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By Brit Blaise


Brit Blaise

Edition – In Paradise - Copyright© 2013 by Brit Blaise

ISBN: 978-0-9910314-1-2

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Edition – Two Weeks in Paradise - Copyright© 2005 by Brit Blaise

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This is an enhanced re-issue of Two Weeks in Paradise first released in 2005.




"If my teeth fall out, just nudge me. I'd hate for someone to step on them. The sonsabitches! It took me months to get them working right after the damn dog got hold of them."

Di heard a muted sound of amusement coming from the perfect Adonis on her left, seated by the window.

"Yes, ma'am." She nodded to the elderly woman across the aisle while she tried not to get too grossed out at the thought. "I'll be sure to give you a nudge."

"What's that, honey?" The woman cupped a frail veined hand to her ear and shouted louder above the hum of the jet engines.

"I said I'll let you know if your teeth fall out. I promise."

From the moment Di had stepped aboard the plane headed to Hawaii, the woman had been overwhelming...kind of like her own mother.

This time there was no mistaking the deep masculine laugh coming from God's-gift-to-women in his silk designer suit, expensive Italian loafers and cashmere sweater dipping to a deep Vee to show off his dark chest hair. She didn't want to think about how cashmere must feel rubbing against his bare nipples.

Oh my, for a cashmere sweater right now!

Tall, dark and incredible,
Mr. Adonis was the kind of man who could put an eternal smile on her face, a triple threat. His bio on the back of his numerous book covers said he'd once been Special Forces in his youth. He had to be rich and smart since he was a New York Times best-selling author.

Infamous Jake Forman sported the kind of
dark looks that were equal measures of drop dead gorgeous and lethally dangerous bad boy.

Oh, yeah! He didn’t have Di fooled.

She knew exactly who he was.

wrote a gritty cop series. The main hero was the stuff wet dreams were made of. One glance at the author up close and personal and she didn't doubt he'd modeled his main character after himself.

Di wanted to chance a better look, but that would mean he'd get an equally close look at her. Any attention she gave him would no doubt be
misread as a come-on. No way would she feed his vanity.

Nor would she give the man a chance to reject her. He'd only have to
crack a smile to annihilate her. Destroy her.

Di was having none of it. Her mission to experience her first real adventure had just begun.

She didn’t rule out sex. It was at the top of her to-do lists. While she wanted to start her vacation on a high, she needed to be realistic. She had nothing to offer a man like
Jake Forman

Just sitting next to him gave her something to talk about for a very long time.

This guy was on a different planet.
Jake Forman! OMG!

When the cabin lights dimmed, she relaxed into the soft leather seat, the first and probably the only time she'd ever fly fir
st-class, and hugged her pillow. She intended to enjoy every second. The long flight to Hawaii didn't worry her in the least.

closed her eyes, snuggled under a blanket, and listened to the drone of the engines as they cruised thirty thousand feet above the earth. The sensations were incredible, and she wasn't the least bit frightened. Not that she'd flown often in her twenty-nine years, but just getting out of New York was a special treat.

However, she
hadn't expected her new employer to furnish a seat in first class. She didn't belong here between a man, who more than likely had a harem of beautiful women at his command, and the elderly woman dripping in diamonds, sporting a potty mouth and a denture phobia.

"Maybe you should watch out for my teeth, too. You smell good enough to eat. What's that fragrance you're wearing?"
Jake Forman spoke to Di? No way!

Di gulped as the sex god’s voice oozed over her shoulder and traveled down until it soaked
deep into the most private places in her body. “Do you mean me?”

He chuckled and stirred the wisps of hair on the back of her neck
with his warm breath. “Yes. You.”

"Just soap." She’d just been
breathed on by a famous author!

"Just soap? No fragrance?" Jake Forman asked as if he had ever
y intention of getting personal with her.

"Just me."

He groaned and stretched his leg, which initiated contact with hers. "Don't say I didn't warn you. I think I'll try to
snag some
... sleep. Goodnight."

Did he just use sexual innuendo? "Goodnight." She moved her leg away from him and heard him chuckle again. The urge to turn around and look at him overwhelmed her.

All of
a sudden, Di didn't feel like closing her eyes. If only she could get a closer look at him, at least see the color of his eyes.

Instead, she kept her back to him, burrowed her face into her pillow, pulled her blanket up under her chin and started to count pheromones.

How long they'd flown before she realized her body was spooned against the object of her vivid dream, Di didn't have a clue.

The only
thing she did know was that the experience of being nestled in his strong embrace, with the hard length of his body snug against her backside, was sublime! Transcendent.

Not wanting to over-think the opportunity
, she snuggled closer.

"Mmmm, so nice." H
is hot breath feathered against the nape of her neck again.

Di agreed. The fact she was in the arms of a gorgeous virile man wh
o, under ordinary circumstances wouldn't give her a second look, didn't enter the equation. It seemed so right.

Better than right. Until...
she understood exactly what she was experiencing in the midst of a very public forum. He was hard and ready against her backside. She mentally froze while her shock abated and calculated the possibility.

She'd never get another chance with someone like this. Never. No. Way. In. Hell.

Did she dare?

In her limited experience she wasn't certain it was even possib
le to get intimate with him here and now. Then again, what would really stop him? She wore a loose-fitting sundress, sandals, and no pantyhose.

l he'd really have to do was dispose of her panties.

Could he?

Would he?

When his large, warm hand began an exploration under her blanket, she moved against him in case he wondered if he'd found a willing participant. He took her bold hint and moved his hand up under her skirt along her leg. His hand was hot against her skin, sending a message to her feverish insides.

She wanted him.

What could she do to show him?

She placed her hand over his hand resting on her thigh, drawing him upward until he cupped her mound. Then another thought occurred to her.

hat about protection?

She wasn't about to say anything until she knew if he intended to keep going. Maybe he wasn't awake. Maybe he was only dreaming. Maybe he didn't realize what or who
, and would stop at any second.

When he began to move rhythmically against her backside, while fishing his fingers down the front of her panties, she decided he must know. Had he gotten a good look at her?

Probably not.

Then he touched her...
Jake Forman touched her pussy!
This took what was already the ultimate
moment to an epic level.

bucked away from him in a weird automatic response she couldn’t control. His hand stilled its exploration.

"Don't stop." Her whisper sounded harsh and a little too loud. However, the old lady’s loud snores had to have drowned out her voice.

He pulled her back against him, snaking his other arm around her to hold her secure. "That fragrance is like nothing I've ever smelled in this world. I could make a fortune if I could bottle it. Do you smell that good everywhere?"

"Do you know what you're doing?"

"Am I doing it so badly you can't tell? I know it's been a long time, but I heard it's like falling off a bicycle."

"You mean like
a bicycle?"

"Something like that. Or this."

He settled his finger over her sensitive bud again. This time she was more prepared. She only lifted halfway off the seat before he brought her back. If only she could kiss him...touch him like he touched her.

When he traced several gentle circles over her clit, she moaned. "Omigod."

"Shh," he whispered and pulled his hand away.

Di wanted to cry. She'd spoiled everything by not being able to keep quiet.

Before she began to beg, he brought his hand up to her face, urging her to turn her head toward him in the near darkness.

He sat up and leaned forward. The first touch of his lips against hers nearly undid her. His touch, at first soft, turned demanding in the next instant.

"I want you," he whispered and then ran his tongue along the seam of her lips, encouraging her to open her mouth. He tasted of the peppermint gum he'd put in his mouth before takeoff and desire so rich it had a flavor all its own, spicy and bold.

When her breathing became raspy, he pulled away. Again Di wondered if he might stop because of her stupidity.

"Spoon again."

Di didn't hesitate to push her backside against him. He ran a single hand along her leg and up her thigh.

When he began to inch her panties downward, she took his cue and tried to help. While not "old lady" undies, they were ordinary white cotton.

In the close confines, under the blankets they'd been given earlier, it seemed to take forever. Once her panties lay somewhere on the floor at her feet, she waited. What should she do next? The subtle sound of foil ripping told her he meant business. Only seconds later, the bold tip of his cock probed against her backside.

He pulled up her leg to make room for his girth. His other hand moved down to guide him to where she wanted him to be.

Then he was there, probing her sex.

Di felt the pressure of him about to plunge inside her aching core and tried not to move for fear she'd unseat him or lose the blanket hiding their play. He moved slowly breaching her, inching inside and stretching her tight. The sensation of fullness, almost to the point of pain made her tremble and stay still.

He moved deeper into her
until she was well and completely impaled.

Di didn't stir, didn't know if she even could. Nor did he move. Instead, he touched her clit. He'd only begun to circle her little friend when she
experienced the first tremor.  A small explosion of pleasure spring boarded her into a larger one.

She relaxed into it and the explosion became a nuclear eruption of epic proportions. As he pulled the length of his thick cock out of her and shoved it back inside, she bucked silently through the finale of her orgasm as best she could.

She bit into the side of her hand to keep from screaming.

Eventually the sensation leveled into a blissful haze of pleasure as he thrust over and over again. She never wanted it to end. On and on he anchored her upon a floating pleasure plateau. A mysterious place so perfect she knew she'd never find it again no matter how hard she tried.

She began to tremble as she fought to stay there. Seconds became torturous instruments of gratification. A mantra inside her head began to keep the beat.

Don't let it end.

Don't let it end.

Don't let it end.

How long she continued like that she had no idea. She tried to stay calm, but her nirvana began to escalate higher with each mental chant. Hot tears poured down her face with her frustration. As sublime as it felt, the stronger surge of pleasure would signal the end.

Please don't let it end.

Di tried to breathe differently. She tried pulling away from him to stop him from touching her so deeply inside where her first orgasm began. There was no stopping him.

Di gave up and opened to the feeling.

Her acceptance was the key to the impossible. The intense pleasure spiraled throughout her fortunate body, and she mentally reached to embrace it. Her sex furiously clutched and milked him as she climbed.

Her famous author
moaned. Just when she thought nothing could compare to the sublime force bursting over and over, another sharp pinnacle suspended her on a knife-edge of pleasure.

So transcendent.

So incomprehensible.

So perfect, she couldn't move... Couldn't think... C
ouldn't breathe...

* * * *

What should he do? Jake panicked. He could read it now:

New York Times best selling author, Jake Forman fucks a stranger to death, thirty thousand feet above his paradise home on the big island. Stay tuned for further developments.

BOOK: In Paradise
6.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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