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Early the next morning, as the sun was beginning to rise . . .


“You like it when I do this. Admit it.” Gray paused and kissed her.

“Okay, I admit I like everything you do.” Andi laughed. She’d never had more fun in bed than she’d been having this weekend with the big, hunky DEA agent who now had her cuffed to her bed and was pretending to do a body cavity search. She writhed beneath him, wanting him to make love with her again before he had to go.

She couldn’t believe all they’d done since cutting out on the function where they’d met three days ago. They’d made love every way imaginable at his beachside condo. Now they’d come here to her apartment because he was leaving on assignment in just a little while. He’d resorted to restraining her and initiated her into sex toys and bondage games. She’d loved it, every minute of it. Hell, she was still loving the weekend finale. And she didn’t want him to go.

Nobody else had ever introduced toys into her body and made her like it, but Gray Syzmanski had. His tongue, his large, callused finger, and now a vibrating dildo mercifully much smaller than his sex—all had probed various orifices in the past few minutes. Once he’d gotten her past the initial discomfort, the attention had produced a delicious arousal that threatened now to explode.

“Help me out, damn it, I need to come.”

“Patience, sweetie. I’ve got to make sure you’re not hiding any contraband.”

“Hurry.” Damn it, if he didn’t quit playing and get down to business, she was going to come by herself. “You do know that you have an ideal tool to make that search.”

“Not quite yet. Turn about’s fair play. First you’re going to give me some tongue while I’ve got you all tied up.” He straddled her face.

He tweaked her clit, then dipped his fingers into her vagina, telling her in his rumbling deep, mesmerizing voice about all the arousing things he still had in store for her. “There’s nothing I won’t do to make you come. Nothing I can’t do for you. Oh, yeah. Keep that up and I’ll give you a snack.”

“Mm.” Much as Andi liked swirling her tongue around the ruby knob of his sex, she wanted it inside her more. Playfully she nipped him with her teeth.

He pulled out and switched positions. “Dangerous little piece you are,” he growled, rubbing himself along her labia before taking out the dildo and plunging inside.

The minute he primed her G-spot, she started coming. Over and over and over again, each wave of sensation better than the last one, until she felt him twitch and jerk as he spurted deep inside her.

She’d gotten him so hot that the condom broke. Right now she didn’t care. The afterglow of the climax to end big climaxes had her limp as a dishcloth, weak as a kitten. So weak she barely noticed when he unfastened the cuffs and set her free.

Later, she heard him swearing in the bathroom while she lay like a rock in bed. When he came out, he wore a towel and a worried frown.

“It broke, honey.”

“I know. I felt you coming.”

His tanned cheeks reddened. “Yeah, well . . . Are you going to be okay?”

“If you’re asking if I’m on the pill, no. But it should be okay.” No way did Andi want to send Gray off on his dangerous secret mission worrying about whether he might have gotten his three-night stand knocked up. “I’m clean, and I assume you are, too.”

“Sure. That’s not what I meant.” He glanced at his watch. “Look, I’ve got to get out of here or I’ll miss my plane and end up getting fired. I should be back in three or four weeks. I’ll call you.”

“Okay.” She wished she believed him.

“Really. I want some more of this.” He reached down, cupped her mound. “Not often a guy finds a
hot redhead who’s not only hot in bed but also fun to be with. Now that I’ve found mine, I want some more. ”

“Oh, yeah. So do I.” Maybe this would end up being more than a three-night fuckfest. Andi hoped so.

“I’ll count on it. Now give me a kiss and wish me luck with the drug cartel we’re going in after.”

Gray tasted of mouthwash, not sex, when he kissed her one last time. “I’m serious, Andi. This isn’t over. We haven’t been together long, but what we have between us means an awful lot to me. I intend for us to find out where our feelings take us when I get back.”

Then he hugged her hard, and he was gone.


The End . . . (for now)

Coming June 9, 2015, pre-order your copy now!

The Defenders


Courthouse Connections Series, books 2 and 3 in one boxed set for your reading pleasure


The Defenders
, men who believe, as is provided for in the United States Constitution, that all those accused of crimes are entitled to competent defense in a court of law . . .


Tony Landry has every reason to believe accused criminals deserve competent defense, but young prosecutor Kristine Granger can’t see right and wrong in the shades of gray—until her love for him helps show her compassion she lost when her sister died tragically.

Gray Syzmanski has come home, battered and scarred, to take his place in his family’s law firm… and to renew with prosecutor Andi Young the relationship that eight years ago was “More Than Lust”… Can they now find the love denied to them so long ago?

Coming late June 2015

(watch Facebook and Twitter for pre-order availability)


The Prosecutors

Courthouse Connections Series, books 3, 4, and 5 in one boxed set for even more reading enjoyment


Attorney Sandra Giancone is self-reliant. She doesn’t want a man unless he’ll make her submit… until her good pal Rocky shows her true love doesn’t have to be vanilla, and loving happily ever after is worth it with him. See what they’re up to in LOVE GAMES.


Assistant state attorney Craig McDermott’s personal trainer seems like the ideal gal to teach him everything there is to know about sex before somebody at work finds out he’s a virgin. Problem is, so is Casey, though she hides it well. GETTIN’ IT ON is a hilarious romp to happily ever after!


A friend’s destination wedding brings lawyer Marcy Kramer and her ex, Sam, back together five years after the divorce that left her hating him. A hurricane forces them to share their fear during the EYE OF THE STORM, but it takes more than a Cat 3 hurricane for them to reveal secrets, gain mutual forgiveness, and rediscover the love that never truly died.


What is the Courthouse Connections series?


A series of contemporary romances set in and around Florida’s Gulf Coast,
Courthouse Connections
began as a series about trial lawyers and law enforcement personnel whose work centered around the Hillsborough County, Florida’s thirteenth circuit courthouse. It was originally called LAWYERS IN LOVE before I got rights back and renamed it COURTHOUSE CONNECTIONS in order to expand the series to include stories that don’t include an attorney as either hero or heroine.


Over the course of seven books so far, the original characters have reappeared, having their own stories in expanded settings, while I’ve added new stories and characters whose professions have expanded from law and law enforcement to medicine, physical fitness, legal practice in fields other than criminal law, and so on.


I love the characters, know the setting (I’ve lived in Tampa, Florida practically all of my adult life), and have always had a keen interest in the legal system and how it works.


I hope that readers will enjoy the expanded setting, new character occupations, and different story lines that I call “Extras”, where original characters will reappear while new ones are introduced. The first of these “Extras”,
, is an Amazon exclusive and
Courthouse Connections Series story #7,
in case anybody’s counting.


Jake’s a transplant surgeon who knows Marcy and Sam (a fertility specialist), from EYE OF THE STORM. Jake’s love is Meghan, the widowed mom of a former patient. I hope you’ll give this short novella a try—the conflict’s unusual, to say the least, but their romance provides what, for the most part, is a light, sensual read.




BOOK: More Than Lust (Courthouse Connections Book 1)
2.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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