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Irresistible Desire (A Savannah Novel)

BOOK: Irresistible Desire (A Savannah Novel)
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“Love is an irresistible

to be irresistibly

- Robert Frost







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Chapter 1


After a full week of
working, the last thing I wanted to do is kick off my weekend by
attending dinner with my parents. I would rather walk over burning
coals than have to sit through another two hour dinner with my
mother and father. The only thing making it bearable is Logan, my
boyfriend of four years. Since my parents returned from touring,
they insist we get together every Friday for dinner. I admit I miss
them while they’re away and I do love catching up from time-to time
but every week is a bit ridiculous.


I am in serious need of
some fun, “fun with a capital f” as they say, so my plan is to rush
through dinner and meet up with Brooklyn to go and let loose.
Brooklyn is my best friend and partner in crime, we’ve known each
other our entire lives and it seems we’ve become more like close
sisters than friends. Our mothers had the same relationship and
while my parents were performing their world tours, I spent every
free moment at Brooklyn’s in an attempt to escape the maids,
butlers and nannies that filled my house.


Part of me knows I was
blessed to grow up in a huge mansion with the freedom to come and
go as I pleased. It was fun at first, being a teenager with no one
to answer to, but it soon gets old. Sometimes I just wanted a
father who sat up all night, waiting for me to get home from a
date. I think I was the only girl who wished for a


Instead, I settled for a
butler who was kind enough to wait up and let me inside if I was
too drunk. I know that my parents did the best they could to spend
as much time with me as possible, but when you’re country music’s
number one singing duo, it’s hard to find more than a few hours a
week. Our time together consisted of hurried phone calls and texts,
emails and distracted video chat, with very little actual face to
face contact.


I finally round the corner
to my parent’s gated community and pray that Logan has already
arrived so we can get dinner started as soon as possible. I met
Logan four years ago at one of my parent’s annual parties in
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
father is my mother’s plastic
surgeon and since he does such an extraordinary job of keeping her
thirty year old looks, he gets a VIP invite to all their lavish
parties. I lucked out when he brought Logan as his plus one. He
took my breath away the moment I laid eyes on him.


He was tall and tanned with
a well-built surfer’s body.. He had gorgeous, naturally blonde hair
that was short along the sides and back but longer on top. I loved
how he kept it natural looking, the complete lack of product made
me yearn to run my fingers through it, especially after he had
spent the day in the salty water of the Pacific. His eyes were such
bright blue it almost seemed like they were glowing, I could look
into those eyes all day and his smile was the sexiest thing I have
ever seen on a man.


“Thank you God,” I whisper
to myself as I pull into my parent’s driveway and see Logan’s car
parked out front. The house really was breathtaking and I every
time I see it I feel blessed to have been raised in such a
magnificent home. It was a three story Southern Colonial style
house built completely from luscious red brick with towering white
pillars outside the entire first level and inviting steps leading
up to a fantastic porch. The second story has a full balcony and
magnificent floor to ceiling windows that were framed by white
shutters and covered the entire front of the house. Outside our
home and wrapping around both sides of our entrance are vast
gardens with shrubs and flower bushes. The first thing you notice
as you pull into the drive is a fantastic Victorian style water
fountain, the majesty of which making you feel like you’re entering
a house in Nashville rather than Beverly Hills. This is the full
intention of my Tennessee born parents, who wanted to bring a
little Southern living when we moved to Los Angeles.


I was five when we moved
into this house and I only moved out two years ago when Brooklyn
and I finally decided to get our own place in the Hollywood Hills.
Brooklyn’s father is CEO of
The Queen
cruise line and subsidizes her
half of the rent until her “acting career” picks up. This allows us
to live in a place overlooking the “Hollywood” sign, with an
incredible view of L.A.


“Hey sweetie, how was
work?” My mother greets me in the foyer as I enter the house. She
looks as beautiful as ever in her dress pants and silk sleeveless
top. She has the same long blonde hair as I do but hers stops at
her shoulder blades and mine is down to my butt. I am told all the
time that I look like my mother. It’s a compliment as I cannot deny
she is beautiful. We both have bright blue eyes, tiny petite noses
and heart shaped faces. Our family is blessed with a high
metabolism and curves in all the right places. The only thing
different about us is our height. She is 5’8” and I, unfortunately
got the raw deal, coming up at just 5’3”. After a very light hug
and air kisses we enter the living to join my dad and


“Work has been amazing!
We’re working on this huge issue we have coming
; The Most Influential Men of
. Eloise has almost the entire list
completed and I get the fun part of picking out the best photo to
use for each man and I get to assist in interviewing a few of
them!” I’m giddy just thinking about it as I sit down on the over-
sized sectional. I put my hand on Logan’s thigh and whisper “hello”
in his ear as I plant a gentle kiss on his cheek. His eyes light
up, “Well hello to you too”, he replies and gently traces his
fingers up and down my back. Logan doesn’t like huge displays of
affection in front of my parents, calling it out to be
disrespectful, so we refrain and settle on holding


“Hey Dad how’s the game
going?’ I ask my father as he lounges in his large leather
recliner, donned in his favorite fashion ensemble - blue jeans,
cowboy boots and tight fitting black t-shirt. He could easily pass
for a decade younger than his forty five years, with his jet black
hair shaved to the scalp a well groomed goatee. He is six foot, but
is demeanor easily tricks you into thinking he’s closer to seven.
Maverick Livingston only takes one thing as seriously as his music
and, surprisingly, that’s college football - he doesn’t miss a game
for anything, going as far to record every match to watch the
highlights over again.


“Going great Honey,
Tennessee is winning twenty four nil,” he replies grinning ear to
ear. He may live in Beverly Hills but his heart and soul is in
Tennessee, I laughed to myself.


“Paisley, I have to know
what is for dinner, it smells absolutely delicious!” Logan calls to
my mother, rubbing his stomach as he walks to the kitchen.. He can
be so suave and adorable all at the same time.


“Roasted chicken, BBQ ribs,
sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans and freshly baked
sweet rolls. For dessert we have your favorite Logan, peach
cobbler! Mrs. Trinton has been slaving away in the kitchen all
afternoon and it does look and smell exquisite,” she says, smiling
sweetly back at Logan.


Thankfully dinner goes by
smoothly and quickly. Dad and Logan discuss the football season and
who they think will end up in the bowl games. I know very little
about the sport and avoid the conversation altogether, instead
choosing to talk with my mother about my job at
. Envy is one of the world’s most
popular magazines, covering everything from celebrity weddings and
babies, top movies and music, to this season’s hottest fashion
trends. Its success is international and I’m thrilled to have
finally landed my dream job there. Following a three year
internship I took a chance on an Assistant Editor position for
Eloise Spaulding, a vacancy thought to be one of the most sought
after in L.A. I couldn’t believe it when I found out they’d picked
me – it’s such a huge accomplishment for someone my age.

BOOK: Irresistible Desire (A Savannah Novel)
12.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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