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In Ashes Lie

BOOK: In Ashes Lie
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In Ashes Lie
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In Ashes Lie
The notion that they would deliberately undermine the King was disturbing.
“That,” Lune said, “is just shy of treason.”
“Or past it.” Antony dropped without looking into the chair a hobthrush hurried to place behind him, and glared away the fae who were unabashedly eavesdropping.
Lune recognized the bleak hardness in his eyes. It had grown over the years she’d known him, from his first arrival in this court as a young man with scarcely enough whiskers to call a beard. She made him her consort because she needed his stubborn loyalty to the mortal world; he accepted because he dreamed of changing that world for the better, with faerie aid. But he was a single man, whatever aid he had, and all too often his efforts ended in failure.
It saddened her to see him thus, growing older and grimmer, year by year. How old was he now? How much longer would he last?
I will lose him some day. As I lost the man before him.
Midnight Never Come
In Ashes Lie
In Ashes Lie
Hachette Digital
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I habitually put my research bibliography on my website, both to help any reader who wants to know more, and to acknowledge the scholars without whom I could never write these books. Where the latter is concerned, I must single out the late C. V. Wedgwood, who did more than any other historian I read to bring this period to life. Any historian will mention, for example, the attempted arrest of the Five Members, perhaps quoting one or two of the famous lines from the incident; Wedgwood goes on to say that Charles was accompanied by his nephew, and the Earl of Roxburgh was propping the door open, and some of the courtiers in the lobby mimed firing at the men in the Commons. Such details are more valuable than gold to a writer of historical fiction. All of the “real event” scenes in the first half of this book owe their truthfulness to Wedgwood; for the second half of the book and the Great Fire, I refer you to my Web site, and all the other scholars listed there.
I also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those who aided me directly. Aside from all the wonderful LiveJournal folk who recommended references to me, I must thank Meriel Jeter and John Schofield at the Museum of London; Susanne Groom of Historic Royal Palaces; and Gwen Thomas, Robin Pyke, and Kate Robinson of the National Trust at Ham House. Ellen Rawson and Ian Walden rescued me from being at the mercy of the Sunday bus schedule in rural Oxfordshire; John Pritchard supplied me with valuable information about the history of the Vale; and Lothair Biedermann lent me a spot of help in placing labels on the map at the front of this book.
I don’t have names for all the individuals at the Guildhall Library and London Metropolitan Archives who aided me in my documentary research while I was in London, but all hail the honorable order of librarians, without whom I would have been lost.
And particular thanks to Kate Walton and Alye Helms, for more late-night (and sometimes afternoon) conversations about the book. Their comments kept me on course when I was lost in the wilds of seventeenth-century history—and one well-timed question from Kate regarding the Cailleach Bheur saved my sanity when I needed it most. The Kate in this novel is not named for her, but she feeds my general conviction that anyone with that name must be an excellent person indeed.
Dramatis Personae
The Royal Family of England
Charles Stuart, first of that name—
King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland
Henrietta Maria—
Queen to Charles I
Charles Stuart, second of that name—
Prince of Wales, and after King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland
Catherine of Braganza—
Queen to Charles II
James Stuart—
Duke of York, and brother to Charles II
James Stuart—
late King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, and father to Charles I
Mary Stuart—
late Queen of Scots, and mother to King James
The House of Lords
William Laud—
Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Wentworth—
Lord Deputy of Ireland, created Earl of Strafford
Thomas Grey—
Lord Grey of Groby
John Mordaunt—
Viscount Mordaunt of Avalon, and a Royalist conspirator
Edward Hyde—
later Earl of Clarendon, and a Royalist conspirator
William Craven—
Earl of Craven
Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod
The House of Commons
John Glanville—
Speaker of the House of Commons
William Lenthall—
Speaker of the House of Commons
Sir Antony Ware }
Thomas Soame }—
aldermen and members for London
Isaac Penington }
John Pym—
a Parliamentary leader
John Hampden }
Denzil Holles }—
allies of John Pym
Arthur Hesilrige }
William Strode }
Sir Francis Seymour—
a knight and member of Parliament
William Prynne—
a member of Parliament
The New Model Army
Oliver Cromwell—
a general and member of Parliament, and later Lord Protector of England
Henry Ireton—
a general and member of Parliament
Thomas Fairfax—
Lord Fairfax of Cameron, likewise a general
Thomas Pride—
a colonel
Edmund Ludlow—
an officer
Richard Cromwell—
son of Oliver Cromwell, and second Lord Protector
George Monck—
general of the Army in Scotland
Sir Morris Abbot }
Thomas Alleyn }—
Lord Mayors of London
Sir Thomas Bludworth }
Sir William Turner—
an alderman of London
Katherine Ware—
wife to Sir Antony Ware
manservant to Sir Antony Ware
Thomas Farynor—
a baker
Humphrey Taylor—
a Puritan
Benjamin Hipley—
a spymaster
John Lilburne—
leader of the Leveller movement
Marchamont Nedham—
a printer of news
John Bradshaw—
Lord President of the High Court of Justice
Elizabeth Murray—
suo jure Countess of Dysart, and a Royalist conspirator
John Ellin—
a doctor
Samuel Pepys—
a diarist
Robert Hubert—
a traitor
Sir Michael Deven—
a mortal man, now dead
The Onyx Court
Queen of the Onyx Court
Valentin Aspell—
Lord Keeper
Amadea Shirrell—
Lady Chamberlain
Nianna Chrysanthe—
Mistress of the Robes
Sir Prigurd Nellt—
a giant, and Captain of the Onyx Guard
Sir Cerenel }
Sir Essain }
Sir Mellehan }—
knights of the Onyx Guard
Sir Peregrin Thorne }
Dame Segraine }
Gertrude Goodemeade—
a brownie of Islington
Rosamund Goodemeade—
her sister, and likewise a brownie
Sir Leslic—
an elf-knight
Lewan Erle—
an elf-lord
an elf-lady
a nightmare
Tom Toggin—
a hob
a barguest
Blacktooth Meg—
the hag of the River Fleet
Foreigners, exiles, and deceased fae
Fiacha }
Nuada }—
Ard-Ríthe, High Kings of Ireland
The Dagda }
King of Ulster
Eochu Airt—
ollamh and ambassador from Temair
King of Connacht
Queen of Connacht
Feidelm of the Far-Seeing Eye—
poet and ambassador from Temair
the Gyre-Carling of Fife
Kentigern Nellt—
an exiled giant, and brother to Sir Prigurd Nellt
Halgresta Nellt—
their sister, likewise a giant, now dead
an exiled knight, and brother to Sir Cerenel
Ifarren Vidar—
an exiled lord
a powrie of the Border
Cailleach Bheur—
the Blue Hag of Winter
Wayland Smith—
King of the Vale of the White Horse
a sprite of Berkshire
late Queen of the Onyx Court
City of London
BOOK: In Ashes Lie
11.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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