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Daisy Philips



Annie was attracted to her new neighbor from the start, but he was too young, too hot, too much for her.  But that didn’t stop her from fanaticizing.


From the moment Dane set eyes on Annie, he knew she was destined to be his.  He just had to convince her of that… no matter what it took.






To Nicole Plumber and
Rhonda Butterbaugh, two of the most amazing fans an author could have and two ladies I like to call friend.

Chapter 1



Annie Adams awoke slowly.  She started to open her eyes and quickly shut them against the bright light that seemed to stab right into her brain.  Ugh, what had she been doing last night?  Her mouth was dry and her tongue thick and swollen.  How much had she had to drink last night?  Maybe if she went back to sleep…

She tugged the blanket tighter around her and started to roll over onto her right side to go back to sleep, but her bladder protested.  That wasn’t what had her eyes fly open, though.  It was the strange clinking sound and the strange tugging feeling tugging at her left ankle.

Startled, she sat up, the blanket dropping to her waist bearing her naked torso. 
  Her brain was fuzzy but she knew she never slept naked.  She forced her eyes to open.  This wasn’t her bedroom.  She was suddenly wide awake.

She tossed the blanket aside and swung her legs off the bed to the floor.  She heard the clinking sound again.  Looking down, she saw a chain.   Connected to a shackle.  Fastened to her ankle.  Her left ankle.

Annie’s heart started pounding as she stood, looking wildly around the room.  She’d never seen this place before, ever.  It was a bedroom.  The walls were a rough wood.  There was a single window through which the light that had woken her up streamed.  It was framed by curtains, but they were open.  From her angle, she couldn’t see out, though.

Besides the single bed had awoke on, there was a dresser, a night table a chair and two doors.  One presumably led to freedom.  The other, she hoped, led to a bathroom.  Her bladder was protesting vigorously now, and if she didn’t relieve herself, she was going to have an accident.

She looked down at the chain.  It seemed to be pretty long.  Maybe it would reach?

Annie stood up.  She swayed a bit, but found her balance.  Moving slowly as the last tendrils of fog started to clear from her brain, she moved slowly towards the door she assumed was the door to the bathroom. 

Slowly pushing the door open, she was relieved to see a sink, a shower and a toilet.

Ten minutes later she felt more human again.  She’d been tempted to take a shower, the chain was long enough for that, but she contented herself with washing up with cold water which helped her wake up completely.  After drying her face, she’d search the small room.  No clothes, but towels hanging over a railing and a robe in her size hanging behind the door.  No, scratch that.  It was
robe.  Hers.  She was terrified to think about what that meant.

There was also a comb, hairbrush, and soap on the counter by the sink. And a tooth brush and tooth paste.  Her brand.  In fact, she realized, it was all her brand.

Annie closed her eyes and tried to get her racing heart and rapid breathing under control.  It would not help her situation if she hyperventilated and passed out.  Whatever was happening, however, whoever was responsible for her being here… she would find a way to outwit them or overpower them and get away.

She had to keep her head.  She would be strong.  She wouldn’t panic.  She knew what to do.  It had been drummed into her head since she was old enough to understand.  She’d never really believed it would happen, though.  She was a school teacher in a small, boring suburb.  Sure, her father had important, but not that important and she was no one.

She spied a plastic glass on the sink.  Sagging with relief, she filled it and chugged it all down.

Mistake.  Her stomach churned.  She took a deep breath.  And then another.  And then her stomach settled.  Closing her eyes with relief, Annie leaned on the counter and breathed slowly.  Then she refilled the glass.  This time she drank slowly.  By the time she finished, her mouth was starting to feel normal and she could feel her body slowly responding to the hydration.

She looked around again.  One window.  Small.  High.  Barred.  There was a medicine cabinet sunk into the wall above the sink.  She opened it.  Band-Aids, aspirin.  There was a cupboard below the sink and three drawers to one side.  She checked them all for potential weapons.

No scissors, but everything else you’d expect to find.  Hairbrush, comb, blow dryer.  There were cleaners.  She made a mental note of them.  They could come in handy.  They were poisonous, right?

By the small shower were bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  Her brands.  In fact… she frowned as she picked up the bar of soap in the dish set in the wall of the side of the shower.  It had been used, at least once.  It had also been dropped, the end blunted where it had hit the ground when she dropped it during her morning shower… yesterday?

She felt a shiver run down her spine.  Her robe.  Her toiletries.  Her.

She sat down abruptly on the toilet.  She lifted her left leg to examine the shackle she’d been trying to ignore.  It was some sort of fabric, padded and not that uncomfortable.  It didn’t seemed to contain metal, at least the part that circled her ankle didn’t.

There were circles of metal and a lock that held it closed, though.  And, as she fingered the fabric, she was willing to bet that even if she had them, scissors would be able to cut through the cuffs.

The chain itself
metal, of course.  The links were thin but strong with no visible flaw that she could pry apart, even if she had a tool to do so.  Each one appeared to have been soldered closed.  

She dropped the chain, jumping at the sound of the clink.  She would not despair, she would not give up, Annie resolved.  She would get out of this.  She stood, pulled the robe off the hook and slid her arms into the sleeves.  After tying the belt, she took a deep breath.  Time to explore the rest of her prison.

She flung the door open and stopped in her tracks.  The room wasn’t empty any longer.  A man was lounging back in the chair, his long legs spread out before him, his expression unreadable as he watched her.

He was dressed casually, wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else.  It’s what he had always worn for a long as she’d known him.  He looked different, though.  His lush blond hair was cut almost militarily short and he was clean shaven.  He looked older too.  Before he’d looked like an overgrown adolescent.  Now he was clearly a man, one who was probably closer to her own age than she’d assumed. 

His blazing blue eyes bore into her with an emotion she realized now that had had kept carefully concealed before.  She froze in her tracks as he walked towards her.  When he was in touching distance, he stopped.  She looked up.  He was tall, very tall.  She could feel the heat radiating off his body.  It warmed her.

Her heart started to pound as she couldn’t deny the way her nipples tightened in arousal and her pussy started to leak.  When he reached down to grip her upper arms, she thought she’d pass out from the intensity of her feelings… but she wasn’t sure if those feelings were of fear or…

She wanted to say something, to demand to be released, to ask for answers, but although she opened her mouth, no words came out, so she closed it again. 

He looked at her through lowered lashes.  “Not a word, do you hear me?  Not a single word.  Moans are fine, but if you say a word or if you even hesitate to obey me, you won’t be having an orgasm for a very, very long time.”

Annie felt her knees grow weak.  He moved his hands from her upper arms to her waist.  Then he slid them around her back and pulled her against his hard body, grinding his pelvis against hers.

She suppressed a moan as she felt his erect cock.  It felt big and thick and she suddenly had a need to see it, taste it, and feel it inside her.  She closed her eyes and shook her head.  No, she couldn’t think that way.  He’d drugged and kidnapped her.

Annie felt his grip change and looked up in shock as she realized that he had unfastened the belt of her robe and was now pulling the belt out through the loops.  She felt frozen in place, unable to move, unable to utter a protest.

She could see his arousal in his eyes, his blue eyes blazing, his pupils black and dilated as he met her gaze.  She felt him slide the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  He placed his hands back on her hips before sliding them up grazing her sides and coming to a stop just under her breasts.  Her breasts.  They felt full and heavy.

He stared down as he ran his palms over her nipples which were hard and jutting.  She shivered at the sensation of his roughen hands abrading them lightly.  She looked down, fascinated by the sight of his long tanned fingers fondling her breasts and then plucking at her nipples, twisting and teasing.

She tried to pull back, but he pinched, hard.  That should have made her fight harder, but instead a jolt of pure lust shot through her and judging from his expression, he knew it. 

His hands started moving again, skimming her shoulders and descending down to her wrists.  He grasped her carefully, pulling her arms behind her and crossing her wrists.  This position wasn’t uncomfortable, but it did cause her breasts to stick out even more prominently.  She arched her back before she realized that he wasn’t even looking at them, though.  He was looking over her shoulder.

It took her a moment to realize that he was using the belt from her robe to tie her wrists behind her back.  Then he ran his hands up her arms and over her shoulders before cupping her face gently.  He looked down at her, looking her straight in the eye. 

Then he spoke a single word as his mouth descended on hers.


Chapter 2



Several days earlier

Dane looked at the bank of monitors.  Each displayed a view from a different camera set up in the woman’s home.  He watched the feed from the foyer camera as she started her nightly routine by checking the lock on the front door.  He tracked her as she moved through the living room towards her bedroom, shutting off lights as she went. 

He didn’t need to check his watch to know it was ten pm.  He’d been watching her for weeks, and she was regular as clockwork.  Tonight was a work night and she always went to bed at the same time.

He switched his attention to the feed from her bedroom, catching sight of her walking through her room before entering the bathroom, the only room without a camera.  He’d left her that much privacy.  For now.

Fifteen minutes later she came out, t-shirt half off and her full breasts swinging free.  She had ditched her bra when she got home.  It was a regular part of her routine when she changed out of her business suit and into a t-shirt and yoga pants.  He completely approved of the braless look.  His cock was always semi-hard just from watching the sway of her tits under her t-shirt

She tossed the t-shirt in the laundry hamper and moments later her yoga pants and panties followed. She turned on the small television on her dresser and then turned off the overhead light before she crawled into bed.  She stayed on top of the covers. He knew what that meant.  His dick twitched in him pants.  It was going to be a good night.

The room was dim with just some flickering light from the television, not that it mattered.  The cameras he’d installed had night vision.  He watched as she picked up the DVD remote and click play.  From the first sounds, he knew exactly what she was watching.  This dirty little gem was about a woman kidnapped by a masked intruder and forced to become his sex slave.

He wondered what the principal and the other teachers at the small elementary school she taught at would think if they knew.  He wondered what her father would think.  The old man thought of his daughter as an innocent princess to be protected from the world.  He hated that she was teaching at a small school in a working class neighborhood, but that would be nothing compared to what he’d think if he found out about her secret fantasies.  Dane might work for the man, but this wasn’t something that would be going into his report.

Dane grinned to himself, remembering the day he had finally succumbed to the need to find out just what she was watching when she touched herself.  She had gone to work and never knew that he had been inside her home let alone that had made copies of all of her
special collection
.  He’d even taken the opportunity to investigate her toy drawer.  He had heartily approved of the contents.

That night, long after she’d gone to sleep, he had watched each and every one of them.  He’d been shocked, in a good way, to discover she liked abduction scenarios.  The movies all had a comment theme.  The women were overpowered by masked men, strangers, and forced to submit sexually often with some pain and sometimes a dash humiliation thrown in.  In other words, a woman after his own heart.

He watched her open the drawer in her night table and choose a vibrator. 

He grinned.  It was his favorite.  And hers, apparently, since she used it at least once a week.  It was a big one, almost as long and thick as his own cock.  He approved.  It meant she’d be able to handle him because one day he was going to take her, and when he did, he wasn’t going to give her back.  Ever. 

In the meantime, he’d keep working on getting closer to her, continuing to gain her trust.  He hated every minute of having to pretend to be something he wasn’t.  With her, he was sweet and open and non-threatening when they were together.   He even asked her for advice on his love life, his imaginary love life.  If only she knew that she was the only woman he cared about… wanted…

Annie had come to trust him and he knew she thought of him as a friend.  One day soon, she’d realize that he was much, much more.

He turned his attention back to the screen in front of him.  Dane unfastened his pants and pulled down the zipper before sliding them and his shorts down around his thighs, but not before getting the tube of lube from his top drawer.  He squirted out a dollop into the palm of his hand and then sat back in his chair, ready to enjoy the show and imagine that it was his cock plunging into her making her come.

* * * *

Annie plumped the pillows and lay back, her legs spread wide, knees bent.  She watched as the movie started to play out.  It was short and dark and grainy and never failed to put her in the mood.  Until recently.  She’d been using it to power her fantasies for six months.  Several nights each week, she’d masturbated while fantasizing that she was the plump blonde heroine, that the dark haired man overpowered, drugging her and taking her back to his lair where he would keep her chained up as his sex slave.  She would close her eyes and imagine herself as the helpless victim, forced to service the dark, brooding, perverted, insatiable villain.

There was a time when she just had to close her eyes and imagine and they scenario would just play out in her mind… she could almost get herself off just from imagining herself as the heroine at the raven haired rogue’s mercy but lately, when she closed her eyes, she wasn’t being ravished by the nefarious Raphael from the video. 

No, the face she saw was Dane Sanford.  Dane.  The body she imagined was violating hers belonged to her sexy neighbor.  Blond haired, blue eyed Dane, they boy next door, literally.  He was tall and chiselled with a hard body and muscles that looked like they came from being active rather than hours in the gym. 

His hair was on the long side and he had a blond scruff of a beard that would probably never grow in full and thick.  It was adorable.  He was adorable.

He had a shy smile that would light up a room.  But he was just a kid, probably at least half a decade or younger than she was.  She sighed.  With his fair good looks, he could be mistaken for a surfer who’d gotten lost on the way to the beach. 

He was a nice guy, sunny and cheerful and had been renting the house next door for the past three months.  He was kind and funny and smart.  He did worked at home doing something with computers.  They’d met when he first moved in and had come over to ask for directions to the nearest market.  He had one foot in a cast.  A surfing accident he’d said when asked. 
Of course it was!

Since then, they chatted regularly over the fence.  He was nice.  Even Jinx, her cat liked him, and Jinx generally hated men.  Too bad that besides being so young, he was also not her type in other ways.  She liked dark haired men who were older and dominant, not sunny natured young men. 

So why was his it now face she saw now when she closed her eyes, pinched her own nipples and caressed her own clit.  It was his cock she imagined plunging into her when she pressed the thick vibrator into her dripping pussy.   Faster and faster she fucked herself with it.  She held it in her right hand.  She used her left to pinch and twist her nipple while she imagined it was him, Dane, overpowering her and forcing her to submit. 

She could feel herself getting closer and closer to the edge.  She turned the vibrator up to high so that the rabbit attachment pulsed against her clit.  She dropped her knees to the sides and pulled up her heels, placing one firmly against the base of the vibrator, holding it in place so both hands were free to torment her own nipples.

She was close, so close and then, with a final viscous twist of her nipples, she was coming hard, bucking against the imaginary restraints before collapsing back down onto her pillows, spent, barely able to remove the vibrator.  She shut it off, used the towel she’d strategically placed beside her pillow to herself and the toy off.  She wrapped the towel around her trusty vibrator and placed it on the floor beside the bed, too sated to do anything more than slide under the covers and close her eyes before sleep overtook her.


Dane awoke the next day feeling a sense of anticipation.  One day soon, he wouldn’t just be watching her. Would today be the day?  It was a Friday.  She wouldn’t be missed for days, not until she missed work on Monday.  He’d had everything in place for weeks now.  The cabin was fully stocked and not just with food.  He was just waiting for the right time.

He took a deep breath.  Now was not the right time, he reminded himself.  In a few short weeks, school would be over and she’d begin her two month summer break.  Two months.  Two whole months before she’d be missed.  She was estranged from her father.  As long as he kept sending the man regular reports, he’d never suspect a thing.

Dane went for a run and pondered.  Patience was a virtue.  He’d been slowly gaining her trust.  The day he moved in almost three months ago, he’d limped over to her place, leaning more heavily than necessary on the cane he’d been using as his leg healed, to appear less threatening.  Even with his hair uncharacteristically long and shaggy and an open smile on his face, he knew that his height could be intimidating, especially to a woman almost a foot shorter.

She’d been on her small porch, curled up in a lounger reading as he’d approached. Her fluffy Maine coon cat leaped from her lap and run down the steps to greet him.  It had butted its head against his calves before circling him, almost tripping him in the process.  He’d feigned being more unstable on his feet than he was leading her to rush to his aid.

She’d helped him to her steps and once he was sitting, she’d run into the house and returned with a glass of lemonade.  Then she sat on the top step looking down at him while he
his leg.  They’d chatted about the weather and how long she’d lived in the area… all her life… and how long he’d lived in the area… newly arrived. 

He was careful not to linger too long.  He asked her for directions to the nearest market.  She’d offered to help, but he’d assured her he would be okay.  His truck was an automatic.

“That means I only need one good foot, and as it happens, my right foot is in good driving condition.”

He’d smiled and she’d chuckled and then he’d left. 
Always leave them wanting more
wasn’t just a good motto in show business. 


BOOK: Mine (Dangerous Love Book 1)
4.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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