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Mail Order Menage

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An Erotic Western Novella

Leota M. Abel & Ella Mansfield


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Copyright 2013 by Leota M. Abel & Ella Mansfield

First Amazon Edition: July 2013

Cover design by Leota M. Abel




Marina has always known she was destined for more than just working in a grimy New York City factory, so when she falls for her boss, she thinks she's found her future. But her sister has her doubts — doubts which lead her to answer an advertisement for a mail order bride…on Marina's behalf. When Marina's dreams come crashing down, she gratefully accepts George Maddix's proposal and takes the next train to Montana.


What she doesn't know is that women and money are scarce in George's neck of the woods, so he and his two handsome brothers pooled their resources to pay for Marina's ticket out west…to be the new bride for all three men!


Will this be another crushing disappointment for the frustrated Marina or the answer to her prayers?




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Mail Order Menage

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Mail Order Menage


April 1885


Chapter One


Marina stood in front of the glass, smoothing her hair, until Jasmine finally dragged her away from it, and made her sit down.

“Oh Jas, it’s just…I’m sure this is it. I’m sure it is.” Jasmine sat next to her, and patted her hand.

“Marina, dear, are you sure? Please, tell me who has you all in a flutter?”

“Well, you know how I got that factory job?”

“Oh, I thought only women worked there, how on earth did you meet a man there?”

Marina clapped her hands together in delight. She’d been holding out on Jasmine for just ages. She never got to surprise her.

“Oh, only women work on the floor, but of course management is men, no, gentlemen.”

Jasmine’s face fell.

“Are you…I mean, did you, one of the managers?”

Marina didn’t notice the ashen tone of Jasmine’s face, she was too caught up in the moment.

“Oh Jasmine, he’s perfect! We’ve been having lunch together, once a week.”

“Which day?”

“Oh, Mondays.”

“Why haven’t you told me about him?”

“He said he’d get in terrible trouble for courting a floor girl, so until we’re ready, we can’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t want to him to lose his job, well then, how would he support us!”

“Did he ask you to marry him?”

“Well, no, not in so many words. He’s courting me still, silly.”

“And yet, he’s never asked to be introduced to your family?”

“Don’t be silly, he knows you’re my only family. We’ve only just started courting.”

Jasmine stood and walked to the window and looked out. She looked around the shabby room and then looked back at her sister.

“What is this man’s name?”

“You can’t tell anyone; I was sworn to secrecy.”

“Oh, of course not.”

“Michael. Micheal Parry.”

“The manager, Michael Parry, wants you to keep your relationship with him secret? From all the girls on the floor? What about your lunch meetings?”

“Oh, he has different girls visit him every day for lunch. Says it helps keep him fresh about what is happening on the factory floor.”

Jasmine looked up at the ceiling, clearly choosing her words carefully.

“Please, Marina, be careful. There are plenty of men who would take advantage of a sweet woman like you who desires marriage.”

Marina stood up and frowned at her sister.

“Why are you being so sour! You’ve talked nonstop about me finding and getting a good man, and now that I have a chance, you’re cutting sharp at me? Just because you lost your husband, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to find myself one!”

“Marina, please, I didn’t mean it like that. I just…I’ve had more experience than you, and I’d hate for you to be hurt.”

Marina walked over to Jasmine, and took her hand in hers.

“It’s just that he makes me so happy.”

Jasmine clutched her hands.

“Then I’m sure everything will be just fine. Go to work, we’ll talk when you get back.”

Marina swept out of the apartment and Jasmine settled at the table, flipping through the paper. There was a whole section of advertisements for mail order brides. One caught her eye: “Rancher in Montana seeking a mail order bride.  Must be openminded and at least eighteen years old.  Adventerous widows only.  Send letter to George Maddix, General Delivery Hope Springs, Montana.”  She looked down at the advertisement in the paper again, grabbed her writing supplies and began writing.

“Dear George, My name is Marina Miller.  I’m nineteen years old and I work in a factory in New York City, but grew up on a farm.  I love the idea of moving out west to be a mail order bride.  I’m very open-minded.  I have red hair and green eyes.  I look forward to your response.  Sincerely, Marina.”

Jasmine chewed her lip, but knew that if it worked out, she just wouldn’t tell Marina what she’d done. And if Michael was still a cad, then Marina would have an escape. Jasmine thought she’d make a good mail order bride, as Marina had never really liked living in the city. They both missed the farm they grew up on, but they had to sell the land after Momma died.

She rushed out to the post office to mail her letter.  “How long will it take to get there?” she asked the woman sitting behind the counter.  She didn’t even want to wait a day.  She hoped the letter would fly.

“Two weeks or so.”  The woman looked bored as she accepted the letter from Jasmine, only glancing at the address to respond to Jasmine’s question. 

It was early April, and she hoped to receive an answer before summer was in full swing.  She knew Marina hated summer in New York, and how hot it got in the factory. Jasmine giggled, remembering last year when Marina would pull her clothes off and run naked through the apartment, not caring that it wasn’t proper.

~ * ~ * ~

Marina was sick of her job at the factory in New York City.  She was ready to marry, and start a family. She would rather get out of the city, but with Michael’s job at the factory, they would have to hope they could get a small house 

She flitted through her day, excited that it was Monday, so she’d be having lunch with Michael. Although it wasn’t entirely proper for him to have girls alone in his office, he reassured her that it was the best way to know what was going on in the different places in the factory. Plus, on Wednesdays, he had the Genesee twins for lunch. Still, she thought she might encourage him to stop, after they were married.

~ * ~ * ~

It was late May, and the city was already starting to get miserably hot.  Jasmine had been checking the post office every day for the past week, hoping she’d get a letter back from George.  She stood in line behind an old woman who was clutching a letter to her chest.  “My granddaughter, Alicia, wrote this to me.  She’s such a good girl, writing me every week.  I can’t wait to get home to read it!”

Jasmine sighed.  If the woman couldn’t wait to get home to read it, why didn’t she move out of the way and go home so Jasmine could see if she’d received any mail?  What was wrong with her?  She tapped her foot impatiently, she knew things had been progressing quickly with Michael and Marina, and she was worried.

Finally the woman left, clutching Alicia’s letter in her weathered old hands.  Jasmine stepped up to the counter and smiled.  “Anything for me?”  She’d been in there every day for two weeks hoping George’s reply would be there.

The woman nodded.  She handed a letter to Jasmine who glanced down at it with excitement.  It was from Montana.  This was the letter she’d been waiting for!

She rushed out of the post office and back to the tiny apartment she shared with her sister.  She sat at the table opening the letter quickly.  “Dear Marina, I was happy to receive your letter.  You sound like exactly what I’m looking for.  Enclosed you will find a train ticket to Billings, Montana.  From there you will have to take a stage to Hope Springs.  I will be waiting for you in Hope Springs and we will marry before we head out to the ranch.  I look forward to meeting you.  Yours, George.”

Jasmine clapped her hands together, excitement washing through her.  She picked up the train ticket and saw that it left in just few days.  Marina was having her weekly lunch with Michael, and Jasmine knew the lack of a marriage proposal was about to come to a head. She was going to be able to give Marina a chance at a fresh start, the one she’d never gotten.

~ * ~ * ~

Marina clocked out for lunch, and walked up to Michael’s office, carrying her lunch pail. She walked past the Genesee twins, who looks at each other, and then at her. Helena gestured to her, stopping her.

“Hey, Marina, do us a favor, come to lunch with us on Wednesday.”

Marina smiled at Helena and Shirley, “Of course!” Getting an extra visit with Michael was worth sharing him for a meal.

“We’ll slip up, then follow us a little later, ok? You don’t have to worry about knocking or anything.” Marina cocked her head at them, wondering at the odd request, but they probably wanted to ask him something privately first. She nodded at them, and waved as she made her way up to his office. Marina knocked once and went in and shut the door. 

She stopped and stared at Michael. He was attractive to her, tall and well formed, just a sprinkling of silvery hairs at his temples. He had a smooth manner that made her think of a sales drummer, but he was also so kind to her. He had taken special interest in her from the minute she started working the factory floor, insisting she take lunch with him.

It had initially been awkward, but his manner was so easy, and his blue eyes twinkled at her. She leaned back against the door, remembering their first kiss, when he’d suddenly pressed his lips against hers, tickling her with his mustache. She grinned at him, remembering how taken aback she’d been, and how he’d stammered and turned red, apologizing. It made her warm inside thinking of him begging her to keep coming to lunch, that he was so taken with her he couldn’t not kiss her in that moment.

Michael stood and walked over to her, reaching around behind her, locking the door.  He rested his hands on the door, trapping her between them. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Oh Michael, I’m so happy when I’m with you. Please, let’s not wait any longer!”

He lowered his face to hers, and rubbed her check with his as he whispered in her ear.

“Oh, how I’ve longed for this moment.” She felt warmth bubble up inside her, as his breath tickled her ear. “Please, can I be…with you.”

Marina froze, she realized what he was asking, and looked up to him. She felt out of breath and nodded at him, the words caught in her throat. He grinned, grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet, bending to reach for the hem of her dress, pulling it up around her waist.  “Lean forward on my desk and rest on your elbows.”  Michael’s hands were already at the front placket of his pants unbuttoning them.

Marina’s eyes widened.  “Here?  Now?”  She’d expected him to at least find a bed for them.  What would be wrong with waiting until after work?

“Can’t think of a better time, and I don’t think I could work for the rest of the day, knowing. It wouldn’t be safe,” he told her, his hand stroking along his cock, which had already sprung free of his pants and was standing at attention.

Marina stared at it for a moment, wondering if she was doing the right thing.  Maybe she should wait until they were married to give him her virginity instead. 

“I’m not sure,” Marina said nervously still eyeing his member.

“Bend over,” Michael didn’t wait, but instead, pushed her face toward the desk himself.  Her skirts had fallen back down, so he pulled them up and stepped up close behind her.

Marina felt tingly and wet between her legs, excited at the idea of taking him, even though it made her nervous.  It didn’t look as big as she’d worried it would, so it shouldn’t be too bad, right?  He held one hand in the middle of her back, pushing her face against his desk.  She rested her cheek against the small stack of papers there, wondering why her sister had never mentioned men holding women down this way.

Within a moment she felt something hard poking between her legs, and he used his foot to spread her legs further apart.  He used his hand to guide his thing between her legs, pushing it in hard.

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