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His Dark Bond

BOOK: His Dark Bond
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His Dark Bond
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For Zoe, Ethan and Lucy. Zoe and Ethan—no book gets written without your help. I appreciate everything you do. Bonus points for not pointing out that microwavable chicken nuggets are not the dietary staple in most families.
For Lucy—welcome to the world! Since the brainstorming for this book began when you were sound asleep on my lap and I couldn’t go anywhere (because a wise auntie never, ever wakes the sleeping baby), I owe you one. Plus, you do a mean bear impression. Someday, you and I are teaming up on a bear shifter book.
And, of course, for Louis. As always.
hree thousand years ago, rebellion ripped apart the Heavens. Moving swiftly, Michael took action against the rebellious Dominions. For millennia, these angels had served the Heavens. The Dominions were bred to be Heavens’ staunchest warriors and had never wavered in their duty. They fought. They defended. They killed, on Michael’s command. In the war between good and evil, they were the first—the critical—line of defense. But murderous atrocities had come, and the Dominions had accused Michael. The Heavens’ warriors had taken up arms against him—and lost.
When the Dominions fell, Michael condemned them to a near-eternity of punishment. On his command, the rebel angels were stripped of their wings and exiled from the Heavens. These Fallen ones were sent to Earth and condemned to live as Goblins, thirsting for light and goodness not to be found in their own corrupted souls. No Fallen could regain his lost wings and return to the Heavens—unless that male first found and loved his soul mate, the one female capable of redeeming his dark soul and teaching him love and light and peace. In 2090, the first soul mate was found.
er made the run to G2’s, coming into the club from the roof because he had energy to burn and he got off on the sheer physical pleasure of pounding across the rooftops, leaping the empty spaces between the buildings. Beautiful thing about all that space was that you just never knew when your foot might slip. If only it was that easy to finally bite it. Put an end to millennia of emptiness. To the suspicion that maybe, just maybe, you’d been exiled from the Heavens because you
good enough and not because of a well-engineered setup.
Security met him as soon as his boot hit the rooftop, of course—because Zer’s lieutenant, Brends, wasn’t an idiot, and the male looked after his own with the tenacity of a starving hound—but the patrol recognized his face even before he snarled the password. Everyone knew who Zer was. The sire. The one who was supposed to lead the Fallen out of this shit storm and back to glory. Never mind that he was at least a thousand years overdue.
Two males, one on his left and the other flanking his right. If they’d wanted to take him out, they’d missed their chance. He’d been vulnerable when his boot hit the edge, but now he was on solid ground.
Leather duster flying around him, he took the stairs down to the club floor, taking out his frustration and his restless energy on the anonymous stairwell with the stark linoleum and aseptic guardrails. Moving silently downward, his shadow gliding over the steps before him, he considered what he’d learned in the last week.
The nightly fights against the rogues preying on the human population of M City were only the tip of the iceberg. The desire to drink human emotions was worse than any drug. The rogues were Fallen who either no longer could or would control their urge to drink human emotions. Lost to that dark hunger, they rampaged out of control, insane and indulging in sprees of violence as they drank their human victims to death.
Worse, Cuthah, the corrupt Dominion who’d engineered the Fallen’s exile from the Heavens, was clearly massing the army he’d threatened to raise. Sure, the motherfucker had flat out said as much during his last heart-to-heart with the Fallen, but Zer had hoped—for longer than he should have—that Cuthah had merely been grandstanding, doing a little posturing because the male had been on the losing end of the fight and was looking to save face.
No such luck.
Maybe Zer should have just let the rogues do their thing. The Heavens might have evicted the Dominions’ asses, but they hadn’t put out a kill order. Not yet. Some of the Fallen still fought for redemption. The others gave in to the soul thirst and became rogues. Fuck if he knew why he fought, though, other than that he was, like it or not, still the leader of the Fallen three thousand years after their disastrous Fall from grace, and he’d never walked away from a fight.
Plus, Zer and his brothers might be debauched sensualists who enjoyed more than their fair share of earthy pleasures, but they did not kill innocents. Seduce, yes, murder, no.
The humans grinding on the crowded dance floor gave him a wide berth when he strode into the club.
He planted himself in the club’s private banquette and then propped his feet on the table. His seat in
world. He was king here and everyone—human and Fallen—knew it.
The gaping avenue in the dancing crowd closed up once he was safely stowed in the banquette, the music kicking up in volume to match the drug-induced euphoria of the crowd. Sin and sex. His humans stank of both vices. Like the addict he was, he opened his senses, drinking down the delicious cocktail. Unable to experience emotion themselves, the Fallen depended on the humans around them to provide it. There were a few ways to tap into that emotion, but the best was sex. And Zer was hungry for it.
Wanting more.
Always more.
“You find the females on the list?” Nael, one of Zer’s lieutenants, didn’t waste time with meet-and-greet. The leather-clad Fallen dropped into the seat across from Zer.
A female deposited a tray of bottles and glasses at the table, running her eyes down the hard muscles of Zer’s forearms. The interest was automatic, as was the revulsion when her gaze hit the black ink on his wrists and she realized what he was. Not a Goblin-lover, that human, although clearly she was willing to take her paycheck and work the club floor. Her loss. She’d have made more from Zer in one night than she had at her job in a week.
He spared her departing ass a quick glance. The female moved quickly but sleekly, the muscles in her thighs tightening with each stride. She’d have been a hot ride, he thought regretfully. Able to keep up. Ride him half the night and then some.
He’d have liked to taste her.
Unfortunately, with the thirst riding him hard, one taste wouldn’t have been enough. He’d have taken another. And another. Until he killed her, and he wasn’t going rogue. Not tonight.
“I haven’t looked.” He’d been too busy killing rogues and hanging on to the shreds of his sanity. Without removing his feet from the table, Zer reached out a long arm and snagged a bottle. Popping the top, he poured himself a shot of well-iced Armadale.
“Soon,” Nael suggested. “We get to them first, before Cuthah does, and we’re one up on him if they’re really soul mates and not just bond mates.”
G2’s was full of would-be bond mates—humans who were more than willing to temporarily trade their souls to the Fallen in exchange for a favor. One favor for one soul. Catch was, the larger favor, the longer the bond lasted. That wasn’t Zer’s problem.
No, his problem was that, when the Archangel Michael had exiled the Dominions, stripping them of their wings and their emotions and condemning them to a near-eternity on Earth as Goblins, he’d also dangled the promise of redemption.
a Goblin found his soul mate. One soul mate for each Fallen angel, or so Michael had sworn—one human woman who could redeem her predestined mate and restore his wings. It had taken three thousand years to find the first soul mate and Zer wasn’t happy with the odds of finding more.
Michael’s henchman Cuthah had already killed off every potential soul mate he could lay hands on to prevent the Fallen from regaining access to the Heavens; these four had to be next on his list. “We’ve got names, so they shouldn’t be that hard to find.” Truth. The only real question was to whom these females would belong. Wrapping his fingers around the slowly warming sides of his glass, Zer sprawled back in his chair, his eyes moving with deadly interest over the writhing crowd below them.
Most of the club’s dancers were human. The hired ones paid with a weekly check were sliding sweat-slicked bodies along the steel-and-glass poles, flashing wicked, almost-there leather thongs and bracelets of diamonds on their wrists and ankles as they moved. The music was a primal beat that penetrated the dancing crowd like a lover, and, wherever Zer looked, he saw the telltale possessive flare in the guests’ eyes as they eyed the wicked choices on offer.
G2’s only rule was pleasure. But the currency of the realm was spiritual. You wanted the Fallen’s favor, you paid for it. With part of your soul. At G2’s a night of unforgettable pleasure could be the ritual sealing a dangerous bargain: the granting of a Goblin favor, anything a human might wish for, in exchange for a piece of that human’s soul.
Surprisingly, all too many of the dancers there were ready to make that bargain. For the Fallen, it was the best way to slake the inevitable soul thirst.
Spreading out the crumpled page, Zer didn’t need to read the words to know what they said. This hit list he knew by heart. Four names. Four potential soul mates. Recon the females, do a little search-and-forcible-retrieval. Once he had these females secured in G2’s, he’d let his brothers do the picking and choosing. Match themselves up to their soul mates.
It would have been simpler if they could just choose a couple of tonight’s dancers from the club floor. Those females wanted to be here, wanted what the Fallen had to offer. Maybe, these four would, too. Maybe, they’d be just as easy to seduce and wouldn’t have any issue with offering themselves up, body and soul, for a little one-on-one with the Fallen if the price was right. No way to know unless he went after them.
“Find an address for me.”
With a curt nod, Nael took a handheld from the pocket of his duster. The military-grade casing was an invitation to drive a Humvee over the ruggedized hardware. Like the brother, nothing short of nuclear holocaust would crack that case. Pretty as hell but Teflon strong. Nael had no issues with who or what he was now, and that made him Zer’s right hand.
There was the click of ice cubes and computer keys as Nael did his thing. After a few long minutes, he looked up.
“Got one.”
“Just one?”
“You need more than that for a start? Besides, she’s close at hand. She must not be the clubbing type, or we’d have seen her in here.”
Did you just look at your soul mate and
? Long experience told Zer that nothing ever was that easy. The out clause on Michael’s sentence came with a lengthy list of caveats and restrictions. No way Michael had made it as easy as accidentally bumping into a female on the sidewalk. Or a dance floor.
They’d learned that when Brends found the first of them.
And, truth be told, he didn’t envy Brends his soul mate; that was an emotional ball-and-chain, and Zer didn’t do bondage. Not unless—a hard smile creased his face—he got to be on top. Domination was bred deep into his genes, and, whether Brends admitted it or not, he’d put his heart and soul into the hands of a human female.
Zer turned his glass in his hand, the damp-beaded glass reflecting the unholy glow of his eyes back to him. Damned beast.
Nael eyed him. “You want me to find another female?”
Nael would, too. God, the brother loved the Internet, databases, and a clever hack job. In this case, breaking code and violating at least a dozen human privacy laws to get the information Zer needed.
“No.” It really didn’t matter where he started. “Which one you got?”
“One Dr. Nessa St. James. Assistant professor at M City’s finest university. Up for tenure this year and—get this—specializes in genetics and biblical studies. The human who developed the pee-on-a-stick DNA testing kit.” Nael waggled his eyebrows.
Nessa St. James’s life was about to do a 180. Zer hadn’t expected to find the next soul mate gyrating on his club floor, but a teacher? Hell, his boys would chew her up and spit her out before breakfast. She’d require hand-holding, and he did
do hand-holding. Ever.
“She’s one of the top geneticists in the world, Zer.” Nael flipped the handheld around so Zer could squint at the small screen.
Ignoring the screen, he stared at Nael, and Nael stared back. The good doctor was on Cuthah’s list—which marked her as a potential soul mate—and she had the skills to unravel Cuthah’s little biological bomb. Cuthah had claimed the soul mates bore the equivalent of a biological bar code—a little hey-look-at-me in their DNA. While Zer wasn’t sure he believed Cuthah’s claim, he still needed to check it out. Yeah, opportunity was knocking here.
“We should get her,” Nael pointed out, as if waltzing into a university and plucking out the particular human they required was just a walk in the proverbial park.
“She’ll have a price.” All he had to do, Zer decided, was find out what she wanted. What she
. Money could fix anything. He’d buy up her lab, cut off her grant funding. Then, because he was feeling
, mean and thirstier than hell, he’d cut off her library card. She wouldn’t get whatever it was she wanted from her life until she gave him what he wanted.
Her soul.
“You want me to juice you up?” Nael looked like he knew precisely how thirsty Zer was. Brother wouldn’t have made an offer he didn’t mean, though, and that was just one of the reasons Zer valued the male. Nael had his back. No matter what. If Zer went rogue and needed a helping hand with a blade to end it all, Nael would do it and wouldn’t ask questions, either.
So Nael would seduce a human female and let Zer sip the woman’s soul if that’s what it took to make sure his sire left G2’s at full strength. Christ. It wasn’t as if the dancers minded. Hell, that was why they were
doing the bump-and-grind on this particular dance floor. They wanted to be chosen, wanted to win that lottery ticket. Zer resented the desperate need coiling through him, but there was no avoiding it. He had to drink, soon, and he didn’t trust himself to do the seducing.
Not anymore.
“Yeah.” He jerked his head in a too-quick nod. He wanted to say something else, acknowledge what the brother was doing for him, but what was the point? They both knew Zer hung on by his fingertips and that the whole fucking mess would come crashing down when he let go.
“I love takeout.” A slow, heated smile curled the edges of Nael’s mouth, but Zer couldn’t help noticing that it didn’t reach his eyes. Brother knew he was pimping, and even for his sire, it had to sting. He’d find a way to repay his brother.
Beside him, Nael was running a discriminating eye over the dancers, like a housewife at a farmer’s market. Too old, too stale, not right. He finally settled on a kitten-eyed blonde who looked like she hadn’t done innocent since grade school. When Nael shot her that long, slow smile of his, she came gliding across the dance floor as if there was some sort of chain connecting her to Nael. Her hips writhed sensuously, never losing the throbbing beat of the music, and Zer would have staked his immortal soul that she felt that pulse straight down to her pussy.
BOOK: His Dark Bond
3.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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