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Keeping Katie

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Keeping Katie

Angela Castle

Published by Rogue Phoenix Press

Copyright © 2011

ISBN: 978-1-936403-40-0

Electronic rights reserved by Rogue Phoenix Press, all other rights reserved by the author. The reproduction or other use of any part of this publication without the prior written consent of the rights holder is an infringement of the copyright law. This is a work of fiction. People and locations, even those with real names, have been fictionalized for the purposes of this story.

Chapter One

"You lack vision, Jack."

Jordan's tone was teasing as Jack watched him lean his shoulder heavily on the old splintered door to force it open. Once open, Jordan focused his attention on the door hinges. "Guess the door is first on the fix-it list."

"If I lacked vision," Jack pointed out, "you would still be living with your parents in that cramped place on the James Estates. I don't know why you were still there when you could have easily afforded a place of your own."

"I've never taken well to being on my own. Haven't you ever heard the saying 'The more the merrier?' But now I've found this place. A family of twelve could live here and still have room for us." Jordan turned back to look at him, his hazel eyes taking on a darker aspect in the fading light. Saturday afternoon was the only time Jack, Jordan, and the agent could all meet to view the property. "With the housing market the way it is at the moment, this place is an absolute bargain."

Jack liked the fact that the property had a high fence, and it was situated not too far from where he worked. What put him off was the crumbling interior of the building, the decaying floorboards, and the persistent damp smell. He glanced over to the staircase in the main foyer. It looked on the verge of collapse. Jack could see there was a lot of work to be done in the main foyer alone.

"There are six rooms on the upper level and a central bathroom, but I can easily convert the master bedroom to contain an en suite." Jordan continued, hardly pausing to take a breath. "There's a library. Through there is a dining room and a sitting room. A kitchen is at the back of the house as well as old servants' quarters. I can have a workshop out back and the library would make a great office. This place is absolutely perfect."

Jack gave a laugh. Jordan was the artistic one, always envisioning things others couldn't. Jack supposed it was why he was so darn good at what he did. Jordan had made a small fortune renovating and reselling properties, but this one was to be their new home. They couldn't continue to live in his two-bedroom apartment for the rest of their lives.

And Jordan was wrong about Jack's lack of vision. Jack had plenty of imagination.

Only, it leaned in another direction. He smiled as his gaze swept over Jordan's broad shoulders and down his back. His black work shirt hugged beautifully sculptured muscles gained from long hours of manual labour. Jack's eyes lowered to Jordan's snug denim jeans and his tight arse, imagining how good his cock felt when he lodged it deep within Jordan's dark channel. Christ, he was hard again.

"Not that I doubt your ability, but I don't see it." Jack followed Jordan over creaking floorboards into a room lined with dark stained empty shelves.

"You will when it's done." Jordan walked to one of the shelves. "The timber in here is still good, original, solid oak." Jordan's voice was like a child given free rein in a toy store. Jack's cock strained against his zipper when Jordan reached out to caress one of the wooden shelves.

"You want solid?" Jack's voice dropped an octave as he stepped behind Jordan and pushed himself against his back. He slid his arms over Jordan's to place his hands back on the dusty oak shelves.

"Keep your hands on your shelf." Jack's tone was firm and in control. Jordan sucked in a sharp breath, letting it out in a slow moan. Jack slid his hand around Jordan's firm waist moving down across to his crotch, squeezing his cock through the denim.

"Fuck, Jack, the agent is due here any moment." Jordan's voice was hoarse with his own lust. Jack bent to lick Jordan's salty skin where his shoulder and neck met, just above the collar of his shirt. Jack unbuckled Jordan's belt popping the top button before sliding the zipper down.

"I'll have to do this quickly then before we're caught." Jack knew it was a calculated risk fucking Jordan here. Both their careers hung on a reputation of being straight shooting, hard-working men.

Occasionally, Jack took a woman out on a date to keep up the illusion of a single playboy corporate lawyer. He had even fucked a few of them. As much as he needed Jordan, he found he needed to feel a beautiful sweet, wet pussy. But it had been awhile now; he hadn't had a woman since Jordan had moved in with him.

When Jack dipped his hand beneath Jordan's waistband, Jordan's breathing accelerated. Jack felt Jordan's hard cock. He curled his fingers around the middle of Jordan's thick length to tug it free of its confinements. Jordan moaned again. The prospects of getting caught heightened the sexual excitement. Jack knew Jordan wouldn't last long. He slid his hand over the tip of Jordan's cock using his pre-cum to lubricate his hand. Jack slid his hand down Jordan's shaft, gripping his base and squeezing.

Jordan's hips jerked back, butting against Jack's hard length. Jack groaned. Keeping one hand firmly wrapped around Jordan's cock, Jack moved around his body carefully lowering himself into a squatting position in front of Jordan. Gripping onto his thigh to balance himself, Jack leaned forward to take the head of Jordan's dick into his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the tip enjoying the taste of his salty pre-cum. Jordan moaned again. Jack would have liked to play longer and extract more pleasurable moans from Jordan, but they were cutting it fine as it was. He took Jordan deeper, sucking firmly. His hand moved through the light smattering of hair to squeeze and fondle his sack. Jack opened wider. When he felt the cock nudge the back of his throat, he yawned, swallowing him down.

"Oh god, fuck, Jack!" groaned Jordan. His hips jerked foreword, fucking Jack's mouth as he swallowed and sucked hard. Jack could feel Jordan's legs trembling. He slid his hand from his sack up the crack of his ass, his finger searching for the puckered hole. Finding it, he pushed his finger in. The muscles tightened for a moment as Jordan groaned struggling not to cry out before relaxing so Jack could slide his finger in past the knuckle.

"Fuck, you suck good."

Jack glanced up, smiling around Jordan's cock. He suddenly felt Jordan's cock thicken before shooting his thick come onto Jacks waiting tongue. Jack swallowed it all down before licking him clean. Jack pulled back and wiped his mouth. He saw Jordan's knuckles were white as he still gripped the shelf. Jack stood up between Jordan's out stretched arms and kissed him, letting Jordan taste himself on his tongue.

"Good boy," he whispered against his mouth.

"Hello? Jordan MaKensy?" a voice yelled. Jack moved away to take the tour of the house in the other direction as Jordan scrambled to right his pants. Jack smiled to himself, hearing Jordan's breathless voice as he greeted the agent. He would finish fucking Jordan later.

~ * ~

The thrill and excitement of getting to fuck Jordan hadn't diminished in the slightest since they had found each other more than six months ago. Jack fondly remembered when they had first met. He had been woken early on a Saturday morning by a loud banging, followed by a high-pitched squeal of some kind of electrical equipment coming through the walls of his apartment. Jack stormed out of his building in search of the noisemaker, ready to verbally flatten them. Outside the long hours at the firm, he reserved weekends for himself.

"Oh, good morning, Jack." Jack froze, seeing his elderly neighbour standing outside her door in a floral pink dressing gown, her white hair still up in yellow curlers. Jack wasn't about to yell at her; she'd been nothing but nice to him ever since he had moved in three months ago.

"Having some repairs done, Mrs. Maldon?" he asked, realizing he was standing in the street with just boxers and a T-shirt on. It was freezing and Jack shuddered.

"Nice look," a voice said, behind him. Jack spun around, looking into a pair of handsome hazel eyes which matched the speaker's handsome boyish face. His light brown hair was cut in a haphazard choppy style. He stood a few inches shorter than Jack, who was six two. The stranger had the build of someone who worked out regularly, his hard defined muscles showing though the tight knit polo work shirt.

Embroidered across his right chest was the name
MaKensy Restorations.

Amusement sparkled in the man's hazel eyes. Despite the cold, Jack felt his temperature rise along with his cock. The hazel eyes glanced down, taking note of the tent in Jack's boxers. Jack's erection hadn't escaped his notice.
A sexy smile lit the handsome face, making him harden even more.

"Be careful. Some tools can get you arrested," he said with a wink before walking around Jack. He was carrying a large toolbox in one hand and several bathroom tiles in the other. It afforded Jack a look at his tight arse covered in dark blue denim jeans.

Jack licked his lips. He wanted a piece of that.

"Come on in, Jack, have a cup of coffee. My son always likes his coffee when he comes over to visit," Mrs. Maldon said.

"Give me a moment, Mrs. Maldon, I'll make myself decent." Jack was never one to miss an opportunity.

He raced back inside and pulled on a longer sleeved shirt and a pair of pants that would help hide his hard-on.

Mrs. Maldon's apartment was cluttered with ornamental figurines and more photos than a photo exhibit. Jack knew the people in the photos were her extensively large family. Mrs. Maldon seemed to be some kind of Maldon family matriarch.

He sat in the kitchen as she handed him a steaming cup of coffee.

"My boy Clint likes this stuff. I keep it for when he visits, living in America you know."

Jack was half listening as she chattered on.

"Mr. MaKensy. Come have a cup of tea, love." The handsome handyman reappeared from the bathroom. There was a slight smile on his face as he glanced at Jack.

"Almost finished; those tiles were hard to match but I found a place on the north side who stock a great range," he told her, taking a seat directly opposite Jack at the kitchen table.

"Jack Cullen, this is Jordan MaKensy, one of the best restorers in London. One of my boys recommended him. He's fixing up my bathroom. I had a heap of tiles that keep coming loose," Mrs. Maldon explained.

"That's what all the noise was then," Jack said, leaning over the table to shake Jordan's hand. Jordan mimicked his move and placed his hand into his. He liked the feel of Jordan's warm hand. Jack definitely wanted to feel other things of Jordan's.

By the look Jordan was giving him, so did he. Jack let go of Jordan's hand and sat back down.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Have you got anything that needs fixing?" Jordan asked, his tone suggestive if somewhat shy.

"I just may have. You could come over when you're finished at Mrs. Maldon's place and have a look."

Jordan gave him a shy smile which sent more blood rushing south.

Hastily drinking his tea, Jordan quickly went back to fixing Mrs. Maldon's bathroom tiles. Jack thanked Mrs. Maldon before he headed back to his own apartment. He wondered how long Jordan would take to finish, and if he really would come over.

An hour later Jack was sitting on the sofa with his laptop, finishing some legal notes when a knock sounded at the door.

Jordan stood with his hands in his pockets looking somewhat apprehensive. Jack opened the door wide to invite him in.

"I know you don't need anything fixed." Jordan raised his hazel eyes to meet Jack's dark brown ones. Jordan took several steps inside the hallway and paused. Jordan's'

shy apprehension made Jack want him all the more.

"That depends on the perspective." Jack said closing the door. He leaned on it to sweep an appreciative gaze over Jordan, enjoying his boyish good looks.

"I don't do one night stands." Jordan blurted out. Jack smiled. He really was too beautiful.

"Neither do I."

"I'm not gay."

Jack pushed off the door, stepping forward to run his hand up the hard muscle of Jordan's arm. Jack felt him tremble at his touch. "Neither am I." He curled his hand around the back of Jordan's neck, to tug him forward. Jordan didn't resist.

"I mean. I really like women, a lot."

"So do I." He saw Jordan was just as turned on by Jack as Jack was by Jordan.

There was an irresistible pull between them, which neither could deny. Jack's mouth came down on Jordan's; their tongues met, both battling to be in control. Jack groaned at the perfection of his taste.

Their first time together had been frantic, standing in the hall entranceway of his apartment. Clothes had been hastily tugged off. Jack had felt like a fumbling teenager. He wanted to touch Jordan's beautiful solid body everywhere at once.

Jordan was breathing hard and his body had trembled. When Jack had reached for Jordan's cock, Jordan had come all over his fingers. Jack had laughed as Jordan looked mortified.

BOOK: Keeping Katie
2.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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