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Lucca's Lust: The Luminara Series Book 3

BOOK: Lucca's Lust: The Luminara Series Book 3
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Lucca’s Lust

Lucca’s Words


Book three

‘The Luminara Series’



SJ Molloy


Published by SJ Molloy

ISBN Ebook – 978-0-989987-4-3

ISBN Print version – 0989987949 (Paperback)

Editor – Maxann Dobson - The Polished Pen -

Developmental editor – James Ramsey - The Polished Pen -

Cover Art, design and graphics – Design Divaz –

Interior design – Lucinda Campbell -


Copyright © 2014 SJ Molloy

Creation title and content: Lucca’s Lust

Book three in The Luminara Series.

By SJ Molloy


All rights reserved to SJ Molloy.


This work: Any words, phrases, excerpts, graphics, logo, characters, story, plot, and branding may not be replicated, copied, printed, distributed or transmitted in any way without consent. This includes photocopying, recording, reprinting, and by any other mechanical, digital, or electronic method without written permission granted by the author. Excerpts and graphics may be used for review and promotional purposes for certain non-commercial use permitted by copyright law, only if consent is given by S.J. Molloy. For permission requests, write to the author, addressed “Request of copyright approval” at [email protected]


The characters and events, scenes, phrasing, and plot portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, are coincidental and not purposely intended by the author. This is the work based solely on the imagination of the author and does not interpret or replicate any real life living scenarios or settings. Facebook and any other online social media networking is not affiliated with the novel and bonus chapters.


SJ Molloy is in no way affiliated with any brands, songs, musicians, artists, hotels, restaurants, or designers mentioned in this book.


This book was written in Lucca’s point of view as a reading companion to support the Luminara Series, to further develop the plot and give reasoning behind Lucca Caruso’s behaviour, thoughts, and actions.


The book was written after Lussuria: book one and L’amore: book two, and prior to publish of Luminoso: book four.

It has been carefully developed and scripted into the plot and storyline of Luminoso: book four to keep continuity. Therefore, it is recommended that Lussuria and L’amore are read first to understand the plot, backstory, characters, and progression of the story.




Foreword: A note from the author



Originally when I planned the Luminara series I intended to write the first four books from Lexi’s point of view which will tell Lucca and Lexi’s story. The schedule of the books has now changed quite significantly because I was inundated with requests from readers and bloggers asking for Lucca’s Caruso’s point of view. I decided to give it a go.

I need to give special thanks to Rebecca. This book would not have been possible if it was not for the encouragement, patience, support, and enthusiasm from her. Rebecca, is an amazing book reviewer and blogger who has shown continued support and interest in this series from the first publish of Lussuria. Rebecca originally asked for Lucca Caruso’s first character interview to be published on her blog due to lots of interest from readers asking for it.

I had already started writing and developing Luminoso, but due to personal circumstances I had to have some time off this year. I thought writing Lucca’s point of view would be refreshing, a challenge and a good way to get me back into a routine with writing the series and break things up a little. And I was not wrong. I have had the most amazing time and experience writing this book.

One thing led to another. I found new inspiration and had numerous unravelling ideas going on in my mind with regards to the plot. I decided, along with my editors, to once again develop my writing and carefully incorporate Lucca’s interview into the plot of Luminoso, which will now be book four in the series.

Once I started writing this, I could not stop. Based on positive feedback, it was then I decided to rewrite the majority of Lussuria in Lucca Caruos’s words.

I always aimed to be exceptionally transparent from the initial onset and publish of Lussuria by mentioning that this would be an epic and intense series but subject to change at any given time. It is important to me to give you as much depth, flow, and structure as possible. I want to ensure that my readers understand the reasoning behind Lucca’s actions, his past, and his thoughts, and a book in his words covers this nicely.

By popular demand and by filling in the gaps, I have given you all insight into Lucca’s life and mind. I knew it would take a full-length novel to furnish my readers with depth, enough awareness, and details in his words to give you a vision of life through Lucca’s eyes. A journey into his heart, mind, and soul.

I then carefully put a lot of consideration into adding advance chapters from Luminoso at the end, again in Lucca’s words to give my readers some clues, and ideas on where the plot is going. There will be lots of twists and turns, so I would like to leave you with some thought provoking chapters.

The planned schedule of the books in this series can be found here:

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing this book.


Welcome to Lucca’s Lust. Lucca’s first point of view.

His lust.

His love.

His light.


SJ x




Table of Contents





Part One: Lussuria ~ Lucca’s Words


Chapter 1: Chance Encounters

Chapter 2: Breath-Stealer

Chapter 3: Feel, Fate and Forever

Chapter 4: Fallen

Chapter 5: Lesson One: Us

Chapter 6: Unadulterated Lust

Chapter 7: My Angel

Chapter 8: Dolcissimo

Chapter 9: Fiery

Chapter 10: Enthralled

Chapter 11: Solace

Chapter 12: First Proper Date

Chapter 13: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Chapter 14: Pens, Paper, and Words

Chapter 15: New Love

Chapter 16: Darkness

Chapter 17: My Something Special

Chapter 18: She Is Mine

Chapter 19: New Life

Chapter 20: I Have Her

Chapter 21: My Gift Of The Day

Chapter 22: Providence



Part Two: Lucca’s Therapy ~ Advance reading material from Luminoso in Lucca’s words

Chapter 1: Fixer

Chapter 2: Baby, I Am Scared

Chapter 3: Scandal

Chapter 4: All Of Me


Part Three: Lucca’s Interview ~ Extended Bonus Chapter


A note

Glossary of characters


About the author

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Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time; effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end. ~ Anne Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein (1766-1817)



At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. ~ Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

BOOK: Lucca's Lust: The Luminara Series Book 3
7.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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