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Head Over Heels

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Head Over Heels

Copyright © 2008 by Lena Matthews

ISBN: 978-1-60504-233-6

Edited by Angela James

Cover by Natalie Winters

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electronic publication: November 2008

Head Over Heels

A Cinderella Story

Lena Matthews

Lena Matthews

Chapter One

If Cyn Elder had to look at another crusty heel today, she thought she might heave.

Normally, helping customers find shoes wasn’t such a chore, but today she felt as if she’d seen every bunion in the state of California. Was a pedicure such a novelty? And would it kill people to handle their corns before they tried on her shoes?

“Will there be anything else?” The tight smile she forced across her face must have spoken volumes to the woman, who quickly shook her head, and picked up her shoes to head to the counter.

Cyn watched her retreat with a small twinge of regret. Never would she be intentionally rude to a customer, but today had been a day from hell. The two workers her father
she hire didn’t show up as scheduled, that alone was annoying, but knowing the twin sisters were kicking back in
apartment per her father’s other order, was downright infuriating.

Trying not to dwell on the negative aspects of her life, and man were there many, Cyn grabbed the shoehorn and grimaced in pain. Standing, she stretched her aching back, feeling the tender muscles cry out in pain. Three more minutes to closing time and then she was off to do as she pleased. And it pleased her to take a long hot shower, slip in between her comfy cotton sheets and pass out.

Cyn mustered the last bit of goodwill she could find, and made her way over to the counter to ring up the customer. After quickly seeing the lady out, Cyn sighed with relief.

Her day was over. With a twist of her wrist, she flipped over the sign and then pulled down the blind, bringing her horrible day to an end. The Glass Slipper was officially closed. Seven o’clock had never looked so beautiful to her before.

Cleaning up though, especially tonight, felt like a reward after the day she’d had. If she had only been given a second or two to pop in the back and get the smell of feet out 4

Head over Heels

of her nose, the day might have gone a lot smoother. Or if she had any real help, real being the key word, things wouldn’t have seemed as if they were piling up.

Stop it,
she ordered herself. Stop dwelling on the bad. Her life wasn’t horrible. In all honesty she didn’t have much to complain about. The only thing she wished was for her father to wake up and realize his live-in lover was a live-in loser. Then again, if wishes were horses—

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Startled, Cyn jumped and glanced around. With her hand over her pounding heart, she made her way nervously to the front door. There was someone there, but with the blind pulled down she couldn’t tell who it was.

“We’re closed,” she yelled out, refusing to open the door.

“Yoo hoo, girlfriend, you have to help me.”

Well damn.
The falsetto voice gave her customer’s identity away. Sighing, Cyn pulled up the blind and tried not blanch when her visitor’s face popped into view.

MeShell was one of the ugliest women Cyn had ever see, but that wasn’t saying a lot because she was a he. A very unattractive he in fact, but that didn’t stop Ms. Thang from going all out in drag. Looks aside, MeShell was a sweetheart, but nice or not, Cyn wasn’t in the mood to deal with any more customers.

Shaking her head, Cyn gestured grandly to the clock on the wall behind her and shrugged her shoulders in fake sympathy.

Still MeShell persisted. “If you help me out this once, I’ll be your best friend for life.

It will only take five minutes, ten tops.”

Cyn rolled her eyes and kept her hand firmly on the door. She’d heard this spiel from MeShell before, and the way she was going, they were going to be best friends for several lives to come.

“It’s been a long day, MeShell.”

“Each day is only twenty-four hours, darling, so please do me a favor and I’ll do you one in return.”

The only favor she could possible do Cyn would be to leave. “Thank you but no.” 5

Lena Matthews

“Please, please. I know you’ve probably had a hard day, girl.” Dramatic to the bone, MeShell gestured wildly as she spoke. “And you know I wouldn’t dream of bothering you at closing time, but I hobbled here as fast as my little feet could carry me with a broken shoe. But I have plans, girl. Big plans that involve me looking as hot as a tamale and landing Mr. Right and by landing I mean I need him to land on me because this girl hasn’t been landed on in a long while. You get my drift, sugar?”

Did she ever.
Sighing, Cyn watched MeShell with guarded eyes. She was beat. Tired to the bone, but an extra fifteen minutes wouldn’t make her any less tired. Besides if it helped the fellow sexually deprived, she was all in. Maybe she’d earn her wings to horny heaven for helping out and the God of all vibrators would send her an energizing toy.

Relenting, Cyn unlocked the door, much to the drag queen’s delight.

“You are the living end, girl,” she practically squealed, hobbling into the store on broken heels.

“Tell me about it,” Cyn murmured, closing the door behind MeShell’s back. Cyn locked the door firmly and pulled down the shade again. She didn’t want to chance any more lost souls begging for entrance. “Just don’t go telling anybody I let you in after hours.”

“Girl, please. You know discreet is my middle name.” MeShell fluffed her blonde wig and batted her sea green contact-lensed eyes Cyn’s way. A six-foot-two drag queen who was almost so black she looked blue, with fuchsia pink lipstick and matching eye shadow was not Cyn’s idea of discretion, but hey, whatever made her boat float.

Trying to find her hidden smile, Cyn thought of good things. Fuck raindrops on roses, she needed lime in tequila to cheer her up. “So which pair were you eyeing?”

“As if you have to ask.” MeShell struck a pose, with her hands held highly in the air and shimmied her hips. The silver sequined after-five dress shimmered in the light. “The six-inch silver stilettos, baby.”

“I’m not sure if I have them in a size thirteen, MeShell.” The drag queen community had always been a big supporter of independent stores like Cyn’s, so she made it a habit to carry larger sizes for such occasions. The lively nightlife of San Francisco had helped 6

Head over Heels

keep her family’s shoe store in the game for three generations, despite the Bill Gates super malls of the world.

“I’m a size ten.” She snapped her finger over her head. “Thank you.”

“Girl, please.” Cyn cocked her head to the side and tried her best to hold back her laughter. Even on her bad day she could tell a person’s shoe size from a block away.

“Those are gun boats and you know it.”

“Stop it.”

“You stop it. Have a seat while I go check the backroom, and keep your grubby little paws out my stocking sampler box.”

“Please. As if I’d take your old raggedy pantyhose.”

“Whatever, I meant what I said,” Cyn tossed over her shoulder as she slipped into the stockroom. Thankfully, everything was organized and it only took her a minute or so to find the shoes. “Here you go. Let’s try them on.”

“Girl. Girl. Girl.” Before Cyn could sit all the way down on the stool in front of MeShell, the woman had her shoes off and feet stretched out. “Put them on. Put them on.”

“Step it down a notch.” Exhausted or not, Cyn couldn’t help but be infected by MeShell’s enthusiasm as she helped her slip on the shoes. The size thirteens fit, as she knew they would. Damn she was good. “Well, what do you think?”

“I think they look divine.” MeShell stood and began to sashay around the room. “I look fierce, don’t I? Go ahead, don’t be afraid to tell the truth.”

Laughing, Cyn stood. “Too fierce, girl.”

“Don’t I know it.”

“Let’s ring you up and get you on your way. I don’t want you to miss your party.”

The phone rang as she begun to total up the purchase. “One sec,” Cyn said to MeShell, as she picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“What are we doing tonight?”

Cyn smiled, feeling the first sense of real pleasure since the whole damn day had begun. But Miller Tate had the ability to cheer her up without even trying. It was a gift 7

Lena Matthews

only a best friend possessed, and he was the best. “I don’t know what we’re doing tonight, but I know what I’m doing, and it involves a bed, cotton sheets, and a headscarf.”

“As stimulating as that sounds, I’m afraid I’m going to have to break your heart, because you are going out tonight. Even if I have to pull your fine behind kicking and screaming all the way.”

“I so don’t think so.” Was no one above listening? She just wanted to sleep.

“I don’t hear you. As your best friend, it is my duty to save you from yourself and the two evil flying monkeys you have waiting for you back at your place.”

Cyn smiled at Miller‘s apt description of the demonic duo. She was worn-out, but she knew, as Miller did, if she went home, she’d just end up regretting it.

“So where are we going?”
Please say movies. Please say movies. Please say movies.

“To a party.”

Damn it! At least at the movies, Cyn could have drifted off to sleep, but there seemed as if there was no chance of that happening now.

“Whose party?”

“DelRay’s new club is opening tonight, and guess who is on the guest list?”


“You’re going to DelRay’s too?” MeShell asked, butting into the conversation.

“That’s where I’m heading. Who are you talking to?”


MeShell grimaced at the same time Miller asked, “To whom are you talking?”


Miller’s snort of annoyance made Cyn bite back a smile. Miller and MeShell might both be batting for the same team, but that didn’t mean they liked one another. “What does shim want?”

“MeShell is going to the same party.”

“Maybe we’re going to the movies after all.”

Now he was talking. “Did anything come out this week worth seeing?”


Head over Heels

“Movies? Oh no.” MeShell reached across the counter and snatched the phone from Cyn’s hands. “Listen, Miller. This is the party to end all parties and my girl is not going to miss it.”

Cyn just shook her head and let them battle it out as she swiped the credit card. By the time the transaction was through, MeShell was handing her back the phone.

“Did the two of you get things settled?”

“Yes,” Miller muttered. “I’ll be by in an hour to pick you up. Don’t worry about clothes. I’ll pick out your outfit when I get there.”

“I do know how to dress.”

“Really, since when? Later.” Miller hung up the phone before Cyn could get another word out, much to her amusement. With a shake of her head she clicked the phone off.

Turning back to MeShell, she handed her the receipt and her bag. “I guess we’ll see you later tonight.”

“You know it, sweet meat. I’ll be the one on stage shaking my tail feather.”

BOOK: Head Over Heels
2.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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