MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE: Book 2 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

BOOK: MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE: Book 2 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles
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Midnight Captive

of the Bonded By Blood

Vampire Chronicles

,000 words)

Arial Burnz

Cailin MacDougal
has lived a dangerous life being the adopted daughter of vampire Broderick “Rick” MacDougal, so she had no choice but to learn to fight in order to protect herself. However, such behavior is hardly desirable in a dutiful wife who’s supposed to embroider and run a household. This aggressive side of her behavior should be easy enough to hide from her betrothed…shouldn’t it?

After being away at fencing school for seven years,
James Knightly
has returned as a master swordsman, ready to captain his own ship and finally wed his childhood sweetheart, Cailin MacDougal. What he finds waiting for him is a dagger-toting hellion for a bride, an immortal father-in-law, and an enemy bent on extracting revenge by threatening the family James holds most dear—the MacDougals.

Broderick MacDougal
is lured away from his family with the promise of–at last–learning a way to protect those he loves from his clan enemy, Angus Campbell. Broderick knows he’s headed for a trap, but the bait is too tempting to resist…and he unravels the beginning of a prophecy that will lead to redemption for all vampires. The cost of such redemption, though, may be the very soul of the woman he would die for…his wife, Davina.

Reader Advisory: This story contains some explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language. This story also contains explicit, nail-biting scenes of violence and sword fights.


Book 2 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

Arial Burnz


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Midnight Captive: Book 2 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

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To the air that feeds my fire

To the waters that cool my soul

To my romance novel hero

And the man who makes me whole

I love you, DeWayne!

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Again, I could not be where I am with my writing career if it wasn’t for my husband and romance novel hero, DeWayne. Not only has he given me the support and freedom to pursue my dreams, he’s been an invaluable partner in helping me brainstorm my plots and iron out the many wonderful layers I have created in the tales I so enjoy sharing with the world. With you, I can do anything, my darling!

Thank you to my editor and best friend AJ Nuest for lending me her time, love and support and giving me that second pair of critical eyes needed to ensure everything falls into place. She always makes my writing better! Any mistakes or errors are my responsibility, not hers. You have been my faithful writing partner, and now business partner, through thick and thin, and I am eternally grateful.

Hugs, kisses and special kudos go to my test readers, especially Lindsey Beckwith and Millie Losee. Your detailed feedback was so valuable and made
a better book!!!

A special mention goes to Ron Reil—geologist, blacksmith, engineer, rancher and fireman. He was kind enough to answer my endless questions about how silver could be incorporated into melee weapons. He also introduced me to the amazing
blades that are mentioned in this book. I encourage you to research “wootz steel” in your favorite search engine. Don’t forget to stop by Ron’s website to see the wealth of information he has about forging weapons and tell him Arial sent you! He can be found in cyberspace at

As the Scottish poet Robert Burns said in his 1785 poem, “The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley.” Or more commonly heard: “The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.” I planned this book until I thought I could plan no more, crafted an extensive outline, hammered out the details and laid out my final storyline. Yet when I sat before the computer to finally pen the prose you hold in your hands…I was stumped. My characters seemed wooden, they refused to speak to me, and my story would not progress. I owe the completion of this story to Alan Watt and his fabulous book
The 90-Day Novel: Unlocking the Story Within
. You can’t have a body without a heart pumping life into it…and that’s exactly what Alan’s book taught me: to give my characters heart and motivation. I enthusiastically encourage anyone who writes to explore Alan’s book. He can be found at
. Thank you, Alan!!

And finally, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes out to my fans. Because of the above, this book took much longer than I expected. I promise not to put a forecasted date on another project for fear of fostering frustration when I am unable to meet the said deadline. As an author, editor, cover artist and now audio book recording artist…on top of the repairs/remodel we’re doing at home…I have a lot on my plate. Deadlines are unpredictable with so many variables. I appreciate your encouragement and patience. After nearly a two-year wait, at last I present…MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE. Enjoy!

Arial Burnz

February 2013




Stonehenge, England—1530

Cordelia Lynn Harley stood beside one of the stone sentinels in the monolithic circle. Eyeing the ancient cragged surface, she traced her finger along a crack while she waited. She scanned the horizon for any sign of the prophetess and, again, saw none. The new moon above, like a silver claw in the black sky, lent little illumination to the landscape. Her immortal eyes beheld only far-stretching flatlands of fields and grass dotted with sheep and cattle.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice.”

Cordelia started and spun to face Malloren Rune. “I still do not understand how you can sneak up on me, being mortal.”

The prophetess smiled under the glow of the lantern she held, her brown eyes sparkling with mischief. “You weren’t paying attention,
. I’m sure your mind was exploring the possibilities of the news I have for you.”

Cordelia’s heart hammered and she followed Malloren to one of the fallen stones of the monument. The prophetess sat on the sleeping giant, setting the lantern beside her. Cordelia knelt in breathless anticipation with her hands clenched on her lap. “You found the second sign?”

“That I did.”

Cordelia near collapsed from the wave of relief. “’Tis just as you foretold and everything is falling into place. What
the second sign?”

“That cannot be revealed until certain events take place. First, you must deliver an important item for me.” The prophetess patted the stone, encouraging Cordelia to sit.

Though disappointed at the delay, Cordelia became excited over the new task. “An item?”

“Indeed. One that will spark a chain of events to move the prophecy along and ensure the second sign can be fulfilled.” Malloren produced a small leather pouch a hand’s width across and three fingers deep.

A wire-and-wax seal secured the flap closure. Cordelia recognized the seal of the
Tzava Ha’or
—The Army of Light. “What is the item?”

The prophetess curled a finger under Cordelia’s chin to draw her gaze. “Listen to me, dear one.”

The grave expression on Malloren’s face made Cordelia shiver.

“You must not open this pouch or you will undo all we are working toward. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She swallowed.

Malloren presented a folded piece of parchment. “You will take this pouch to the location detailed on this map.”

Cordelia set the pouch on her lap and pried open the edges of the paper.

“You must be at that designated location just after nightfall three days hence. Not one day sooner or later. A man will be waiting for you. The pouch is for him to open and none other. He has further instructions inside.”

Cordelia met the intense gaze of the prophetess and nodded. “Why are
not delivering the pouch?”

“Because I cannot wipe his memory of our encounter. Your abilities as a Vamsyrian are why you must deliver the pouch. Give him the satchel and leave no trace of your face or my instructions to meet you in his mind. He should wake up with the satchel in his hand and my instructions to guide him.” She pursed her lips in disapproval. “And you must not wait for him to open the pouch. You deliver it and leave. You will meet me here again on the first full moon after the summer solstice.”

“’Tis almost a year hence! Why—?”

“During that time, certain events will take place to advance the prophecy so we may perform the second sign. Besides, you will have other errands to run.”

Cordelia dropped her jaw at the enormity of her mentor’s previous statement. “
will perform the sign?”

Malloren kissed the top of Cordelia’s head. “Yes, child…we will.”

Chapter One

Leith, Scotland—June 1531

The cold steel of the blade pressed so hard against Cailin MacDougal’s throat, she couldn’t swallow the lump forming there—nor could she be sure her eyes watered from fear or her attacker. He smelled atrocious! His body odor and bad breath hovered around her like a fog, and she struggled to breathe. Grand appreciation filled the stranger’s blood-shot eyes as they raked over her face and neckline, the corners of his mouth forming an evil grin. “Oh, ye shall be a tasty treat for ol’ Jasper before I hand ye over!”

Cailin cursed over falling for the trap. She had heard of this happening—a young child asking for assistance, luring unsuspecting yet helpful strangers into alleyways, only to be jumped by someone waiting to rob them of their goods…sometimes worse. Where the young lad she followed had gone to now was hardly her concern. The chance that this Jasper might be working for Angus Campbell—which was a constant fear of her family’s—pressed upon her as acutely as his knife pressed against her throat.

BOOK: MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE: Book 2 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles
2.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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