Jackie Draws A Straight: The Journey Series Book 5

BOOK: Jackie Draws A Straight: The Journey Series Book 5
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Jackie Draws a Straight

Journey Series Book 5





Patricia Green



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Green, Patricia

Jackie Draws a Straight (Journey Book 5)

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Chapter 1



"I got the job!" No answer. Jackie shook some of the water out of he
r hair and off her soggy trench
coat and moved through the kitchen toward the ranch house's main hallway. "Hey! Anybody home?"

"Gabriella!" It was Ace's voice coming from his suite upstairs. He sounded angry. "What have you done with my work hat, woman?"

An upstairs door opened and smacked against a wall. Footsteps scurried along the wood-floored upstairs hallway. "Ace! Now don't be mad at me. That hat was awful!
You needed some fashion help.

Gabby raced down the stairs, sparing not a glance at Jackie who was standing in the archway, dripping, a little flabbergasted by the commotion.

Ace's voice came from closer, at the top of the stairs. He was yelling. "Come back here! What d
you do with it?"

Chestnut curls bouncing around her shoulders, Gabby dove into the family room, obviously looking for a safe place to hide. Gabby was prone to mischief. It hadn't taken Jackie long to figure this out, even though she'd only been home at the Journey ranch for a week so far. Ace and his new wife were usually lovey-dovey to the point of being embarrassing, but apparently, Gabby had gotten herself in trouble.
The last time was over switching Ace to lite beer. That hadn't gone over very well.

Jackie's older brother Ace jogged down the stairs after his wife, nodding to Jackie as he passed her. "Damn it, Gabby! I'm gonna tan your ass if
you don't give me my hat back." He didn't even hesitate, going right into the family room.

Jackie inched closer, peering around the room's wide archway, curious about the scene unfolding before her. Her hair dripped uncomfortably down her neck—the rain was torrential outside—but she ignored it for the moment.

"Ace! Now, Ace

" Gabby was saying, backing into a corner
of the room and putting a wing
back chair between her
and her husband. Her dark eyes were wide.

Jackie knew that Gabby wasn't worried about being harmed by her bigger, older husband, but he'd threatened a spanking, so the woman was reasonably trying to avoid it. Although she knew that the Journey men had a tendency to spank, Jackie had never been spanked herself. She wondered what it felt like.
Gabby seemed to find it mighty intimidating.

"Where is it, Gabby?" Ace asked, his voice low and stern.

"I…I…" Her eyes darted toward the fireplace where a pleasant crackling fire was dispelling the gloom from the stormy spring weather outside. "I.."

Ace didn't miss her look and immediately he turned to the fireplace. "Shit!" He rushed to the fire and grabbed a poker, prodding at something burning on the topmost log. "Damn it all, Gabby!" He exchanged the poker for tongs and pulled an object out of the fire, tapping it resolutely on the fireplace bricks. It was a hat brim, nearly completely burned, but still recognizable. A bit of its leather hatband hung limp and scorched from what was left of the hat's crown. "You burned my hat! You burned it!" he roared. "
You li'l brat! I can't believe you burned my favorite hat!"

Gabby shrank visibly. Jackie watched with guilty anticipation, trying to be small and inconspicuous where she lingered around the archway. This was too interesting to ignore. Was Ace going to spank his wife now?

Her big brother took a few deep breaths, closing his eyes tight. When he opened his eyes and looked at his wife again, he was frowning deeply, but his voice was calm. "T
hat was my favorite hat, Gabby."

The guilty woman's fingers played with the head of the chair. "I know. But, Ace, it was nasty. Sweaty. Stained.
orn at the edges."

"I wear—wore—it to work on the ranch, woman. Did you think I'd wear a good one to deal with the cattle or fix the tractor out on the property? A good hat costs $
! Why would I wear a $700 hat to get dirty and sweaty at work?"

Gabby stared at her nervous fingers. "I…um…you have others."

"My other hats are for when I clean up, Gabby. They're in too good condition to be wearin' out on the range." He looked at the smoldering leather on the hearth. "I guess I'll have to get a cheap hat to wear around."

"It'll be cleaner.
You're so handsome when you…" Her comment trailed off as she caught his frown.

"You screwed up, Gabriella Journey."

"I'm sorry. It was just so icky."

Ace moved toward the couch, a comfortable overstuffed leather affair with colorful pillows arranged neatly in the corners. He sat and patted his lap. "
Now. Pants and panties down."

BOOK: Jackie Draws A Straight: The Journey Series Book 5
6.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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