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Sabrina was standing behind them talking on the com link with Calli, relaying everything that Cherri was saying. They could all hear the Alpha swearing and yelling at her mate to let her ‘the fuck out of the room’, she had to get to Cherri. Rissa apparently was in the same room and was trying to calm her friend down while giving Sabrina instructions on what to do if Cherri started to melt down. It was ugly when it happened.

Both of the men were taking note of what Rissa was saying. Cherri could throw one huge fit if she was stressed, and it apparently took a lot to get her down. One of the things was a spa day, but since they were on lock down that wasn't going to work. They looked at each other with panic in their eyes. Neither of them knew how to deal with a hysterical female, let alone a hysterical mate.

See, now you are all stitched up. Now we need to clean up. Okay, what do I need to do?” Cherri said with a hint of desperation in her voice, and she looked at Declan and then Nikolas, and tears began forming in her eyes. “I swear, my friends call me a slut, but I'm really not. I have only slept with like a few guys in the recent years. They just like to give me shit. I promise I won’t be a slut if we mate. And my mother thinks I'm still a virgin, so we have to make her think I still need a white wedding, even though I have two mates, and I will be a slut bride. But she is like bat shit crazy like the rest of the moms, and if she finds out I'm not a virgin, she will flip.”

Sabrina turned her com link on the speakers around the room since Calli was demanding it. “Cherri!” she yelled, and Cherri looked around her, the tears flowing freely now, and the men were trying to console her, but she was shaking her head and backing away. “Gods damn it, Declan, she's in shock. Be a fucking doctor.”

Declan seemed to snap into motion, he went to the cabinet and pulled out a syringe. She needed to calm down. Being shot at, finding out she has two mates, and Kiki being attacked was taking its toll on her.

Nikolas was holding her hands loosely, trying to talk to her. “Baby, that's all good, we can do whatever you need. A dog would be good; I just need you to take a few deep breaths and calm down for me.”

Declan was walking up behind her and nodded to his new mate. Sabrina had turned off the link and was whispering in the receiver what was going on.

Honey, can we sit down for a second?” Declan said smoothly, taking her arm and leading her to the table and helping Nikolas lift her up, each using a hand as Nik had a wounded arm, and Declan had a needle in the other.

Sitting down isn't going to change anything. How the fuck am I going to handle two of you? I mean I can barely get myself ready in the morning. I have to have two cups of coffee before I even leave the bed, did you know that? Then I have the ritual of the hair brushing at night and also the exfoliating. Do either of you even care? I mean, I am so high maintenance, when I go to the spa they have like four people ready to work on me. Who's like that?” She cried.

I'm sure we can deal with it. I have dreamed about taking care of my mate for so long, that all seems like a cakewalk,” Nik said smoothly and Declan pulled the needle out and pushed it into her arm.

Hey,” Cherri said and looked at Declan with a frown. “What was that?”

Just a little bit of a soother,” he said, and he saw her eyes begin to droop. Nik caught her and gently laid her on her side, and they heard Calli still talking on the link.

Declan walked over and calmly said to Calli, “She's now asleep for a few.”

He heard Calli breathe a sigh of relief and said, “If she wakes up, there's a bag of chocolate hidden in her desk drawer, in the way back of the third drawer, get it and have it ready. Hopefully, we will all be there soon, but we are waiting to hear about Kiki and Thomas.”

Did you get the part about a second mate?” Declan said and looked at Nik.

Yeah, Brooks is on the phone with Ms. Praton, who is out doing a little research, hopefully they will come up with something. I have no clue what the hell is going on,” Calli said gruffly.

We got it,” Declan said and handed the link back to Sabrina, who nodded.

I will try to find out what the hell is going on,” Sabrina said and turned her back to give them a little privacy, and Declan turned around and looked at Nik.



Chapter 8



Kiki/Kristopher lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He had no clue what the heck was going on, but he was trying to remember. Flashes of memory were coming to him, but they all gave him the impression that these people were nuts. He saw him and his parents out eating, him in class and talking to people. Nothing about freaky shifting animals or Drag Queens. These people had to be crazy.

He heard the alarms go off, and he stood up. Holding the bed because he felt just a little dizzy, he waited for it to pass before he tried to walk. Something was going on here. And he didn’t trust these people. Moving slowly to the door, he opened it slightly and saw the large man who had been in his room before standing there.

Thomas, his name was Thomas, he thought. How did I know that? Someone must have said it while they were in the room. Thomas stepped forward and said, “Do you need something?”

Kiki/Kristopher shook his head and said, “Just trying to figure out what is going on?”

Before the large man could reply, there was a noise to their left and Kiki/Kristopher stuck his head out just a little more to see what it was. A small little robot was wheeling its way down the hallway. He watched as it stopped at the first doorway and scanned the room and then moved on. “What’s that thing doing?” he got out before Thomas reached a hand out and put it on the top of his head and pushed him back into the room forcefully.

Kiki/Kristopher stumbled and fell as the door slammed, and he heard gunfire in the hallway. Screaming in a high-pitched tone, he scrambled to the corner and pulled a chair around him and then covered himself with a blanket. The noise was deafening since it was right outside his door. Something slammed into the door, and Kiki/Kristopher screamed again, this time he frowned when he heard himself. Shit, he sounded like a girl. Calming down he listened.

There was a message being read over the intercom about there being a problem in the med wing. He wanted to yell ‘Ya think?’ but he held back. He had to let them do what they had to. He, for some reason, trusted the large man that was standing guard.

He could hear Thomas yelling at people to stay back, and then he would hear a burst of gun fire. Something again hit the door, and then he felt and saw a large hole explode in the door. The freaky little robot stood there with a red scanner thing moving around the room. Kiki/Kristopher made himself look as small as possible.

Thomas yelled and then he saw the top of the little machine explode with a loud BOOM! Kiki/Kristopher had never heard anything like it. His eyes were ringing, and when he saw legs running in the room, he still stayed in the corner.

Thomas was kneeling over him and trying to get the covers off. “Kiki, we have to move; we're going to another secured floor.”

Kiki/Kristopher poked his head out and said sarcastically with his old sassiness, “Another secured floor, really? I thought this was the safest place for me.”

Thomas sighed and said firmly, “We have to move so we can make sure everyone is safe, come with me, please.”

Damn it, he pulled out the nice card, and his mother always taught him to be kind to people when they said please. He stood up and held his head high and walked out the door behind Thomas, who was carefully looking both ways, making sure it was safe before hustling him quickly to the stairs. He groaned but followed the man as they climbed up.

Chapter 9



What do you mean it didn’t work? I wanted those bitches taken out before I move forward,” the CEO of the Prentiss Agency yelled into the phone.

They had more guards than we thought,”
Mr. Twisted
said smoothly into the phone. He was starting to get sick of this bitch who thought she could tell him what to do all the time. She came into this late in the game. His plans were already set, and his boss knew what he was doing.

King Bondi
, who was now dead, had started this revolution just after the war.
Mr. Twisted
chuckled when he thought about the name they called him, if only they knew who he was. His boss knew his plans and he was following them. If it hadn’t been for this bitch who decided she was going to challenge the old
and take over, things would have been done by now. The world would be well on its way to being the way it should be.

But no, she had to come in with her lofty ideas and take over. Only three people knew that the
was dead, the bitch made them keep the facade of the
being alive so she could hide in plain sight. He had been doing this for so long, sometimes he wondered which side he was actually on. No, he knew, and soon so would everyone else.

I don’t care if they had a million fucking guards, those three women need to die and soon. That will stop at least part of the problem we have and the rest will be done soon. I have all the votes needed to replace Drekinn. Once I'm the head of the agency, anyone who doesn't follow my lead will be declared Rogue and be hunted.”

I'm not sure how the humans are gonna feel about all this,” he commented. He needed to make contact with his boss and find out some information. The Drag Queen was alive since he hadn’t intended on killing him, but he had to keep the situation in control, he had to shoot. All these years undercover and he was beginning to realize that some evil he was not going to be able to stop. He was going to have to pick a side, there was no real choice, but making it out of here alive could prove to be impossible.

The woman hissed in the phone at him and said, “They'll fall in line, I have plans that are in place that will make the old Drekinn look like they were planning on taking out the humans. They'll be calling for their heads on a silver platter, and I will provide the knife. When the Prentiss Agency is in control, then we'll be able to truly finish our plans. The injection to turn humans is almost done; we will build an army the likes of which they have never seen before. Then the tide will turn and the shifters will control the humans. No more pandering to these weak people.”

The hit man shook his head; there was something to be said about the medication that the
needed to make them sane. She had not gotten a full dose. “That will only solve part of the problem, you know.”

Don’t tell me what I need to do, you're just the messenger, now go and deliver my statement. I want them dead by the end of the week,” the woman said and hung up the phone.

He stood there and shook his head; he had no intention of actually doing what she wanted. He just had to think of a good plan to keep the Pack safe. The pull from the Pack was getting stronger. The longer he resisted, the more insistent his animal became.

Mr. Twisted
walked down the street and looked up. The Drekinn Agency building was under lockdown, there was no way to call the boss until they decreased security. Then he could ask when he could finally come home.



Chapter 10



For twenty-four hours they had all been holed up in separate little rooms, each going a little crazy. The Enforcers had to sweep the entire building of eighty-seven floors before they could go out. Ms. Praton had disappeared into her office and was making phone calls.

Calli and Kade had worked on trying to identify the marking on the machine that attacked. They received a picture hours after the incident. Kade had also filled her in on the problems that Brooks had informed him of—Calli had been pissed. The Drekinn Agency was the best at what they did. If someone wanted to take over to change shit, they were in big trouble. All of these things coming together at the same time was beginning to make more sense.

Rissa and Trina sat in the corner on the computers trying to find a vid of something that would help them understand what the hell was going on. Obviously, another attempt on their lives, but this time Cherri and Rissa had been the target on the vid they watched. Rissa was trying to piece together why this fucking asshole,
Mr. Twisted
, had such a hard on for them. Yeah, they were the head of the department, but it had to be something more. Hell, even Ms. Praton didn’t have this many death threats.

Too much information coming in at once, things were changing all over the place and Rissa was helping Calli and Kade with the backup plan. Cherri was gonna be pissed she missed out on this, but her little meltdown could not be avoided. Thank the gods they had the money in reserve they needed. This could turn out to be a very costly move, but one that couldn’t be avoided. If she could find the missing piece of this fucking puzzle, at least they would have some answers, and something to fight. As it was, attacks out of the blue were becoming the norm.

BOOK: Healing Cherri
13.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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