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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the new, revised edition of my classic historical romance,
Fires of Destiny
. In 1986, when the novel was originally published, I was thrilled to win the
Romantic Times
award as New Historical Romance Author of the Year. The novel was also a finalist for the Rita Award.

Although the text has been extensively re-edited and polished, the story and characters remain essentially the same. If you have read this novel before, I'm delighted that you've returned for a re-read; if this is your first time, I welcome you to the book of my heart. For information on my other books, please join me at

Happy Reading!

Linda Barlow




eMail: [email protected]







For Curt and Dilek








The Mediterranean

September 1555

Two men stood side by side, staring down at the narrow berth in the ship's tiny surgery. The younger man felt a gentle touch on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Roger," the physician said. "There was nothing more I could do for the lass."

Roger Trevor wondered why he felt so little emotion as he looked upon the pale, still face of the woman lying there. Celestine. Her flaxen hair was fluffed on the pillow, glimmering and shining as it had in life. Her expression was more serene than he had ever seen it. Her eyes, mercifully, were closed, but he remembered the way they had gazed at him last night—full of pain, fear, and what he imagined to be silent accusation. He would remember those iridescent blue eyes until he, too, lay as stiff and cold as she.

BOOK: Linda Barlow
2.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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