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Authors: Elise Tanner,Cerys du Lys

Tags: #rape fantasy, #sex slave, #sexy story, #erotic bondage, #captive bred, #breeding, #reluctant sex, #kidnapped, #forced impregnation


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by Cerys du Lys and Elise Tanner

Published by Cerys du Lys, 2013.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. July 3, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Cerys du Lys and Elise Tanner.

Written by Cerys du Lys and Elise Tanner.

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I typed away on
my laptop, caught up in the ideas soaring through my head.  I hadn't been able
to write a story this easily since... since ever, really, and the words
wouldn't stop flowing from my mind to my fingers, to the tips, and down onto
the keys.  On the screen before me, racing left to right, down and back again,
more and more, words populated the screen like a frantic group of people
scrambling through rows of seats at a movie theatre hoping to get the best spot
before the movie started.

Someone cleared
their throat, distracting me.  "Miss Tanner," he said.  "What do
you think you're doing?"

I glanced up; it
was Lucent.  This made sense, seeing as I was currently in his apartment. 
"I'm writing a story," I said.

"In my

I glanced around
and shrugged.  "Yup."

"In my
bedroom," he added.  "While sitting on my bed.  With your laptop on
your lap as you lean against my pillows and my headboard.  Shall I get you some
lemonade as a refreshment, perhaps?  Do you often enter into people's homes
without an invitation?"

He said all
this, and perhaps to anyone else it might have sounded angry or upset, but I
knew Lucent and he was none of these things.  I looked up at him again and
grinned.  The feigned expression of annoyance vanished from his face, quickly
replaced by a wicked smile.

He strode
towards his bed and seated himself next to me, glancing at the vague concept of
my story strewn across the laptop screen.  "Is this for Mrs.
Landseer?" he asked.

Through Lucent's
intervention—though he refused to admit it, and said I'd gained this position
of my own accord—I currently had a position as one of the writers with the
secretive publishing arm of Landseer Enterprises.  And, I was the only other
writer besides Jessika Landseer herself, which was somewhat odd considering she
was married to billionaire CEO Asher Landseer and... well, I was just a college
student and former librarian turned writer.  I
graduating soon, and
I'd have an MFA in Creative Writing with a specialization in fiction after
that, but my current job was far more than I ever could have asked for.

Lucent helped
me, though.  Lucent always helped me.  The story behind that was... difficult
to explain.  Currently we were dating, though.  And in somewhat of a deviant
relationship.  More low key at the moment, kept slightly under wraps, but...

I remembered the
other night.  Lucent had a hook in his living room, hanging from the ceiling. 
I never really questioned it as anything peculiar before, but, oh, he changed
my mind fast.  Tying me up, suspending me from the hook with a series of ropes,
he kept me bound and dangling, toying with me for hours on end, until...

We fucked.  We
fucked hard.  Hard and fast and I was so delirious with pleasure by the time
any of this happened that I felt like I was flying.  I was somewhat, too,
floating in the air, suspended by ropes, Lucent abusing my body, pounding into
me, thrust after thrust.  I stared at the glaring white of my computer screen,
lost in thought, daydreaming.

I must have been
biting my lip, because Lucent swooped forward and pulled it from my mouth with
the faintest nibble from his teeth, preferring to bite it for me.  He pushed
the laptop off of my lap and soon took its place, pressing my body against his
bed.  I gasped, surprised and excited.  His hand clutched at my waist, holding
me tight.

Tanner," he said.  Lucent always called me this; my name, Elise, was
reserved for... more special, careful moments.  "Don't make me ask you
twice.  Was that for Mrs. Landseer?"

I stared at him,
wide-eyed.  He looked so controlling and dominant and... my God.  My lip was in
his mouth, pulled out and pouting, while he breathed deep through his nose
sending a heady and hot wash of air dancing along my face.


Not quick
enough, not good enough of an answer.  His teeth pressed down onto my lip
harder, eliciting the faintest amount of pain.  His hand on my hip snuck
beneath my shirt and wandered towards my breasts and he

"What were
you writing, Miss Tanner?"

He was playing
with me, toying with me, teasing and tempting me and I loved it.  It might seem
odd now, but I knew Lucent cared for me.  I also knew he enjoyed controlling
me.  Not all the time, and not in everything, but this and now—oh, yes.

"I saw my
name," he said.  "A cursory glance of the contents showed your
writing was more than a fair share erotic, as well."

erotica," I said.  "Lucent, I... I was writing it about us.  Um...
with an idea I heard people liked.  I wanted to try it and I've been..."

He let loose my
lip and leaned back, giving me a moment of time to myself.  "What
idea?" he asked.

"Um... it's kind of embarrassing."

He smirked and
lifted one eyebrow.  "We can have sex and you can write about us having
sex, but you can't tell me your idea?"

well it's a popular story idea, I guess?  I mean, I don't really know
everything about it, but I heard people like stories like that, so,
uh..."  Whispered, under my breath, I said, "It's an erotic breeding


I added.  "We can't have sex without a condom for awhile, alright?  I
haven't gone to get my birth control shot again after it wore out."

He stared at me,

I'm trying to write from experience, you know?  It's, uh, a breeding story? 
So, I mean, in the story, you're sort of, um... well, you breed me?  That
sounds weird, doesn't it?  But, no, here's how it works.  I'm the innocent and
naive librarian and you're the powerful businessman and you blackmail me and
force me to have your child, or else."

He raised one brow. 
"Or else what?"

"I haven't
figured that part out yet.  I started writing it at the sex scene."

"So you've
started in the middle of the story and you don't know our motivations for
having sex?"

"We're not
just having sex," I said.  "We're
.  That's the
important part of this.  I get pregnant at the end of it.  That's our
motivation for having sex.  To breed."

"I daresay
I'm not sure I like this story idea, nor do I favor the idea of you not being
on birth control."

"The story
won't take too long to write and then I'll go get my shot again.  You do have
condoms, you know?  We can use them.  I kind of like them.  They're

"Did you
just call my custom-fitted, rather expensive condoms weird, Miss Tanner?"

I said.

Lucent grinned,
then he laughed.  "Perhaps I'll just tie you to the bed and breed you
right here.  What do you say to that?  You want to write from experience, don't

you."  I bopped him on the nose with my finger.

He pushed
against me again, squashing my breasts beneath his muscular upper body. 
Pinning me to the bed, pressing his lips to mine, he sexually assaulted me.  I
returned his heavy kisses with equal fervor, loving his brash abrasiveness.

Speaking through
our kiss, Lucent said, "I'm going to prepare dinner."

I kissed him,
kissed him again, and once more for good measure.  "Can I finish my

"Yes.  Make
sure you come up with some good motivations for us, Miss Tanner."

I nodded, and
Lucent pulled away to leave.  I thought that was it, and I thought I was about
to begin writing my story once more, but, no.  He slid me downwards away from
his headboard and pried my thighs open with his knee.  I squeaked, caught off
guard, and bounced on his mattress and pillows.

The fingers of
one of his hands scratched up my stomach to my bra, then wrenched up the flimsy
lingerie and grabbed at my breast and my nipple.  He tweaked it between his
fingers, rough and demanding.  As if this weren't enough, his other hand snaked
up my thighs and beneath my skirt, towards my panties, and he dipped a finger
into my arousal-slick slit.

Yes, while I'd
been writing I'd turned myself on.  What of it?  It didn't help that Lucent
arrived to turn me on even more and now he was taken advantage of both those
facts.  My mouth dropped open, my lips becoming a circle, and I clenched my
eyes shut.  Yes, yes... I wanted this, I wanted more.  I wanted...

Lucent was
good.  Lucent, to be honest, was more than good.  He knew what he was doing,
and currently what that was involved bringing me to the precipice of pleasure
and then stopping abruptly and leaving me there.  He pulled his finger out of
me roughly and with no regard for my impending climax, then he removed his hand
from my nipple and breast.  Moving off his bed, leaving my skirt riding up my
thighs and my shirt lifted up my body, he walked to the door to his bedroom.

He was leaving
me.  What an asshole!  Well, I'd just need to finish the job myself, wouldn't

masturbate," he said, turning to glare at me while voicing his command. 
"I'll deal with you after dinner."

Words could not
explain how sexy that sounded to me.  "What if I do?" I countered. 
"Are you going to punish me?"

"Oh, Miss
Tanner.  Tsk tsk."  Lucent sighed and shook his head.  "Yes,
actually, I shall.  I'll punish you by denying you sex."

I gaped. 

"You heard



please, I just want to have an orgasm?  I don't think that's a lot to

"I have
plans for you, Miss Tanner," he said.  "Rest assured, they involve

My ears perked
up, intrigued.  "More than one?"

He nodded. 
"At least two.  Yours and mine."

"That's not
what I meant."


for me?" I asked.  I didn't think I was exactly capable of this, but I was
more than willing to let Lucent attempt it if he wanted to try.

little nymph, aren't you?" he asked.

"I won't
masturbate," I said quickly.

A wicked,
languorous grin tugged at his lips.  "Good," he said.  "I shall
consider indulging your avaricious lust."

Not giving in to
my desires was going to be difficult, but the look in Lucent's eyes before he
left to make dinner said that I would probably find it worth my while to
restrain myself.

I had thought I
would write while he prepared dinner, but I couldn't now.  I couldn't even
think.  I lay on his bed, staring at my open laptop, the bright screen shining
at me but none of the words on it making sense anymore.  I touched one of the
keys experimentally, toying with the idea of writing more, but... nope.

One hand went
between my legs, but then I snapped it away and shoved it beneath a pillow. 
Bad hand!  Well, it was really bad
, but my hand didn't seem to mind
taking the blame at the moment.

What I needed to
do, I supposed, was calm down and breathe deeply and relax and get back to
regular.  Lucent was overwhelming sometimes, especially sexually, and when he
got in these moods it excited me.  He wasn't here now, though, and so I should
be able to hopefully come down from the high of his arousal.  I closed my eyes
and hummed to myself, trying to enter some Zen-like meditative trance, or
something similar.

I never found
out if it worked.  I ended up falling into a light sleep.


Apparently my
nap wasn't as light as I thought, because when I woke up the sky outside was
well past the dark of evening.  I stretched, then yawned, and went to cover my
mouth with my hand, but I couldn't move my arm.  I pulled, then pulled more,
but something kept my hand stretched above my head.  And... wait a minute...

Both my hands
were pulled up, held above my head near the sides of Lucent's bed.  Also, my
legs were the same.  My body formed an "X" across the blankets,
spreadeagled and pulled out.  Coincidentally, or perhaps not, I no longer wore
clothes.  This was extremely strange and I thought maybe I was dreaming, but
all of this seemed real.

I tilted my head
up and looked across the room.  Lucent stood there, grinning, watching me.  He
also wore no clothes.  His erect cock stood at attention, bobbing up and down,
practically greeting me with a wave.

awake," Lucent said.

"Did you
tie me to your bed?" I asked.



He casually
sauntered forward and rested a hand on the side of the bed near my thigh. 
Sitting, glancing down at me, he leered at my naked body.  "I thought that
perhaps I should assist you with your writing, Miss Tanner.  You see, I'm of a
mind that I wouldn't find it at all disagreeable to impregnate you.  I was
contemplating this while cooking, and the idea appeals to me."


"You know I
want nothing more than to control you, do you not, Miss Tanner?"

Yes, I knew
this.  Lucent loved being in control.  I did like listening to him a lot of the
time, too.  He never asked me to do anything extreme, nor did he force me to do
anything I hated.  To be honest, he rarely demanded I do anything but be
myself, unless we were spending some time in his bedroom, and...

I supposed we
were in his bedroom right now, weren't we?  But, um...

see," he said, placing a hand directly on my crotch.  My hips bucked up at
his unexpected touch.  "If I get you with child, you'll be forced to
remain more docile, will you not?"  He slid his fingers up and down my
slit, toying with my labia and edging closer and closer to my clit.

I didn't know
what to say to that.  "I..."

"Your flat,
lovely stomach will bulge with my child, Elise," he said.  While he teased
at my folds with one hand, he ran the other hand across my flat stomach. 
"You'll rely on me more and more and become unable to perform even the
simplest of tasks.  I shall have shackled you in a way that was never possible

7.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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