Imponderables: Fun and Games


Collins gem

Fun and Games
David Feldman


ll of us are afflicted by mysteries of everyday life that drive us nuts. I’ve devoted the last twenty years of my life to writing books that attempt to eradicate this plague. In the ten
books, a mystery about sports (Why does a football have such a crazy shape?) is likely to be next to one about animals (Why don’t we ever see baby pigeons?) or business (Why are grocery coupons worth 1/100 of a cent, and does anyone ever really redeem them?).

The good folks at Collins suggested lumping all the previously published sports and games Imponderables together for this Gem edition, and as a sports fan (OK, fanatic), I jumped at the chance. With a few exceptions, the text is unchanged from the original editions; in a few cases, we updated material that would have otherwise been confusing or outdated.

Almost all the questions in this book came from readers. Besides the release of psychic stress, the first to pose each mystery received a free, autographed copy of the book. Do you have any Imponderables hounding you, about sports or any other subject? You can be rewarded, too. Come join us on the Web at, e-mail us at [email protected], or if you must resort to the Imponderable institution known as the United States Postal System, write to us at:




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