Lesbian Romance Fiction Novels: 5 Lesbian Erotic Stories Boxed Set (Lesbian Romance Fiction Novels series Book 6)

BOOK: Lesbian Romance Fiction Novels: 5 Lesbian Erotic Stories Boxed Set (Lesbian Romance Fiction Novels series Book 6)

Lesbian Romance Fiction Novels

Five Lesbian Erotic Stories

Boxed Set

By: Lisa Dickens

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This book is dedicated to all those who lead monotonous sex lives, in the hope that they may experience at second hand the delights, sensual pleasures and Voyeurism of erotica adventures


Chapter 1- Lisa Gets More Than What She Bargains For

Lisa, a slender woman the age of twenty-six with long blonde hair and light blue eyes was waiting for her roommate to come home from work. Looking out her window it was dark outside, she took a look at the clock on her small dresser it was nine p.m. She didn't know what was taking Leslie so long getting home from work.

Sighing heavily Lisa went to her bed and laid down. They were suppose to play a game of cards when she got home. Lisa didn't think that was going to happen anytime soon. Lisa turned on her television set and grabbed the DVD remote as she headed to her bed.

Laying on top of her white comforter she was wearing a pair of red night shorts and a red silky tank top. The tank top was tight around her chest, she knew that she had to get a new tank top for sleep wear but her boyfriend had liked the way it looked on her, rolling her eyes she knew that he liked seeing her tits almost falling out from the top. She admitted looking down at herself silently that she did look sexy.

Taking the remote and switching the television over to the DVD player, her television almost took up

the space on top of her dresser with the DVD player on top of it.

She settled in to watch one of her favorite movies. It was a porn movie of a woman who was attracted to a co-worker that was coming over to hang out for the night. She wanted to know what it was like to feel a woman's touch instead of a man's.

Lisa watched as the story unfolded and thought about Leslie. She had a few dreams about Leslie but never pushed it. From time to time she thought about how it would feel with Leslie touching her and pleasuring her.

“If she only knew.” Lisa whispered to herself as she watched the two women on the screen start kissing and making out slowly.

As the women on the screen started taking each other's clothes off and touching one another Lisa's hand made its way down to her silk shorts and she began rubbing the outside of her pussy through her shorts.

Moaning softly as the women were starting to lick and bite each other's tits. The two women were fingering each other's pussies as they were enjoying each other.

Lisa stuck her hand inside her shorts and started rubbing her clit slowly at first and then faster as the women were being rough with each other. Keeping her eyes on the screen she moaned and whimpered pretending that Leslie was the one rubbing her clit. The more she thought about Leslie the wetter she became.

Before too long she was whispering to herself, her voice growing louder as she was cumming on her fingers, feeling her warm cum on her fingers she started to rub the wetness on the outside of her pussy.

Leslie came in the house quarter past ten. Going down the hallway, thinking about watching television with Lisa she felt bad knowing that she was suppose to play cards when she got home from work. She didn't know that she was going to be working overtime.

It had been dropped on her at the last second when a co-worker didn't show up for their shift. Leslie was in a bad mood and just didn't want to deal with anything else for the rest of the night.

Leslie knocked on Lisa's door to see if she was still awake. She didn't hear anything so she knocked louder. Still not hearing anything she opened Lisa's bedroom door and saw that her bedroom light was still on. Looking around the room she saw that Lisa was sleeping on top of her covers.

Leslie saw the television screen and noticed that there were two women with their clothes off the play option was covering one of the woman's tits. Leslie smiled as she went over to Lisa's bed and lay beside her.

Taking the remote from her hand she pressed the play button. She knew that Lisa liked to watch porn movies but she didn't know that she liked watching girls exploring and playing with each other.

As Leslie got on top of the bed, she took her work shirt off and her pants so that she was laying in just her white panties and bra. Getting herself comfortable to watch the movie she saw that Lisa's hand was inside her night shorts.

Getting into the movie Leslie felt her nipples getting hard when she saw the women licking at each other's tits on the screen. Looking down at Lisa hand again she couldn't help but get turned on knowing that Lisa's had was touching her own pussy under her clothing.


Leslie had an idea that popped into her head and even she was surprised about what she was thinking about Lisa. Slowly Leslie used her own hand to slowly put into Lisa's silk shorts. She took Lisa's hand and slowly removed it so that she wouldn't wake Lisa up and brought Lisa's fingers to her mouth.

Sticking out her tongue she licked Lisa's fingers, tasting Lisa's fingers she realized that Lisa had gotten off watching the movie before going to sleep. She liked the way Lisa tasted.

“Mmmm.” Leslie whispered, enjoying the taste as she removed Lisa's finger from her mouth when the flavoring was gone.

“You taste so good.” Leslie whispered, looking at Lisa's sweet face knowing that she was still sleeping, which excited her even more.

Spreading her own legs she could see that there was a wet patch at her pussy. Not realizing how much it turned her on that she was playing with Lisa.

Leslie sat up and looked at Lisa's tank top, seeing that one of her tits was almost falling out of shirt she took her fingers and started rubbing Lisa's nipples gently at first and as she heard Lisa moan out in her sleep she began rubbing them harder until she saw Lisa's nipples harden from her touch.


“You like that Lisa.” She whispered getting close to Lisa's ear, wanting to wake her up so that she didn't miss all the fun.

Lisa opened her eyes to see that there were fingers rubbing her nipples. Turning to see who it was she was surprised that it was Leslie.

“I saw you in here sleeping and realized what a naughty little girl you really are Lisa, watching lesbian porn. It turned me on and I just couldn't help myself.”

Leslie whispered to her, hoping that Lisa wasn't going to turn away from her. “You were supposed to come home and play cards with me.” Lisa moaned softly as Leslie began rubbing her nipples through her night shirt.

“I know, I am so sorry that I didn't call. Someone called out of work and I had to keep working until someone took their place.” Leslie explained softly to her. Knowing that what she was doing to Lisa was better than playing cards.

“It's alright.” Lisa gave her a smile, feeling her pussy getting wet again from Leslie's touch. A little embarrassed that she had found out what she was watching.

“So are you into women?” Leslie asked her, pointing to the television screen.


“I don't know.” Lisa blushed a little, watching the screen herself. Knowing that she was interested in finding out what it felt like.

“I think that you are Lisa, and if you are that's okay. I have watched women exploring each other on television too. I just never found the courage to find someone who would want to explore with me.” Leslie admitted to her, hoping that she would bring Lisa out of her shell if she knew that Leslie was interested as well.

“I've been thinking about it a lot lately.” Lisa looked at Leslie for a brief second before looking down at her bed.

Leslie didn't say anything as she began licking Lisa's neck slowly at first and then using her teeth she began nibbling down on her neck gently.

“Is this something that you think you will like?” Leslie whispered, kissing up to her ear and licking her skin. “It does feel good.” Lisa moaned, closing her eyes and whispering back to her. “Good. That's good.” Leslie told her, taking her hand away from Lisa's nipples and running her hand down to Lisa's flat stomach bringing herself closer to Lisa and rubbing her tits against Lisa's arm through her bra.



“That feels good too. Leslie please touch my pussy.” Lisa whimpered to her, knowing that her pussy was on fire and she wanted Leslie to touch her. She wanted Leslie to do more than touch her but she wasn't confident in asking her just yet.

“I sure can. I thought you'd never ask.” Leslie replied as her hand quickly went into Lisa's silk shorts and attacked her pussy. Putting one long finger inside of Lisa she wiggled it slowly inside of her and then started fingering her while her thumb was massaging Lisa's clit.

“Mmmm that feels so fucking good Leslie.” She moaned, reaching out to pull Leslie's bra down so that she could see her big tits, wanting them to bounce in her face so she could lick at them.

“You're so wet Lisa. Such a naughty girl wanting me to do this to you. Do you want to suck my tits?”

Leslie asked her, sitting up slightly to look at Lisa and to bring her tits closer to Lisa's mouth.

“Yes, I want to lick them and bite them like they were doing on the television. I want to know what it feels like to have your hard nipples running across my tongue.” Lisa stared down at Leslie's tits her pussy contracting and getting wetter by the second.


“That's a good girl Lisa. Here take one.” Leslie offered by sliding closer to Lisa and rubbing her hard nipple across Lisa's lips. Lisa eagerly opened her mouth wide and felt Leslie push her tit into her mouth.

Lisa was licking and sucking hard on her tit making grunting noises as she enjoyed Leslie's tit for the first time. Enjoying any women's tit for the first time and she realized that she really loved it. She would suck on Leslie's tits all the time if she could. knowing that she would never see Leslie the way she did before as just a friend.

“I see that you like my tit. All that grunting you are doing you should feel how wet my pussy is. My panties are really wet.” Leslie moaned, bringing Lisa's head closer to her tit so that she could enjoy the fullness of it.

Lisa didn't move her hands after a few seconds Leslie took one of Lisa's hands and started rubbing her pussy through her panties with Lisa's hand.

Lisa moaned when she felt how wet she was making Leslie. She began moving her fingers around in a circular motion around Leslie's clit as Leslie took her hand off Lisa's knowing that Lisa would touch her and feel her on her own.

Leslie slowly slid her tit out of Lisa's mouth. Leslie wanted Lisa to put her hand into her panties. She was dying for Lisa's fingers to roam inside.

Leslie was getting impatient with Lisa so she roughly took Lisa's hand and tried shoving it into her panties. She needed Lisa to touch her pussy with her hand. Lisa pulled away for a minute or two.

“I'm not ready for that just yet. I want to take this slow.”Lisa explained to her, trying hard to resist Leslie.

“Lisa I want you to touch my pussy with your fingers. I need you to touch my pussy.” She was getting a little upset that Lisa was denying her.

“No.” She told Leslie as Leslie grabbed her hand and put it into her panties herself. She began to rub Lisa's fingers hard against her clit.

“Please stop Leslie!” She hollered at her. She didn't want to go so quickly.

The more Lisa pleaded with her the more Leslie was turned on, moaning and humping Lisa's fingers.


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