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Sweat trickled between her breasts and she whimpered. Her
over-sensitized hormones jittered with a newfound desired to come. Moving her
hand between her thighs, she massaged her clit.

“Fuck, that’s hot. I can feel you touching yourself.”

“I’m going to come again,” she moaned.

Joe’s cock grew harder inside her.

Her cunt contracted around him as white-hot lust flooded her.
The orgasm flashed hard and fast. Joe’s fingers dug into her sides. His cock
pulsed out his release and he grunted out her name.

Papers flew everywhere as Ann clawed at the desk. Sizzling
tendrils of ecstasy zipped through her. She heaved out a breath trying to get
her emotions back in order.

Joe’s large hands slid under her waist and lifted, helping
her to stand. “Whoever invented crotchless pantyhose needs to get a Nobel
Prize. One of these days, I’ll have enough self-control to romance you like you
deserve.” He smoothed her skirt over her hips and slid out of her.

“Romance is overrated.” She straightened her tank top and

“You have to be getting sore by now.” He grabbed a few
tissues from the box on the desk and wrapped the condom, tossing it into the
trash can.

Limping behind the desk, Ann sat and took inventory. Her
body felt alive and wonderfully well-used. Tiny aches twitched in secret places
that only Joe touched. “I haven’t felt this good in years.”

A sexy grin crossed his face “Me either.” He tucked his
t-shirt into his workout pants and shoved his hands into the pockets. “Oops,”
he said and pulled out a folded piece of paper.


“Here’s a receipt from the water guy.” He moved to her and
sat on the corner of the desk.

Ann grabbed it and looked. “There’s the forty-six dollars
and ninety-two cents I was missing.”

“Sorry.” He ran a finger over a tender breast. “I’ve been a
little distracted.”

“You’re telling me.”

Leaning in, Joe kissed her. The strong thrusts of his tongue
brought images of him sliding into her pussy.

She cupped his cheeks and sucked him in deeper. Joe pushed
her back against the chair. Feasting on him, her body sparked and damp heat
swelled in her center.

Ann’s hands slipped from Joe’s face and ran down his arms.
Finding him hard again, she slid her fingers under the waistband of his pants.
Joe pulled her bottom lip into his mouth. The need to feel him inside her again
perplexed her.

Normal people didn’t fuck like rabbits every time they saw
each other. How was she going to control herself when he was done with her? The
pain that shot through her heart ripped her soul in two.

Joe pulled back. “What’s the matter?”

A fiery lump clogged her throat. “Nothing.” Pushing away the
awful feelings, she cupped his cock. “I want you again.”

“If wanting me puts pain in your eyes, than we’re doing
something wrong.”

A loud knock sounded at the door. Relief swamped her. Ann
blew out a breath and silently thanked whoever was on the other side.

Joe looked up at the clock. “Shit, I’m late for my eight

Standing, he adjusted himself. “You may want to move out of

“Did you pull out my bun?” Her hand patted at her head. “You

“Is that what that thing is called? It makes me hot.” He
strode to the door, turned and winked at her. “You’re a naughty accountant. All
that’s missing is the glasses.”

“Oh, shut up.” Ann picked up a pen and whipped it at him.
She scooted the chair to the file cabinet, yanked open the drawer and pulled
out the makeup kit she kept there.

Joe deflected the missile and chuckled. “You’re even hotter
when you’re mad.”

The person on the other side of the door knocked again.
“Joe, are you in there?”

Opening a compact, she growled. “You need to answer the door
before your eight ’o clock knocks it from its hinges.”

He yanked open the door and stepped out, leaving Ann to
think. She needed to pull back. If they kept this up they’d destroy what they
had. Tears spilled down her face now and her soul poured out its sorrow. Ann
knew she’d lost the fight against love—now she had to decide what she was going
to do about it.

Chapter Five


The woman had him revved up. Joe had to keep his hormones in
check for at least two more hours. Doing his damnedest to burn off the lust he
still had for Ann, he ran at full speed on the treadmill. He pushed himself to
his threshold and still need filled him.

Going over the New England Patriots’ starting lineup in his
head, Joe willed his cock to forget Ann for the immediate future. Swiping the
sweat from his eyes, he looked over at his eight-o’clock client. “How are you
doing, Will?”

The man panted. “I feel like I’m running up Heartbreak Hill
in the Boston Marathon.”

“You’re almost there.”

Will slapped his stomach. “Yeah, easy for you to say. You’re
not lugging a gut like this around on a three-mile run.”

“It’s smaller than it was a month ago.”

A shit-eating grin split the other man’s face. “All because
of you and your plan.”

“You did all the work. I just set you on the right track.”

The day Will walked into Mr. Perfect’s and asked Joe to help
him get back out into the dating world was the highlight of his month. The
other man was the kind of person Joe got into this line of work to help.

When Will told Joe about losing his wife at thirty-six from
cancer and how he’d drowned his pain in a sea of beer and French fries—putting
on fifty pounds over a two-year period—Joe knew he had to help Will at no cost.
He couldn’t take money from a man who was not only grieving, but spent his day
educating kindergartners. To Joe’s way of thinking the other man deserved
superhero status.

He couldn’t imagine losing the most important person in his
life. He’d had to deal with his mother’s death a few years back. Even with Ann
by his side, it was excruciating.

When Ann flung herself into his arms at the airport that
fateful day, Joe had known everything would be okay. His chest contracted.
She’d given him so much. What had he given her? Joe stumbled. She deserved so
much more than him.

“Hey, Joe, are you all right?” Will stopped his treadmill.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He rubbed his chest and pressed the stop
button. Memories of Ann holding his hand at the cemetery the day they’d buried
his mother overtook him.

After they’d graduated from UNH, Ann went back to Florida to
be closer to her family. Joe hadn’t asked Ann to move away from her home, but
she knew how much he needed her. At the time, he didn’t want to admit to
himself how much he’d missed her. The five years they lived twelve hundred
miles from one another were hard. His life was better with her in it.

He shook his head to clear it. “Okay, Will, let’s go do

“Whatever you say, boss.”

They made their way to the machines and waited for the leg
press to become free. Glancing over at the office windows, Joe wondered if Ann
had tamed her hair back into its prim and proper bun. He smiled. Knowing her,
she’d shoved a half a dozen more of those pin things into her scalp.

“That grin doesn’t look good for me.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking.”

The guy using the leg press got up and moved to the next
machine. Joe motioned Will to sit. “We’re going to go hard today.” He adjusted
the weights.

“Shit, Joe.”

“You won’t be bitching when you’re beating the women off
with a stick.”

Will sat and started to pump. “Hey, do you know if Ann is
seeing anyone?”

Ice formed inside Joe’s gut. The overpowering need to grab
the other man and toss him out on his ass had Joe shoving his hands in his
pockets. He swallowed back his overblown jealousy. “Um, I think she’s seeing

“Is it serious? Do you think she will be seeing this guy in
another month or so?”

If Joe had anything to say about it, she would be otherwise
occupied for the next millennium. Shrugging off his unease, Joe forced a smile.
“I think so.”

“Shit.” Will huffed out a breath. “Story of my life. I’m
always a day late and a dollar short. I hope the man’s good enough for her.”

“Me too.”

Over the next two hours, he and Will worked out hard. Joe
punished them with a grueling leg-and-abs workout. Blood pumped the adrenaline
through his veins, making Joe lightheaded.

“Shit, man, that was as good as sex.” Will collapsed on the

“That was almost as good as sex,” he corrected and slid down
the wall.

“You would know that better than me.” Will lifted his head
and looked over at Joe. “I’m so tired, I don’t think I could get it up if Kate
Upton was standing here naked.”

Joe wheezed out a chuckle. “I probably could muster up a
hard-on for Kate, but she’d have to do all the work.”

“That goes without saying.”

The door to the office opened and Ann limped into the gym.
“Hey, guys.”

Will sat up. “Hey, Ann. How are you?”

She smiled down at them. “Better than you two.”

“Will’s trying to kill me so he can have Kate Upton.”

“Well, who could blame him?”

The other man pulled himself to his feet. “I’d gladly give
him Kate if you’d go out with me.”

Her cheeks pinked and she looked over at Joe. “That’s nice
of you. If Kate ever makes it to our little neck of the woods, I might take you
up on that offer.”

Will grabbed his towel and water bottle. “You give a guy
something to hope for.” He walked lamely to the door. “See you guys tomorrow.”

“Bye Will, have a good night.”

Using the wall to help him, Joe rose. “See you, Will.”

“Need a hand?” Ann asked him.

“I need a wheelchair.”

“Usually when you work out with Will, you go at his pace.
Not try to kill the both of you. What got into you today?”

“You.” He took Ann’s hand and tugged her to him.


Ann collided with Joe’s sweaty chest. His intoxicating scent
wrapped around her as her insides did a jig. “I think you have that backward.”
Leaning into him, she brushed her lips against his.

“Hold that thought.” He sidestepped around her and ran to
the door to lock it. Then he jogged to the office.

Confusion pushed through her lust. “Where are you going?”

“We need condoms.”

“What, do you have a stash of them in the desk I don’t know

“No, I ran out at lunch today and bought a mega-box.” He
rushed back into the room and knelt down in front of Ann. “I’ve been thinking
about what you said.”

His hand caressed the skin below her hemline. “I’m thinking
I may need someone that would make women feel more comfortable here.” Grabbing
her hands, he pulled.

Standing, she slid her hands through his damp hair. “That’s
a good business plan. The data shows—” She moaned as he slid his palms up her

“Let’s talk about this later, shall we?”

She nodded, letting the heat spread over her. Reaching
around her back, she unzipped her skirt. The material dropped around Joe’s
arms. His fingers worked under the waistband of her pantyhose and tugged them

Joe’s brows furrowed and he rubbed at the red marks left

“Joe.” Her hands went instinctively to her stomach.

Eyes flashing, he dragged the Spandex and skirt down her
legs. The Lycra material stuck at her knees and embarrassment washed over her.
She tried to pull away. “Here Joe, let me get that.”

“Sit down.”

Ann’s legs wobbled as she sat. What started out as a
frenzied rush to mate had turned into something more. Forcing the overflow of
emotions pouring over her down, she cupped his cheeks.

“Ann, you are everything to me.” He slid the pantyhose from
her feet and leaned down to kiss her bellybutton.

Moist breath bathed her in a wash of need. The intensity of
her cravings for him mixed with the deep affection she had for Joe. The love
she felt hit her like a thunderbolt, burning her soul. Tears filled her eyes.

Joe’s hand brushed her cheek. “What’s the matter?” He pulled
her up. “Did I hurt you?”

Shoving her hands under his shirt, Ann lifted the material
and buried her face against his sweat-dampened chest. She soaked in the feel of
him. “Touch me, Joe. Please.” Her arms wrapped around his back and she clung to

He lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it to the
floor. “Tell me what I did.”

Stepping back, Ann removed her shirt, letting it fall on the
floor. She reached around and unhooked her bra. The straps slid down her arms
and her heavy breasts spilled from their confines.

Ann pressed herself into him. She wanted to crawl inside Joe
and never leave. Her fingers scratched down his back. “I need you.”

Moving down his body, she knelt in front of him and pulled
down his pants, taking his underwear with them. His beautiful cock seemed to
search for her mouth. Taking him in, she moaned. His flavor erupted on her
tongue, driving her to the edge.

“Fuck, Ann.” His hot flesh tightened and flexed when she dug
her fingers into his ass cheeks.

The tip of his cock nudged the back of her throat. The salty
taste of pre-cum exploded in her mouth as she worked him deeper. Joe’s
velvet-smooth rod felt exquisite against her tongue, but her pussy begged for
fulfillment. She moaned and moved her hand to her clit.

She sucked Joe hard as her fingers caressed the swollen
flesh and a shudder ran down her back. He pulled at her bun. Pinpricks of pain
stabbed at her scalp and she loved it. Jerking her head back, he slid from her

Rising, she pushed Joe to the bench. He sat, reached down
for his pants and slipped the condom from the pocket.

“Let me do that.” Ann grabbed the foil packet from Joe and
ripped it open. Kissing the tip of his cock, she rolled the condom over the
thick shaft with her mouth.

She straddled his hips as his mouth took her breast.
Throwing her head back, she absorbed the thrill jumping over her nerve endings.
The tugging at her nipple sent a deep yearning spinning in her belly. She
worked herself onto his dick and whimpered.

Joe’s tongue danced over her tender flesh and his wet heat
singed her skin. She couldn’t get enough of him. Threading her hands into Joe’s
thick black hair, she wrenched him closer.

Teeth grazing her nipple, she cried out in pleasure. His
hips rocked, creating a wonderful friction inside her. The walls started to
spin. She didn’t want this feeling to end.

His mouth popped off the tight bud and he gripped her hips.
Standing, he moved to the chin-up bar. Joe was impossibly deep. She could feel
him in ways she’d never had before. “God, you feel good.”

“I love when your thighs are wrapped around me and my cock
is so deep inside you I can feel your heartbeat.”

Hugging him, she nipped at his neck. “I love y—”

“Grab the bar over your head.”

Biting her tongue, Ann gripped the steel over her head. Joe
drove into her, stealing her declaration of love. Her heart split open and she
crested and crashed around him.

“You’re so fucking sexy when you come.”

The passionate heat in his gaze had a fresh wave of intense
longing driving into her so intensely Ann had to close her eyes.

He moved inside her in slow, easy strokes. The next climax
washed over Ann warm and comforting. Opening her eyes, she gazed at Joe.

Smiling, he continued to plunge into her. Dampness filled
her eyes. Her chest heaved as a sob scraped up her throat. “Joe.”

A tear slid down her cheek. “Ann.” He thrust into her and
stilled. His dick pulsed with his release. “Oh, Ann.”

The walls she’d spent so much time building to protect her
heart crumpled down around her
Gentle waves of pleasure crested inside

I love you.
The words filled her throat and she
swallowed them back.

She’d done the one thing she’d promised herself she
wouldn’t. She’d let her heart get tangled up in their affair. How could she
have been so stupid?

Joe slid out of her. “We need to talk about what just

Looking at him, Ann swallowed the sob lodged in her chest.
“Put me down. I need to get out of here.” She needed some time and space to
think. She needed to get her feelings under control again.

BOOK: InBedWithMrPerfect
10.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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