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Lilith's Awakening

BOOK: Lilith's Awakening
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Aubrey Ross
Lilith’s Awakening

Aubrey Ross



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Copyright © 2013 Aubrey Ross

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August 2013


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Chapter One

Realm of Darkness


Rage twisted through Lilith. She stood in
the open archway, her fingers crushing the delicate fabric of her
gown. A red haze swam before her eyes, lending the scene a surreal
air. Still, she had to look away.

She inhaled deeply, but the air was smoky,
cloying. It did nothing to ease the fury buffeting her

Damn him!

Fortifying herself, she turned back to the
tableau playing out in the ceremonial chamber.

Gloriously naked, her mate, Sammael, stood
at the foot of a stone altar. His brutal features contorted with
lust. The way his eyes were closed, lips drawn back from his teeth,
another might see fury or excruciating pain, but Lilith recognized

A slender gray demon sprawled upon the
altar. Her hands clasped the backs of her knees, spreading her legs
wide in brazen invitation. From her position in the archway, Lilith
couldn’t help but see how much they were enjoying each other.
Unlike the rest of her drab body, the demon’s pussy was bright red
and stretched tightly around Sammael’s massive cock. Pearly juices
coated her folds, easing the way for his frantic thrusting.

Lilith clasped the archway for support, her
legs trembling beneath her. Her breasts ached and the burning
emptiness in her core made her want to howl.

How could he do this to me?



Do something!

She just stood there, paralyzed by his
betrayal. Each powerful movement jostled the demon’s large breasts.
Sammael bent to suck one gray nipple and the demon gasped. She was
hairless, her entire body smooth and gleaming in the firelight.

They moved together, locked in Splendor’s
Dark Dance. The female’s back arched. Sammael’s hips pumped. Lilith
watched his massive cock appear at the end of each stroke before he
drove back into her quivering body.

He’d promised. He’d vowed
never again to share this secret Splendor with anyone but

Lilith stumbled beyond the archway,


Anger dissipated, but the emptiness left in
its wake was far worse. She choked back the need to scream. She dug
her long nails into her palms, welcoming the pain. Her entire body
throbbed. She felt hollow and cold. Darkness pressed in,
suffocating. She needed air. She needed—


Her spirit trembled. Only the bravest and
most powerful ventured into the Light.

But it was the one place Sammael would never
think to look. Despite his hulking size and ferocious snarls,
Sammael was terrified of the Light.

Balam, savage leader of Serpent Clan, came
and went as he pleased, while her mate stayed below in his
self-imposed prison. They were each powerful, compelling entities,
rapidly gathering followers to their respective clans. Yet she had
sensed an uncompromising intensity in Balam that frightened her, so
she’d chosen not to offer herself as his mate.

But she’d fared no better with Sammael!

Diving into the blood-red water, she swam
beyond the steep rocky rim, the physical barrier surrounding the
Lake of Fire. The water cooled and cleared, turning pink, then
gray, and finally blue. She propelled herself upward with strong,
sure strokes. Her lungs burned. Her muscles ached.

Light undulated on the surface far above.
She fixed her sights on the shimmer and pushed on. Her arms
screamed in protest. Her legs felt leaden. She could mend some
injuries by shifting from one form to another. But her cat-self
hated water, and shifting might only weaken her further.

Black spots danced before her eyes and she
couldn’t focus or coordinate her movements. The spots expanded. All
she could see was darkness.

Roaring erupted in her ears.

Her mate was the cheating
bastard! Why should
be the one to die?

* * *

Adam released the
into the predawn
sky and smiled as it flew from sight. Naming all of God’s creations
had been exciting for a time, however he was running out of ideas.
The beasts were so incredible. He could never hope to choose names
worthy of the creativity and skill the Lord displayed so
effortlessly. He was doing his best, but—

Something floundered beneath the water,
drawing Adam’s attention. The river Pishon was wide here. Adam had
seen few fish, certainly none so large. He peered through the
gently flowing water and tried to discern what was moving in the
depths. The sun had yet to rise, still the shape appeared pale,
almost…flesh-colored? How could that be?

He waded into the water, cautious yet
concerned. This creature didn’t belong in the water. God had
entrusted him with the care of all living things and this one was
obviously in trouble.

Diving toward the unknown shape, Adam
frantically searched, wishing there were more light. One of his
hands found smooth, slick flesh, the other tangled in long
flowing…hair! He pulled the body toward him and kicked forcefully
for the surface. The creature lay limply in his arms and panic
jolted Adam.

Am I too late? Did I hesitate too long on
the shore?

He laid the creature gently on the grassy
riverbank and brushed its long, black mane away from its face. It
made a soft moaning sound, assuring him it was still breathing.
Thank God! He hadn’t been too late.

So, what was this creature? He’d never seen
anything so… It was female, he corrected. Even in the hazy light
her full breasts and tightly drawn nipples revealed her gender. Her
limbs were long, shapely and…hairless. Despite her thick, black
tresses, which fanned out across the grass, the rest of the
female’s body was smooth.

An odd tension swirled
deep in Adam’s belly and his penis swelled. Fascinated, he watched
it thicken and lengthen. It hurt. His heart raced. This happened to
the stallion right before he mounted his mare. Covering himself
with his hand, he looked more closely at the woman. Was this
mate? The animals
all had companions. Had God created this female for him?

Her lips and eyelids were
tinted blue. The tops of her ears were rippled and also blue. Could
this be a trick of the twilight? The rest of her features were very
much like his. She had to be his mate. He
her to be his

But why had she been in the river?

The pressure in his loins increased and Adam
groaned. He closed his fingers around his sex and moved his hips,
gasping. It jerked against his palm. Hesitantly, he reached out and
covered one of her breasts while he continued to slide his fist
along his aching length. Her skin was so soft, her flesh so
different from his. Heat infused his shaft, searing the sensitive
head. He needed to put it inside her!

He needed to

She moaned, shifting restlessly in the
grass. Her nipple hardened against his palm. He moved his hand and
examined the change his touch had wrought. Her soft, dusky nipple
had tightened into a puckered point. He touched the very tip and
she arched her back. Adam smiled. She enjoyed this touching. He
moved his fingers to her other nipple, gently pulling on it so he
could watch the transformation.

“Where am I?”

Husky and oddly accented, her words sent
shivers down his spine. He started to release her nipple, but she
caught his wrist and opened her eyes. Her eyes were so bright a
blue they glowed in the murky light. Adam could only stare.

“Who are you?” She released his wrist,
struggling to sit up.

“No.” Cupping her shoulders, he eased her
back into the grass. “Rest. You nearly drowned in the river. If I
hadn’t pulled you out… Did God create you for me?”


The unmistakable hope in the stranger’s
question took Lilith by surprise. Her heart thudded madly. She had

I am in the Light.

This beautiful creature had saved her.

She was naked. Had he undressed her? He’d
been fingering her nipple when she awakened. What else had he done
while she was unconscious? Would he fuck her now, demand that she
take his cock into her mouth or up her ass in exchange for her
life? Her pussy ripened at the thought while laughter bubbled
within her. Those were Dark thoughts, Dark concerns. There was no
cruelty in him. His touch had been curious and gentle.

She stared into his
guileless amber eyes, fascinated by the innocence she saw there.
Had she
this pure? His features were masculine perfection—strength tempered
by tenderness. Oh, to defile one such as this.

Did she dare?

Hell yes, she dared! Blindly deferring to
the judgment of males had gained her nothing. It was past time she
set her own course.

“Yes,” she whispered. “You are male. I am
female. I was made for you.”

“Am I to name you as I named the

She smiled. “No. This will
be different, my golden one.
will share my knowledge with

He hesitated, then moved his hand, revealing
his thick, hard cock. “Do you understand what to do with this?”

Lilith licked her lips and smiled. “Yes. Oh,

Chapter Two


Lilith stretched in the grass, cupping her
breasts and glorying in the purple predawn. His warm hand touched
her knee. “I’ve seen the beasts in the field. I understand what
must be done.”

Lilith’s mind filled with unwanted images.
Sammael’s contorted features, his rippling muscles, his mighty cock
stretching the gray demon’s bright red core. “You understand
nothing.” The golden male’s enthusiasm melted into shame and Lilith
softened her tone. “You’re eager to learn and that’s good. But you
must be patient.”

His gaze moved over her naked body, his
fingers tracing lazy circles on her kneecap while he waited for her
next command.

Lilith watched him as he
watched her. He was
innocent. “I will make the Splendor come upon you, but


He’d fixated on the wrong
word. She liked it even better. “Yes. I’ll make you come, but
pleasured me. My pleasure must always

Her feline vision surged, allowing her to
see the creature more clearly in the muted light. He gently cupped
her breast. Lilith smiled. So different from Sammael. Long and
graceful, his body was toned and defined rather than bulky and
massive. Everything about him was golden. His hair, his skin, even
his amber eyes were all varieties of the same color.

“Your skin is so soft.” His voice whispered
across her senses while his fingers lightly grazed her skin.
Tenderness was a nice contrast to Sammael’s brutality, but she
needed her nipples rolled and sucked…bitten!

Awareness passed through Lilith like a
specter. “Did you hear that?” She looked up and down the

“Creatures often come here to drink. I see
none right now.”

She didn’t
anything either, but
she could sense something, unseen yet present. “Let’s move into the

Scrambling up from the grass, Lilith led him
into the surrounding woods. Her pussy ached, her clit was swollen
and needful. Each step she took rubbed her slick folds together.
Such sweet torment. The uneasy suspicion that they were being
watched only heightened her arousal.

BOOK: Lilith's Awakening
4.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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