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Jordan Marie


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Author’s Note:

This book is part of an ongoing series. While it can be read as a standalone it is highly recommended that you have read Volume 1 of the Savage Brothers MC series,
Breaking Dragon
. Volume 2,
Saving Dancer,
while not as closely linked to the main characters will also provide more character detail that is useful when reading.


This book is dedicated to all who have had a part, both large and small, in helping me live my dream. From a note of encouragement to the purchase of the book and anything in between, there are no words I can offer except a heartfelt thank you.

For the readers who have opened their hearts and minds to embrace Dragon and Nicole, please note this book was meant to be a celebration of their love. A short novella to celebrate their wedding. Dragon, as he often does, had other plans. The direction it went into was not planned, and for the life of me I cannot write with an outline. It’s a wild, crazy and emotional journey which took it way out of the realm of a wedding book. It takes a village to write a book seems appropriate for me. Please read to the end to see my list of acknowledgments; for the wonderful people in my corner.

I hope you enjoy the story, I’m not ashamed to say it’s my favorite of all I have written both in this series and in the past.


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Loving Nicole

Savage Brothers MC Series

Book 3

Jordan Marie



New York

Three Weeks Earlier

push my
chair back, tilting it while bringing my feet up. I rest them on my desk. My eyes follow the perfect crease in my three thousand dollar Armani suit. You have to pay for perfection, demand it. From where I am sitting I can see my secretary buttoning up her black, silk blouse.

A shame really, because it will ultimately cover up the marks I left on her body only moments earlier. I came oh so close to choking the life out of her. She blacked out this time. Just the memory of it causes my dick to jump and I wonder how quickly I can finish this call. Will I have time to take her again, before my next meeting? Maybe I’ll force her to suck me off and hide under my desk. If she’s a good little dog, I’ll give her what she wants later. She’s always begging for it. As dangerous as I am, she still craves more. It’s good, it’s an aphrodisiac knowing she’s getting off on it—but only because it makes me push it farther. I have to, because if not, I don’t get to see the fear in her eyes and motherfucker, I crave the fear.

“Hurry Donald, I have someone waiting on me.”

At my words my secretary turns and looks at me, her brown eyes flash in understanding.

I take my feet down, slide my seat back another couple of inches and motion under my desk. She walks towards me, but I shake my head no. She stops instantly, such a good little pet.

I mouth the word. She nods her understanding and begins undressing.

“Mr. Kavanagh, we’ve found her.”

I freeze. The little bitch has been missing for five fucking years.

“Where?” I demand, waving my secretary off. My dick being jammed down her throat is the last thing on my mind now. She picks up her clothes and quickly exits, having seen this mood enough to know to run for cover.

“She’s in a small town in Eastern Kentucky.”

“No fucking way.”

“Yes sir, do we apprehend her and bring her to you?”

I consider this, as it would be the easiest and ultimately the cleanest alternative. But alas, I do not do clean nor easy.

“No. Watch her, evaluate the situation. I want pictures tonight. I will decide after that.”

“Yes sir, there might be one slight issue.”

My hand tightens on the receiver. I will not have anything stand in my way now. It will not happen.

“That is?” I prompt.

“She seems to have taken up with a gang.”

“A gang? That does not sound like Melinda. Perhaps your incompetence is showing again, Donald.”

“No sir, the hair is different, but this is definitely Mrs. Kavanagh.”

“A gang?”

“A motorcycle gang. I believe they call themselves the Savage Brothers.”

A motorcycle gang? Well, well, my Melinda never ceases to amaze, too bad I’m going to kill her.

“I expect a detailed report tonight. Do not disappoint, Donald.”

“Yes, sir.”

I hang the phone up and turn my seat around to stare at the skyline of downtown Manhattan. The different shapes and sizes of the skyscrapers jut and point in a peculiar pattern, which is strangely beautiful. The water in the distance is calm and the blue reflects the sun’s glare. My hands tighten on the arms of my leather cushioned chair.

Finally, Melinda is in my grasp. I vow she will not get away this time.

Chapter 1


come awake
slowly, my eyes adjusting to the dim light in the room. A smile hits my face as I feel my woman’s lips graze my stomach.

“Morning, Mama.”

“Mmmm…,” she moans against my skin, her tongue darting in and out of my belly button.

I run my fingers through her hair, caressingly. I love her hair; the color, the texture, the way it always feels so soft between my fingers. I feel her teeth rake across my skin. She places a teasing bite on my stomach at the same exact time her hand cups my balls, gently massaging them.

I wrap her hair tighter around my fingers. Fuck, yeah. My girl has been horny as hell this last month. She says it’s because of the pregnancy. All I know is I get to fuck her, sometimes, five times a day and I love every damn second of it; even when I can do nothing but get her off with my fingers, because my dick is exhausted. I’m one happy motherfucker. Hell, I might keep her knocked up constantly if this is the reward.

“My Mama needing me to make her come?” I ask. Her head slowly raises, she looks up with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers, and they lock on mine.

“No,” she says with a smile, her voice warm, husky and full of need. Her hand goes to my cock, pumping it with a firm grip. Her thumb grazing the slick head with each downward stroke.

“No?” I ask confused, because her actions are not going along with the denial.

“No, I want you to come,” she corrects me and bam, just like that, I feel my release so close a cold sweat breaks out on me.

This woman has so much power over me and it’s been like that since the first time I kissed her and felt her ass in my hands. She branded me and destroyed me for any other woman.

“Climb on board, Mama.” We’ve switched to having her on top most of the time when we make love because I’m afraid of hurting the baby. She’s six months along now, and fuck, she’s gorgeous—more beautiful every damned day. The sight of her stomach swelled and tight with our baby, her large breasts even bigger—preparing for our child all of the subtle changes in her that I can’t begin to list…all those put together and Nicole, herself, captivates me. Every day I find something new to love that I want to explore with her.

Nicole ignores my demand and instead, slides farther down between my legs and before I can gather my brain cells to say one more thing, her mouth is sliding down my staff and she’s sucking on my cock with a growl. My head pushes back against my pillow and my eyes close. I take a minute to just relish the feeling of being owned by this amazing woman and the hot, wet, slick depths of her mouth.

Nothing better. There is nothing better than being with Nicole. That is the one sane thought I can muster as she picks up her pace and starts sucking my cock harder, in tandem with her hand stroking me and controlling the depth.

BOOK: Loving Nicole
5.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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