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Hot Dates: Becoming a Shared Wife

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Hot Dates

Becoming a Shared Wife

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About the Author


Kirsten McCurran has a vivid fantasy life which she uses to fuel her erotic fiction. She is especially interested in stories of couples who go to the edge of acceptable behavior and then step over. She firmly believes that one never knows what they would do in a given situation until they are put there—and she explores those sexy results. Kirsten is the author of over 20 ebooks and lives in the suburbs—where the neighbors would be scandalized if they knew what’s going on in her head—with her husband and two children. She would love to hear feedback on her work and can be reached at [email protected],
or through Twitter @kirstenmccurran.


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First edition electronically published by Aphrodite Omnimedia, June 2014



I push my way into the bathroom and lock myself in the stall. I’m glad I’m so high because otherwise I think I’d be a nervous wreck. No, this is not the first time I’ve played this little game, but it is the first time I know it’s going to lead to my sleeping with another man. My husband of over ten years, Dave, watched eagerly from across the bar as I flirted with two guys who are close to a decade younger than I am. Yes, it’s flattering that a couple guys in their mid-twenties want to take me home, but I could not help feeling like I’m robbing the cradle. I probably wouldn’t be considering it if Zach weren’t so damn hot.

Dave and I have been playing this game for a few months now. We call these nights our
hot dates
, but not for any reason you’d probably expect. They are hot dates because I dress up and go out to pick up other men while my husband watches. If he’s really lucky, he gets to watch me hook up with them too—or at least hear it. My husband is very into seeing me with other men and it’s an idea I’ve only become accustomed to over the last few months as we’ve explored this new lifestyle. But we’ve always had limits, drawn boundaries. Tonight I’m going to cross the final line. I’ve played with other guys before tonight, but I haven’t fucked any of them. I have not done that with anyone but my husband in almost fifteen years. I am going there tonight. I’m going home with these guys and before the night is over I am going to be in Zach’s bed, I know it. If my husband has any second thoughts about my doing this, it is his last chance to call it off. I took out my phone and shot him a text.

-they want me to leave with them

-that’s hot. Do you want to go?

-yes. I’m having a good time

-going home with TWO guys. You’re getting pretty wild babe

-you think I’m going to be with both of them?

Somehow I just knew his mind would go there.

-who knows what will happen at their place

His utter lack of jealousy irked me. I guess the woman in me wanted him to be somewhat possessive in that moment. He seemed completely okay with me fucking two guys. Was Dave willing to just pass me around at a gangbang, too? I still didn’t know how
felt about having a threesome with Zach and Josh, but now I was tempted to do it just to provoke a reaction from my husband.

-I guess we’re going to find out

-I can’t wait to hear all about it! I love you, Dana

-I love you too

And just like that, my husband was sending me off to have sex with another man. Maybe two. He would love to hear about that, too. I push out of the stall and check my hair and reapply my makeup in the mirror. I can’t help rubbing my thumb over the crease left in the space usually occupied by my wedding ring. It is safely at home in my jewelry box. These boys have no idea I’m married. They think I’m a divorcee named Dani who is looking to have a little fun while the kids are off with the ex. Not for the first time, I consider they probably think I’m an easy mark. I guess they’re right. I am, tonight. Satisfied with the touch up to my look, I square my shoulders, pushing out my boobs, and head out to see what the night has in store. Both Zach and Josh look happy to see me return—maybe they thought I snuck out the back—and as I approach them I can’t help but think about how I ended up here…
First Date: The Library


Dave kept this darkest of fantasies a secret for most of our marriage. I never had any indication that he wanted me to be with other men. But it’s not like we had a boring, conventional sex life. I’m sure most of our friends would be shocked to know just how crazy we can get when we’re alone. To them, we’re Dave & Dana, the ‘Double-Ds’, the perfect couple with the perfect family and perfect house and perfect life. We’re the ones with the rocking weekend barbeques in our backyard that welcome everyone. I can admit we seem nauseatingly ideal. It’s not that keeping up appearances is important to us, but we have a great life together and we’ve been very fortunate.

I met Dave when we were both attending the local college. I was working toward an associate’s degree, and he was taking classes in hopes of advancing his career. Dave’s always been a hard worker and had started doing construction in high school. He knew going to university was not for him and started working full time right after high school. But by the time he was in his mid-twenties—Dave is several years older than me—he realized he didn’t want to be breaking his back in the hot sun forever, so he returned to school to take management classes. Eventually he would earn his degree.

I have to admit, the second I saw Dave I knew I wanted him. He is a strong, mountain of a man. Please don’t think that the fact my husband’s fantasies involve me being with other men that he is some kind of weak cuckold. That could not be further from the truth. He is tall, more than six feet, and broad, with a body hardened by years of physical work. He still wears his hair down past his collar, but while it was jet black when we first met, now it’s shot with gray, as is the neatly-trimmed beard he’s always worn. The best way to put it is that Dave was the manliest man I had ever met. He certainly was not someone I expected to meet in an Accounting class.

I know he caught me checking him out during those first few classes, but he did not approach me until our first quiz was coming up. He approached me after class one day and asked if I’d be interested in studying together.

“All these numbers make my head spin,” Dave said, flashing that heartbreaker smile of his. I’ve heard stories since and I know that smile alone ensnared more than one girl. “I could really use your help with this—if you have the time.” I’m not sure I even really heard him. All I saw was that smile and those jade eyes and I just nodded. I would have agreed to just about anything. We met in the library a couple days later, and after that I never ever thought of another man.

We did actually study for an hour or so, sitting out in the open, main part of the library, but my mind was on his tight, worn jeans and the gray t-shirt stretched over his chest. I could hardly concentrate on my notes. Dave said he wanted to get up and stretch his legs, and of course I joined him for a walk around the library. It was just a pretense to get me alone, and I knew it and was happy to go along. I was only nineteen, but I was no innocent little thing—not that I’d been with anyone like Dave before. He followed me up the stairs, I could feel his eyes on my butt, so I put a little extra swish in my hips. I was a tiny thing back then, I was always active and had even done dance squad in high school. My size-2 days are long gone, but Dave swears he likes my curvier body now and says I’m sexier than ever. And I tell him he’s my husband and he has to say that. But then, the guys who flirt with me now seem to agree.

As soon as we were alone in the stacks he made his move. Dave backed me up against the shelves in a quiet corner and kissed me. Most of the guys I’d been with at that point were tentative, trying to work up their courage—one even asked for permission to kiss me, always a mood killer—Dave was not like that, he just eased me back and kissed me. He was surprisingly gentle for such a big man. He’s almost a foot taller than me and I felt cocooned in his arms. My hands were flat on his hard chest and he grabbed my tight little butt through the short babydoll dress that was my uniform back then. I’d worn knee-high stockings with it in an attempt to look more alluring. That kiss made my head spin and I just wanted more and more of him. I was not the shy type back then either. I pulled at his t-shirt as if I thought I could just tear it off. He only let me go when we heard someone coming and I used the respite to catch my breath, but it was brief.

I pulled Dave to the back of the row, where the high bookshelves met the wall, hoping we were far enough back that if anyone walked by they wouldn’t notice us, or maybe they wouldn’t see me behind him. I kissed him the second time and he took that as a green light to push it, not that he needed to push. When his big fingers had trouble with the tiny buttons running down the front of my dress I helped out, opening it to the waist. Does it make me a slut that I’d worn my sexiest lacy black underwear hoping he would see it?

“Christ, you’re sexy,” he murmured when he pulled my dress open. Not to sound immodest, but I’ve always had great breasts. They’re big for my petite frame and they're still nice and firm—even after two kids—but back then they stood out high and proud on my tight young body. Dave had been trying to steal glances at them every time I leaned forward back at the table.

“Thanks. You’re not so bad either.” I giggled.

“Not so bad? Is that why you’ve been staring at me for the last few weeks?”

“Have not!” I feigned outrage.

“It’s okay. I like it. I like a bold woman.”

“Really?” He palmed my breast and the gossamer lace of my bra hid nothing from his touch. I gasped as his circling thumb brought my nipple to instant hardness. My breasts are so sensitive and have always been a hotline directly to my pussy. The quivering I felt down below at our first kiss turned to a full-fledged buzz and I felt my panties dampen. I wanted Dave to take me right there in the library. I’d never been so intoxicated with a man in my short life.

“Really,” he insisted, idly stroking my breast as if he was unaware of the effect of his touch. He swept my strawberry blonde hair to the side—I wore it halfway down my back then—and nibbled on my neck. My earlier gasp turned to a moan and my panties went from damp to drenched. I loved the way his prickly beard felt on my skin when he kissed my neck. God, he was such a man! I knew then that I’d only been with boys to that point.

“Good,” I said.

I went right for it. I squeezed a hand between us and grabbed him through his jeans. He felt big, and I could tell he was as excited as I was. His cock twitched when I rubbed it and he lightly pinched my nipple. I moaned and turned my head, bringing his lips back to mine. As I massaged his shaft through those tight jeans, I felt empty down below. Even though I'd never had him inside me, I missed having him there. His jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped before I realized it. My hands moved of their own accord. For a moment, I was afraid. I was out of control. If Dave decided to spin me around and bend me forward I would have happily held onto the shelves in front of me and let him fuck me right there. I'd had a one night stand by then after a party, but I had never let a man who barely knew me just take me like that. I knew it was wrong—I shouldn't do it—but I would not have stopped him. I reached into his snug boxer briefs and his warm girth filled my hand. God, he was thick. I
him. But I could not let that happen. I didn't want to be the girl who fucked him in the library on our first date, so using nineteen-year-old logic, I split the difference and decided I would make him very happy, but leave him wanting more. Of course while this drama played out inside my head I had no idea what Dave was actually thinking and if he was planning to bend me over and fuck me on the spot. I only found out later that while he wanted me just as much, he was not going to do that, not there, not that fast, because he already knew then he wanted something long term and didn't think that was the way to start it. Dave was also happily surprised by what I did next.

I held my breath for a moment, trying to make sure I did not hear anyone nearby. All I could hear was my pulse pounding in my ears. I smiled up at Dave and slowly went to my knees on the rough, industrial carpet, knowing it would ruin my knee-highs, and dragged his jeans down with me.

"Dana, what…" He told me later he was petrified we would be caught. He said he'd never been with a girl quite like me. He was with the same girl all through high school and for a couple years afterward, and something like that would never have occurred to her.

"You're not going to try and talk me out of this, are you? I can always stop," I teased, stroking my hand up and down his long shaft. When a fat drop of clear fluid formed on the tip, I scooped it up with my tongue.

Please don't stop!

I licked him up and down, soaking his cock and enjoying his musky taste before I took him in my mouth. I would have loved to play with my new toy longer, but that was not the place, and anyway, I hoped I would have the chance to get to know him at my leisure later. And back then, I didn't really know what I was doing. I just put it in my mouth and bobbed up and down. It took years of experimenting with Dave to discover how much I love dragging it out and making him really go crazy before he gets off. But as a pretty nineteen-year-old I had never needed much technique. I knew enough. I brushed my hair out of my eyes so I could look up at him as I sucked more and more of him into my mouth. I also didn’t know how to relax my throat back then, so I only ended up sucking about half of him and stroking the rest with hand.

Dave gripped the shelves on either side of him and stared down at me with a fearful intensity. I could see he was fighting to control himself—fighting to keep quiet and keep from cumming too quickly. But he only lasted a couple minutes. I think we were both too fired up for any kind of control. "Dana," he grunted, trying to give me some warning. But I had no intention of letting him out of my mouth. I kept right on stroking and sucking him and he exploded into my mouth. And wow, did he explode! It seemed like he hadn't cum in a week because he kept blasting down my throat until I thought I was going to choke. I finally had to release his cock as I coughed and wiped my lips on the back of my hand. I was embarrassed by how I drooled for his cock. I was trying to be sexy and daring, not red-faced and coughing. I got a hold of myself and held onto the shelves to pull myself to my feet.

"Dana, that was incredible. Wow." Dave looked blown away, and it was good to know I had attained my goal.

"You'd better put this thing away before I decide I want more," I said, taking his cock and tucking it back into his boxers.

"You can have it anytime you want. It's all yours."

"You'd better be careful what you offer. I'll hold you to that."

"Please do."

I turned away from Dave and began re-buttoning my dress, but he pulled my hands away. "What do you think you're doing?"

"We need to get out of here before someone catches us," I replied.

"Not until I take care of you."

"You don't need to worry about that right now. We have plenty of time later."

"No, I don't want you to think I'm selfish. Come here."

Dave grabbed my wrist, something that would have seemed pushy from anyone else, and pulled me close to him. His confidence and strength made my heart flutter in my chest. A strong man was what I’d always wanted, I was just too young to know it at that point. Instead of pulling me into a kiss, he turned me away from him, so I was facing the corridor that went down the middle of the stacks.

“Dave, we’re really pushing our luck,” I warned again.

“No one’s found us yet,” he replied, unheeded.

My babydoll dress buttoned all the way up the front, and he took advantage by releasing several buttons just below my waist and he slipped his hand inside my dress. That was
less obvious that just hiking it up from the bottom. His questing fingers glanced over my soaked, silky black panties and I shivered, but when he added pressure I quaked to the core. I was already primed for him, so it did not take much to get my whole body humming. He rubbed in little circles and I closed my eyes and tried to hold my breath because I didn’t want to lose control so quickly. I didn’t want Dave to know already that I was helpless in his arms, and I certainly did not want to make too much noise in the still library. I’m not ordinarily a screamer—I can be persuaded—but I wouldn’t call myself
either. If Dave made me cum in that library, and I knew he would, anyone nearby would know it. I kept it to soft whimpers when he started, but as he teased me it grew harder to contain myself.

“Don’t get us caught,” Dave whispered mirthfully, his lips brushing my ear. Well,
wasn’t going to help me keep quiet. He was enjoying my struggle.

Control went out the window when Dave moved his hand inside my panties. He stroked the downy hair covering my mound, waiting for me to push at him before he continued, and then fingers pushed between my folds and lit me up like a Christmas tree. No guy I’d been with to that point could find my clit without help, but he zeroed right in on the little nub and petted it like he was born for it. The guys I’d been with thought that if they were lucky enough to get into a girl’s panties they needed to ram their fingers as hard and fast as they could. Dave knew it was all about subtlety and a firm, not bruising touch. The fight to keep quiet was hopeless. My moans became too obvious and he covered my mouth with his hand. I bit his fingers and he still didn’t pull away. And thank god he didn’t. Another student—a boy hardly older than me—casually walked down the corridor and never glanced over, unaware that a girl was just about the climax a mere twelve feet away from him. I came hard and Dave squeezed me tightly in his arms, the only thing keeping me from melting to the floor. The hand muffled my cries effectively enough that no one came running, but I’m sure someone got a good laugh overhearing us. I finally pulled his hand away from my mouth. I had to breathe. I turned in his arms and buried my face in his chest. With little effort, Dave gave me the most intense orgasm I’d had up until then. And just like that, I belonged to him.

BOOK: Hot Dates: Becoming a Shared Wife
7.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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