MC ROMANCE: Road to his Heart (Motorcycle Romance Mafia Crime Gang Romance) (Suspense Motorcycle Rich Boss Crime Short Stories)

BOOK: MC ROMANCE: Road to his Heart (Motorcycle Romance Mafia Crime Gang Romance) (Suspense Motorcycle Rich Boss Crime Short Stories)
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Road to his Heart


MC Romance






By: Alexandra Stone





Road to his Heart

Today was the day my boyfriend’s band got a new guitar player and lead singer named Ashton. They were on the verge of a very successful project and they’re last singer had to leave unexpectedly. So they had found one from another town and he was going to come to the studio today. One of the girls had already met him when she saw him play and said he was absolutely hot and sexy. He was a bad boy and rode a motorcycle. I was intrigued by his description, but I did have a boyfriend so I would only be able to look. Or at least that’s what I told myself over and over again. However it was no use.

The band’s girlfriends and friends often hung out at the studio and sometimes it was a party environment and other times it was a serious practice or recording session. It was always fun and I had a strong passion for music so I was at the studio often. My boyfriend Lane played drums and he was showing me how to play a little. I wasn’t bad. Though taking photographs was my passion and I did that for the band, still I did enjoy learning a little bit of the drums.

I happened to be at the studio when he rolled up on his motorcycle. I was immediately hooked on him the moment I laid eyes on him, but I wasn’t expecting what happened. I didn’t know I would let this motorcycle bad boy have his way with me. I never expected the erotic experiences that were in store for me. It was a whole new awakening for a twenty year old girl like me. They were experiences I would never forget and I would never look at a guy on a motorcycle the same way.

That day I sat in the studio on top of an amp while my boyfriend tinkered with some instruments and the rest of the band a few of the girlfriends were outside having a cigarette. I heard a loud grumbling sound coming from outside. Then Marcy came into the studio and said, “Hey Lane, I think your new singer is here. You gotta come see this.”

Lane grabbed my hand and we walked outside. In the parking lot was a guy on a motorcycle doing donuts and burning rubber. He was completely showing off. It was childish, dangerous, and I was completely turned on. Me and the other girls watched as he made dangerous moves on the motorcycle with a certain casualness about him, as if what he was doing wasn’t dangerous at all. It was very sexy. We all looked at each other and smiled. The guys cheered on. Finally he parked his bike and got off. Everyone cheered. He pulled his helmet off and I was stunned by what I saw. He was gorgeous. He was a very attractive man and I admired and loved him. But Ashton possessed a certain sexuality to him that was hard to resist. His long brown hair was stringy and shoulder length. It framed his face and every now and then it fell over his eyes. His green eyes were soulful. The color was more of a mix between brown and green, and they seemed to match his olive green army jacket perfectly. He had full lips and his skin was a soft tan color that made him look like he was descended from a Cherokee tribe or something. He wore black jeans that were tucked into his black lace up army boots, with a plain white t-shirt. He was what you called effortlessly hot. I was hooked on him immediately.

“I’m Ashton,” he said.

Everyone introduced themselves and then he got to me. He looked at me in my tight little black and dress and took in every curve of my body. It was very obvious and sensual. “And who might you be gorgeous?” he asked.

“I’m Shannon,” I said with a sly smile.

He arched his eyebrows and we were having a moment that my boyfriend interrupted by saying, “Let’s go in and jam.”

I sat on the couch inside the recording studio watching my boyfriend’s band practice. There were instruments in almost every section of the floor. A few were set up and plugged into amps and others were on shelves or on the floor. On the floor and hanging from the walls were a few old tattered rugs. There was a large vintage stereo with a record player and large speakers in the back of the room. It was comprised of three large rooms put together inside of a large warehouse in the industrial side of town.

I loved my boyfriend Lane. We had been together for three years, now I had a thing for his band mate, Ashton. Every guy in the band was attractive and charming, but Ashton was getting under my skin. It was the way he looked at me. Like he knew a secret that I didn’t know. It made me feel excited when he looked at me and I often had to look away.

That’s when I knew. I knew that I wanted him badly. It was a confusing feeling, I wanted him and that was wrong. I only hoped that somehow it would happen. That I would be able to sample what it was like to be with him. However, I did little to encourage it.

Now I sat on the couch like I had done many times before, but now it was different. I watched Ashton as he strummed his guitar. He was the complete opposite of my boyfriend who played drums in the band. My boyfriend Lane had blonde hair and blue eyes and was very tall and beautiful. However there was something about Ashton that was so enticing. I think it was the bad boy motorcycle image he had going. Then he started playing and singing. He was good. He was very good. The fact that he was an excellent and creative musician made him more attractive. I thought I would start drooling as I watched and listened.

I watched as the muscles on his forearms went tight when he strummed the strings and held the guitar pick tightly. His long fingers plucked and pressed on the chords. I was glad to be wearing dark sunglasses as it hid the fact that I could not stop looking at him.

Ashton looked at me and smiled while singing and my heart jumped. As he played I romanticized in my head about him taking me and fucking me. I wanted him to take me into a passionate embrace and kiss me. I wanted him to fuck me hard on the studio couch that I was sitting on. I had to concentrate hard to snap out of these thoughts.

That was it. He was definitely in the band.

“Shannon can we do promo pictures tomorrow?” Sam asked. He was the bass player and sort of took control of things like band merchandise and helping their press representative with the necessary things.

“Sure we can do that!” I yelled out. Great now I would have to spend all day staring at Ashton through a lens and then take my camera home and look at them again on my computer as I retouched them. All in all I would have way too much access to staring and obsessing over him. It would not be good for me.

The next day came and we chose a gritty graffiti area of town to do the shoot. They guys wanted Ashton on his motorcycle so I took a few photos of him on it and riding around. My mouth was watering as I watched him and snapped photos. He was beautiful, sexy, and rugged. I wanted him so badly. My panties were wet under my dress and I was glad that I had worn some. I tried to pay attention to my craft of taking photos as much as I could. I wanted the photos to be good, but I was so distracted by the sexual looks Ashton kept giving me.

Finally the shoot was over and the guys decided to buy some beer and head to the studio. I of course went along because I was supposed to photograph the practice. They set up the rehearsal space and they were jamming in no time at all. I moved around the room snapping photos and feeling very hot and bothered by it all. I had to step outside for fresh are a few times before coming back in. After a while I was done taking photographs and I sat, watched, and listened. They played a new song. A slow love ballad that made me melt the way Ashton was crooning it out with such heart and feeling. I could not take my eyes off of him. It was like I was frozen in time as he sang.

When they were finished he came over to me. “What did you think?” he sat very close to me on the couch.

“It sounded really good. I liked it a lot,” I said.

He laughed, “I know it did.

“Well, it’s true. You sounded great and I’m glad you’re joining this band. I really liked that last song.”

“Oh of course, the love ballad song. Girls always dig the slow love songs,” he laughed.

“Well, I am a girl,” I said it in a flirty way.

“No, you’re a woman. A very fine young woman,” he winked at me. “I’ve been working on another song you might like. I’m going to come in here and lay it down around three. You should come by, I’d like to know what you think of it. Give it a listen. I want to know what you think.”

“Okay, I can try to do that.”

Just then I caught Lane looking at us. He was pissed. The look on his face made me feel like we just got caught doing something we shouldn’t, as though we were already having sex. Maybe Lane knew about my secret fantasy for Ashton. I didn’t know, but it was possible. I glanced away and acted like nothing was different.

That night I loaded the photos onto my computer after Lane went to sleep. I did not want him to see me staring at Ashton’s photos like a love stricken school girl. I flipped through photo after photo feeling myself getting hotter and hotter. Soon I was touching myself as I looked at him. He was just to attractive and rugged that I couldn’t help myself. The desire was uncontrollable. I knew then, that I had to get this out of my system. I needed to fuck him badly or I would go crazy.

The next morning Lane was packing up for a little day trip. He was going to go see his brother. I made him a hearty breakfast feeling guilty about what I was going to do that day, but also excited. I couldn’t stop thinking about having Ashton inside of me.

“What do you have planned for the day?” he asked.

“Oh, I think I’m just going to edit the photographs I took. I know Sam wants to have a look at them,” I said trying to be casual.

“Yeah, he does. He’ll probably be at the studio today so you should take them by there,” he said.

“Okay, maybe I will.”

Then he was off visiting his brother in the next town over. I knew he would be gone all day. I didn’t know if he knew Ashton had invited me to hang out with him at the studio. The entire band and their girlfriends were constantly in and out of the studio so it wasn’t exactly unusual for me to be there. However, I knew what was happening. It made me nervous. I wore a silk purple dress that tied at the waist. It lay against my curves but something else, it was easy to take off.

I pulled into the parking lot of the studio and saw Ashton’s motorcycle in the lot. I was already turned on by it. I closed my eyes and remembered how he was so dangerous the night before in the parking lot doing donuts and risking his life so callously. I wanted to see him. I wanted to touch him. This was it. I was going to do it.

I walked into the studio and it was quiet and empty. At first I felt like I was the only one there. Then I heard, “Hey! You came.”

It was Ashton. He was in the recording section of the studio. “Come here,” he motioned.

I walked slowly toward him. His eyes never wavered from me.

“I’m glad you are here. I wasn’t sure if you would come to the studio,” he smiled.

“I wasn’t sure either,” I replied. I looked around the empty studio. “Where is everyone?”

“Taking the day off I suppose. Where’s Lane?”

“He went to visit his brother.”

Ashton arched his brow at me. I knew what he was thinking and I was thinking the same thing. All of our flirtations had led up to this. It was time for us to give into temptation. I was excited and flushed with the possibility.

“I’m out of smokes and was just about to go to the store. Want to come along for the ride?” he asked.

“On the motorcycle?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s fun.”

I hesitated for a second and then finally said, “Yes.”

Minutes later I was sitting behind him on the bike in a dress. My thighs wrapped around him and my arms circled his waist.

“Hold on tight,” he said.

I was so close to him I could smell him. He was delicious and I wanted to rub my hands up and down his chest as we rode on the motorcycle, but I restrained myself. I noticed that we were passing store after store and that he was actually taking me on a joy ride. I smiled inside my helmet and welcomed the joy ride. It was exhilarating being on the motorcycle, as I had never done it before. Soon we were riding seaside and it was thrilling to see the ocean from this view. I was having a great time. Finally he pulled up to a store and we both got off the bike.

“I hope you’re okay with this little adventure. I just wanted to get some air after being in the studio for hours today.”

“Yes, it’s been fun. I love riding.”

He gave me a smirk and I knew what I was saying. I said it on purpose. We went inside the store and we ran into one of my acquaintances. I was nervous and in shock. I was not expecting to run into anyone. Her name was Sheila and she loved to gossip.

“Well hello Shannon. Where’s Lane?”

“None of your business Sheila,” I said.

She narrowed her eyes at me and then flirted with Ashton right in front of me. “Hi, I’m Sheila.”


“You are really hot Ashton. Is that your bike out there?” she asked.

“Yeah, it is.”

“Well if you ever want to take me for a ride, I’m around. Lane knows me.”

She gave us both a smirk and walked out. I was very annoyed with her behavior and even more annoyed that she was obviously going to make it a point to tell Lane.

A few minutes later we were back on the motorcycle. We made our way back to the studio and inside.

“Are you alright? You seem nervous?” he asked me.

“Yeah, I’m just annoyed about that bitch Sheila. She’s got a mouth on her.”

BOOK: MC ROMANCE: Road to his Heart (Motorcycle Romance Mafia Crime Gang Romance) (Suspense Motorcycle Rich Boss Crime Short Stories)
9.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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