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Lassoing His Cowgirl

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Lassoing His Cowgirl

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Chapter 1:

“Who was she?” I whispered to myself. The woman on the horse had been on my mind all day and now it was almost dinner time and I still hadn’t a clue to who she was, not that I asked anyway. I was waiting in the living room for the two dummies to get back from, well, I don’t want to know what they were doing in their bedroom. After I learned the truth about why Ryan had ran out on my sister, I forgave him and if it wasn’t my sister he was fucking, I would actually really like the guy. I had just arrived from Chicago and getting ready to toss my sister down the aisle to the idiot.

I was looking forward to some down time. Work had been wearing on me lately, so I cleared my schedule for the next two weeks, well most of it, I could deal with working a few hours in the morning, but that was it. My assistant balked at the idea because it was something I never did, but fuck it, it was my company and I could take all the time I wanted. There was something telling me that I might actually like taking a vacation this time around. Now after seeing the cowgirl, I knew my intuition was on point. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard footsteps and I turned around to see who it was.


“Hey David!” Shouted Sarah as she ran into my arms. “Hi gorgeous. How you feeling?” My best friend, Michael, and his wife had gotten there before me, but had been in town seeing the local doctor. They had just found out they’re expecting their first child and my buddy has been going off the deep end with protecting her. I am surprised he hasn’t covered her in bubble wrap yet. It won’t be long if he gets his way.

“Eck… Not good really, but hey, it’s normal.” She made faces then came to whisper in my ear, which she did loud enough for Mike to hear, “Not that this ogre would believe it.”

“David, don’t listen to this one. She has no idea what it’s like to watch someone you love vomit everything they ate every damn morning.” He pulled her to him and despite their little bickering they still couldn’t keep their hands and mouths off each other. “Damn, could you have the decency to not inhale each other’s tonsils in front of others?” I shook my head at the two, feeling a bit jealous.

“Once you find someone who is your forever, your ass will understand.” Michael laughed as he kissed her again.  These two acted like teenagers, sucking face all day, and my sister and Ryan were no better. I wasn’t looking at them, but I was sure that was what those two were doing. How Mike could have ever thought she was cheating on him was unimaginable.

I started to walk around the room and noticed the uncanny resemblance to my new place in color, but it wasn’t quite decorated as the Elliot home, since I just bought it. I got a bed to sleep in and food in the fridge with not a picture in sight. Here there had to be tons of pictures of the Elliot family, tastefully and strategically placed around the room. My perusal led me to the mantel by the fire place, and that is when I spotted
. In a nice black frame stood the rider, I am sure of it. My heart started racing and anticipation filled me to the core. It had to be her, she was one of the Elliot sisters. Which one though?

I was so captivated by the photo of the young woman in a blue cap and gown with smiling brightly at the camera that I couldn’t look away. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I felt overwhelmed by her natural beauty. The long blonde hair flowing down the front of her gown with those vibrant gray eyes. I couldn’t see her figure in the gown, but from what I could make out she was stacked. She is standing next to Ryan and only at his shoulder, so she would reach the same spot on me. Something was going wild in me as I thought of her wrapped up in my arms with her head on my chest. Lost in my own world, I absently pondered aloud, “Who are you beautiful?”

“That beauty is Ryan’s baby sister, Evelyn. She is twenty, I think.” Sarah added with a curiously suspicious tone, but I hadn’t noticed because my eyes and mind had focused on the woman whose smile had sucker punched me. I wondered, was this what Michael felt when he saw Sarah for the first time.

“She is single.” Michael called out. Fuck, I had been caught. I looked around the room to see if anyone else was privy to my interest in the young Evelyn.

“It’s only fair, he is marrying my sister.” I tried to justify my fascination as I turned to them, depriving myself of getting my fill. I couldn’t wait to see her at dinner.

“Yeah, if you are serious about her,” Sarah added ruefully, as though she thought I was just out to fuck, but she didn’t know me like Mike did. I was just as bad as he was when it came to women. I didn’t fuck with them often because I had mommy issues. I am not going to bullshit. My mom was a poor example of what a mother and a woman should be with her cheating and scandalous deception and desertion. There were a few women I actually respected and Stacy, Sarah and Mike’s mom were pretty much it. I never put my faith in them, and I made sure I never fucked without a condom. I had sex a hell of a lot less than most men my age, and it was all because of that poor excuse for a female. I figured the less likely you were to have sex the less likely one of them bitches would come back saying they were pregnant. That is what got me into this world.

I loved my father and I respected him, even though I really wasn’t his son. Every time I thought about that shit I didn’t want to have anything to do with any female. I remember the moment I found out, I had overheard the social workers say as they separated us. “You know the boy didn’t belong to the father, right?”

“Wow, I thought there wasn’t much of a resemblance. Did he know?”

“Yeah it was in some of the papers. It takes a real man to raise someone else’s little bastard even when the broad leaves.”  Every time I thought of it, it was like I was reliving that moment, the moment that caused so much hurt for both Stacy and me. My anger was boiling over.

I growled as Stacy finally appeared with her tail, Ryan, wrapped around her. “David, what’s wrong?” Stacy said was she looked at me with concern.

“Nothing, just wondering when is dinner. I am starving.” I complain though in reality I just wanted an excuse to see her, so I could determine if this fascination was a passing thing and if he was just like every other greedy ass female.

“My mom and sisters are all in the kitchen finishing the dinner right now. Well, all except for the brat, Evelyn, she is going out with some friends. She will be back later tonight.” Ben, Ryan’s beast of a big brother said, as he walked in on the conversation. Damn I was ready to jump down his throat for letting her go out, like I had the right to be upset. Why the fuck was I pissed for? I didn’t even know this girl and I was feeling all kinds of stupid for nothing. Hell, the girl was too young for me. I am in my thirties for heaven’s sake and she is barely twenty.


              My ass is sore as hell, I had been out riding all day, trying to avoid our newest guest, who I knew was Stacy’s brother, a hot shot computer millionaire, and the hottest man alive. Oh my, could that man be any better looking? After riding I took a shower and called Riley who was on his way out and asked if I could tag along. I was meeting them at the lake for a bonfire.

I had just gotten down the stairs and stood at the living room doorway and spotted him. He stood about six foot two and for and for a computer guy he was just as built as my brothers. His dark hair was the exact opposite of his sister’s coloring, she was like me. He stood there in a suit with his hands in his pockets stretching his pants, so I could make out the outline of his ass. I never noticed a guy’s backside before, but there was something about the way his shoulders were so large and tapered down to his waist and then his ass rounded out before going back to his muscular legs. Seriously this man was just no ordinary pencil pusher.

My body started the tingling thing again as soon as I got down the stairs and was only getting worse by the moment. I have to get out of here. He is staring at my high school graduation picture, where Christine took me to get my makeup and hair done. Did I just hear him? He said I was beautiful, but then again he didn’t know that I wore jeans, boots and tee shirts and never wore make-up. He wouldn’t like me then, I am sure of it. I walked into the kitchen where, most of my family was at and I gave my excuses as to why I couldn’t make it to dinner, but I think my parents caught on. It didn’t help that I couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder.

My mom knew all about my fear of rejection and only some of what happened with Kevin. It was silly really. It all started when I couldn’t find a date for the 8
grade dance because every guy thought I was one of the boys. Feeling sorry for me one of the guys asked me. Wanting to feel as pretty as the other girls, I decided to dress up for the dance only to end up decking Becky Simons in the jaw for making fun of me. By the end of the week, I gave up on being one of the girls and never tried to get dolled up again, except for Ben’s wedding and of course for Ryan’s tomorrow. Even Kevin, dated me just to see if he could turn me into a woman on an initiation challenge for his fraternity. I thought about the night I walked in on him and his friends talking about me.

“So Kev, what’s up with the little country girl? I thought you were supposed to pop her cherry already.” It was his friend Jarrod who asked laughingly.

“Don’t worry guys. I won’t fail. She is as green and as plain as they come. I don’t know how she could have two hot sisters and mom and she looks like a country bumpkin. I have been trying to smooth talk her ass and it is working according to plan. It won’t be long before I have her plain ass bleeding on my cock. Look I got her to come to the city for school. If she didn’t her brothers would be coming after me, once I ditched the little dyke after taking her fresh young pussy.” I tried to fight the tears. It was hard to control the pain. I wasn’t someone special he just wanted to fuck me, and he didn’t sound too thrilled with it like it was some fucking chore.

“Well your girl is fucking hot when she dresses up. I would fuck her many times over. I even find that cowhand shit hot. Cause I would ride her ass like a fucking bronco.”

“You can have her when I am done. I need her until I nail her then she is fair game. I just need to get in with the Fraternity all the way and this was their assignment.”

“Damn that cruel that they picked her. Simons must still have it in for her knocking his slutty ass sister out.”

“Yeah she is a slut, like all the bitches in this city that I have been hitting.  It was her idea actually. After I hit that pussy hard, she told me who my candidate was, it’s been a rough few months pretending with this naïve little bitch. But thank fuck she hasn’t found out about the latest bitch.” I was shaking as I heard the whole room of five guys cracking up at my stupid ass. I ran as fast as I could out of the house through the rest of the party that had been going on. I knew something was up when Monica told me he was back with the guys. She had been nice to me, too nice to me. I dumped him via text that night which was a big fucking mistake.

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