyright Lacey Thorn 2010

Cover Art by Natalie Winters ©Copyright July 2010

Edited by Claire Siemaszkiewicz

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Published in 2010 by Total-E-Bound Publishing, Think Tank,
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United Kingdom

This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has been rated

The Debtor’s Daughters


Lacey Thorn


To the unfailing bond of friendship! Friends are the glue that keeps us together when the whole world falls apart around us!

Chapter One

Prudence sat in the barn and waited for what seemed like forever. Finally she heard the creak of the door and the sound of his boots on the ladder up to the loft where she was. He had come. He’d decided to run away with her. But they would have to hurry. Her birthday was approaching and she would be expected to marry the man that her sisters had managed to escape. It bothered her that she was leaving that fate to her younger sister, Destiny.
But then her sisters had done the same to her. She had to believe that Destiny would manage to escape the same fate as well.

His broad shoulders filled her vision as he topped the ladder. His smile was the same as every other day and still made her heart beat a little faster. She’d known him since they were kids. Loved him since they were in junior high. And somehow this wonderful man loved her as well. They’d grown together and managed to hide their relationship from everyone around them. He’d been her first lover, her only lover and she knew that no one would ever make her feel as he did with just a tilt of his lips.

“Johnny,” she sighed as he finally cleared the ladder and moved towards where she lay on the blanket waiting for him.

He was already undoing the buttons on his shirt and shrugging out of it by the time he knelt beside her. He was big, topping out at six feet three inches with broad shoulders and hard muscles from all the work he did on his family’s ranch. And he was hers, all hers. He loved her and it was that love that would set her free from the fate her father had stuck his daughters with.

She reached for him as he knelt over her, his legs straddling hers. She loved the feel of his warm skin, relished the way it felt against hers. Dark hair sprinkled across his chest before dropping into a straight line down his stomach to his cock. He’d offered to shave it for her once but she had refused. She’d told him that she loved the way it felt raking across her nipples and he’d never offered again.

“Pru,” he breathed her name as she sat up tugging her shirt over her head. His strong hands covered hers, helping her pull it out of the way. Her hands went to his shoulders while his fell to her back and the closure of the bra she wore. The hooks slipped free easily under his touch and then he was sliding the straps down her arms. She lifted her arms away from him and he pulled the material off, though his eyes stayed on her breasts and the tight buds of her nipples. Johnny had always been entranced with her breasts. He would spend hours playing and sucking on them if she would let him. He’d made her come many times with no more than his mouth on her nipple and his finger buried in her pussy.

He groaned and his head bent. She knew what was coming and arched into him pressing her breasts up towards his mouth. He latched on to one pointed nipple and sucked greedily at it, using his teeth and tongue in equal play on the engorged bud. His fingers found the other nipple and pinched and tugged at it as she undulated against him.

“Johnny,” she moaned his name as she ran her fingers through his hair, loving the fact that he kept it just a little long because that was the way she liked it. She loved the curls, the texture and the thickness of his perfect ebony locks. Loved the look of his tanned skin against her much paler shade. Honestly she just loved him and everything about him.

His hand moved from her breast as he shifted his weight to her side moving his mouth to the turgid nipple his fingers had already worked so well. The hand slid over her belly to the low rise of her jeans and easily slipped the button free before making quick work of the zipper. The material was shoved out of the way as he moved his hand inside her panties and played with the saturated curls that she kept just the way he liked.

She’d shaved for him one time and had laughed as he’d been turned off by the sight of her curl free pussy. He’d said it made him feel perverted, like he was with someone not old enough. She’d giggled as she played with her nipples bringing his attention to the area of her body that he was so enraptured with. But she’d grown her pubic hair back and kept it trimmed into a neat little triangle right above her sex for him.

And he’d rewarded her with the best tongue worship a woman could ask for. The man was amazing with his mouth no matter what part of her body he was using it on.

His middle finger breached her pussy bringing her back to the here and now and the warm blooded man beside her. He lifted his head just as she knew he would, holding her gaze as he pushed his finger fully inside her. He always liked to see her face when he entered her be it with his finger, his tongue, or his cock. It was one of the many things she loved about him.

She moaned as he rubbed her exactly how she liked, pressing her hips into the curve of his hand.

He moaned with her. “God, Pru, you’re always so hot and tight,” he groaned with the pleasure she could see in his eyes. “I’ll never get enough of you,” he vowed and she felt the surety in his voice. It was the same for her.

“I need you,” she moaned to him. It had been almost a week since she had seen him alone like this and it was killing her to wait for him.

He just grinned at her. “I hope you’ll always need me,” he whispered and bent to finally give her that kiss she’d been hungering for.

His lips were soft yet firm, dry and warm, his breath washing over her with the scent of the peppermints he was always sucking on. His tongue stroked over her bottom lip several times before finally slipping inside to rub along hers. His finger still rubbed and stroked mimicking the motions of his tongue and she felt the tug towards orgasm wash beneath her skin. He must have felt it too for he pulled back and grinned down at her.

“You’re always so eager for my touch, your body so receptive,” he whispered with a smile.

“I love you,” was her only response. Those words were all she ever said when he commented on her response. She loved him and that made her perfectly comfortable with anything he wanted to do or try with her.

“I love you, too,” he whispered and with one more breathtaking kiss he was sliding down her body, his lips painting a trail from her mouth to her stomach. His hands made quick work of her pants and panties and then she was naked to his view.

He ran his tongue through her tight curls and she shuddered as his breath blew across her rigid clit. His finger, still deep within her, began a slow in and out glide as his tongue worked along the lips of her pussy. He licked and sucked at her flesh, one finger became two and she was so close to orgasm that she was ready to scream. Her hips arced up towards his face, her hands went to her nipples and pulled and tugged on them as she felt her orgasm building.

His eyes rose to hers. She felt the gaze before she locked her eyes with his. With a wicked grin he pumped his fingers hard and fast and still holding her gaze, wrapped those torturous lips around her clit and sucked while flicking the swollen bud with his tongue. She exploded with a muffled cry pressing into him as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. He kept her there, not allowing her to come down from her orgasm. He sucked and flicked and when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he nipped her clit with his teeth sending her even higher.

Stars exploded behind her eyelids. Her hands fisted in his hair both tugging him away and holding him close as the sensations exploded inside her. He knew her body better than she did and played it better than he did anything else. He eased her down, giving her the time to focus her eyes and regain control of her lungs while he sat up and made quick work of his jeans, boxer briefs and boots.

When he was as naked as she was, he came back to his knees over her. His perfect cock bobbed out just begging for Pru’s touch. She used her abs to pull herself up to a sitting position. Her legs were trapped by his where they encased her hips, leaving his cock perfectly aligned with her mouth. She opened wide and ran her tongue over the mushroom head rubbing the drop of pre-cum that filled the slit. She loved the taste of him, so sweet that she wondered if it was from all the peppermint he ate.

They both groaned and she wrapped her lips around him sucking eagerly on the head while her tongue stroked along that little notch just beneath. She loved the shape of him, the way the head mushroomed over his shaft, just a bit thicker than the rest of him. Loved the way he stretched her lips as she sucked him in. She loved the fact that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t take all of his inches into her mouth—no matter how relaxed she tried to make her throat. But she sure enjoyed trying.

She loved the way he ran his fingers through her long blonde curls, loved the way he would alternate between caressing and tugging. She loved the way his brown eyes would turn a deep chocolate, the way his eyelids would lower, covering half his eyes, as she sucked and worked him. Mostly she loved the way he moaned her name as he lost control and pumped his hips in tandem with her movements. It was a moment where she felt like the powerful one, which was important to her. At only five three, those powerful moments were few and far between.

She felt his legs tremble and knew that he would pull back, popping his cock free from her suctioning mouth. Pru relished the look in his eyes. It made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Johnny took her mouth and the kiss had her reaching for his shoulders and tugging him back down to the blanket with her. His legs shifted so that they were between hers and she lifted her knees to clasp along his hips.

One hand slid down the length of their bodies and he used it to put his cock just where she wanted it, at the wet opening of her pussy. She used her grip on his hips to pull herself up, pressing him just a little deeper inside her and moaned at the tug and burn as he stretched her to accommodate him. Even after all these years, it was still the most delicious sensation she’d ever felt in her life. He always marvelled at how tight she was but she’d been doing exercises since a letter from her older sister Hope had talked about the importance of squeezing your inside muscles. She’d found out what they were and practiced them faithfully ever since.

And if Johnny’s moan of pure pleasure was any indication, she’d learned how to do them very well. Then it was her turn to moan as he pressed her flat to the blanket and with one hard thrust buried his cock all the way in her. She leaned up into him, sinking her teeth into the muscle of his pectoral as he began a fast and furious pace that she knew would have her screaming if she let go of him.

This was the way she wanted it. Fast and hard and so deep that she could feel him in her stomach. He didn’t always give it to her this way, as he seemed to prefer slow and easy taking his time loving her. And she liked that too. But this was how she needed him. Taking her, claiming her in a way that no other man ever could or would have the chance to. He was here with her now and that had to mean that he had finally given in to her plan to run away together.

Her orgasm screamed through her like liquid fire in her veins as he continued pumping. She felt her body tremble and explode, the spots that danced as her vision blurred around the edges. His body tensed above her and he thrust deep and held still while he joined her, his hot cum washing inside her. She loved that feel and was glad that a few months ago he’d finally agreed to quit using condoms. They had only ever been with each other and she’d been on birth control since she was sixteen.

There was nothing like the feel of his cock unsheathed inside her. It was unquestionably the most erotic touch in her world.

He lay panting on her, doing his best to keep most of his weight off her even though she loved the way he felt lying on top of her. She held him, running her hands over him as they both worked on catching their breath. Finally she felt like she could speak again.

“When do we leave?” she asked him, hoping that it was soon, today.

He pulled back bracing his arm beside her and locking her in his gaze. She could see it in his eyes even before he spoke. And still didn’t want to believe it.

But he shook his head and she felt like her heart was breaking.

“We’re not running away,” he said and it was as if her whole life ended with those few words.

BOOK: Having Prudence
6.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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