Monroe, Marla - Her Biker Boyfriends [The Dirty Dozen 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Her Biker Boyfriends [The Dirty Dozen 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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The Dirty Dozen 5


Her Biker Boyfriends


Carly likes life on the wild side and agrees to a ménage with Ranger and Drew. The guys realize they feel something strong for Carly, but aren't sure if she feels the same way. Ranger thinks she won't go for a three-way relationship because of her career and urges Drew to pursue her on his own, but Drew is having none of that. He wants it all.


They take a long weekend trip together to Austin to explore her comfort with being seen with two men and find that she's fine with it. But just as they begin to hope things will work out, word gets back to her bosses that she's in a threesome relationship. They threaten to fire her. Carly loves her career as a dental hygienist. Is the love of two men enough, or will she choose her career over love?


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
48,916 words



The Dirty Dozen 5

Marla Monroe


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The Dirty Dozen 5


Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

“Whoa!” Drew said.

“What?” Ranger looked in the direction his friend was gazing, and his heart skipped a beat. The most striking woman he had ever seen leaned against the bar, talking with another woman.

“Do you see her?”

“Hell yeah. You can’t miss her.” Ranger couldn’t take his eyes off of the woman.

Sable-brown hair fairly glowed in the dim light of the bar. It hung just past her shoulders. He wished he could see what color the woman’s eyes were. He bet they were exquisite, to match the rest. Her breasts would be a little more than a handful, and a slim waist flared to gently rounded hips made for fucking. She couldn’t be more than twenty-three or twenty-four. He guessed the woman’s height at around five foot four inches.

He wanted this woman. He wanted to lay her down and bury his face between the pretty lady’s legs, then bury his cock in her pussy.

“Ranger. Did you hear me?” Drew asked, clearly annoyed.

“No, what did you say?” He couldn’t take his eyes off the woman in case she disappeared.

“I said we’ve got to get her to dance with us.”

“Go over and ask her, Drew. You’re smooth with the ladies. I scare them.”

“Hell, you just scare them because you’re so intense. Lighten up.” Drew sipped his beer.

“Hurry and grab her before someone else does.” Ranger gave him a push toward the bar.

He sat at their table and watched as Drew made his way over to the woman and struck up a conversation with her. She seemed taken with him. When he motioned to the dance floor, she held up her beer and shook her head. Drew pointed toward Ranger and their table. She seemed to consider it for a second then nodded her head. They walked his way.

“Carly Sanders, this is Ranger Higgins. Ranger, Carly. She’s going to leave her beer here for safekeeping while we dance.” Drew held on to one hand as she placed her beer on the table.

“Consider it safe,” he said. Her eyes widened for an instant before she smiled. Her eyes were a wondrous mixture of greens and browns. They were mesmerizing, and he found himself staring into her eyes until Drew pulled her toward the dance floor. She looked back over her shoulder once then focused her attention on Drew.

Ranger had memorized her face in that brief encounter. She had plump, red, kissable lips with a narrow nose and slightly upturned eyes. Her high cheekbones combined with the rest gave her a slightly exotic appearance. In that instant he was jealous of his friend. He wanted to be the one holding her in his arms. If their luck held out, she would sit with them, and he could ask her to dance next.

The dance seemed to go on forever, but finally, Drew led her toward their table once again. Ranger pulled out a chair for her to sit down. She smiled up at him and relaxed into the chair. She fingered her beer for a second, watching him, then she turned it up and took a sip. She set it back down and smiled. It brightened his world.

“Drew tells me that you work in construction. What sort do you do? Houses?” she asked.

“We mostly do large-scale, like hotels and office buildings.” Ranger was surprised that he could talk.

“So you and Drew work together?”

“Actually,” Drew said, “we are part of a larger crew. There are twelve of us, and we travel around to different sites.”

“So you’re all friends, then. That must be great working with your friends like that.” She rolled the base of her beer bottle on the table.

“What about you? What do you do?” Ranger asked.

“I’m a dental hygienist. It’s really a boring one next to your job.”

“I wouldn’t call it boring, but I couldn’t do it. I mean, look inside people’s mouths all day.” Drew shook his head.

“This must be your first time here. We haven’t seen you before.” Ranger tried hard not to stare.

“You’re right. It is. I’m here with a friend of mine from work. She’s here somewhere with her fiancé.” She looked around for them.

“Would you like to dance?” Ranger finally asked.

She smiled and nodded.

Ranger took her hand and drew her to her feet. Then he gently guided her to the dance floor with a hand to her lower back. As soon as they reached it, he took her in his arms. They swayed to the music as there was no room on the floor to do much more.

He drew her scent deep into his lungs. She smelled of jasmine and something earthy. His cock reacted to her closeness and made itself known. He wondered how she would handle feeling it against her belly, because it was growing by leaps and bounds as they moved together. After a few seconds when she didn’t balk at his dick rubbing against her, he leaned down a little further and nuzzled her ear with his nose. Then he kissed her just behind the ear. She shivered and pulled back a little to look up into his eyes.

“You’re flirting with me in a serious way.”

“I’m definitely serious.”

“What about Drew?”

He hesitated, then figured it would be the deal breaker.

“We’re a team.”

“As in partners?” she asked.

“Not in that sense,” Ranger said.

“So you’re into ménages.”

“Does that bother you?”

“Honestly, I’ve never been a part of a ménage. It sounds interesting, though.” She continued to look up at him.

“Let us introduce you to a pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We’ll take you places you might never have the opportunity to go again.” Ranger held his breath while she thought it over.

“I’m intrigued.”

“Say yes.”

She cocked her head and stared up into his eyes. Hers sparkled with curiosity.


Without waiting for her to change her mind or the song to be over, he pulled her out of the swaying couples back toward their table.

Drew stood up when they approached with a worried expression on his face.

“Let’s go,” Ranger said.

“Just like that?” She took a drink.

“Just like that,” Ranger said. He didn’t want her to have time to change her mind.

“I need to let my friend know I’m leaving. How about a phone number I can give her?”

Drew pulled out his phone and a pen. He handed it to her to see his cell phone number and wrote it on a napkin for her along with his name.

“Will that do?” he asked, taking his phone back.

“Perfect.” She started off into the crowd.

“I’ll go with you.” Drew took her hand and allowed her to pull him after her.

Ranger waited impatiently for them to return. What was it about her? His hands were actually a little sweaty. This wasn’t like him at all. He rarely felt anything for the women they shared other than lust and respect. For some reason, she mattered. And that scared him.

* * * *

Carly allowed Drew to lead her back to the table where Ranger waited on them. The other man looked a little worried. Did he think she would change her mind? Would she? She lifted her chin and stared back at him. She didn’t change her mind easily. She wanted this. It was something she had fantasized about over and over when pleasuring herself. This was her chance to actually experience it with two of the best-looking men she had ever met.

Lisa, her coworker, hadn’t been so sure about her leaving with Drew despite her giving them his number. She had whispered in her ear to be sure she knew what she was doing. Carly assured her she did and the other woman just shrugged and shook her head.

Now, as they headed for the door, Carly wondered if she had acted too soon for once. Normally, she never second-guessed herself. Why was she doing it today? Was it because they were so intriguing? Drew was suave and relaxed while Ranger was intense and a bit overwhelming. The combination really turned her on. They would be different types of lovers and she would have them at the same time. It sent thrills down her spine at the thought of all their attention focused on her.

Drew stood a good six feet, with shaggy brown hair and playful brown eyes. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He sported a tight ass that she wanted to sink her teeth into. She held little doubt he would be a generous lover, indulging and relaxed. While Ranger would be far more controlling in his loving.

He and Ranger both looked to be around thirty-five or so. She wondered at their friendship. They were such opposites.

Ranger was about six feet two inches with midnight-black hair that was cut short. His intense, dark eyes captured hers with little resistance. When he had held her in his arms to dance, she could feel the barely restrained power in his arms. It seemed to echo across his wide chest and flat abdomen. Then there was the thickness of his cock against her belly. She couldn’t help but feel it as it grew longer and harder.

When they stopped outside next to a pair of motorcycles, she balked for the first time. They were bikers. She should have realized that by their jackets. Where would she end up? In some hotel room or ratty apartment somewhere?

“You can ride with Drew,” Ranger said with a slow, predatory smile.

“Maybe I should just follow you in a taxi,” she suggested.

, you’ll enjoy riding on the back of the bike. Climb up.” Drew was already on his.

Ranger settled a helmet on her head and fastened the chin strap for her. Then he motioned where to put her feet and helped her climb on the back of Drew’s bike. Well, for good or bad, she was headed to their place. She just prayed it would be fairly clean.

She had to admit, most men’s places she had been in were far from clean, but they had never been nasty. She was afraid she was about to learn the difference now. How had she gotten herself into this mess? She’d followed her lust.

They pulled out of the parking lot into the street. The bar was located in downtown Dallas, Texas. She tried to keep up with where they were going, but they made so many turns and twists she lost her direction and finally gave up. She would just have to pray she hadn’t signed her death warrant when she climbed on back of the bike.

Eventually, they pulled into a pleasant neighborhood that she could see families living in with 1.3 children. It was a nice, middle-class neighborhood, and unlike anything she would have expected them to live in. When they pulled up into the drive of a two-story brick home, she was glad she had on the helmet with the chin strap to keep her mouth from hanging open in shock.

The garage door opened and they pulled into it. She climbed off first with Ranger’s help, then Drew did. Drew took her helmet and set it along with hers next to Ranger’s on a long wooden stool at the back of the garage.

“This is your place?” she asked.

“Yeah, Ranger and I bought it together. We like to be comfortable when we’re not on the road working.” Drew unlocked the back door.

Ranger pulled her back into his arms while Drew fiddled with something on the wall next to the door. There was a brief
beep, beep
and then Ranger let her go.

“Come on in, Carly. I’ll show you around.” Drew took her hand and pulled her deeper into a laundry slash mudroom. “This is the laundry room and general catch-all room.” He showed her into the kitchen next. It had wood floors and granite countertops with stainless-steel appliances. There was a bar with three barstools and a breakfast area with bay windows that looked out the back of the house.

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Her Biker Boyfriends [The Dirty Dozen 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
3.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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