Monroe, Marla - Brandy's Bikers [The Dirty Dozen 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Brandy's Bikers [The Dirty Dozen 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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The Dirty Dozen 1


Brandy’s Bikers


Brandy’s been hurt in the past by bikers. The gang who’s rolled into town to do construction work in the area adds to her unease, especially when two of the handsome men set their sights on her.


Kyle and West see forever when they look in Brandy’s eyes. They set out to woo her. Will she put aside her fear and give them a chance? She only has a few weeks left to make her decision before they move on to the next job.


When someone uses Brandy as a pawn to stop the construction, Kyle and West must find her before it’s too late. Is it personal or is it business?


For them, it’s very personal.


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
37,247 words



The Dirty Dozen 1

Marla Monroe


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I can’t write a book about bikes without thinking about you, Tony. What an awesome ride!


The Dirty Dozen 1


Copyright © 2011

Chapter One

They pulled in to the Sunset Café a little after nine that night in a cloud of dust. Twelve dusty bike riders looking tired and aggravated climbed off their bikes and began stripping off their helmets. Brandy sighed and prepared for the worst. She was the only waitress left this late at night. They normally closed at ten on Saturday nights. This wouldn’t be one of those nights. She’d be lucky to get out of there by eleven or eleven thirty.

“Hal! We’ve got about twelve bikers coming in. They look hungry,” Brandy called back to the back so that the cook would know what to expect.

“Fuck! I was hoping for an early night.” He stuck his head through the pass-thru window. “You going to be okay out there?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Dealt with worse.”

Actually it had been a long time since she’d had to deal with a bunch of rowdy bikers. In Sunset, Oklahoma, there wasn’t all that much going on. They weren’t on the normal biker’s routes. She shivered and hoped they wouldn’t be rough. She’d had her fill of that and didn’t want to experience it again.

The sound of the bell over the door snapped her back to the present, which she wasn’t sure would be much better than the past. They filed in and began pushing tables together to accommodate their large group.

One of them looked her way when she moved in to take their drink orders. He smiled in a tired sort of way.

“Hope you don’t mind. We’ll put them back when we get finished.”

Brandy was taken aback that he’d been so polite.

“Um, sure. No problem. What can I get all of you to drink? We don’t serve beer here.”

“Hey, everyone. Pipe down. What do you want to drink?” The biker seemed to be the leader. He looked rough and was huge, but he didn’t try and loom over her, and kept a few feet back as if he knew he was making Brandy nervous.

The other men settled down, taking seats and picking up menus from the holders on the tables.

“Got sweet tea?” one of them asked.

“Yep,” she managed to get out.

“Everyone want sweet tea?” he asked, looking around the table.

“Looks like we all want it. Thanks.” He smiled at her and cocked his head. “Brandy is a pretty name.”

“Um, thanks.” She hurried away as they all began looking at the menus.

She rushed to serve up their drinks and take their orders. The man who had told her she had a pretty name introduced himself and the man next to him.

“I’m Kyle, and this is West,” he said. The other man nodded his head with a small smile.

“Nice to meet you.” She finished getting their orders and turned them in to Hal.

“You still okay out there?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay. They’re being very nice. I’m surprised. They look rough.”

“Never know what someone is like till you meet them.”

Hal was right, but she had a reason to be wary of bikers. Her past tried to resurface and pull her back, but she refused to dwell on it. She’d thought Hal was a bugbear when she’d first applied for the job there. He’d turned out to be her best friend.

For the next hour, she served their meals, refreshed their tea, and fielded questions from West and Kyle. Why they were so attracted to her, she didn’t know. The other men were polite, but didn’t get friendly. Those two men, on the other hand, got very friendly, asking her all about the town and was she dating anyone.

“Maybe while we’re here, you’ll let us take you for a coffee at that Starbucks I saw when we rode in,” Kyle suggested with a smile. “I promise, we don’t bite.”

West winked at her when he said that. “Much.”

“West.” Kyle seemed to be warning him to behave.

That thought amused Brandy. She smiled despite her plans to keep everything professional. Why would they be staying in town for any length of time? It was none of her business. Nothing about them was her business, and she needed to remember that. She purposefully let another time intrude into her thoughts, and she was able to back away without asking them why they were sticking around.

* * * *

Kyle knew he wanted her as soon as they walked in the door. He checked on West and smiled. His friend was looking her over good. He would be onboard with the idea of seducing the red-haired beauty. She had the prettiest blue eyes, with pink, kissable lips. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but he figured it would fall to just past her shoulders when loose. She had a rocking body as well, ample breasts that he would love to hold and suck on, an ass made for fucking, and all the curves a man could ask for.

She was nervous of them. He was used to that. Most people were around bikers. They had a bad rep, but his friends were all good guys. They might look a little rough on the outside after nearly a week on the road heading across country to a construction site there in Oklahoma. Their last site had been outside of Seattle, Washington. They traveled around the U.S., working when they wanted to on construction sites they picked out by where they might want to go next.

Kyle was mighty glad Cole had decided on this town as the next place to work. They had three construction companies they mainly worked for, and Forester had a job here that was supposed to take about six weeks. He seriously wondered if six weeks would be enough time to court and seduce Brandy into their bed, and then if they would have enough time to then get her out of their systems.

The men in the gang had all served together at one time or another in the army. They had named themselves The Dirty Dozen. It had stuck throughout their deployments into some of the worst hotspots in the world. They’d lost some of their members along the way, and others had joined. The group now had come home together, and since none of them had family to speak of, they stuck together to form the final Dirty Dozen.

Kyle and West had been in enough tight spots that they’d formed a bond, like brothers. Maybe they were even closer than brothers, since they liked to share between them. In fact, all of the men shared their women. It was something they’d been introduced to in one of the many places they’d been sent while overseas. Sharing brought something more to the sex than just sex.

West said it was more intimate, and knowing they were giving the woman they were with more than they could ever have with just one man felt damn good. Not to mention the added pleasure of taking a woman at the same time.

Kyle and West enjoyed seeing the pleasure on the women’s faces at they came, that total wonder in their eyes at the unbelievable feelings the men could give them. It released something inside of the men that fighting and killing had put there.

Kyle watched West watch the waitress. Her name tag said Brandy. He wondered if that was really her name, or if she wore the name tag to keep people like him from knowing her real name. He smiled. He’d find out. He had plans for pretty Brandy. He was sure West felt the same way.

“You thinking what I’m thinking, man?” West asked him.

“Yeah, she’s hot. She’s also something special, I think.”

“Yeah, special. I’ve never been this attracted to a woman before, but something about her really turns me on in more ways than the obvious.” West wasn’t one to say much, so this was important to him.

“You’re thinking she’s someone we could settle down with?”

“I don’t know, Kyle. I want to find out, though.”

“Going to be interesting to chase her. She’s awful wary of us. I don’t know if it’s just normal distrust of bikers, or if she’s had a run-in with some before.” Kyle drained his tea glass and waited to see if she’d bring him more.

Sure enough, a few seconds later she was there at the table, filling all their glasses with tea.

“We’re going to be working here at the new hotel construction site. Guess we’ll see a lot of you since there isn’t anywhere else in town I’d much like to eat at.”

“Oh, you’re going to be staying here a while? There’s the steak house over in Searcy about fifteen minutes away. You might like eating there some.” She moved on to West and filled his glass as well.

West reached out and touched a spot next to a mark on her arm. “That looks like a burn mark. You need to put something on it.”

“Oh.” She backed up then covered her sudden movement with an awkward smile. “Thanks, I put some salve on it earlier. It’s just worn off.”

“It looks like it hurt,” West continued.

“Um, it did for a few seconds, but the salve helped.” She smiled again and then backed away to top off Cole’s tea next.

When she’d made it around the table and gone back to the back to hide once again, Kyle turned to West.

“She’s special, all right. I can’t think of anything but her right now. Did you see that perfectly shaped ass?” Kyle knew West was an ass man, while he went for the breasts every time.

“We’ve got to convince her to go out with us. Give us a chance to show her we’re really okay guys.”

“She’s already spooked by us. It’s not going to be easy, West.”

“What are you two plotting over there?” Cole, their leader, asked.

“We’ve got our eye set on Brandy as someone we’d like to get to know,” Kyle told him.

“Don’t start any trouble, guys. We have at least six weeks to work here.”

“We won’t. If she’s taken, we’ll back off.” West ran a thumb up and down his tea glass.

“Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better about it.” Cole shook his head then returned to his conversation with Zack.

“I take that as a go ahead and do what you want,” West said.

“Sounds like it. How do you think we should do this?”

“You’re always the one to smooth talk them into giving us a try.”

“I think we should wait till we come in the next time she’s here, and try then.”

“Probably a good idea,” West acknowledged.

Brandy walked back out with tickets and handed them to each of the men. Kyle watched as West took his, but rubbed his hand against hers before letting go. She blushed and turned to hand Kyle his.

“Thanks for the great service. I know we dropped in on you right at closing. Do you need any of us to wait around to walk you to your car?” he asked as he took his ticket.

“Um, thanks. No. I’ll be fine.”

She hurried up to the register to start checking them out as they lined up. She seemed to cringe since most of the men towered over her, including him and West. When it was their turn, West reminded her to be careful. They paid their tabs and headed out to their bikes.

“Man, she’s hot.” West put on his helmet and adjusted the microphone.

“She’s also scared to death of us. That’s going to make it really hard to get to know her.” Kyle adjusted his strap and flicked on the microphone. He and West kept in touch when they were riding.

“Hope the hotel is decent this time. A lot of these smaller towns don’t have decent ones. Guess that’s why we always end up building one when we take one of these jobs,” West said.

They pulled out with the rest of the gang and rode to the opposite side of town. The hotel turned out to be decent and clean for a change. It was a chain hotel, so it had a few amenities, such as in-room minifridges and wireless Internet. Since neither of them had computers with them, that part was useless. They shared a room with two queen beds, and had connecting doors with Cole and Zack. All in all, Kyle was impressed.

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Brandy's Bikers [The Dirty Dozen 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
11.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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