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“Have dinner. We could hang out. Unless you have other plans…it’s Saturday night after all.”

“I think I could squeeze you in,” I say teasingly. “Of course, I need to get a shower first.”

“You can shower here if you want,” he offers.

“Oh, no, that’s okay. I just live next door.”

“Take your time,” he tells me. “I’ll whip up something for dinner while you’re gone.”

When I return, an hour later, he’s got a divine smelling pasta dish cooking in the kitchen. “Carbs for rebuilding our muscles,” he jokes. “But I went light on the oil and sauce.
There’s also salad and green beans”

“Thanks,” I tell him, sitting down on the couch.
I’m suitably impressed by his cooking skills. Most boys his age barely know their way around the kitchen, but based on the smells wafting toward me, Austin seems to have a real knack for cooking.

“Would you like some wine?”
hen asks.

“I thought you weren’t old enough to drink?” I tease.

“I was only offering it to you,” he says. “I’m having soda.”

I laugh. “
I won’t tell if you don’t,” I say. “We’re both adults, after all.”

“That we are.” He raises an eyebrow at me. “I might have a glass, then.”

“How’d you buy this anyway, since you’re under age?” I ask.

“A client gave me a box of Italian wines last month as an early birthday present. I’ve been saving them for a special occasion.”

“This is a special occasion?” I ask, as he pours me a glass.

I think it’s pretty special, catching up with someone from mypast,” he says, sitting down on the chair across from me. “Don’t you think?”

I take my wine and have a sip. It’s delicious. “Are you sure you’re not going to have any?” I ask.

“I’ll have a small glass later,” he says. “I’m good with soda for now.”(

We talk for a while, mostly catching up on where life has taken us over the l
ast few years. I learn that he’d been planning to start a business for several years before he launched it, even working on it back when he was in high school.

When dinner’s ready we move to the kitchen and eat. I’m too nervous to have much of it, but I tell him it’s wonderful – which it is. He’s an excellent cook.

“How’d you get so good at this?” I ask.

“I’m good at lots of things,” he laughs. “You’ll have to hang around me more so you can find out.”

Is he flirting with me?

After dinner, we head back into the living room.
Based on the way things have been going, I think Austin might sit down next to me on the couch this time, but he resumes his position in the chair across from me, just like before.

We continue talking, sharing stories about
Pine Heights and how it’s changed. Pretty soon, the wine is starting to affect me…and I’m telling him about my divorce from Rick.

“That must have been toug
h,” he says sympathetically.

“It was,” I say. “And it wasn’t. It’s hard to explain.” I have a little more wine.

“How do you mean?”

“It’s just…by the time Rick cheated on me
we were no longer in love with each other, and hadn’t been for a long time.

“Do you miss him?”
Austin asks.

“I miss being in love,” I tell him. “
I miss that feeling of mad, crazy passion. Of feeling like your heart will burst if you don't talk to or see that person. Of feeling like every single moment without them is a moment wasted.”

I’m rambling. I feel silly, getting drunk off wine while he watches. I’m talking too much, the way I always do when I’m drinking.

“Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“I do.” His eyes light up. “I’ve felt that way before. But only once.”

“So you’ve been in love before?”

“I don’t know if you could call it love,” he says. “I don’t think she knew I was alive. But she was the only thing I thought about.”

“A girl from college?” I ask.

“No,” his voice grows soft. “I knew her before.”

“So she’s from here?”

He nods.

I’m wondering who this girl is. Prior to going away to college, Austin lived in Pine Heights his whole life. That means she’s a local girl. I wonder if I know her. It’s a small town, so I must have at least heard of her before. “Well, now that you’re back, maybe you can reconnect with her.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do.”

I feel my face fall.

I try to hide my disappointment.
Despite my reservations, I find myself wishing Austin was single, totally free and available, so maybe something
happen between us. But I should have known there was girl. It explains why he came back here.

“How’s it working out?
Are you making any headway with her?”

“I don’t know,” he says. His eyes lock on mine. “You tell me?”

I stare at Austin, confused. What is he saying? He can’t be….

Before( I can even reply,
Austin has moved off the chair, and crossed the distance until he’s right beside me. He drops to his knees before me.

“It’s you,
Jane,” he says. He closes his eyes, sighing deeply. “And it always has been, for as long as I can remember.”

I don’t know what to say, I’m too stunned to respond.
I’m about to say something, but before I can he places his hand on top of mine.

“Please….” his voice trailing off. “Tell me I’m not the only one
with these feelings.”

I close my eyes, take a deep breath. “You’re not the only one,” I tell him, my voice barely above a whisper.

Before I know what’s happening, his lips are on mine. I’m not expecting it to be like this, to happen so fast, to be so

He kisses unlike any man I’ve ever kissed before, better, stronger…the way I’ve always dreamed kissing would be.
He alternates
between tender, sweet, kisses and deep, probing action. His tongue feels wonderful, moves expertly…I can’t wait to find out what else it can do.

“Oh, God, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,”
Austin says, lifting me off of the couch and pulling me into his arms. He carries me, as though I weigh nothing, kissing my lips the entire time as we move into the bedroom. He lays me down on the bed, climbing up on top of me.

“I used to lie awake all night thinking about you,” he moans, covering my neck in kisses.
“Every night, since I first met you, and all through college…you were the only woman I could think about.”

I can feel the bulge in his pants pressing against my thigh. He’s rock solid…and every bit as huge as
I might have imagined.

“You thought about me?” I ask, as he trails kisses
down my neck.

“Every day.”

He fingers work to undo the buttons of my shirt, and he pulls it off, discarding it on a chair next to the bed. Next, he moves around to unhook my bra.

I’m expecting another smooth, quick movement – everything about
Austin is smooth and perfect, but he fumbles, his face growing red with embarrassment and he struggles to get my bra unhoook.

“I can never….” he says. “
Uh, Jane can you show me… I don’t know how to work this thing.”

I think it’s adorable to see him flustered like this. It reminds me of the fact that he’s only been drop dead gorgeous for the past year or so, that he spent most of his formative years as a certifiable nerd.
It’s likely that behind the veneer, he’s still the shy nerd inside.

I help
Austin undo my bra, and he immediately removes it, moaning deeply as he gets his first glimpse of my bare breasts.

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,”
his voice is barely above a whisper.

dives in, kissing and licking every inch of my chest, lavishing attention with his fingers and mouth all over my breasts, though he teasingly avoids my nipples. Austin’s hands are strong and firm as they slide beneath me, pulling my body up into him. I arch my back, easing myself closer to his mouth. My nipples are rock solid with excitement. I’m dying for him to touch them, but he teases me, kissing all around them, his lips covering every inch of my breasts but the one spot I want the most.

I moan. He continues to tease me with his mouth, moving all over my chest until slowly, deliberately taking my right nipple into his mouth. I feel a rush of ecstasy exploding all over my body as his lips close over me, sucking gently then harder. My hands grasp for his head, holding it in place as he rolls his tongue in a circular pattern over my nipple.

I cry out in pleasure as he continues to suckle and lick hungrily.

I’m enraptured by everything about him…the strong, capable hands that grasp hold of my body, the noises he makes as he touches me…the way he tries so hard to hold it in, but the groans escape anyway. It feels so good to see the pleasure he’s getting from being with me, from exploring my body.(

Finally, as I’m reaching a fever pitch,
Austin moves away from my nipples and begins kissing down onto my stomach.

His tongue feels incredible
and, before long, he’s heading farther down….

I lie back, moaning as he moves lower
and lower. I moan as he kisses softly between my legs, parting my slit with his tongue, tasting the warmth and wetness.

“Mmmm,” I can
hear him moan softly, the sound muffled since his tongue ishard at work.
He stops briefly, and say, “Ahhh, I want to do this for hours, God, Jane, I want to go down on you
all night,
” then moves back in.

Looking down to see his
head buried between my legs, bobbing back and forth as he nurses my pussy is almost too much to take.

grab his head and squeeze it with my hands while I squeeze my legs around him. I want his tongue in me. 
For hours,
just like he said

It’s been
so long.
I haven’t felt a man’s touch down there in well over a year and the pleasure of Austin’s tongue is almost too much to handle.

Instinctively, I squirm and try to move away. He holds me down, keeps me in place as he intensifies the pressure with his tongue. It’s never been like this, with anyone. I don’t know where he’s learned to do this
, how he’s gotten so

I can feel his cock, so rock hard from excitement, pressing firmly against my thigh.
I’m dying to play with it, to touch it, kiss it, have it inside me.

switches positions, pulling me on top of him so I’m straddling his face, my pussy covering his mouth. I rock my hips against him, sliding back and forth, riding his face.

It’s a position I’ve never had the nerve to try
before, but I love the thrill of being up here, on top of him, my thighs closed around his face. Still firmly straddling his face, I move down his body until my head is even with cock. I take him in my mouth.

I’ve never done this before…69…it’s the kind of thing I’ve always been curious about, but my past partners have been more of the missionary type. The feel of
Austin’s cock inside my mouth is electrifying – he’s so hard and desperate to be touched, his arousal mounting.

I love everything about him. I want to kiss every inch of him, explore his body with my mouth, memorize
his back, his stomach, his chest.

I’m desperate to feel him inside me, aching in a way I’ve never known before
. I don’t want to come this way. I want to come from making love to him, from feeling his rock solid cock pressing deep inside me.

I roll off of
Austin and pull him on top ofp>

“I want you inside me.”

He obliges, slowly entering me. The feel of the first thrust of his cock almost sends me over the edge. It’s perfect, the girth is wide beyond anything I’ve dreamed of, fitting me so tightly and warmly as he slowly slides in and out of me.

I realize I’ve been
holding my breath, and I slowly let it out. He continues to move his shaft in and out, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body with each masterful thrust.

“Tell me when you’re there,” he says, breathing hard. “I want to come with you.”

“You can time it like that?” I ask, gasping for air. I can barely wrap my head around the thought. I can barely think at all, to tell you the truth.

He nods, thrusting into me
with slightly more force.

“Faster,” I say. “Harder!” He does exactly as I ask,
moving perfectly, expertly, getting the rhythm just right

I want to wait, to hold off longer,
stretch the pleasure out for every second that I can, but it’s been ages since I’ve had a man inside me, and I’ve never had a man as incredible as Austin Gates. All too soon, I reach the point where I just can’t wait, where I can no longer stand it.

BOOK: Jane's Austen: The Boy Next Door (hot erotica)
7.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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