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Cede wondered if he was dreaming. She was
actually inviting him to fuck her. As if to validate his thoughts,
she started to unbutton the shirt she had on in a very casual
manner -
his shirt
, and stripped it off - exposing her
beautiful body completely. She dropped it to the floor by her feet
and stood there exposed in front of him. No panties or G-string
whatsoever. Her firm large breasts stared back at him, tempting and
inviting Cede to take them in his big man hands and start doing
things that he alone was capable of doing to them. He grabbed her
half-empty beer and gulped it down in a matter of seconds trying to
distract himself, fighting the strong urge to reach out and grab
her tempting boobs. Just the sight of them had already triggered
reactions in his body - he could feel a strong lustful urge
starting to swell and build up inside him.


Tilyhn playfully lunged for his flyer and
started to unzip it, gazing in his eyes while doing so. Her
delicate feminine long fingers found his manhood. She grabbed it
and began to stroke it kindly. Cede was starting to relax and enjoy
it when her magic hand retired from his manhood and she started to
loosen his leather belt. She yanked his pants down to his knees
then pulled back and retreated backwards to bed – sexily wetting
her lips with her tongue daring him to come over. Cede bent down
and began to unlace his long boots. In reality, it took him only
fifteen seconds but to him the few seconds seemed like eternity. He
kicked the boots off eventually, but stayed where he was his mind
burning with questions.

What’s happening? What got into her today?
What’s up?

Something was not right. Or could he be
dreaming? What was her play? Cede asked himself. Was she planning
to distract him to snatch his laser gun lying on the dressing table
next to him? If so then she would fail. He was on guard. Whatever
she had planned didn’t matter, he was Cede. What could she do to
him? Nothing. He had no reason to be worried.


His penis was swelling fast. He could feel
the blood pumping throughout his body. It didn’t take long before
he lost control and got sucked into fantasy world.


There were lots of pink flowers around, but
violets were so few. A pure and fresh garden scent hung in the air…
Tilyhn was kissing him hard and devotedly, filling the fresh
smelling air into his lungs. He cupped her beautiful head between
his hands, gazed into her eyes then kissed her on the lips for the
millionth time.

Her full juicy lips locked on to his, not
wanting to let go.

His heart was throbbing and lungs burning,
longing for air. He pulled back, cutting the long kiss to take a
few quick deep breaths. His hands then locked around her tiny
waist, pulling her to him, bringing her more closer. Cede's magic
fingers were busy at work doing what they did best.

Tilyhn moaned softly.

He was pressing the right buttons, and her
eyes were becoming duller with each passing moment, in response to
each and every thrust from his fingers - and she was swaying,
slowly losing herself to the pleasure, letting all her weight onto
his other arm supporting and keeping her from falling…


Fantasy melted. Tilyhn was still staring at
him from bed. Waiting. Her piercing stare seeing straight to his
soul. Cede didn’t move an inch, he stayed where he was. His
thoughts were still racing from here to there. She rose and started
towards him, her moves calculated and precise. With every step she
took, Cede got weaker than he was the previous step; his insides
were becoming watery at a steady rate.

He couldn’t breathe properly and he was
hoping she didn't realize it. He looked away trying not to give
anything away. His body was tingling and butterflies were flying.
He was so nervous and horny that he could die.

Oh my. She is perfect. Beautiful and
flawless like an angel from the empyrean

Cede believed in God and heaven despite his
evil ways. Like most Ekcyriens, he was a devoted
Inzperu was the only religion in the entire Hycn galaxy.
credited a god named
to have created
planets, galaxies and all life in the whole universe. Theirs was a
religion that acknowledged the existence of extra-terrestrial life
forms in other space vectors, and encouraged people to love one
another and live peacefully. Although like most religions in the
universe, Inzperu also preached against the devil and warned its
followers about the end times.


If only I could move! I wish I could move so
I could run away, but I cannot. I am her captor and master! I shall
not show weakness.

She had him frozen on the spot where he was

At last he managed to stagger backwards
against the dressing table and started to rhythmically tap his
fingers nervously against it. Tilyhn kept advancing towards him
reducing space between them into nothingness.

And she reached him.


Cede didn’t know what to say or do.

Tilyhn stretched out and grabbed him by the
neck, pulling him to her. She brushed her soft lips against his
then pulled back teasingly. Cede tried to pull her and she stepped
back giggling, a naughty
‘catch me if you can look'
across her pretty face. Cede chased her across the room - leaving a
trail of clothes on his path in the process. He caught her and
pulled her into his thick powerful arms. He tried to kiss her on
the lips but Tilyhn halted him with a finger on his lips. She
grabbed his package with her other hand, twisted it playfully then
eased her hold. She yanked his underwear down to reveal his
expanding cobra. Slowly it was rising, defying the laws of gravity
- facing up. Its purple head swelling fast. Cede removed his
underwear and tossed it off. Tilyhn hauled him towards the bed and
pushed him unto it, in a way that he ended up sitting on the edge.
He tried to rise and spin her around to take her from behind as
usual but she stopped him with a very powerful slap on the cheek.
Cede saw stars and heard whistling sounds.

"Try it again and I’ll slap you harder.”
Tilyhn spoke, climbing onto the bed herself.

Oh my god, what is this? I love it
Cede thought.

She brushed her lips against his and held
back again.

Sweet lord!

His blood was seething now. He had reached
his erection's maximum level; his penis was so hard like it was
carved from steel. She pushed him further onto the bed - now he was
lying on his back. She climbed on top of him, biting him softly on
the neck, going down biting here and kissing there - until
ultimately she reached his thighs where she planted more kisses and


His thighs were sweaty and smelled a bit

The smell is nothing Tilyhn, keep going.
This beast tortured and humiliated you. He raped you repeatedly for
many days. Punish him. Punish him good

Tilyhn motivated herself. She took his male
organ into her mouth and started licking and sucking, trying hard
not to throw up. Within minutes, Cede found himself moving up and
down, his breaths becoming heavier and rapider. Tilyhn kept on
going, her hands busy working on his soft moist balls.

Cede could feel it.

It was very close. The moment.

Just about there…and Tilyhn stopped and
reached for something beneath the pillow.


God, no way is she stopping now, she cannot

Cede screamed mentally.

"Don’t stop, you can’t stop now..." He
started, and then realized what it was she took under the

A knife.


"What is that?” Cede asked trying to rise.
He collapsed back onto the bed, eyes wide and glaring at

He was weak.

"It’s a knife. Can’t you see it?” Tilyhn
asked him.

"I see it’s a knife, what are you doing with
it?" Cede enquired even though he already suspected what she wanted
to do with it.

"I am cutting this thing” Tilyhn answered
coldly in a matter-of-fact tone, pulling and squeezing his penis
with her other hand, ready to cut.

"Don’t do it, I shall set you free. Please.
Calm down and think straight. Calm down and let us talk about this.
Listen to me!” Cede begged. She was going to cut his manhood. He
could see the certainty of it in her emerald green eyes. It was
clear to him nothing he said would make her change her mind,
certainly not his pleas. The mighty Ekcyrien mafia boss started to
scream and beg at the top of his voice. Scared and frightened for
his penis.

“Help! Guards! Help! Help!” Cede wailed
miserably like a dying goat that’d been throat slashed with an
extremely sharp knife.

“You are wasting your energy screaming.
Nobody will hear your pathetic screams. Your cabin is sound proof
remember?” Tilyhn reminded him. Her hand holding the knife
descended in a flash like lightning.

"Bitch, I’m going to kill you!” Cede
screamed. He couldn’t feel the pain yet but he was crying and
shouting insults at her regardless.

Tilyhn said nothing. She just looked at him,
smiled, and crushed his severed penis under her feet on her way to
the dressing table. She had thrown it there after cutting it.

She pulled the lower drawer and pulled out
Cede’s female bodyguards uniform she jacked from the woman of the
opposite cabin a few hours earlier. She'd crept quietly behind the
poor woman when she was unaware and occupied with unlocking her
door and choked her to death after she'd unlocked the door. Tilyhn
had hauled the dead woman's corpse inside its former living
quarters then went through her victim’s wardrobe.


She put the stolen uniform on. It was a
perfect fit. She admired herself in the mirror for a moment before
she snatched Cede's laser handgun then hurried out of the room,
leaving him drowning in a pool of his own blood.

I hope that this time my escape attempt
will be successful

Tilyhn prayed and hoped. She marched quickly
along the long passageway leading to the elevators, time and again
looking back over her shoulder.

She reached the elevator. Its doors slid
open and Tilyhn stepped in. She pressed a button and waited. The
lift’s doors closed. It shook gently and started to move downwards
with a steady descent. After what seemed like centuries, the
elevator finally reached her destination. Tilyhn stepped out into
the monstrous hallway filled with many vehicles of different sizes
and designs. She made it for the closest spacetruck and climbed in.
She started the engine and drove the truck towards the smaller
crafts’ section on the far side of the monstrous hall. She knew her
way around this place. She'd etched every detail of the place in
her photographic mind a week ago when Cede dragged her through here
to his quarters above where he'd kept her as his personal sex slave
– plus she had been down here those few times she tried to escape


There were six bodyguards on watch

She reached to her waist for the laser gun
but stopped before making the mistake. There were six trained
bodyguards, and she was alone. There was no way out for her. They
would kill her if she tried it. It wasn’t as if she had any
experience with guns. She was just a third year university student
studying fashion and design in Tyrlia University, besides being the
president’s daughter. Guns and shooting people were not among her
many skills.

But I MUST escape. I MUST manage to
escape today
. She reasoned silently.

She cold-bloodedly cut Cede’s penis, she was
dead if they caught her – whether Cede was dead or had lived did
not matter.

She had to escape.

However, there were six guards on watch
today. She didn’t expect that. Every time she’d made an escape
attempt in the past few days there was always only one guard. She
had been counting on that. Secretly creeping behind one guard and
shooting him or her in the back at close range so she wouldn’t miss
her target had been her strategy. Now things weren’t as she had
expected and planned for.

The reality was harsh but it was a fact that
she wouldn’t manage to acquire one of the spacecruisers. She was
fucked. She knew it. If she tried to steal one of the crafts she
was likely to be captured or killed, if she didn’t try to escape
too she was still to suffer for what she did to Cede.

She cursed herself again and again.

It was she who created this impossible mess
for herself. She’d done so the moment she cut Cede’s penis. Now she
regretted it. If only she hadn’t cut him, but pretended to have
given up, and played the happy sex slave for a few more days. But
no, she had to cut him – and now she too was sure to die.

She swerved the small spacetruck to the
right and headed for
door to the outside

Best die in a way chosen by myself.

She decided.

Go out of the Lilzaint into the harsh dead
alien planet and die out there...



“Now Delilah. Let’s get this done with, I
want to rest when we come back. Fuckin’ tired.” Cooke grumbled.

Thirty-one year old Cooke Hamilton, a
lieutenant who had been in service for ‘
the serpents’
almost nine full years now, slumped exhausted unto
comfy seat.

Cooke had just arrived with the force’s own
subterranean tube from North America to the Africom army base
located somewhere beneath mid Southern Africa. He'd been at his
brother's place in Alaska playing first-person-shooter video games
with his nephew when he received a call from the commander of the
serpents himself. The serpents were humanity’s only security force
in place. They served as both spies, police and army.

BOOK: Hycn
7.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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