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Morgan's Rescue

BOOK: Morgan's Rescue
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"I'm scared this time, Culver"

He glanced over at Pilar's face, drawn with worry. "Maybe," he said huskily, "you have more to lose this time around."

She saw the expression on Culver's face. His eyes had softened, as had the set of his mouth. When he realized she was watching him, his features hardened. Pilar wanted so badly to tell him how sorry she was, but it would do no good. Just being this close to Culver made her ache with desire. Despite the harshness of the intervening years and circumstances, she wanted him now as she had the first time their eyes had met. Pilar didn't fool herself this time, however.

She would never allow Culver to know she still wanted him. They lived in two very different worlds. The two could never truly meet and bond. Her world wouldn't allow it.

To the women of the Blue Heron Group: Rhonda Pallas Downey, Andrea McShane, Dr. Gail Derin and Veronica
who have been such wonderful and inspiring role models to and for me: I honor your quiet, unobtrusive walk through my life and am grateful.
And to Karen David, world-famous numerologist, spiritualist medium and shamanka. It's great to have such an old, dear Mend of eighteen years! I love you and so enjoy our friendship. It gets better and better with every year—good thing you have a fax machine now!
Thanks for "being" there!

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BOOK: Morgan's Rescue
3.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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