His Every Desire (For His Pleasure, Book 7)

BOOK: His Every Desire (For His Pleasure, Book 7)
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His Every Desire (For His Pleasure, Book 7)

By Kelly Favor

© 2012 All Rights Reserved

Hunter Reardon was looking at Kallie—looking straight into her eyes—and telling her that he wanted to be in control of everything that happened between them.

“BDSM is about power,” he told her, as she sat in the passenger seat of his car and tried to listen to him.

But listening was hard when you were confused and anxious, and also overwhelmed by feelings of desire that were strong enough to make you doubt your own sanity.

“Whose power?” she asked. “Yours or mine?”

“Both of ours, of course.”

“It sounds like you need to be in charge of me.”

Hunter paused, thinking. “We would come to an agreement beforehand on exactly what the rules are between us. It doesn’t work unless we can both be clear in advance about what we want out of this.”

She shook her head. “This isn’t the first time you’ve proposed this kind of deal to some would-be girlfriend. Would you even call me your girlfriend or do I get some other title—slave, perhaps?”

“You wouldn’t be my slave,” he laughed. “Unless you wanted to be.”

Kallie hated the way he was talking about this…she didn’t even know what to call it. This “proposition” he was making. It seemed cold and calculated and completely unromantic. The more she thought about it, the less she liked it. “I don’t think I want to be involved in BDSM or whatever it is that you’re asking me to do with you, Hunter.”

“BDSM isn’t some dirty, nasty secret. What it describes is a certain kind of relationship. It’s a power dynamic that can work wonders if the right people are involved,” Hunter continued, his sexy mouth curving into a smile. “And I think you and I are the right people. We fit together.”

“I don’t think we do.”

“You know we do,” he replied. “Remember how we fit together last night?”

Kallie did remember. She remembered all too well how his hands had felt on her body, the way he’d effortlessly taken charge. She could vividly recall the feel of his hands holding her wrists up over her head, and his weight pressing down against her as he slid his manhood inside her deepest, most intimate place.

She shook her head to bring herself back to reality. “I remember,” she admitted.

He smiled wider, as if victorious.

“But I also remember the way you treated me afterwards,” she told him.

For the first time in the conversation, Hunter seemed slightly uncomfortable. He sighed and looked away. “That’s the problem,” he said. “I failed to explain to you that we need things to be a certain way if this is going to work between us—“

“You mean,
need things to be a certain way,” she interrupted.

Hunter’s eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared as he turned his gaze on her once more. “You’re right, Kallie. I need things to be a certain way. But soon you’re going to realize that the way I need things is the best way, for both of us.”

“Well I think you’re arrogant, and narcissistic. It’s crazy to assume that I want the same exact thing that you want, without even asking me.”

Hunter chuckled. “It’s not arrogance, it’s observation. I can look in your eyes and see how much you want this. I can watch the way your body responds to me, and I know—even if you try and hide it. In fact, I can see right now the way your skin has flushed, your temperature is a few degrees higher, and your eyes continually track toward me rather than away from me. In other words, you’re incredibly attracted to me whether you want to be or not.”

Kallie tried to laugh his claim off, but inside she was both terrified and excited by how clearly he’d perceived her arousal. She wanted him, but she also was somehow repelled—repelled by his overconfidence, his emotional detachment, and his unwillingness to meet her halfway. “We had a hot night together,” she replied softly. “I won’t bother denying that. But we’re not right for each other. I’m not going to be treated the way you treat the women in your life.”

Suddenly he reached over and touched her forearm with his fingertips, lightly grazing her skin momentarily. Just that brief contact, and the boldness of the gesture, excited her beyond belief. Instantly, her nipples were hard and stiff.

Her heart sped up, and knowing that he could sense her excitement somehow made it all the worse.

“It’s not about what your intellect tells you is right,” Hunter explained, sitting back slightly and watching her. “It’s about what your body knows you need.”

At that precise moment, when she was about to admit that she did in fact need him—need his touch—that she would be willing to give in there and then if he would touch her once more, a long black sedan pulled up to the curb behind them.

“I think that’s the car they sent to pick me up,” Kallie said, regaining her composure.

Hunter’s expression flashed brief annoyance, but then he just nodded slightly and smiled. “Well, okay then. I suppose we’ll have to continue this conversation some other time.”

Kallie didn’t respond. She opened the door and got out of Hunter’s car, feeling his eyes upon her, knowing that he wouldn’t give up so easily. And realizing, as she closed the door and walked to the sedan that was waiting for her—she didn’t want Hunter Reardon to give up just yet.


On the ride over to Red and Nicole’s house, Kallie sat in the back of the town car and thought about what Hunter had said to her.

She was confused, and as she stared out the window and watched scenery roll by, she tried to make sense of her feelings.

Kallie knew that she wanted Hunter more than any man she’d ever met. He was all of the things that she found attractive—dark and handsome, mysterious, charming, and most of all, passionate. The way he’d touched her last night was still as vivid to her as if it had happened only moments ago.

Even now, Kallie could feel his skin against hers, his lips brushing her lips, his hands on her breasts, his hardness pressing against her most intimate place.

She burned for him, a hot flame that didn’t seem as though it could be put out.

And she wanted to put the flame out, because Kallie knew that Hunter was bad news.

She knew even more now, after listening to his speech about BDSM.

The only thing Kallie really knew about BDSM was from the time in college when she and some friends spent a night giggling and reading excerpts aloud from an erotic novel someone had brought to the dorms.

She hadn’t taken it seriously enough to question whether she was turned on by the concept—the whole thing had seemed silly and completely abstract at the time.

But now, Hunter had entered her life, as if the fates had molded him specifically for the purpose of testing Kallie’s true desires. As if by laughing that night back in college at that silly book, she’d angered some dark gods.

And this was her punishment.

If only she could stop thinking about last night—if only Hunter’s eyes didn’t haunt her, if only his hands didn’t promise to touch her in new and exciting ways, if she didn’t feel like she might scream from wanting him so badly.

The landscape was changing outside the car window now, as they neared Red and Nicole’s house. They were in a very wealthy area of Connecticut and it was obvious that everybody who lived around here breathed rarified air.

You couldn’t even properly describe them as houses—they were mansions, plain and simple. The yards were enormous—the houses were ornate and intimidating.

Even though she’d spent six months as a nanny for the Danvers family (who were themselves quite well off), and even though she’d been in The Hamptons and seen plenty of rich folk and how they lived, Kallie had still not gotten used to it all.

She’d come from a modest home and she’d even shared a bedroom with one of her brothers until she’d left for college. That’s just how it was for her family and for most of the families that she knew growing up.

The idea of living in some giant house with twenty plus bedrooms seemed absurd to her—as did the fact that most of the people who lived in these homes rarely even used or visited a majority of the house on a regular basis.

At least Hunter’s castle was a bit less ostentatious than these monstrosities, she thought, as they passed one mansion after another, each one seeming to grow bigger and more ridiculous.

Finally, the car arrived at the Jameson estate. The only house that had come close to its size was Kane and Danielle Wright’s house in The Hamptons. But she’d been to their home at night, and this was broad daylight.

Now, as the car passed by the front gate (where they’d briefly stopped to have her ID checked), Kallie looked out at the miles of property stretching in all directions, as far as the eye could see. There were rolling green hills, an enormous pond, a forest, and then the house itself, which was beautiful and frightening all at once.

I’m going to be living here, she thought, shaking her head in awe.

How could she ever get used to this new life? Did she even want to get used to it?

Finally, they parked in front of the mansion and the driver turned to her. “Take your time. I’ll just sit here and read the paper until you get back.”


The driver smiled and opened his newspaper—it was the New York Post, not the Times. He was reading the sports pages. Somehow, that little detail made Kallie feel better. If her dad had lived in New York, he might have been a limo driver, and he would definitely have read the sports page in The Post first thing every morning.

She got out of the car and walked to the front door, punched in the code to the keypad, and then used the keys Red had given her to unlock the door itself.

Stepping inside, she was overwhelmed by the majesty and grandeur of the mansion. Her hand went to her chest as she looked around at the marble, the high vaulted ceilings, the enormous windows and long hallways that branched off and stretched into infinity.

Eventually she was able to recover her senses. She climbed the long staircase to the master bedroom and looked around the room.

Red had told her where to go and what she should take back to the hospital with her. She went to the master bathroom and grabbed some toiletries, a bit of makeup for Nicole to use to spruce up for guests visiting her hospital room, that kind of thing.

Next, she went to the closet and grabbed a large rolling suitcase that Red had told her about.

Kallie opened the suitcase and laid it on the floor, then moved to the dresser, where she found plenty of clothing. She had to sort through it to find soft clothes that Nicole could wear comfortably throughout her stay.

They seemed to think she’d be in the hospital for a week before coming home.

The baby, Riley, would likely be in the NICU for nearly a month, all told.

As she pulled clothes from the drawers and put them in the suitcase, she began daydreaming again. Her daydreams had a very consistent quality to them lately, in that every single one of them involved Hunter.

Kallie again tried to shake off her thoughts of last night, not to mention the way he’d touched her this morning. How was it that just a quick caress could make her feel more than a thousand kisses from those fumbling boyfriends of the past?

She didn’t know, but she knew enough to realize that the hold Hunter had over her was far beyond what was healthy. Kallie barely knew Hunter, and what she did know about the mysterious writer was enough to raise a series of red flags that should have stopped her in her tracks.

And yet she was still hoping for more, wasn’t she?

Kallie had stopped paying attention to what she was doing, and so she’d practically emptied out the bottom drawer of Nicole’s dresser. It was only when her hand hit something rubbery and foreign that Kallie startled back to reality.

“What the hell?” she said to the empty room.

Kallie looked down and her eyes widened, as she pulled out a small black whip with a bunch of separate strands hanging from the handle. Her heart was suddenly beating fast, and she felt as though she’d done something wrong—intentionally snooped through Nicole and Red’s private things.

In reality, though, she’d simply been doing exactly as Red had asked her to do.

They must’ve forgotten that they’d kept some of their…toys or whatever…in this dresser drawer. Kallie examined the whip thing—it seemed more like what she imagined a Cat of Nine Tails to be (and which she’d only read about in that book from the college dorms). It was leather, small, and when she playfully slapped it against her leg, it didn’t feel like much.

She also noticed that there was a black, silk scarf at the bottom of the drawer, too.

The scarf appeared to have been tied in such a manner that it must have been used as a blindfold. Kallie picked it up in her other hand, feeling the sensation of the material against her fingers, even holding it to her nose to smell.

There was a rising sense of excitement in Kallie’s belly as she looked over these instruments, the very things she suspected that Hunter intended to use on her someday.

She found that when she imagined hunter putting this blindfold on her, or slapping her bare ass with the Cat Of Nine Tails, it was not dread she felt—but rather arousal.

Immediately, guilt and shame welled up beside those other, more pleasurable sensations, and Kallie stuck the whip and the blindfold back in the drawer. She threw some of the extra clothes back on top of the mysterious items and then shut the dresser drawer, as if slamming a door shut on that entire concept of BDSM.

As she finished packing the suitcase, Kallie found that despite herself, she continued to return to the whip and the blindfold in her mind. She found herself picturing Hunter, bare chested, his dark eyes focused on her as she lay on her stomach across his bed, the whip in his hand, coming towards her to do who knew what.

That image wouldn’t leave her no matter how much she tried to shake it.

When the suitcase was finally packed up and Kallie believed she had everything that Nicole might need, she wheeled it downstairs and then out to the town car, where the driver was waiting.

The driver got out and placed the luggage in the trunk, and then Kallie got in the car and they started to drive down the private road, away from the mansion.

BOOK: His Every Desire (For His Pleasure, Book 7)
7.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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