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Leather and Pleasure

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Leather and Pleasure

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Jennifer Labelle



Tonight was special. It was a milestone. She’d been married to Ryder for ten years, and was determined to give him a night to remember. “Are you ready baby?”

“Oh yeah,” his face lit up as she took off his blindfold.

She suspected that he knew where they were headed when she made him put on the new cock ring, chain leash set she bought. It was a part of the surprise, and the evidence of his excitement was visible through his jeans. “Good boy, I have plans for you.”

Leather And Pleasure was a hot spot for kink. It never ceased to amaze her how many people in their small town of Lincoln, Ontario enjoyed the fetish club. It excited her. Ryder smiled as she looked around the busy parking lot for a spot to park.

 “Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Rowan Avery Walker.”

She smiled at his endearment, before setting him straight. Ryder always called her by her full name when he was feeling playful. “That’s
Rowan to you.” With one hand on the steering wheel, she reached behind her to grab the flogger. “I think you’ll need to be punished for the slip up. Do I need to remind you of the rules?” She whipped the leather against his upper thigh, and cocked a brow when he moaned, to wait for his answer.

Rowan, please...don’t stop.” His hips flexed as she gave him one more whip before stopping.

 “Oh, I’ll give you more.” She tossed the flogger aside, and trailed a finger down his chest to the bulging erection against his fly, tracing the head. “Nothing but pleasure, that’s a promise.” She finally found a spot to park, and grabbed her bag and necessities for the night. It was show time.

She took off her coat to show off her favourite satin cinch corset and short leather mini skirt that barely covered her naked ass. Her nipples puckered and pussy creamed with anticipation. “Open your pants. I want to see your cock.”

Naked, but for his tight jeans opened at the fly, his dick sprang forward revealing the leather cock ring with the hook. She stroked him before attaching the leash to it. “Mmm, do you like this baby?” She tugged on it, bringing him closer. “Are you ready to fulfill another fantasy tonight?”

“Yes Mistress Rowan.” He nodded, avoiding eye contact, preparing for his role as her sub.

“Good boy.”



Rowan sat at the bar surveying the club. They’d have a good audience tonight, but she wanted to kick it up a notch before she proceeded with her special plans. The club was packed, and just about to get interesting. Several tables in front of her couples had already engaged in sexual acts. She smiled at the two women to her left; sprawled out and comfortable in the booth they occupied. One on top of the other, they licked and sucked in earnest, tasting and savouring their unique flavours while their dom watched stroking his cock.

Right down the center there was a man strapped to the table with his ass in the air. A sexy red head dressed in a black thong, thigh high boots and a mask that covered her eyes spanked him, leaving red hand prints across his cheeks. It looked like he was moaning, and she tugged on his hair leaning in towards his ear. Her tongue flicked out and then she mounted him with the strap-on Rowan failed to notice at first glance. Her pussy creamed more to see the pleasure etched on his face while sexy red fucked him in the ass.

Rowan smiled as she turned towards Ryder.  His still erect penis glistened with pre-come across the head, and instead of licking the salt off of her hand she licked him clean before downing her shot of tequila. He moaned, thrusting his hips forward.

“Patience, lover,” she stroked him a few times. “Do
come until I allow it. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What?” she tugged his leash bending him over the bar, and then squeezed his ass before giving him a tap.

“Yes, Mistress Rowan,” he panted. “Please give me more.”

“That’s my boy.” She leaned into to him, giving him a lick over his ass all the way to his ear. “As you wish.” She gave him two more slaps before turning him around. “Now do you see anyone that interests you?

“Do I have permission to look freely, Mistress Rowan?”

“Permission granted.” She hadn’t seen anyone that caught her eye, but then again she’d been preoccupied watching others take their pleasure. It was one big fuck fest, where carnal desires were met, and she loved it. Leather And Pleasure, the name said it all. “Well?” She reached in the bag she brought for another collar, “Does anyone wet your appetite tonight?”

 “Yes, Mistress Rowan.”

“Really?” She cocked a brow and then smiled, “Point me in the right direction then, lover, and I’ll see if he or she wets mine.”

From the ground up he was delectable—and staring; about six foot tall, with mocha skin, broad shoulders and an impressive bulge in the front of his pants. Rowan’s bare breasts ached, and her nipples puckered at the sight of him.
Hmm, this is definitely going to be a night to remember.
“Good choice, Lover. Now let’s see if he’d like to join us.”

His stare wavered as she approached, making Rowan smile in satisfaction. He would make a good subject for her tonight.
Already displaying his obedience and respect by lowering his gaze. Hey, wait a minute.

“Do you like what you see?” Rowan challenged, as she and Ryder stood in front of him.

She knew he’d been checking them both out, as much as she’d assessed him. The question was would he agree to join them? 

“I do.” He smirked, looking her in the eye again. “Very much.” He devoured her with his gaze again before resting it upon Ryder. Starting from the top of his head, it rested on Ryder’s aching erection. He licked his lips.

“What’s your name, handsome?”

His eyes sparkled when he answered, “Nolan.”

“Well, Nolan, Ryder and I would like to know if you’d like to join us tonight. I promise to make it worth your while?”

“And you are?” His smile grew bigger, testing her.

“You may call me Mistress Rowan. I’m the woman who is going to teach you a lesson for being so bold.”

He laughed, licking his lips again. “Do you promise?”

“On your knees handsome,” She put a hand on his shoulder helping him, and stood close.

“Now, I’ll ask you again, and when you answer you will address me properly. Am I understood?”

He nodded.

“Good, now will you trust me to meet your needs, to give you so much fucking pleasure you won’t want to leave. I aim to please, baby, and I want my answer. Will you join us tonight?”

“Yes, Mistress Rowan.”

She leaned over him whispering, “Good boy.” Extending her tongue out to meet his lobe, she nibbled on it before licking her way over his chiseled jaw to his mouth. She traced her tongue over his bottom lip before entering it to meet his wet warmth. Their tongues collided moving in synchronization and with a mutual passion. He moaned while she sucked on it, devouring the taste of him.

She was near breathless when she pulled away. “We need to choose a safe word gentlemen, what would you like it to be?”

“How about pewter?” Ryder said. “Since tin is usually the gift of a tenth year anniversary, and pewter is an alloy that contains a large percentage of it.”

Rowan chuckled, “Pewter sounds good to me, lover. How about you handsome? Are you all right with the safe word being pewter?”

“Pewter?” Nolan shrugged, “Sure, I’m all right with that, but whose anniversary is it?’

“Ours,” Rowan stroked Ryder’s aching erection. “We’ve been married for ten amazing years and you’re going to help us celebrate it tonight.” She kissed Ryder with the same amount of passion as when she kissed Nolan earlier.

Nolan smirked, and Rowan decided it was time to ease his cockiness. She was the boss, and it was about damn time he recognized it. “Alright handsome,” she placed the spare collar around his neck, clipping the leash attached so that every dom in the club would know that he now belonged to her. “Ryder has been very patient and I’d like to reward him. Just look at his erection.” Her hand stroked to the top of his head, her thumb spreading more pre-come around it, making Ryder moan. “I’d like you to taste him. He’s been very patiently waiting, and it’s only the beginning of things to come. First I want you to lick the come off of his head, and then I’d like you to take him as far back as you can, swallowing him over and over.” She leaned over him again and tugged on his hair a little to expose his ear. Nolan moaned, making Rowan smirk, “Like it rough, do we?” Nolan nodded. “Good, will you do that for me, handsome? Will you taste Ryder and enjoy it, will you let him fuck your mouth, if he so chooses?”

“Yes, Mistress Rowan.”

She stepped to the side as Nolan slid himself in front of Ryder. His tongue darted out licking up Ryder’s sensitive slit and around the head. Lapping up the pre-come she so delicately placed there moments before. “Do you like that, lover?” She stood behind him and squeezed Ryder’s butt cheeks. Lips to his ear, she continued, “I want you to watch that decadent mouth taste you. Are you close baby? Do you want me to allow you to come?”

Nolan worked magic on him. His hands cupped Ryder’s balls and his mouth stroked back and forth, with his tongue swirling the base of his length.

“And, he looks so fucking good sucking you, baby. I love watching you with him.” Rowan licked from his shoulder blade to his ear lobe again, nibbling it. “Now put your fucking hands in his hair, and hold on tight. Give him a little pleasure, lover, he likes it rough.”

Ryder moaned, as Nolan did what he was instructed to do; the vibration of it making Ryder curse. “Please, Rowan,” he moaned.

Her open palm met his muscular ass cheek leaving a hand print there. “Please, what?”

“Please, Mistress Rowan, please let me come.”

“Good boy.” She moved to the front of him. Bending so Nolan could hear, “How you doing handsome?” He moaned in response. “Good, now this is what I’d like to try next. I’m going to get Ryder to fuck your mouth to drive him over the edge. Brace yourself handsome, cause then I’m going to give him permission to come, and I’d like you to take every last drop of it down your throat. Can I count on you to milk him for me, baby? You guys are so fucking hot together, and I’m looking forward to joining you. Moan if you’re okay with what I want.”

She was still getting a feel for Nolan, testing him, but not wanting to push him too far, too soon. Pleasing them pleased her; it was a job she took seriously, a job she loved, and it took discipline to enforce. She had to learn to reign in her urges until the right moment, because being a domme meant it turned her on, to turn them on. Ryder’s pleasure meant everything, and now so did Nolan’s.

Ryder cursed again, when Nolan moaned displaying his acceptance. “All right, lover, fuck his mouth now.” Rowan entwined her fingers with Ryder’s, as they still rested in Nolan’s curly locks. She and Ryder watched each other with the desire in both sets of eyes escalating.

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