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Lucian's Soul

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Lucian’s Soul

Hazel Gower


Since the beginning of time, humanity has made one fatal mistake... Angels and demons are not who humans think they are.


For millennia it has been up to the king of the demons, Lucian, to save humans and shifters from the horrors the angels inflict upon the world and the innocents living within it.


He’s grown weary of the war and his passion for saving his charges has faded. But there is hope. It is said when the angels are close to achieving their goal, and Lucifer himself barely cares anymore, the tides will turn and love will cure all. Lucifer will find his one. His soul mate. A mate who will love him unconditionally, lending him strength and power more deadly than anyone could imagine. And now...that time has come. 

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Alpha Series

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What you think is a demon is actually an angel. Humanity has mixed them up since the beginning of time.

Angels are not what humans think they are. They are jealous and nasty creatures who care for no one but their own species.

Demons, on the other hand, thrive on saving humans and shifters from the horrors they inflict on the world and themselves.

The two species never get along, as demons fight to help humans and shifters while angels try to bring about their execution.

Lucifer himself spends his time helping humans and shifters. He and his five brothers are gifted with immortality, but there is only so long one can walk the earth alone. The king of demons and his brothers’ hearts grow weary and their power and passion for saving the human and shifter races and the world they live in fades. 

They say when the angels are close to achieving their goal and Lucifer barely cares anymore, the tides will turn and love will cure all. Lucifer will find his soul mate. The mate will unconditionally love him, and not only will she give him new life, but she will make him stronger, deadlier, and more powerful than anyone could imagine.  

Chapter One

Tessa pressed the elevator button and waited as it went to the top floor. She had twenty minutes to drop the assessment sheet at the CEO’s desk, then get her bag and run to the bus stop to get the bus, otherwise she’d have to wait another hour for a bus to her neighborhood. It was eight o’clock and she’d been at work since a quarter to nine, and had been awake since seven this morning. Right now she was tired and hungry. She thanked God it was Friday and she had two days off. She intended to spend those days relaxing and sleeping.

On days like this, when it was so cold she was surprised it wasn’t cold enough to snow, Tessa would give anything to afford a car. She wished she could relive her teenage years. She had apologized to her parents for running off with her ex-boyfriend six years ago. They had forgiven her and even paid for her secretary courses as she couldn’t get a loan because she was in so much debt. Ben had deserted her as soon as the creditors came knocking at the door. No one knew where he was, and Tessa was now stuck paying for all the things they’d bought. Tessa sold everything and came crawling back to her parents at twenty with a massive amount of debt and shame.

Tessa had worked two jobs for a year to pay off as much debt as she could. She cut down to one job when her parents paid for the secretary course. She worked hard and got the best grades, so her parents also paid for little side courses to better her chances at a good job. Tessa was grateful to her parents, and she promised once she finished paying off her first lot of debts she would pay her parents back. 

Four months ago, Tessa joined Devils, Inc. as a secretary for one of the higher bosses. It was supposed to be a dream job. The pay was high and it was advertised as a nine to five. That had been a lie. Tessa found out why the pay was so high—because her boss Greg was a grade A arsehole who fobbed his work off onto her. Tessa couldn’t afford to lose her job or quit. This job was helping her pay her debts a lot quicker.

The company was part of the Fortune 500. The owner and CEO of Devil’s, Inc.—Lucian Samson, bad boy billionaire—was known for turning any venture he was a part of into a success. Tessa knew if she could last two years and pay off her debts, she would be able to get a job anywhere. All she would have to say was she had worked at Devil’s, Inc. and left on good terms.

Tessa glanced at her watch and groaned. She had less than fifteen minutes to place the file on Lucian Samson’s desk, then get back to her bag and leave for the bus stop.  She hurried along the corridor toward the big office doors in sight.

Almost running to the door, she gripped the assessment tighter and barged through the big doors, thinking no one else would be here at this time. Tessa paused and gasped at the sight before her. Lucian Samson stood naked with three women fawning over him. A redhead sucked his cock and two blondes were moaning and kissing his sculptured body. 

At her gasp, Lucian’s glowing blue eyes shot from the redhead to stare at her. A wicked grin came over his face before he sniffed the air and growled. In an instant his whole demeanor changed. His relaxed stance turned rigid and his cheeky grin vanished, replaced by a serious one.

Oh, God, she needed to get out of here. Backing up, she muttered, “I’m so sorry. I…well…um… I… didn’t see anything.”  Tessa was terrified as she swore Lucian grew from his already impressive six-foot something to seven or eight.  His jet black hair lengthened and seemed to grow, his skin turned a dark shade of red, and his eyes went from blue to black.

“Mate. My mate. Come to me now.” Lucian’s voice was deep and it sent a shiver of pleasure straight through her. What the hell was wrong with her? The guy in front of her was scary, not something to get turned on by. Crap, Tessa needed to get out of here, like now.

Backing out of the room, she slammed the door shut and ran for the elevator. The door opened and she pressed her work floor so she could get her bag and get the hell out of there.

Sighing in relief when the door closed, the elevator went down and as soon as the doors opened on her work floor she ran to her desk, dropped the assessment she’d been gripping like a lifeline, then gathered her bag. She took a couple of deep, calming breaths, giggling as she remembered what she thought she saw. Tessa needed sleep. She was so tired she was seeing things. Tessa hoped she didn’t get fired for her rude behavior. Looking around her, she made sure everything was turned off before she went back to the elevator and took it to the ground floor. Once there she nodded to Fred, the security guy, and walked as fast as she could to the bus stop.

At the bus stop Tessa laughed. She had the best imagination, imagining a man growing and turning bright red. God, she needed food and sleep. There was no way what she saw Lucian Samson do was real. She was grateful it was Friday—she would have two days to catch up on some much needed rest.


Lucian pushed the bitches off him, eager to go after his mate. The three women wouldn’t let him go. They wanted to satisfy the alpha Demon, the one and only Lucifer, ruler of the underworld.

Ha, they have no idea they already live in my kingdom.

They had tried to seduce him individually, but other than a quick fuck he wasn’t interested. Lately Lucian was bored, sick of fucking the same type of woman over and over. He knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere with any of them. Lucian couldn’t have children unless he and his demon accepted the woman and she was their mate. He’d been searching for her so many years he’d not only lost count, but he’d given the fuck up.

This didn’t stop women from trying to get him to mate with them. Lucian knew he was a hot commodity. He was the legendary Lucifer and he lived lavishly, had more money than anyone in the world, and owned many properties all over, the biggest being a large acreage where he currently lived. His house was grand and he liked his cars and motor bikes. Toys, his mother would have called them.

Stacey kept throwing herself at him, blocking him from going after his mate. His demon snarled and Lucian let him free. Lucian’s bat like wings unfurled as the scent of his mate invaded his heightened senses. His demon roared as the scent of their mate lessened. Lucian hadn’t been able to stop the change coming over him when he saw her. He’d looked into her big, doe brown eyes and her chestnut hair falling out of its bun and knew he was a goner.

“Lucifer, let the human go. Stay and play with us,” Tiffney moaned.

Lifting Stacey off him, he threw her across the room and growled at Tiffney. “Get out of my way. Get out of my sight. I don’t want any of you anymore.” Lucian felt ill at the thought of their touch right now.

Furious that his mate was getting away and he’d wasted precious time on the bitches before him, he stormed past the cowering women, not caring about his nakedness—just eager to find his mate. When he couldn’t find her he let out a deafening roar. Lucian let the change come over him and let his demon have free reign. Tomorrow he would begin the search for his mate. She worked in the building and he would find her, even if he had to interrogate every one of his employees.

Closing his eyes, he brought up the image of his mate. Her hair was a light chestnut brown, the strands that had fallen from her tight bun long and wavy.  Her skin was creamy porcelain white. Her eyes were big brown pools that showed every emotion. Her body had him drooling and eager to find her. She had a Coke bottle body shape, full up the top coming in and flaring out again. She was roughly five-six, maybe seven. She was perfect for Lucian and he couldn’t wait to find her and learn more. 


When she’d arrived at work on Monday after her much needed restful weekend, Greg had been furious with her and threatened to let her go that day. She had begged for her job and told him she would do better, but didn’t tell him she hadn’t dropped the assessment off because she walked in on Lucian with three women. Greg had caved, but only because he’d been praised for doing great work. Tessa was an idiot and Greg was a dick, but if he took credit for her work again she was going to bury him alive.

The week seemed to just get worse. A lot of employees were on edge and snappy; supposedly Lucian Samson was on the warpath. Looking at the computer screen in front of her, the image blurred and she saw herself kicking Greg’s arse into the snow. Tessa groaned because she knew she could never hurt anyone, fuckwit or not. She reminded herself tonight was Friday and she had two days to relax again. At least, she hoped she could relax. Ever since she’d seen Lucian and heard his deep sexy voice, Tessa hadn’t been getting much sleep. Her dreams were filled with fantasies that had Tessa waking with want and need. Lucian holding her in his embrace as he worshipped her body. Lucian sweeping her off her feet and making slow, sensual love to her. Lucian rubbing suntan oil on her and being her personal cabana man. She tried satisfying herself with her vibrator, her finger, anything, but nothing worked.

Since she wasn’t sleeping, Tessa had come to work early all week so she wouldn’t have to stay back again like last Friday. Today she hadn’t been as lucky. Glancing out the frost-covered window, Tessa turned back to the screen to check the time—seven-fifteen. Great, she had stayed over two hours, longer than what she would be paid for again. Cursing Greg for the millionth time, she sighed and started double-checking her work so she could save it and turn off the computer. Rubbing her eyes, she blinked as everything went black.

“No, no, no. Please don’t do this to me. God, Jesus, anybody who is listening, I will do anything if you turn the power back on so I haven’t lost a thing.” She banged her head on the desk, closing her eyes and praying when she opened them it would all be a bad dream, or the power would have come back on. Slowly straightening up and opening her eyes, she moaned as pitch black met her. “I’m cursed.” She stood and gazed out the window, looking to see if the street lights were out.

“I wouldn’t say you were cursed. I know cursed people and you aren’t one of them.”

Tessa screamed and jumped from her seat as a masculine voice she knew well from her dreams spoke.

Turning to Lucian Samson, the star in all her fantasies this last week, Tessa prayed he hadn’t heard her ranting to herself.  Thanks to the frost glistening on the sills and the moonlight through the window behind her, she could see him. Not that Tessa needed to see him, as his image was permanently entrenched in her brain. She’d looked him up when she’d gotten home last weekend and found that he was six-four with bright sky blue eyes and a perfect muscular body encased in olive brown skin. He was her ideal dream man and way out of her league.

BOOK: Lucian's Soul
13.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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