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Mr. Buff



Mr. Buff
was hot. Not only the character himself, with his suave confidence and hypnotizing dominance, but the story was all-round HOT. In a short amount of pages April Angel wove a deliciously naughty story…”


—Riverina Romantics



“This was my first read by this author, but there's no way I'm going to miss out on anything else she writes. …Ms Angel sure knows how to write sex scenes. They're raw, carnal, explosive, very descriptive and the words tickle your nerves from head to toe.”


—Ms. Romantic Reads



Wicked Valentine



“By now it shouldn't come as a surprise when I say that April Angel is my Fairy Smut Mother—the mistress and conjurer of every conceivable fantasy I never knew I had. And she doesn't seem to be running out of sinfully wicked male heroes that make your heart pound and other parts throb with need, or female heroines you want nothing more than to trade places with.”

—Ms. Romantic Reads


“Have I said lately how much I love April Angel's books? I swear each is better than the last.”

—Bad Barb’s Book Reviews


Party Crasher



“…[I]f you like steamy scenes, hot characters and male characters that like to push close to the boundary, you will not be disappointed.”

—Iris Pross,
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To my awesome readers. Thanks for being so amazing and liking my books. To my street team: The Sexy Biter Book Pimps and my Fab Four. You girls make my life so much easier. And fun!

A very big and very special thank you to Michelle Wilson. You know why.

And to my husband, T. Thanks for being there. Always.


Chapter One




Luciana whipped her head toward the familiar voices of Alex and Nina. She smiled wide when she spotted the two women, past the masses of travelers by the luggage pickup, heading in her direction.

She rushed forward and enveloped both in a group hug. “I missed you so much!”

“We missed you too,
!” Alex’s soft voice whispered in her ear.

She pulled back. Both women wore fun, colorful outfits and sandals. Like her, they were on the curvaceous side, voluptuous, with full bodies, as her mom liked to say. All three also had long dark hair and the cinnamon-toned skin that came from their Latin heritage. Only Lucky had the blue-black hair. She was also a few years younger than Alex and older than Nina. It made her the cream in their cookie sandwich.

Fascinated with how dazzling both women looked, she gaped openly at them. If they radiated any more happiness, she’d need sunglasses. Alex glowed with her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Nina’s eyes danced, filled with joy. Her heart ached that she’d been missing out on the comings and goings of her best friends.

“You look about ready to burst with joy—especially you, Alex.” She grinned.

Nina laughed. “Not so much what we’re doing, but what is being done to us.” She winked.
“Tu sabes

Yeah, she knew, all right. Those sparkling dark eyes of theirs told enough of the story for her not to wonder. And if what she’d heard about Alex’s husband and Nina’s fiancé was true, they were both getting done quite well. Sadly, Lucky had been very
lucky in that side of her life. Her last relationship had gone down the drain when she’d mentioned family and babies to her ex. Her chest hurt whenever she remembered the way things had ended. Shit had hit the fan in the worst possible moment. Shaking her mind out of the pity party it tended to head to, she smiled at the women.

“Come on,
. Let’s get out of here so you can both fill me in on the wedding and what I’m supposed to do to make sure it goes off without a hitch.” She tugged on the plastic handle of her suitcase and headed for the exit, zigzagging her way around the bodies rushing to enter the terminal.

Sweat formed and dripped down her spine the moment they hit the outdoors. Having come from Florida and the warm beach weather, it was odd to have a higher temperature meet her in New York.

Nina winced. “I know. This weather sucks.” She slipped on her sunglasses. “I should have just picked a date in the winter to get married, but I really didn’t want to wait that long.”

Alex rolled her eyes and pointed to her protruding baby bump, covered by her pretty purple tank top. “You should have. I would have loved to fit into a regular dress instead of a muumuu.”

“Honey, you’re going to look gorgeous in your dress.” Nina grinned.

“Gorgeous?” Alex lifted her brows high, disbelief written all over her flushed face. “I’ll look like the sun—one big yellow sphere.”

Lucky choked on a giggle. “Alex!”

“It’s true.” She pouted. “I don’t care what you say. I look terrible in all that yellow. Big and yellow. Lovely combination.”

, Alex.” Nina’s voice sounded tired. As if they’d had that conversation multiple times before.

“Gold, yellow, does it matter?” Alex frowned, as she pulled a bottle of water from her handbag and sipped.

“But Alex, you can—”

“Stop telling me I can wear it again.” She groaned. “I don’t think I want to look like the sun in the future.”

Lucky grinned. It was nice to be back with family. She was already enjoying the silly banter between her cousins. They made their way to Nina’s navy-blue sedan. She followed behind Nina and Alex. “So, when do I get to meet the groom?”

Belts snapped into place as Nina started the car. “Tomorrow night. We’re having a private party at
Come Again
. You already met Andrew at Alex’s wedding. This time you’ll meet my honey, Maxwell, and his best friend, JT—who’s also his best man.”

The car took off suddenly, causing Lucky to jerk in her seat. She bit back the usual “slow-down” retort she used on her sister. It wasn’t that Nina was a bad driver. Lucky just didn’t like speed. Or cars.

“Tonight is just us girls.” Nina cheered.

“Ugh…I hate to be the party pooper here, but I am just not up for late nights anymore,” Alex whined. She lifted her long hair into a bun and used a clip to hold it in place.

“Aw. Poor baby.” Nina cooed. “Don’t worry, hon. You are excused and may go home to rest those swollen little feet.”

Lucky sat back and retrieved a notebook. Time to take down notes on her plans for the wedding.

“Oh, Luckyyy.”

She met Nina’s smiling gaze in the rear view mirror.

“Tonight is going to be a super special surprise. I’m taking you somewhere awesome.”

“A club?” She wasn’t sure she was up to the clubbing scene just yet.

“Nope. A private event. And that’s all I’m going to tell you.”

Lucky opened her mouth to ask further questions, but Alex cut her off. “Don’t even bother asking anything,
. She’s already said it’s a surprise. She’s obsessed with those things.”

“Hey! I will have you know, you all love my surprises.” She clicked on the radio. The sounds of their favorite ’80s salsa songs filled the car, and they all started singing along, completely out of tune. She amended her previous thought. It wasn’t just nice to be back with her family. It was awesome.


* * *



Lucky glanced at her body in the full-length bedroom mirror, scanning for anything that might be off with the short black skirt, crimson top, and heeled black sandals. Her breasts strained against the low-cut neckline, showing off more than a peek of her boobs. Hm. Did she look desperate? She hoped not. Short of walking around in a nun habit, everything she wore molded to her boobs and hips, clinging in all the right places. Oh well, she had curves and she had no problem showing them off.

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