Jamie's Heart [Amazon Warriors 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Jamie's Heart [Amazon Warriors 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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Amazon Warriors 2

Jamie's Heart

Conrad Quin, a soldier in the Mythological Task Force, returns home to his tribe when he learns of Delila’s betrayal and his sister’s defection. Amongst his family’s heartache, he finds comfort in the arms of his best friend, Jamie Price, a warrior still in training.

Half of Jamie’s heart and soul is taken from her and given to Conrad. Being officially recognized as his, she is overjoyed…until she receives nothing in return. She faces losing everything that makes her an Amazon unless the man she loves decides to fight for her love. She fights the will of the gods on Mount Olympus, where she must prove her worth in front of the gods themselves.

Eventually, the gods decide her fate on earth would be a fitting punishment…a mortal death.

Jamie is forced to reveal a secret skill, but is Conrad prepared to fight for her and fulfill the Amazons' code?


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Amazon Warriors 2






Ellie Wilson










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Amazon Warriors 2



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This was her first time engaging an enemy in combat.

The tribe had been out celebrating their latest victory when they were called back to the estate to face an old and unexpected threat.

Their estate, which was located on the east side of Strawberry Reservoir, Utah, was a massive expanse of land that isolated the Amazons from the mortal world. Their tribe had lived there for hundreds of years, and its perimeter had never been breached, until today.

Jamie crouched down with the other warriors at the northwest wall of the estate. They met up with Roxy, the warrior who found the intruders, the Cyclopes. They were extremely strong, vicious, and underhanded brutes, but thankfully they weren’t that bright.

Crimson, the leader of the tribe, gave her orders in a commanding and confident tone. The orders from Crimson were clear. Defend the tribe and the estate, but do not kill the Cyclopes. They were needed alive. Crimson wanted information from them as to who had sent them and why they had come. The Amazons and Cyclopes had formed a truce centuries ago and avoided each other since. There was no reason for them to be here.

The youngest warriors were armed, just in case, but kept hidden beyond the boundaries of the estate, with the elders of their tribe protecting them. Warriors close to graduating, like Jamie, or recently graduated were teamed up and assigned posts around the perimeter. The most experienced and skilled warriors of the tribe would infiltrate the estate and engage the enemy in close range combat.

Jamie was teamed up with her twin sister, Jordon, and assigned to defend the southeast gate. Jamie felt nervous but proud that her leader trusted Jamie and her sister to help protect the tribe.

Jamie and Jordon were still a few months away from graduating from warrior training, but they were some of the best in their class, and she knew it. They were confident and cocky enough to think they could handle anything the Cyclopes might try.

Several longbows were being distributed, Jamie made sure she got one. Only her family knew how capable she was with a longbow. Her aim was flawless.

By the time Crimson had finished giving orders, Jamie and her sister only had a few minutes to get to the opposite side of the estate. The Amazons would engage the Cyclopes in five minutes exactly. So Jamie and Jordon took off at a dead run toward their allocated position, ready to defend their tribe.

They moved through the forest that surrounded their home with speed, stealth, and agility no mortal possessed. They jumped fallen trees, ducked low-hanging branches, and dodged ditches that would slow them down. They had grown up in these woods, knew every nuance of it. It was as familiar to them as the backs of their hands.

They made it to their post with only seconds to spare. Jamie collapsed to her knees and dove into some nearby underbrush for cover. Jordon following suit but facing the opposite direction, the way they had come from, ensuring they weren’t followed and that their position was secure. They scouted the surrounding area, looking for the enemy. When they didn’t see anything, Jamie immediately took up position on her knee. She drew an arrow from her quiver, loaded it into her bow, and readied to fire. Jordon was by her side, poised and ready with her combat weapon of choice, a slingshot.

She watched in rapt fascination as Crimson, along with the other experienced warriors, crept onto the estate with lethal grace and a warrior’s determination to defeat their foe.

Jamie watched the backs of all the Amazon warriors she could see while her sister did the same. They both kept an eye on their surroundings, too. They wouldn’t be much help if the Cyclopes managed to sneak up on them.

Jamie and Jordon protected their tribe as they watched the fight unfold. Remembering that Crimson had told them to keep the Cyclopes alive, if possible, she made sure to use her arrows to warn, wound, or disable their enemy, nothing more.

The fight had only been raging for ten minutes before she heard a sound that all Amazon warriors dreaded.

A warrior’s war cry.

It was a high-pitched call warriors sent up to alert the tribe they were in trouble. The well-being of fellow warriors was always an Amazon’s number one priority.

Jamie quickly looked around the surrounding area to find whoever was in trouble. When she looked into the distance, she saw that a warrior was down and holding her leg. A Cyclops stood menacingly over the injured warrior, swinging a large, heavy chain over its head.

She scanned the area and saw Crimson charge round the corner of the main building. She was weaponless. She’d always preferred hand-to-hand combat, but even with Crimson’s enhanced speed, there was no way she could reach the fallen warrior in time.

So Jamie took a calming breath, and with the arrow she already had loaded, she pulled back and took aim. She had calculated the distance, wind factor, and trajectory within milliseconds. Jamie’s target was nearly a mile away. Jamie knew no warrior could make a shot at that distance—no warrior but her.

With one last breath she released her arrow, aiming straight for the creature’s head. If she missed her shot, the Amazon warrior would die.

Jamie knew it was a kill shot, but anything else, a warning or an injury, wouldn’t stop the beast from its task. She had no other choice but to end the Cyclops’s life.

Her aim was faultless and true, as she knew it would be.

The Cyclops was dead before he had realized what had happened.

Just as the Cyclops fell to its knees, Crimson reached the fallen warrior. She looked from the injured Amazon to the Cyclops to her.

That was impossible. She was too well hidden for Crimson to see her, but she felt as if her leader could see straight through her. Crimson just stared in Jamie’s direction with an unreadable expression. Jamie didn’t know if the woman was impressed, surprised, or pissed off.

Either way, she was too close to graduating to risk her leader’s wrath, so she grabbed hold of her sister and ran back toward the estate, ensuring they entered from a different direction from the position where Jamie had taken the fatal shot.

Jamie was on the verge of panic, not wanting to face Crimson’s wrath for going against her orders. Behind the nerves and panic were excitement, pride, and an extreme rush of adrenaline. Jamie had saved a member of her tribe, a fellow warrior. It was thrilling, and no one could take that honor from her. It was a moment she would always remember. She was an Amazon, and Amazons always remember their first kill.

Chapter 1


Left hook.

Right jab.


Jamie didn’t normally find sparring with her sister so easy, especially when it came to hand-to-hand combat. They were identical twins and, as is common in Amazon culture, shared a telepathic link. They could literally see what the other was going to do next, which is why they were normally so evenly matched.

It was an ability they tried not to use much, wanting to respect the other’s privacy, but they always practiced during sparring session, knowing it would be useful during live combat.

Neither of them excelled at close-range combat. Jordon was an explosives expert, and Jamie had mastered the longbow when she was a child. Jordon joked that Jamie was the sniper of their Amazon community, but no matter what their specialties were, they were still Amazon warriors, and all Amazons loved a good physical fight.

BOOK: Jamie's Heart [Amazon Warriors 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
3.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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