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Series, Book Three:



Ryanne Anthony














2013 by Ryanne Anthony

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To all those that have suffered

and won…

Table of Contents


Chapter ONE
The First Time…                                         

Chapter TWO

Chapter THREE
Hard Evidence                                         

Chapter FOUR
This May Be What Happened             

Chapter FIVE
Mariah’s Gone… Again                           

Chapter SIX
Kiss my babies…                                         

Chapter SEVEN
The Wexler Connection                           

Chapter EIGHT
A Shot in the Broad Daylight             

Chapter NINE

Chapter TEN
Damn! They are good!                           

Chapter ELEVEN

Chapter TWELVE
Unbelievable Questions                           


The Hollanders                                         

That Was a ****** Thing to Do             


She’s Going to be So Much FUN!             
Getting to Know Her Again             


Chapter ONE

The First Time She Took my Breath Away




May 17, 2011

I sighed. “And I need to get out of it. Yesterday. Any ideas?” I asked my friend Rob, who was looking completely dumbfounded at the entrance of the new clinic.

“Shut up and look at that, Frank!” 

“At what,” I asked, annoyed. He hadn't heard a word I said.

“That pretty blonde coming in the door. Damn... look at the black girl with her,” Rob groaned. “They just made my whole damn day! Oh, shit... they're coming this way. Where the hell are they going?”

I turned to where he was drooling. For some reason the strawberry blonde moved in normal time... but the other one... she was in slow motion. I couldn't help but notice how confident she walked. A cool, easy stride in those sexy heels.

she going?

They ignored us as they walked by. Damn. She looked good enough to eat in that little white skirt and glove-fitting top. My cock was twitching just watching her.

“No, Cookie, we're going to Drew's after this, no more argument. You gotta get that sad look off your face!”

“Cookie?” Rob chuckled when they were out of earshot. “Damn! I bet she is sweet.”

“They're going in Evelyn's office,” I mumbled, more to myself.

“Do they work here?”

I couldn't do anything more than shrug.

“Damn, I gotta run. I have an appointment coming in fifteen minutes and I need to change. Fuck, I should have put my scrubs on at the hospital! It would have bought me a few more minutes to look at them!”

“Yeah, all right, Rob. Go ahead.”

“We meeting at the gym later?”

“Not if I get her to go home with me,” I scoffed, staring at the glass office door.

Rob patted my back. “Yeah, that’s gonna happen. I'll see you at the gym at six, man.”

I nodded. “Yeah, six. We'll see.”

Rob took off while I continued staring at my sister's office door. She finally exited, but she's alone this time. I breathed in deep, watching her sexy ass as she strides through the hall. Where was she off to now?

I frowned when she gets to her destination. She's going to the lab? What the hell?

Shit, is she sick, I thought, as I ran to the lab's back entrance. I punched in my code and went in, grabbing some latex gloves on my way to the reception window.

“Hi, Dr. Alexander.”

I looked in the voice's direction. Jeanelle something-or-other giggled in my face.

“Jeanelle,” I said, frowning. “You're supposed to be in the reception area. Why are you in the lab?”

“I'm just visiting a friend. Are you still engaged, Dr. Alexander?”

Not for long, at least not to the woman currently wearing my ring.

“Yes, I am. Why?”

“Just curious,” she murmured, licking her full red lips. “See ya when you're single, Dr. Alexander.”

“Goodbye,” I said to her, ignoring the pout on her face. I spotted the girl at the reception window, holding open her purse.

“Great. Okay, your blood's been drawn so all you need to do now is provide a urine sample,” the receptionist dictated to her. “Remember, you'll have to give another one in a month. Washroom's the second door on the left. When you're done, bring it back here, in the bag. Someone will stamp the order for you then, all right?”

She gave a small, polite smile. “Okay,” she quietly answered then turned toward the washroom. She looked good coming and going. My cock adamantly agreed.

“Martha, take your break now,” Greg said behind me.

“Thanks, Dr. Cross. See you in fifteen.” Martha wobbled off, looking around seven months pregnant. Maybe that's why this girl was here and looking sad. Maybe she's with someone. My heart skipped a beat. What the fuck?

My grandfather Philip's English voice played in my head, ticked at my notion to never marry or reproduce when I was twenty.


“Don't be so cynical, Marky-boy. One day a bird's going to walk past you and turn your head, and you won't look another way. It happened to me and I instantly knew I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. Took me four days to propose and I got forty-seven years with my beloved Lila. Take heed, lad. When it happens, it's going to knock you on your arse. I just pray I'm still around when it does.”

“It didn't happen with your son,” I said stubbornly.

“It did, lad. Don't let what happened to get your sister here make you think it didn't. Your father had a moment of weakness, pure and simple. It didn't erase what he feels for your mother.”


Love at first sight. I'll be damned if he wasn't right. Shame he didn't live to see this.

The washroom door opened and this goddess and the blonde talked. Greg was going to the window. I flipped my ID around then patted him on the back and moved ahead of him.

“Let me handle this one, Greg,” I murmured as I pulled on the gloves.

“That's why you're lurking in here,” he chuckled. “All right, Marcus, go ahead. Good luck.”

I walked to the window and waited. The blonde entered the washroom and the goddess placed her urine in the bin and handed me the order while reaching for sanitizer. Fuck... no name, just an ID number. I quickly sticker the bag and sign off, glancing up at her face every now and again. She never looked up, just stared at my hands. I stamped the order and handed her the copy, which she stuffed into her purse.

“Thank you,” she said to me, quietly.


I watched her walk to the chairs across from the restroom. She lowered slowly and deliberately, and I prayed she’d crossed those pretty caramel legs. She does, then her arms crossed under her breasts and they pushed up.

Christ! Breathe, Cannon, breathe!

Her head dropped back on the wall and a tear fell. I wanted to jump through the window and wipe it away.

The blonde, who I believed I’d seen or met before but, oddly, for the life of me couldn’t place her, came out of the washroom and went to the window. Greg stamped her order as she worriedly stared at her friend.

“Come on, Cookie. Let's go see Drew. He has a karaoke machine and we'll have some fun. I promise,” the blonde said, hugging my future wife tightly as jealousy seared through me.

“I don't feel like singing, Twink. Maybe just a little talking and a few drinks.”

“Good. Anything to get you out of this funk,” the blonde sighed as they left the lab. “You're starting to depress me!”

“Nice. Both of them. Which one you stalking, Marcus,” Greg asked, amused.

I frowned. “Not stalking, just... admiring.”

I still had her order in my hand. I noted the ID number and add a pregnancy test to it, praying it came back negative as I passed the order to Greg.

“Put a rush on this, Greg.”

Chapter TWO





July 8, 2018

I smile as I approach the kitchen door after thinking about the first time I saw Mariah. It drops instantly when I found the door cracked open and I only have to push it open.

“I thought I locked this,”
I mutter with a frown as I close and lock the door. As I check it a second time, I let out a big yawn. I can't wait to get back in the bed with Mariah. I hated leaving her alone but I'm on call tonight.

Lock’s stripped. How did that happen? Better call Toad and have him get someone out here to fix this, ASAP. I slide the bolt lock on the door then move to the refrigerator, wanting a water before I join my wife.

“Damn it!”

I check to see what I almost slipped on, glad the lights under the cabinets are on. Alex and his cars on the kitchen floor. I'm going to have to talk to him
about that, and promise to throw the next one away. Thank God I still have my shoes on.

Okay, why is the milk out? I reach down to pick up a chair that’s lying on the floor. Mariah must have had a craving. I shake my head and chuckle as I cap the milk.

I step back and survey the room. Why is there a knocked over glass still sitting here? And there’s milk all over the floor. Mariah had a spill and didn’t immediately clean the entire floor? No, that’s not like her. She’s meticulous with her cleaning. More so since becoming pregnant again.

Wait... why was the fucking chair lying on the floor?

Mariah? I still and listen. Nothing. Absolute silence. Odd, for a family of five, no matter the time of day.

“Mariah,” I yell as I go through to the living room. No answer. I run up the stairs three at a time. “
Answer me, baby!”


I burst in our room and I see the gown she was wearing when I left lying on the bed. I run to our bathroom. A damp towel hangs on the drying rack. She had a shower when she woke.

“Shit,” I mumble, glancing at the alarm clock. It’s now 4:41 a.m.; how long ago did she shower?

I run to the twins’ room. Nothing. Lila's room is empty, too. So is the fucking nursery!
Her phone? I run back to our bedroom and still. Her cell and purse are in their usual spots.

“Where's my baby,” I chant as panic takes over. She's not at the hospital or with any of our parents; either of them would have called and she never goes anywhere without a phone, thanks to her worrying mother.

She’s gone; someone's got my wife. My hands tremble as I pull out my cell.

“Cramp, it's not even five in the morning, man,” Matthew answers sleepily. “Do you absolutely have to do this today?”

“Rockford,” I mutter, using our code for everything's fucked up, all joking aside.

“What's happened,” Matthew shouts, instantly awake.

“She's gone,” I choke out.

“Who's gone, Marcus?”

Fear replaces panic and I release a muffled wail.

“Marcus! Talk to me! What's happened?”

“Mariah... she's missing.”

“I'm on my way. Sit right where you are. Don't touch anything, else! Where are your kids?”

“With Mother,” I whisper as I sit on the floor. “I need to call Rachel.”

“No, not yet. I'll call Richards and have him meet us. We'll be right there. Hang up and wait for us.”

“All right,” I croak. I look around the room, seeing Mariah everywhere. I shudder. She's gonna be okay. She has to be.


May 22, 2011

“Marcus,” Mother called. “You were very late and you're awfully quiet tonight. Is everything all right, darling?”

I took a deep breath and looked around the table. Across from me, Matthew and Joshua were giving me the 'you're in trouble' look from our childhood. I shook my head at them.

They were all going to get a kick out this one. I believed Sunday dinner was never going to be the same.

“I met… well, saw… this woman.”

“A woman,” Matthew scoffed. “Come on, Cramp. You've seen several of them before and if memory serves, you're engaged to one.”

“Matthew...” Mother warned.

Matthew grinned at her. “Love you, Mommy!”

“I saw a woman that... captured my heart,” I sighed, getting up to get a drink. “And all she did was walk past me a couple of times.”

They were quiet, and I was sure they were as stunned as I was when it happened.

“Son...” Dad started as I pour a second drink.

“I'm not on call tonight, Dad,” I assured him.

“So tell us about this girl, Cramp,” Matthew animatedly prodded. “I want to hear all about this real life Wonder Woman that has you so quiet and flustered. I'd like to shake her hand on a job well done.”

“Matthew,” Mother called sternly, clapping her hands with his name.

“I don't know her name. She walked past me... twice... and never looked up. She was... beautiful.” I downed the last of my scotch, poured another and sat.

“Where did this happen,” Matthew asked.

“Harvey-Reed, last Thursday. She may be working there or about to start.”

“You can't do anything about it, Marcus. You’re engaged,” Joshua reminded me.

“Not for long,” I murmured.

“Now, wait. Are you saying you don't love Adina anymore, darling,” Mother asked, feigning a choke on the word ‘love’ and barely able to contain her joy.

I smirked. “I've never loved her, or any woman, for that matter. But this girl, I don't know, it's just... different. Exciting.”

“I knew it,” Mother breathed, grinning big and making a poor effort of hiding it. She didn’t like my ‘fiancée’ and the feeling was mutual. It was reason one why I avoided setting a date with Adina Elliott.

“You have to do something about the engagement before you hurt these women. You can't marry a woman you don't love or let this new girl just fall away, Cramp.”

I frowned as I looked around the table then into my glass.

“Damn it... How young is this scotch? Maybe I had too much already because Toad is actually making sense to me.”

Everyone turned to Matthew and laughed loudly.

“Hey, I can be just as serious as you stiffs,” Matthew chuckled, shaking his head. “What's this new girl look like, Marcus?”

“She's about Mother's height and has the prettiest brown eyes. I think she may be mixed-race, perhaps part African-American.”

Not that it matters in this family. My parents were only concerned about Russell's traveling when Evelyn started dating him after Matthew brought his college roommate by for Sunday dinner six months before. He's taller than me and African-American. Before that, there was Evelyn's ‘adventures’ with my college pal, Pedro Garza. Someday, I’m going to get to the bottom of that.

Mother smiled. “Marcus, if she makes you happy, I don't think anyone cares what her nationalities are, darling.”

“I don't, son,” Dad assured, smiling.

“Me either,” Matthew snickered. “Women of color can be so much... fun!”

“Matthew,” Mother bit out with the clapping, again. “I'm going to send you to your room!”

“Mother, I'm thirty-two years old,” Matthew amusingly argued. “And I don't even live here anymore!”

That made us laugh again.

“I wouldn't have a problem with it either, Cramp,” Joshua said on a chuckle. “But Matthew is absolutely right. Shit... I almost choked when I said that.”

We laughed again, hard and loud.

“Hey!” Matthew laughed, smacking Joshua's shoulder. He looked back to me.

“You have to end it with Adina before you can pursue this other woman.”

“I want to do it tactfully, Matthew. Even though the engagement is now fake, Adina doesn't deserve to be hurt or humiliated.”

“Neither of them do,” Joshua said standing, patting Matthew's back. “I have to go; Mandy's parents are expecting me for dessert and coffee. Would anyone like to join us?”

The others declined, my parents promising next time. I’m sure we were all concerned over who made the dessert, and didn’t have a clue how to tactfully ask.

“No, thanks,” I said, thinking about that girl again. “I have to go by the apartment tonight and check the progress on that room you called a kitchen.”

Joshua kissed Mother's cheek then smirked. “That kitchen was just fine for all my toast-making needs!” He laughed as he patted my back then moved to shake Dad's hand. “Good night, everyone.”

I stood after he left. “I'll pick my car up in the morning, Mother.” I kissed her cheek then shook Dad's hand. “Come drive me to the apartment, Matthew.”

“Do I look like a cabbie, Marcus,” Matthew sneered, rising. Mother smacked the back of Matthew’s head when he bent to kiss her.

“Love you, Mommy,” he singsonged before planting a long loud kiss on her forehead.

Mother smiled at him. Shaking her head, she murmured, “I love you too, Toad.”

I smirked. That’s always sounded weird coming out of Mother's mouth.

* * *

“I could look this girl up, Cramp. And I won't charge you my normal fees,” Matthew chuckled as we drove out of our parents' gate.

I shook my head and chuckled. “No, thanks. Your generosity overwhelms me, but I'll wait until I end things with Adina.”

“If she's working at Harvey-Reed, you're bound to encounter her again and chances are, it’ll be sooner than later.”

“I hope it is sooner, Toad. I'd wish you'd seen her. Then again, I'm glad you didn't because I'd hate to kill you over her. I'd do it, but I’d hate it.”

Matthew chuckled again. “You know I'd never go after a woman you were interested in, Cramp. I'd just like to meet the woman who warmed you... that's a powerful thing, cold as you are with women.”

“I'm not cold, just... cautious.” I paused a moment. “She had me twitching in my pants, Matthew. It doesn't help that I haven't had sex in three months.”

“Damn... how the fuck are you sitting? I can't even imagine going three months without being inside some pussy. Fuck! Three months? I think I'm going to get laid for you, tonight.”

I shook my head and ignored that statement. “I don't want to make the same mistake Dad did. I need to bide my time and hopefully this girl will be available when I am.”

“Good luck with that. Don't forget that contract needs to be renewed with Tokyo before June's end. You need to get on that.”

They kill me with that ‘don’t forget’ shit. Like I could. Still, I humor them.

“Yeah, Mother reminded me. I'll go into the office after my rounds Monday and book the jet to leave in a week.” I rubbed my eyes. “I can’t wait for Twerp to get back from his honeymoon so I can wipe my hands of that whole thing. You could’ve done this for a couple of months, Toad.”

“I could have, but I'm allergic to nine to five business hours,” Matthew grinned. “Tell you what, Cramp. I'll go to Tokyo with you, and help you get an Asian woman. Their fucking hands are magical.”

“Shut up, Toad,” I snorted as he turned into the penthouse parking lot. “Where was Evelyn tonight?”

“She's meeting the parents,” Matthew snickered. “I smell a proposal in the air. Good for her. She couldn't do any better than Russ.”

I nodded as I opened the car door. “I agree; Russell will make her happy. Or die trying.”

“He'll die if he hurts her.”

“No way that’ll happen. He loves her; he told me so after a game, months ago.”

“What's taking him so long to propose then,” Matthew asked as we stepped in the elevator.

“Evelyn. He doesn't think she's ready for commitment.”

“She's the other smart sibling, then. Play the field, I say. No ties, no strings. Just perfect fucking then go home and enjoy the solitude.”

“You'll lose that solitude when you have kids.”

Matthew smirked. “Already worked that out, if I ever decide to have them, that is. They'll live with their mother. I won't. No woman's ever trapping me or invading my space. I'll fuck her, knock her up and go home. ABC, 123.”

I smirked back, shaking my head. “You really are such a toad.”

This fool actually bowed. “Why thank you, Cramp. A-thank you very much!”

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