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Life is full of possibilities. We can’t let them pass us by or fear them.




Legally Bound

Book One



Blue Saffire







Chapter One

aige…Paige Kemble,” Bobby grumbled in frustration. He’d been trying to get her attention for what seemed like the last five minutes.

“Yes,” Paige replied as she snapped out of her thoughts. At thirty two Paige thought she would be so much further than this. She was driven, determined and focused. She had planned life down to a T, but somewhere around twenty-six the plan stopped going as planned.

There was the epic fail with Isaiah and then the disaster called Cliff and now the colossal breakup with Peter. So much for listening to her friends and trying interracial dating. Peter was very attractive and sometimes funny but dating him was no different from Isaiah, Cliff or how could she forget Eric. She should have been married by now according to the schedule.

Now it looked like she would have to skip the marriage part and just have a baby. Ugh, this was so frustrating. How can you be one of the top lawyers in one of the most prestigious law firms in the country and not be able to land a decent man. Worst part is she wouldn’t consider herself ugly. There just was no excuse.

At five six with flawless mocha skin, big light brown almond shaped eyes, full luscious lips and curves enough to turn heads on a bad day, Paige knew she was a catch if looks were the only factor and they weren’t. She graduated top of her class at Harvard. Her debts were paid up thanks to her parents and her condo would be free and clear in just two more months. The Audi she drove was a gift from Peter that she was considering giving back.

It’s not like she couldn’t afford to get her own car if she wanted. In the last three years Lord knows she has earned enough bonuses to do a whole lot of things she had been thinking about. What was stopping her? None of her ideas fit in the plan. Heck, Peter never fit in the plan, and look at where that got her. Two more years wasted. One year of which he spent overseas telling her it was business and as soon as he came back it would be time to take their relationship to the next level. He was ready to settle down.

Truth be told, Paige wasn’t even upset about the break up. She knew she didn’t love him. Their marriage would have just been convenient. It would have helped her mark off one more task on the list. Just thinking about his selfishness pissed her off, always selfish. He could have at least told her he was engaged and not let her find out from a tabloid. Well at least she found out before flying out to Paris next week to have this mess thrown in her face.

“Paige,” Bobby growled.

“Oh, sorry,” Paige muttered. “Yes, I can help you take over the Lieberman case and the Oreeso case as well.”

“I hope you will give their cases more attention than you have given this meeting,” Bobby bit out.

“Yes Sir, I have a few personal issues to sort out this weekend and I will be as good as new on Monday,” Paige responded while fidgeting in her seat.

Bobby always made her nervous. His great grandfather started the firm and the men in their family have come to be known for their ruthlessness. Bobby would be no exception. He is the shining star and coveted bachelor that most the women in the office would love to have a crack at.

Over six feet tall, smoky grey eyes, strong facial features and one chiseled body. Not that Paige was interested or checking him out. He was out of her league and way out of her comfort zone. Peter may have been white but his father was half black and white which always helped Paige justify ever dating him. Bobby with his tanned skin and tussled black hair was way too white for her.

She’d grown to know Mrs. Mairettie and the other Mairettie siblings, not to mention working closely with James Mairettie her second year with the firm. Though they were nice and seemed to be equal opportunity employers she couldn’t see herself at their dining room table for anything more than business. She only noticed how attractive Bobby Mairettie was because of the attention the other women in the office brought to his and his two brothers, Marcus and Sam’s looks.

Bobby being the oldest at thirty five was the only bachelor. Sam at thirty four was married to a young ex-model and Marcus at thirty two was newly engaged.
. Marcus’s engagement party was in a month and now Paige had no hope of a date or her lame boyfriend coming to the rescue so she wouldn’t have to go alone. Peter had promised to try to make it to the states for it.

At least before, if he didn’t show up she could brag about having a busy boyfriend. Now she was just the pathetic idiot that got cheated on and was extremely sexually frustrated while she was at it. Really how long has it been? Paige noticed Bobby sigh heavily and realized he was addressing her again.

“So-sorry can you repeat that,” Paige murmured. Bobby just glared at her causing her defenses to go up. Paige was anything but a push over. Squaring her shoulders, she sat straighter in her seat and lifted her chin. “I missed what you said Sir. I would appreciate you repeating it, please.”

“Go home Paige, whatever it is going on with you is effecting your work. Take the rest of the day and tomorrow off make it a long weekend. I need your head in the game for next week. Sort out your crap and bring your A game,” Bobby bit out through tight lips.

Were they always so full?
Paige shook the thought off with frustration at the thought and at Bobby. “I don’t need to take the rest of the day off. I will be fine. I will have my A game in tack don’t worry,” Paige said sharply.

Bobby smirked.
There’s my girl,
he thought. He needed Paige in order to close two of the biggest cases of his career, strike that their careers. There were at least five other attorneys drooling for these two cases but none of them could guarantee him a victory like Paige could.

Bobby had been watching the young attorney since she stepped into the firm, young, ambitious, bright eyed and beautiful. It hadn’t slipped past him that over the years the sparkle had faded from her eyes. It just seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer, like today. Her eyes were just vacant. Sure, she was a pit bull in a skirt in the court room but something else was killing the young shining woman inside and now it seemed it was affecting her work.

Bobby watched it happen to lawyers all the time. Hell he had been watching the same thing happen to him in the mirror for years now. Everyone assumed he wanted to remain a playboy and bachelor, that couldn’t be further from the truth. He just wasn’t interest in the types of women that came after him. Maybe that was more of the problem they all came after him. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a good chase.

Other than his mother and baby sister, Marie, Paige was the only woman that ever called him on his shit. He liked that about Paige, his father did too. They both thought she was an amazing young talent and one of the firm’s greatest assets. Bobby knew he intimidated Paige at times but she worked hard not to let it show.

As his eyes scanned her face it dawned on him what her problem was. He heard rumors of her dating some French jerk that was stringing her along for the past two years and this morning some of the women were whispering about someone being embarrassed and some French guy being engaged. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Paige was the embarrassed party. Bobby suddenly felt the blood boiling in his veins.

He’d kill any jerk that pulled that crap with Marie, but Paige was no Marie. Just the defiant look in her eyes right at this moment told him she was no wallflower and that her guard had to be down for her to be hurt by anyone. She didn’t look so much hurt, she looked disappointed, maybe even blood thirsty.

There right there in her eyes he saw it. She was thirsty for more than blood. His pants tightened at the thought. He licked his lips and Paige’s eyes dropped to them for just a moment but he noted the way she shifted in her seat. He was right on point. The little minx could care less about the jerk that everyone thought embarrassed her. Paige had bigger needs, needs she needed to get in check if she was going to help him finally show his father he deserved to be here.

“You’re taking the rest of the day Princess. I don’t want to see you here until Monday. I suggest you handle all your needs before then. You can call my cell if you need any help,” Bobby knew he was skating on thin ice with his choice of words but he couldn’t find it in him to care. Besides Paige would never give him a second thought.














Chapter Two

obby Mairettie, you’re an ass,” Paige growled as she hopped into her Audi and cupped her face in her hands.

What was she going to do now? Sit at home and eat ice cream. Oh please, Peter wasn’t worth it. Bobby had gone as far as to have the tech department block her intranet access for the next seven two hours. Paige just wanted to scratch someone’s eyes out.

“Call Camille,” Paige huffed as she started the car and put it in drive.

“Hey, baby sis,” Camille sighed into the phone. “I just saw the pictures and I heard Mairettie sent you home. How are you holding up?”

“You’re boss suck balls,” Paige grumbled. “I would have been fine once I got to my office and threw myself into my work.”

“You know you work too much. I think he did the right thing sending you home. Are we just going to ignore the elephant in the room? Your boyfriend of two years just got engaged to someone else and you two are still together as far as we know.”

“First, I don’t work too much and second, my ex-boyfriend who I have seen a handful of times in the last year decided to get engaged and forgot to inform me, big deal,” Paige grunted and tightened her hold on the steering wheel. “I give up on trying the whole relationship thing. I don’t have time for it. At this point I just need to find a friend with amazing benefits and call it a day. Maybe he will allow a baby to be one of the benefits he rewards me with. You think I can find that?”

Paige smiled to herself, it was a joke but one she wouldn’t mind considering if she found the right guy. Somehow she lost control of her love life and it was time to get it back. The men she dated could never handle her career and her goals. Peter expected her to drop the firm and move to Paris with him last year after just a year of dating. There was no way she was doing something like that.

Paige knew she worked too hard to let any man single handedly destroy it all. She didn’t mind giving a little control in the bedroom but even that was becoming hard for her to do with the crap man she was dating. Most times she wasn’t even interest in being intimate with them at all. Her vibrator was available and able to be trusted way more than they were.

“Paige, when was the last time you let a man near your benefits?” Camille laughed as if reading her mind. “Really I bet being in bed with you is like being in the courtroom.
I object
.” Camille teased and started to cackle on the other end.

“Give it a rest Camille. We can’t all be lucky with a great husband and sex life,” Paige sighed.

“Oh honey please, Seth is not the reason I smile in the morning. I probably couldn’t tell you what his dick looks like. That ship sailed years ago.”

“What do you mean?” Paige frowned at the road ahead of her.

Sure, everyone knew once they graduated undergrad Camille’s father practically insisted on her marrying Seth but they always seemed so happy. Camille had been a year older than Paige when she joined the sorority. When Camille said she was tired of being a stay at home mom Paige didn’t hesitate to put in a word for her at the firm. However, Camille had worked her way to being Bobby’s assistant on her own.

“Paige, Seth has been sleeping with his secretary since two month before the wedding. I confronted him about a year later and we have been bestie since. I gave him his children and he gave me my freedom,” Camille sighed.

Paige couldn’t stifle the laugh that bubbled up in her throat. “Seriously,” she laughed.

“Seriously,” Camille chirped. “I’ve told you before if you just want to find a good release I have just the thing for you.”

Paige exhaled to herself. Camille was a freak back in college. She could just imagine the trouble she would get her into now. Some of the things Camille used to tell her she had done could turn even Paige red. But in this very moment Paige wanted to do something that would give her the glow she sees on Camille’s satisfied face. She can’t remember ever having that glow.

Paige pulled into her driveway and looked into the rearview mirror. When would she let herself go, for just one night to experience pleasure she has never known. She sighed and shook her head. Isaiah and Cliff didn’t last because there was no sex involved, how was she going to just let some random guy in her body? Not happening.

Camille was opened to try anything once. They were opposites in every way and that was what made them the best of friends. Camille was tall, blonde, thin and from a super wealthy family. Paige’s family had money but Mr. and Mrs. Kemble would have to triple their net worth to run with Camille’s mom and dad. Although you would never know that from meeting Cathy, Camille’s mom, her dad was a different story.

“Call me later, I don’t want Bobby sending you home too,” Paige huffed.

“Listen, it’s all private. You make the calls nothing you don’t want to happen will happen. It’s like picking from a catalog of pleasure, and no one will be the wiser to why you have come back to work more focused than ever and ready to take over the place,” Camille said in almost a plea. “Just think about it.”

“Fine, go do some work,” Paige huffed.


“Camille, if you are done with your private chat, I will be needing those files,” Bobby chuckled and shook his head as he stood leaning against the door frame of his office.

“Yes Mr. Mairettie, I have them right here,” Camille chimed.

She stood and swayed her hips as she walked over to place the file in his hand. Camille is a gorgeous woman. She has hinted more than once that she wouldn’t mind offering him a release. He just never slept with his assistants, it was too messy. Then there was the fact that she was married, the daughter of a family friend and a member of club Desire.

He’d been careful not to let her know he was an active member at the club. It was his getaway. It had been sometime since he was really active there but he still liked to go and enjoy himself time and again. Camille was into a lot of things he didn’t have a taste for. Her knowing he was an active member may give her the idea to pursue him in his place of peace and anonymity.

He knew what she was offering Paige. Hearing her refer Paige to the club annoyed him a little but he couldn’t bring himself to not listen to Camille’s side of the conversation. He had known they were really good friends from college or something and always wondered what Paige saw in Camille as a friend. Her father is a real douchebag although he has funded a venture or two of his brother’s in the past.

Camille is not an airhead. She just acts like one when it is most convenient for her. She was actually one of the best assistants he has had and often goes above and beyond. Today he was going to push her above and beyond. He may not have liked the thought of Paige at Desire with another man but he was ready to play his role at the club as an admission advisor. He smiled at the thought.

It was great to be able to pull all the right strings. He had been asked by the club’s board to be an admission advisor shortly after joining the club. Basically they wanted him to make sure that the right women joined and were more than satisfied to do so. What he had in mind for Paige would be far exceeding the requirements but if anyone was going to get her to join and find pleasure it was going to be him.

“Camille, I want to ask you a favor,” Bobby said gesturing for Camille to step into his office. She stepped in and took a seat in one the chairs before his desk. He walked over to his desk and leaned against the edge crossing his ankles and shoving his hands in his pockets.

“What can I do for you, boss?” Camille chirped.

“It’s the club. I haven’t been as active as I once was but I don’t want to release my membership. Herb has asked me to bring in a new recruit to show I’m still loyal to the scene and the rules and everything. You know the politics. I hate to ask you this being that I’m your boss and all but if you know someone that I can give a black card to I would appreciate it,” Bobby said coolly.

New recruits didn’t just come to the club they had to have a sponsor from the top level. If Paige wanted to join Bobby knew Camille would have to find her a sponsor, this was a win, win for them both. Paige would never know he was her sponsor and he in turn would know the moment Paige made contact to join. He would be able to control her admission and make sure she came in through him.

“Actually, I’m hoping I may be able to help you out. I’ll just need a day or two,” Camille beamed. “Maybe you can let me know when you are active again. I hear it is way worth the membership fees to
across your path.” Camille purred and sent him a wink making sure he picked up on her double

“Sure Camille,” Bobby chuckled giving her a sexy half grin. Camille melted right before his eyes. He was positive she would make sure Paige joined just for the hope of getting underneath him.

“I-I have some work to do w-will that be all,” Camille stammered as her cheeks fleshed.

Bobby pulled his wallet from his pocket and handed her the club’s black card. “In case your friend decides to join,” Bobby said smoothly and let his eyes rack over Camille’s lithe frame. Nice but not what he was in the market for right now.








BOOK: Legally Bound
12.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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