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Chloe stood and nodded in understanding. “Oh, I get it,” she said. “You want me to hold it between my boobs, right? Like push them together while I’m walking?” She placed the chrome egg down her blouse and pushed her breasts together with her palms to hold it in place. “I’m going to look stupid walking like this, though,” she added, “unless the DJ starts playing the chicken dance.”

“No, not there,” Damien answered, suppressing a chuckle. He leant forward and spoke in a hushed voice. “Push it inside your cunt, Chloe,” he directed, “but slick it up with that balm first, okay? I’ll, uh, see you upstairs.” He turned and added, “Tonight is about you, Chloe. Trust in the method. Try to relax and let whatever happens, happen.” He left the room hurriedly.

Leaning back against his office door in the hallway, Damien took a deep breath and tried to calm himself.

Remember, it’s a service to others you offer, buddy, not a get-Damien-off strategy. Although, God knows you could use it.

He walked with brisk steps to the men’s room to splash cold water on his face before scaling the stairs to the balcony. It was going to be quite a show. He didn’t want to miss a single second of it.

Chapter Five




Chloe sank back down on the couch and held the egg up before her. The multitude of lights in Damien’s Sputnik chandelier were reflected in its gleaming chrome surface like a sky full of sparkling stars. The little egg seemed innocuous enough. She wondered about the little red light, though. She shook it, but heard and felt nothing except the jangle of the heavy ball chain as it swung.

She leant back and spread her knees apart. “One good thing about this skirt of Monica’s,” she muttered, “is easy access.” She held the pointed tip of the chrome egg at the bare juncture of her thighs. It felt cool on her heated skin. She slid it around a bit between the folds of her sensitive skin, biting her lip as it glided over her clit, then held it up to the opening of her cunt, now starting to grow damp with arousal. Those nipple clips seemed to be doing their job quite nicely.

“Here goes nothing,” she mumbled, and pushed the smooth ball inside. Her lower abdomen felt heavy and tight after its intrusion, but the feeling wasn’t uncomfortable. She stood and took a practice step. The short, thick chain rubbed pleasantly against her lady bits as she walked. The bells that swung between her tits jingled, but there were no big fireworks.

“I hate to say it, Damien, but this is kind of anti-climactic,” Chloe sighed, “and I’m not so sure it’s going to be enough to exorcise Mark’s ghost.” She glanced down at the table and her eyes caught the blue jar Damien had given her.

“Ah.” She nodded and picked it up. “The missing ingredient.”

Pulling out the toy felt much better than inserting it, Chloe learnt. She tugged on the silver chain and it slid out through her tight opening. She grew slicker by the second from the sweet pressure of the nipple rings and the heat of that tingly salve, but she was curious about the effect that the magical balm would have inside her.

Chloe dipped her fingers into the jar of gooey stuff and slathered it on the egg. It was difficult to manage—the fragrant goop made the toy slide through her slickened fingers and she almost dropped it on the floor. She caught it between her hands and pinned it between her spread-eagled thighs.

Slowly, so the thing wouldn’t go flying out of her hands, Chloe eased it back inside her. The effect was instantaneous—she felt tingling warmth spread on every sensitive bit of flesh between her legs. And, oh God, that magical stuff had reached her G-spot as well. It felt like a hot, spicy tongue deep inside her. She felt wetness slide down her inner thighs.

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” she admitted and stood up on shaking legs. “All in the name of hot sex, though, and”—she chuckled—“under the professional advice of my therapist.”

 Chloe reached between her legs to check that the silver cord was hanging down, and started at the sensation her own lube-smeared fingers gave her skin. Closing her eyes, she lifted one foot up to the boomerang table and brought both hands between her legs. The ball chain was there all right. Chloe rubbed it against her clit and moaned with delight at the sensations it brought. Those little metal balls slid over the hardened nub of her clitoris, and the chrome toy gave her a deliciously full feeling. Chloe thrust her hips against her slickened hand and gasped when she felt the tug of the nipple rings on her breasts. She slid her fingers over her tender folds of skin, slick and smooth from her recent Brazilian, and felt the urge to give in to her building excitement.
Maybe I could get myself off right now…

Experimenting a bit, she tugged on the egg’s chain until it was halfway out, held it there for one tight moment, then gave a strong Kegel squeeze to pull it back in.
she sighed as it nestled back against her G-spot. Delicious tingles radiated from the chrome toy when she rotated her hips and felt it slide around within.

I guess I should be a good girl and follow the doctor’s orders,
Chloe realised reluctantly. She spied a box of Kleenex on Damien’s desk, a white laminate piece that looked like it belonged on the set of
The Jetsons
, and pulled out a few tissues. First she wiped her slippery hands dry then dried her dampened inner thighs. The bells between her tits tinkled as she moved, but Chloe tried to ignore them—along with the sweet ache of her sensitive nipples—as she tossed the crumpled tissues into a wastebasket.

“All righty then,” she said as she strode purposefully towards the door. “Here we go.”


* * * *


The sounds of the bar had amplified since Chloe had entered Damien’s office. She walked unsteadily towards the packed dance floor. She was glad that she’d worn boots, as the ankle support helped hold her upright. Chloe approached the edge of the dance floor and took stock of the situation.

Tingling, pleasantly pinched nipples? Check.

Heavy, tight sensation in pussy from inserted toy? Check.

Mass of writhing individuals to navigate through? Check.

Let’s do this thing.

Chloe stepped onto the smooth wooden floor and felt the music throb in her bones.
Does it have to be so damn loud?
she wondered. She worked her way around several couples and came upon two laughing young women. They appeared to be engaged in a contest to see who could squat down to the floor then rise up, slowly, while moving to the beat. Just looking at them made Chloe’s thighs burn in protest.

With her eyes on the dancers with thighs of steel, Chloe failed to watch where she was going. She bumped into a solid wall and recoiled in alarm and embarrassment.


The huge man grinned—his bright white smile shone from his dark face. Chloe’s jaw dropped open and she felt the chrome toy start to slide out. Clenching her muscles tightly, she clamped her thighs together and willed the sleek little metal egg to get back where it belonged. Once again, the heavy fullness from its insertion combined with the tingling pressure against her G-spot caused her to gasp with pleasure.

And the hugely muscled, hot guy in front of her wasn’t helping any.

Arnaud placed one hand on the small of her back and drew her to him, rolling his hips enticingly.

Chloe let him pull her close. She swayed with him as the music pounded in her head. His black silk shirt was now open almost to his navel, exposing his hairless, sculpted torso. Arnaud caught her eye and winked. Chloe smiled and brought her hand up to his arm. It seemed that, with regard to their awkward introduction, all was forgiven. Chloe’s fingers failed to reach even halfway around his biceps, but what she could reach of his unyielding, muscular hardness felt wonderful.

Chloe blushed to feel the stiffness of Arnaud’s cock against her belly. She stroked his thick arm as he pressed into her, thrilling at the sweet, shameless pressure from his erection. Leaning against him, she lightly traced her nipples against his chest. Arnaud’s eyes widened and his cock twitched in response.

Chloe rubbed her jewellery-encased nipples against his pectorals and ground her belly against his erection, closing her eyes and relishing the wickedly delicious sensations. The chain hanging from the metal toy tickled her lady bits delicately, and the chrome egg inside her felt heavy, thick, slippery, and…alive?

Chloe cried out when the egg vibrated inside her. She glanced up to the balcony in alarm. There was Damien, sitting at a table and looking down at her. He waved nonchalantly and held up a small device. What was that, anyway? A phone? A walkie-talkie? A camera?

Chloe squinted at Damien’s hand, puzzling. It was incredibly hard to think straight with Arnaud in front of her and those distracting vibrations inside. Damien brought the device down to the table and twisted a knob. Immediately, the egg hummed faster.

Chloe realised.
A remote control.
She would have felt annoyed by the unexpected twist had the sensation not been so fabulously divine. She clenched her thighs tighter and bit her lip—the toy was nestled right against her sensitised G-spot, purring away.

Arnaud slid one hand down the small of her back and over the curve of her ass. She heard his low growl of approval when he realised that she wasn’t wearing panties. He slid one broad hand under her hem and cupped her bare cheek, teasing her wet folds with the thick tips of his fingers.

Chloe felt like her body was possessed and she was no longer calling the shots. She writhed against his erection and didn’t care who could see her. Her body screamed out for release. If that entailed a public display of lewd behaviour in the middle of a dance floor, then so be it.

Chloe looked down to see small hands playing across her stomach. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Melanie, whom she’d watched at play with her husband Bruce and their friend Paul. Melanie smiled softly and reached beneath the cowl front of Chloe’s blouse. She found Chloe’s clamped nipples and lightly traced circles over them.

Chloe’s cheeks flushed deep red, but again, her body overruled any thoughts of protest. Melanie’s delicate fingers felt like heaven on her aching tits. Chloe’s eyes fluttered shut and the world shrank to her own body and the luscious, lascivious attention it was receiving.

Arnaud placed one leg between hers and pushed the tip of his erection into her hip. He slid one hand around Chloe’s slender neck and drew one earlobe between his teeth to nibble and suck. Melanie moved a bit to one side, in a parallel orbit around Chloe’s body with Arnaud. Chloe felt Melanie move her hand down her belly and over her thigh.

Oh, God
, Chloe thought dumbly.
Please tell me she’s not going to touch me there
. Melanie traced her soft fingertips underneath the hem of Chloe’s skirt and up her inner thigh, now damp with Chloe’s juices. With insistent tugs, she unzipped the front of Chloe’s skirt until every bit of her Brazilianed flesh was exposed. Chloe knew she ought to care, she ought to cover herself, but something powerful was underway, as unstoppable as a freight train.

Melanie found Chloe’s clit and stroked it. Chloe leaned her head back against Melanie’s shoulder and spread her thighs shamelessly.
Yes, please,
she begged silently.
Touch me right there…

Arnaud wrapped his arms around her and held her up. Melanie played with the ball chain that hung from Chloe’s chrome toy, twirling it around her fingers. Chloe hissed in pleasure as Melanie rubbed the nubby ball chain against her swollen clit. The vibration increased inside her. Chloe thought of looking up to Damien, knowing that he watched her every move, but the sensations pounding through her body made opening her eyes an impossible task.

Arnaud licked the rim of her ear and pushed the tip of his tongue inside. The warm, silky sensation of his tongue in her ear was sheer heaven. He took one of Chloe’s hands in his and lowered it to his groin. The music continued to throb around them as she moved her hand over his cock in time with the persistent bass beat.

Melanie skidded her fingers over Chloe’s stiffened clitoris and tingling nipples. Arnaud breathed into her ear while grinding his engorged cock against her hand. Chloe felt an orgasm building inside her, pushing her closer to her goal.
Almost there,
she realised.
It’s going to happen. Finally.

She closed her eyes tightly and saw… Mark’s face. Pumping over her like a bull, thrusting stupidly. She saw his laziness, his spoilt apathy, his cruel indifference, his childish insecurities. His ludicrous sense of entitlement. The yelling. The cheating.

No more.

Chloe turned her head and found Melanie’s lips. She kissed her and flicked her tongue into Melanie’s mouth. “You are so beautiful,” Melanie mouthed to her, inaudible over the music.

Arnaud lowered his face to Chloe’s breast and took one clamped nipple between his lips through the shimmering fabric of her blouse. Chloe pulled his sleek head against her tit and felt her sore breast melt into the soothing, wet warmth of his mouth.

“So beautiful,” Melanie repeated, sliding her tongue between Chloe’s lips.

Fuck you, Mark,
Chloe thought.
It’s all about me now.

The dance music grew to a pounding crescendo, pulsing in her mouth and breasts and deep in her cunt. Melanie rubbed her clit at lightning speed, pushing her closer, beat by beat, by pounding beat, to that elusive abyss. Electrified by sound and touch and warmth, Chloe jumped in, but instead of falling, she flew upward in a spiral of perfect ecstasy.

She climaxed with a primal scream, loud enough for everyone on the dance floor to hear and appreciate. She shuddered against Melanie’s hand and Arnaud’s mouth, eyes squeezed shut, for long, delicious seconds, while her world rang with the rushing clamour of a full-body orgasmic release.

Fuck, yeah!
a long-buried part of her hooted in triumph.
We are back in business!

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