Kin of Kings (The Kin of Kings Book 1) (41 page)

BOOK: Kin of Kings (The Kin of Kings Book 1)

Sanya stripped, quietly dressed in her nightgown, and got back into bed. Soon the safli would send her into the dream world, where she would repair the damage Basen had done by making his portals.

She could feel herself drifting away while her anger fought to keep her awake. Even though she’d promised herself she wouldn’t befriend any of these walking corpses, she’d somehow let herself become close with Basen. Now it would be difficult to kill him, but she couldn’t let her emotions weaken her. She’d already come this far.

I didn’t suffer through all of my father’s experiments and torturous training to lead a normal life. He has plans for me, and I will see most of them done. But not even he knows everything I’m capable of.

She always reminded herself of this whenever a problem arose, as it had now with Basen. A portal mage was not in the script, especially not one she might be able to call friend. She ignored the thought, focusing instead on what was important.

My future husband is even less aware of my abilities than my father. But Tauwin actually cares for me.
He worried I’d get myself killed when I told him I’d join the Academy as a spy. I could feel his fear was genuine.

However, she still didn’t believe a man who would poison his own father was capable of love, but it seemed even less likely that she was, so she didn’t judge.

She wondered if Tauwin would kill her if he found out she’d shared a room with the last remaining Kerr and let her live.

It won’t matter. Soon the Academy will fall, and my father and future husband will be pleased. I might not be able to save those who die defending the Academy, but I will avenge their deaths and right every wrong my father has done.

The pull of sleep of the safli potion began to take her toward the spiritual world.

I know you ache, Mother. I’ll heal you soon, and then I’ll put an end to the portals that keep threatening to tear you from me.

But there was one last thing she needed to figure out before she succumbed to sleep. Was there any chance Basen recognized her fighting style from their time in Tenred during the brief moment their swords had clashed tonight?

She’d sensed no signs of recognition at the time, though she would have to see him again to make sure. He wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings from her. It could prove difficult if he did think it was her and then caught her trying to get in through his window.

Was the window really her best option? She tried to think it through, but she couldn’t fight off sleep any longer. She would find a way to kill Basen soon. Then she would leave the Academy before it came under attack.





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