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Legally Bound 3: His Law

BOOK: Legally Bound 3: His Law
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Legally Boun

His Law



Blue Saffire























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We may think we know what we want but when we get what we ask for it is not always what we were looking for.





Legally Boun

His Law



Blue Saffire










obby and Nate had been joined at the hip for as long as anyone could remember. There is nothing they hadn’t done together, nothing. So it should be no surprise that they joined club Desire at the same time.

They were only twenty eight the first time they entered the doors of Desire. Cocky, smug little sons of bitches, they thought the world revolved around their dicks. A private club with prime pussy any and every way they desired it was like striking gold.

That was how they met Vanessa. At the time she told them her name was Luscious and she was definitely that. Those full hips and thick thighs, and her lips full and sexy, just the kind of mouth a man wanted wrapped around their cock. It was the first thought Nate had when he laid eyes on her. They’d been to the club only twice before then but this was the first time Bobby and Nate decided that they would do more than just observe.

So they entered the game room of club Desire with partial masks covering only the tops of their faces. The game room was just that, only in club desire all games became sexual. So there were groups playing naked charades, strip poker, scrabble – where you could only use words that alluded to sex and at some point articles of clothing were being lost as well, and a variety of other old pastimes that were being reinvented for sexual pleasure and teasing.

Bobby and Nate thought this would be a good place to start. The club provided all types of atmospheres for sexual play and finding just what you are looking for. What they were looking for just happened to be sitting in the raised seating area looking over all the games.

Bobby was the first to lay eyes on her. Bobby and Nate had always had pretty similar taste in women. So when Bobby nudged Nate and nodded wordlessly to the mocha skinned beauty Nate smiled. She was dressed in a white half corset that exposed her full brown breasts and matching white boy shorts. She shifted in her seat and Nate’s attention was drawn to the red garter belt at her waist that was attached to her white stockings. The red heels on her feet had his dick twitching in his jeans.

Nate placed his hand on his stomach and rubbed his bare abs as if she were about to be his next meal. Despite not being able to see her whole face what could be seen was enough to be sure she was a beautiful woman. Nate silently gave his agreement to Bobby and he pulled the collar from his back pocket.

Without a word Bobby’s presence called for her attention and when her eyes locked on Bobby’s he crooked his finger to beckon the sex kitten to them. She bit her lip as if she were trying to make a decision as to whether or not she wanted to join them. It was a useless display of reluctance as Bobby and Nate both could read her body and tell her decision had already been made.

Slipping to the edge of her seat she rose and started for the two. As she made her way closer Nate could see her eyes eating him up before she turned to Bobby to do the same. Stopping just before them she bowed her head and Bobby and Nate both smirked. This was going to be an amazing night.

Nate could smell her arousal mixed with her sweet scent and her curves were more delectable up close and personal. Bobby took her assent for what it was and fastened the collar around her neck. Nate pulled out and snapped the chain in his hand for effect and her eyes snapped up to him. Stepping forward he could see her chest heaving.

Nate hooked the chain to the collar. Bobby and he wordlessly turned with their prize to lead her to their private room for the night. Once they entered the room Nate led their treat to the center of the room. Nate reached to remove the chain from the collar and tilted her chin back with the hook of the chain to bring her eyes level with his. He licked his lips at the sight of her. Bobby is standing beside him and Nate was sure they made an intimidating sight before her but she was no small woman.

They both reach over six feet in height; she had to be at least five eight or so. Nate let his eyes travel down her body slowly, savoring the sight and passing back up to her eyes behind the mask once more.

“What’s your name precious,” her chocolate eyes lit up as Nate’s deep voice washed over her. Her chest started to heave once more and Nate could see the excitement rolling off her body.

“You can call me Luscious,” she said breathily.

“Now that wouldn’t be a lie,” Bobby snorted beside Nate before moving to circle their toy for the night as best he could. Nate stood tracing a line down her throat with the tip of the hook on the chain. Nate watched as the cool metal slides down her skin and between her full heaving breasts.

Nate chuckled as her breathing caught from the sharp slap Bobby gave her round ass. Nate stepped back and began his own circle around Luscious to inspect her curves and mapped out what he wanted to explore before this night was over.

The two once again stepped in front of Luscious with hunger and desire in their eyes. Bobby was the one to speak this time. He lifted his chin and locked eyes with the vixen.

“Come, undress me,” Bobby drawled out in a calm command.

Luscious moved forward as if his words had strings on them pulling her forward. Her hands went to Bobby’s button and zipper shakily. She unfastened the dark jeans that were resting low on Bobby’s waist, pushing them down his hips to the floor. Nate’s patience was weaning. He quickly removed his own pants.

Luscious took a step back and shuttered as her eyes flickered between the massive sizes and lengths of both men. Her tongue flicked out and wet her bottom lips. Both Nate and Bobby turned to each other and smirked. Yeah, this woman had no idea what she was getting herself into. They were not just big in height and muscular in weight. Luscious was getting more than an eye full of cock right now.

Nate flexed his pecs and widened his stance while he and Bobby gave her time to drink up what she was totally about to take in. Luscious wasn’t sure which dick she wanted to go after first. Both were long and thick. Nate’s balls looked larger and heavier but not by that much. Luscious suppressed a moan as she thought of having those heavy balls slapping against her pussy and ass. Bobby took the decision from her once she took too long to take action.

“I can tell you see something you want to taste, Sweetheart. Come here,” Bobby commanded. Luscious creamed her panties at his voice and deep command. Her mind was racing. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this. From the features she could see she felt like she was standing in front of two God’s.

Both their bodies were chiseled and ripped. They were both so tall with muscular builds as if they spent a lot of time in the gym. But the monsters resting between their legs were breath taking. One chocolate, one vanilla, but both looking just as appealing as the other, they were simply gorgeous.

Luscious actually released a moan when both men widened their stance and she noticed that Bobby was slightly bow legged.
Oh Fuck
, she groaned in her head. Bow legged with that thick dick this white boy was killing her with just his voice and a glance at his body.

Luscious snapped out of her thoughts and moved forward. She was on her knees on the plush rug before she had time to process what she was about to do. If only these two men knew who she was or how she had gotten here they may change their mind about this tryst but she pushed those thoughts deep down. This was freedom from her own personal hell. She was going to let these two hot men fuck her tonight and return to her reality at another time, if ever.

She wrapped her hand around the white one’s thick shaft and licked her lips. Bobby groaned and moved his hips forward. “Suck it,” he rasped as his grey eyes dilated. Luscious gladly wrapped her lips around him and started slurping like he was a popsicle.

Bobby growled and threw his head back. Nate wasn’t about to be left out of the action and her ass had been enticing him for far too long now. He moved behind Luscious and dropped to his knees. Nate gave the privilege of his tongue to few but this little filly was about to have an all access pass to the pleasure he knew he was capable of dealing out.

Nate peeled her panties down her thighs after releasing her garter. The fabric was soaked and so were her thighs. Nate smacked his lips to himself before diving into the challenge. It was his job to have her moaning more than she already was having Bobby’s cock shoved down her throat. Nate never slacked on his job and this would be no different.

Nate smiled with satisfaction when Luscious cried out around a mouth full of cock as he flicked her clit with his tongue and then pushed two fingers in her hot wet center. She rocked her hips back against his face and he growled into her heat. Nate turned his fingers and used them to beckon her orgasm from her g-spot. Luscious’s pussy quaked around his fingers sucking him in deeper.

She screamed around Bobby’s cock and Bobby growled at the vibration around his shaft. Nate looked up to see Bobby had her head locked in place as he pounded away at her mouth. Nate laughed to himself. From the way Bobby had her head cupped Nate knew Luscious was wearing a weave.

When they were in high school Bobby dated a girl named Fasimba one summer. She had let Bobby take her virginity. Fasimba had writhed beneath him in ecstasy and pleasure. Bobby had been totally into it and dug his fingers into her hair. Well she came out of her sex haze to snap at him.

“Bobby you are going to mess up my tracks. Don’t pull my hair like that. Are you crazy?” Fasimba had angrily snapped at him.

Bobby had just crushed his mouth to hers and slowly ground into her until she forgot all about her hair and her own name.

After, Bobby had told Nate about it and Nate never let him live it down. Bobby had learned a thing or two by now about dating ethnic women. Little did Nate know Bobby would someday be able to put that knowledge to use with his future wife. Nate grunted to himself because he planned on yanking at this woman’s weave all he could while getting in her ass. He had none of the reservations that Bobby had.

Nate felt Luscious’s next orgasm building up as she groaned around Bobby’s length. He had enough of the playing. Nate positioned himself at her hot wet core placing his hands on her hips and thrust inside her tight little body. Just as he promised in his thoughts he grabbed a hand full of her hair and tugged at her head causing her to angle her head upward opening her mouth to take more of his friend down her throat.

Bobby wasted no time taking advantage of going deeper down her throat as Nate pounded into her from behind. At this angle it didn’t take long for Bobby to shoot his load right down the back of her throat. Bobby came with a loud roar but Nate had no intentions of letting up as Bobby popped from her lips and staggered to the bed in the center of the room.

While Bobby took time to catch his breath Nate gave Luscious the dick down of her life. His eyes dropped to her wide hips and her butt cheeks bouncing. It was turning him on all the more. She started to make a keening noise in the back of her throat as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Nate tugged her head back more, so that she was bent like a bow and he could kiss her straight on the lips.

Luscious wasn’t sure how much more she would be able to take of this pleasurable assault. Nate was relentless but it felt so good.

“Ah please,” Luscious begged, for what she had no idea. She’d never experience sex this good. She marveled at what she’d been missing all this time. Here she was expecting that sex was supposed to be better than what she known but this … oh God she needed to get her life.

Just when Luscious was sure she was seeing stars and things couldn’t possibly get better Nate bellowed out his release as he pumped into the condom he had slipped on before he entered her. Luscious blacked out for a moment but came to as two strong arms lifted her from the rug.

Her eyes fluttered open to find a smiling Bobby. Luscious smiled back as she wondered if this man could fuck like his friend. She’d soon find out as Bobby walked her over to the bed and placed her in the center. He climbed in the bed next to her and started to kiss down her neck toward her exposed breasts. He pinched one nipple as he drew the other into his mouth. Luscious thrashed in pleasure and barely felt when the bed dipped under the weight of the other man.

Soon enough she had one man feasting on her breasts as the other worked his fingers in her wet sex. She was sore all over but she could care less. She needed this. They were giving her life right now. Bobby shifted her to her side as he lifted her leg over his hip. With one swift thrust he was inside her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She was so full and stretched to the max. These two should be ban from using the monsters they called dicks.

Luscious sighed loudly as Nate pressed against her back. She flinched as something cool and wet ran down the center of her crack. Next thing she knew her puckered whole was being teased with the wetness easing the way. Bobby rolled his hips and her thoughts of her back door were momentarily distracted.

“Yes,” she cried out. Oh yes, he
fuck as good as his friend.

“You like that sweetheart,” Bobby grunted in her ear.

“Oh yes,” she panted.

Nate chuckled from behind and slapped her back side. Bobby felt her clench with pleasure and grunted. Bobby bent his head to suck at her breasts as he bucked into her dragging his heavy member through her folds with intention and purpose. What Luscious had missed was the signal exchanged between the two. Bobby was distracting her to give Nate the chance to turn things up.

BOOK: Legally Bound 3: His Law
5.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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