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Chapter 1


Oh, I hate the morning. I would rather sleep all day and play by my own rules. “Damn!” I whispered at the cell phone, whose ring woke me up. I could swear that I put it on silent last night. However, as I roll over and grab my phone, I see it’s my best friend from college, Curtis.


We have been cool since we met in Humanities class. He used to cheat during class all the damn time. I am not saying that I am the brightest bulb in the pack, but niggas knew if they cheated off of me, they would make those A's. He was the type of dude I thought I would not ever be friends with. While I was shy and damn near innocent, he was confident and always the center of attention. Although he graduated college a year before me, we managed to stay close friends.


"Wake up nigga!" He screamed through the phone. I hated when he did that. It wasn't like I was deaf, I was just sleep.


"Wassup man?"


"It’s your birthday, negro. Why are you asleep? You should be celebrating. 25 is a pretty big year. It’s your time, my friend, and you should be excited! Are you?" I sat up in my bed while looking around my room. My apartment wasn't much, but it was enough for me.


"Yeah. Sure. I’m thrilled." I said dryly as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight peeking through the blinds.


"You should be because I am about to tell you what I have got you for your birthday gift." Curtis sounded like he was full of enthusiasm, but all I wanted to do is go to sleep. For God sake, the clock hadn't even hit 10 am yet!


"And why is that Cee? What? Did you buy me Michael Ealy? Cause you know I love that dude."


"Naw, I got you one even better. Me and some of my homeboys were talking about driving on a road trip to Los Angeles to see how the other coast lives and I thought you should come with us. It would give us time to reconnect and hang out like we used to."


"Cee, first of all, I have not managed to land my dream job like you have, Mr. Advertising Wiz. Secondly, how is hanging with a bunch of people I don't know great?"


"I know. I know. That is why it's a birthday gift. I am paying for your trip. Plus you have not found a job yet so it’s not like you have any obligations to anything. Just come along with us. It would be cool. I have told all these dudes about you and it’s not like you ain’t heard about Jay, Brent, and Morris."


It was true. I had heard a WHOLE lot about these dudes. From what I had heard, they were all fine and very "Larenz". That is a term me and Curtis used to describe attractive and suave dudes like Larenz Tate. He had even snatched up Jay, who I heard about more times than I would like to. They were deeply in love and it was so sweet, but yet sickening. I mean, yeah my boy was happy, but damn! That man having bastard can sit the hell down. I ain’t had nobody in… well, it’s been a while.


"Well…" I so wanted to say yes, but then there was the part of me that screamed no. I mean, I had heard about his dudes. They were all were thuggish guys from Philly who were showstoppers in their own rite.


From what Curtis had told me, Brent worked at some television station doing sports announcement during the news, Morris was an aspiring actor who had played minor parts in some big budget films, and Jay was a strict businessman who dealt with Coca-Cola and Ford. They were all gorgeous, smart, and "in the life". I was without a job, struggling, and I guess average looking. I am 5'7, light brown skinned, with an unruly afro, and a more unruly body. I know I ain’t fat or nothing, but I have seen a picture that Curtis sent me of Brent and that nigga has a TEN pack for abs!


"Well nothing! I am booking your flight to Philadelphia now. You can fly here and ride to the City of Angels with us. So you down?"


"Well, I haven't seen you in a while so the trip would be cool… but."


"So you down then, right? Nigga, just come on." Curtis wanted me to go, but would his people be so excited to see me?


"Yeah, I am cool. Just let me know how much money I need to get up for the trip." I don't know how I am going to get up this money, but I do need this trip; anything to get out of boring Alabama.


"Then pack your bags cause we leaving next week." I hung up the phone feeling two different types of ways at once. I felt a certain type of energy as I got out of bed. Now, how am I packing for this trip?


Chapter 2


The flight to Philadelphia wasn't that bad. My sleep loving self was knocked out for most of it. I didn't even enjoy the first class treatment that Curtis had paid for me to receive. I guess I will just lie to him and say that it was terrific so he doesn't get mad.


As I stood next to the luggage carousel waiting for my one suitcase, I pulled out my cell phone to give Curtis a call. Knowing his ass, he was out getting a haircut forgetting he had to pick someone up from the airport. Or maybe he was getting some from Jay after having lunch at some bistro. Who the hell knows? And where the hell is my bag? It always seems that my bag is the last to be loaded.


"So when you gonna let me hit them corners?" A voice said from behind me. That could only be one person.


"When you make your first million and build me my dream house?" I said without turning around to face the man behind me.


"Well, I guess that means never, huh? Cause you know you are supposed to be the one who spoils me and not the other way around." I couldn't help but break out into a loud, boisterous laugh. I have so missed this nigga.


"Wassup." I said as I finally turned to give him a hug. However, he stopped me just as I was about to wrap my arms around him.


"Watch it, nigga. This is Dolce & Gabana. Don't wrinkle the Dolce or I will have to kick your ass in my Marc Jacobs shoes." I laughed once more, but he was being serious.


"Just come here." I said hugging him regardless. "You are looking good." I said as I pulled away, but of course he already knew that. It had been a minute since a last saw him and time was definitely good to him. He had toned up big time. I could tell from our hug that there was no "baby fat" or extra unwanted vanity pounds. He had always been slim, but now this boy was cut! And from looking at how his mustache and goatee framed his light mahogany skin, he had just been from the barber. He seemed to be glowing and there was an extra twinkle in his eye. I wondered if Jay and this new found love they had was the cause of it.


"Thank you, nigga. And look at you! You are looking so…" I could see Curtis scanning my body for something to compliment. "You are looking so… So where is your bag?"


"Ummm, it hasn't come yet." I turned back around to the carousel and saw it finally drop. About damn time! "Oh never mind, there it is."


"Well, you better get it because you know I ain’t. I love you, but I do not do manual labor." It’s funny how different me and Curtis are, but yet we are alike at the same time. I can't help but laugh at him sometime. He is such a prettyboy. After I grabbed my bag, we headed for his car. Well actually it was black Range Rover sitting on 22s with tinted windows. The boy has been doing well for himself and having a trust fund didn't hurt either.


On the car ride over to his boyfriend's house, we discussed what the plans were for the trip. We weren't going to try to make the 40 hour drive a two day event. We were going to make several stops and see the country. Of course, we would make a small detour to Vegas and do some gambling. Okay, it is not a small detour since it’s kinda out of the way, but who cares. Chicago, Des Moines, and Denver were the other planned stops. I started getting excited thinking about going to these places that I had never been to.


"So you promise not to start drooling when you see my friends?" Curtis said as we approached the front door of Jay’s place.


"Come on. I am not that bad." I protested.


"Sure you're not my little gay boy. You will be asking to have their babies the minute you see them. Just don't forget your name when you try to introduce yourself." Curtis fumbled through his keys to find the one for the house.


Oh, so you got it like that?" I commented on him having keys to the man's house.


"What? He got mine too."


"What?" I said in disbelief. "You, who love your privacy, actually let someone invade your space? Oh the dick must be damn good."


"Whatever." He said simply as the door opened before he could turn the knob. What I saw next was one helluva tall glass of caramel flavored sexiness. Clad in business attire and a Colgate smile, was this 6'2 muscular god of men. Judging from Curtis giving him a quick kiss, I am guessing that this had to be Jay. Damn, Curtis had told me he was very "Larenz" but DAMN!


"Hey baby boy." Jay said to Curtis as he hugged him tight. Damn, didn't they just see each other last night? They were acting like it’s been a minute. Or maybe that is my sad and lonely heart doing the thinking for me. Either way, they need to get a room! "And you must be Tre?" He said after he and Curtis had their moment, or shall I say a series of moments. He reached his hand out to me.


"Uh… uh… ye-ye-yeah. I am. It’s nice to finally me-me-meet you. I have heard a lot about you." Why am I stuttering? Just because this man with the most beautiful brown eyes is talking to me and shaking my hand… oh and his hand felt so soft. He must moisturize. Damn, he is fine. And here is Curtis looking at me like "I told you so". I can't stand his ass. He thinks he knows everything. And for the record, I am not drooling. Okay, maybe I might be sweating a little bit, but damn it, I can't help it. My eyes have seen the glory of the Lord. Can I get an amen?


"Nigga, you can let go of his hand now." Curtis said laughing. I snapped out of my praise report to see that I was still shaking the man's hand. I dropped it quickly feeling so embarrassed.


"Oh, I am so sorry. I'm sorry."


Jay and Curtis both laughed. We went inside and saw two other guys playing a video game. They both had discarded their shirts and were sitting around in wife beaters, drinking beers, and talking shit to each other while playing Madden. It was muscles and testosterone as far as the eye could see. Oh, give me a plate because I see a few things I wouldn't mind sopping up with a biscuit!


"Baby, you just got me coming from work. Let me just change out these clothes and I will be right back down." Jay said to Curtis.


"You want some help?" Curtis said seductively. Oh, Lord. Here they go!


"Tre, you will excuse us for a few minutes, won't you? Just have a seat and chill for a moment." Jay led Curtis to his bedroom.


"It will just be a few minutes." Curtis echoed. "No more than an hour!" And the lovebirds were gone leaving me alone with two dudes I didn't know.


Finally recognizing there was someone else in the room, the two sexy thugs gave me the obligatory head nod and kept playing their game. I sat on the sofa next to one of them. He was dark brown with a low haircut. His white wifebeater was tight on his well-developed body. He smelled so delicious and his skin was like mocha butter spread on top of heaven. The dude sitting across from us was a honey color with shoulder length locs. He also had a funny eye color. At first from where I was sitting, I couldn't tell what color they were, but after closer surveillance, cause you know I was trying not to stare, I saw that they were green. Now that is so "Larenz", I tell you.


"You want something to drink?" The one sitting next to me said as he got up from the sofa. "Beer? There is some Heinekens left and Bud Light."


"No, thank you."


"Oh by the way, I am Morris. And that's Brent over there. You must be BB's friend?" Morris said as he made his way to the kitchen.


"BB?" I asked not knowing what the hell he was talking about.


"You know, Baby Boy… Curtis." He made a quick return from the other room with two beers and handed one to Brent.


"Yall call him Baby Boy?"


"Well, we get it from Jay. That's what he always calls him. Those two can get kinda sickingly sweet." Brent said as both he and Morris began to chuckle. Oh, damn both of them had the whitest teeth. I swear they both could be models.


"Ay yo B, what was your name?" Brent said reaching to shake my hand.

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