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could hear the men breathing. Tyler's breath louder as he thrust himself
through her fingers, and Logan more snuffling as he pushed his tongue way into
her body and nuzzled her clit.

she could hear her heart, pounding furiously within her chest.

were scents, sharper now she could no longer see anything.

was man, tangy sweat, musk and the lingering fragrance of raspberries. Logan
was also man, but different--his tang was of the outdoors and the leather of
his boots. His skin smelled of soap, something clean and subtle. Tyler's skin
was slightly more perfumed. She guessed his soap was designer, and Logan's
probably supermarket shelf.

thoughts to have when captured beneath two of the sexiest men in the world, but
Susannah realized now what being blindfolded did to a woman in bed.

completely altered perceptions.

increased sensations.

bit back a cry as Logan moved his tongue downward, daring to leave her clit and
her pussy for new territory. She vaguely remembered him washing her thoroughly
and hadn't thought much about it at the time.

they were moving her, turning her over, Tyler helping with her arms and
shoulders, Logan with her hips.

was her turn to lie between legs--Tyler's legs--and discover his cock next to
her lips.

Logan was busy. He spread her thighs wide and fondled her buttocks, an arousing
blend of squeezes and caresses. She felt him move closer and then gasped at the
pleasurable pain of a tiny bite on one cheek.

me, honey." Tyler guided her blindfolded face as he tugged her hands onto
his body. "Put me in your mouth. I can't wait."

than willing, and eager to taste him, Susannah obeyed, quickly finding a rhythm
for her head that was comfortable and effective. The last she judged by the
moan of delight coming from Tyler as she worked his cock with her tongue.

was a good thing that she'd established her movements because what Logan did
next blew her mind.

licked upward, along the cleft between her buttocks, and then ringed her anus
with tiny touches, the intimate caress driving Susannah completely insane.

shrieked and wriggled, her body instinctively trying to evade the intrusive
touch, even while her pussy flooded with the moisture of arousal.

Logan gentled her. "It's okay, Susannah." He replaced his mouth with
his finger and ringed her again, making her groan. "This is good. This is
exciting. You have a beautiful ass, honey. Tight and rosy. I want to fuck it so

sobbed out a long moan of confused pleasure as he gently let his finger
penetrate the snug opening. "You ever done it like this before, Susannah?
If not, it's okay."

managed a nod. She had experimented with anal sex. It hadn't really done much
for her other than make her uncomfortable. But now, here, with these men? What
did she have to lose?

heard the breath Logan took before he reached beneath her and covered his
fingers with her slick juices. She nearly choked on Tyler's cock as Logan began
to work the liquid around places that were fragile, extraordinarily sensitive
and amazingly electric with arousal.

honey." Tyler's voice was raw and she realized he was hard as nails. "I'm

better come." Logan's voice was commanding. "I won't rush here."

The word was brief and the communication between the two men abrupt. Susannah
tried to grasp the complexity of their simple exchange, but given she had one
guy's cock in her mouth while another was playing up her ass, she figured any
kind of rational thought was an exercise in futility.

simply sucked Tyler like a vacuum cleaner on high, and lifted her ass off the
bed so Logan could get at it more easily.

shameless. But shit. This was
bigtime bliss

had he been asked, would have shared that sentiment.

had a fondness for a woman's ass. Tight, snug and often virginal, it wasn't so
much the sexual sensation as the mental high of introducing her to new
pleasures. It was a challenge, and one he'd have stepped away from in a second
if Susannah hadn't wanted anything to do with it.

she was so
, lifting herself,
presenting her delectable ass to him for the claiming.

claim it he would, but not until she was done with Tyler.

he played, toyed with her anus, soaking it with her own fluids and occasionally
slicking some of his own saliva into the mix. It was decadent, yeah, but it
prepared her, made her more receptive and aware of her body.

knew what Tyler was feeling…the creeping onrush of orgasm. He could tell by his
friend's sounds that release was close. And he wondered what Tyler's preference
would be.

soon found out.

body was moving, arranged by Tyler so that he could come on her breasts. He
loved that, loved seeing his cum dapple the soft white skin and red nipples. He
preferred that, the visual satisfaction, more than he did the sensation of
coming down a woman's throat.

two men had discussed it one night, over a couple of bottles of fine Scotch.
Neither had understood the other, but each had accepted it. So Logan simply
waited while Tyler panted out and then groaned his climax and pulled Susannah's
breasts into the right position.

shifted slightly, following that tempting ass as it moved forward on the bed.

Tyler was done and Susannah lay with her slick breasts against his cock, her
blindfolded face turned to the side as it rested on his body. Logan knew this.
He'd seen it before and also the pleasure the lingering closeness gave his

however, it was time for him to give Susannah the ride of her life.

cock was hard and ready.

ass was shining and beckoning.

match made…well, someplace where things like this were routine. Maybe even

quickly sheathed himself and reached for the small tube of lubricant he kept
tucked with the condoms near the bed. She probably didn't need it, but hurting
her wasn't on the agenda.

I want you to relax, okay?"

She mumbled the words against Tyler's skin.

touched her then, the tip of his cock against the little rosy ring of muscles.
She hissed in a breath and shifted a little, but didn't move away.

made encouraging sounds and noticed Tyler's hands stroking her back. It would
be soothing her, readying her.

pushed in a little more, biting back an exclamation of pleasure as he felt her
relax enough to let him pass that first tight barrier.

God, she was snug, holding him tighter than a fist, sending bolts of electric
ecstasy up his cock and into his balls.

lubricant, coupled with her own juices, eased his way and slowly, gently, he
penetrated her darkest places.

knowing she was now filled with him, he reached beneath her and found her clit.

a touch, a mere fondling caress, and she was moaning, her ass tightening as
pleasure rocked through her and she lifted herself up over Tyler.

…" She choked out
the words as Tyler held her, bracing her for Logan's thrusts.

began slowly, giving her ample time to become accustomed to him and his rhythm,
while simultaneously adding to his own pleasure.

she was too tempting, too tight--too everything for him to hold back and attempt
to prolong this moment.

cock throbbed furiously, his balls ached and the sight of his erection
vanishing between her buttocks was too much.

few more strokes and he was done, yelling like a banshee as he felt her
response. She was coming too, trembling, shuddering, the clutches on his cock
different to the ones he was used to but no less strong, no less thrilling.

pressed his palm into her pussy, willing her orgasm to last, eager to wring the
last spasm, the last second of ecstasy out of this moment.

as he softened, he felt her muscles ease and the tension fade from her body.
She panted as Tyler undid the cord around her wrists and removed her blindfold.

a lingering sigh of regret, Logan pulled himself away from her beautiful ass.

collapsed on a groaning sigh, redolent with contentment, sprawling over Tyler
in a picture of total sated bliss.

felt pretty much the same.



was early, too early for the sun to have risen, but early enough that Susannah's
internal clock woke her. Somewhere between six and six-thirty, she guessed.

the night, all three of them had worked back up onto pillows and under linens;
a traditional arrangement of bodies in a bed.

completely different to the amazingly untraditional experiences of last night along
with the irregular positions she'd assumed in the heat of the moment. And shit,
it had been
. Not to mention
sexually satisfying.

lay quiet for a bit, listening to the sounds of the two men sleeping either
side of her. Soft breaths, the occasional snuffling snore, a movement of a head
on the pillow; these were the morning sounds she savored, recording them into
her mental files for later reference.

were so many items she needed to sort out in her mind, not the least of which
was her need to come to terms with what she'd done. And what they'd done to

night, Susannah had gone past any boundaries she'd ever set for herself. Simply
adding another man had toppled the scale and after that, well, it was beyond

it sure as hell wasn't getting entered in any diary anywhere.

she climbed from her little cocoon, doing her best not to disturb the sleepers.
Fortunately, they must have been at a deep point in their slumber cycle, since
all she got was a grunt as Tyler rolled over and pulled the sheets up over

never even moved.

from the bedroom, she retrieved her clothing and found the bathroom, a delight
this morning since she was sticky, messy and definitely in need of a shower.
She'd have to re-don her medieval costume, but the thought of being fresh and
clean outweighed any other considerations.

half-hour later, she found herself damp but tidy, clad in her historical
garments, albeit more loosely laced into her corset. Her breasts were a bit
sore this morning, along with other places that had been well and
enthusiastically used.

smile crossed her face as she hunted for coffee. This was how a woman should
feel after a night of really great sex.

two men.

Oh God.

made do with instant coffee, warming water in the convenient little microwave
she discovered in the tiny kitchenette. There was creamer in the fridge and a
few leftover raspberries.

herself at the small round table in what was probably intended to be a
breakfast nook, Susannah watched the sun come up over the Maryland countryside
and as the caffeine hit her brain cells, she took stock.

one. She'd just had, and been had by, two men.

not something that had been in her to-do list, but she wasn't about to get
taken out and shot by the sexually conservative police force. It wasn't a
crime. In fact, it had been amazingly awesome.
So, inhibitions, get over yourselves and move on.

two. How the fuck was she
move on?

three. Were there any rules for morning-after behavior with two men? How did
one tell them both they were great while making sure nobody got preferential
praise? If she looked at Logan first, would Tyler get pissed off? What about
exchanging phone numbers? Meeting up again?

Item four. Did she
to repeat
this experience?

stared blankly out the window, not knowing the answers to any of the questions
she was asking herself.

was, to use a hackneyed excuse,
And now she had a much better understanding of the true meaning of that word.
She'd hated it when her girlfriends used it, but it worked here, now. And
summed up the situation concisely. It was just no fucking help.

thought darted across her mind. The smartest thing she could do right now,
right at this moment, was get the fuck out of Dodge. Creep silently down to her
car and scram like an apparition fading at dawn.

that would be the coward's way out, of course. Even though it would save her a
lot of what she could only perceive as awkwardness.

BOOK: KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook
3.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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