Mr. Handsome: A Billionaire Romance

BOOK: Mr. Handsome: A Billionaire Romance
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Dating a billionaire is never easy. Especially when that billionaire is show-stoppingly handsome too..


Aviation Tycoon Jeffrey was more than your average billionaire. He also had billion dollar looks to go with it.


He was handsome and he sure knew it.


There was no possible way that Christina could say no to dating such a man but at the same time she knew that he would be hard to keep. Especially with so many other women after him also.


But there was something about Christina that intrigued the billionaire, and he wanted to know what it was..


Can the curvy girl win the hunk?


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Alexis Gold
Mr Handsome  © 2016, Alexis Gold

This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.










I bounced one of the many stress balls I had against the large window that made up an entire wall of my office. Below my vantage point, I could see practically all of New York City, sprawling with life and activity. People trying to scrounge up from the bottom, or stay on top. I sighed deeply and bounced the ball against the glass once more.


“What am I doing, Victor? I feel stuck, not that being stuck at the top is a bad thing, but I feel like I need
from life. You know?”


Victor looked up from a productivity report he was looking over for me. My faithful assistant glanced up at me questioningly. He paused in his leisurely pacing around my spacious office. We were on the hundredth floor of the Stargate building. My father had it built just before he died, as a gesture to show the empire we created. Only fifty years in business and Stargate was one of the world’s leading aircraft and aerospace companies.


“Maybe you should date more then, find yourself a wife. Goodness knows your mother begs you to give her a grandkid enough times per week,” Victor said with a snort. I smirked and bounced the ball against the glass once more.


“Maybe I should. Or maybe I just need a change of scenery, I could take up a hobby. Something to occupy my time, something different you know?” I mused out loud while I chewed absently on my lower lip. I glanced over at Victor and saw he was facing me, the month’s reports dangled in his hand, briefly forgotten.


Victor was my best friend as well as my assistant. He always had a solution, smart as hell and sharp as a tack, I was lucky to have him at my side. Really, with his skills he deserved a CFO or board position, but he’d rather silently advise and go through monthly reports at my side.


He placed the papers down on the glass coffee table situated between the office couch and the modern grey and white set’s matching chairs. He rolled up the sleeves of his white button down shirt and put his chin in between his thumb and forefinger. Victor’s signature thinking pose.


“You know, that isn’t a bad idea. Ever thought of modeling?”


He looked at me curiously, expectantly. I pondered the idea…modeling? Well, it would definitely be different. I was more of a nerd, drawing airplanes and making sure they got built correctly for our clients. Never have I capitalized on my looks before, not even to get women.


“Modeling? Seriously?”


Victor nodded his head and then brushed his medium length jet black hair out of his face. Victor was a man’s man, growing up from strict Russian roots. He had the intense dark brown gaze, hawkish nose, strong jaw, and tall, muscular build to intimidate a lot of people. He would be the last person to suggest I dress up in clothes and pose for pictures as a pastime.


“Yeah, seriously, you’re a pretty motherfucker. Splash your face on the side of a bus, and bam—advertising. Not only for whoever hires you to model for them, but for Stargate as well. Not to mention, it’ll help you meet chicks.” Victor quirked his eyebrows at me as I thought about it.


“Yeah, it couldn’t hurt actually…and you’re right, it would be great for advertising. Why the hell not, I have nothing better to do,” I said resolutely.


“Yes, you do, you have to run this company. If you’re going to do modeling on the side, then it’s on the side. Keep it strictly to time off and the weekends, Jeffrey,” Victor gave me a severe look and I nodded in assurance.


“Of course, don’t worry, I know my priorities. I’ll tell one of the interns to set something up for me. We have to know someone on the inside of the modeling world.” I stood up to stretch my legs and put the call in to the intern working under Victor.


“Yeah, Nessa? I want to be a model, make that happen,” I gave her the order without waiting for her to greet me or anything, then I hung up without her responding at all. Victor looked over at me and snickered. Vanessa was one of our top candidates for a full time job in our public relations department, and if she kept at it, she’d soon be sitting in on negotiations with our clients worldwide. Victor and I were just giving her a hard time at this point just to see how dedicated she was to the company.


“You know, I was kind of hoping we wouldn’t keep Vanessa on anymore. She is really hot and you know how much I love smarts with an ass,” Victor quipped after I hung up.


I threw the stress ball at him and he chuckled as he caught it easily.


“What? I’m stating the obvious. She didn’t hear it so no lawsuit,” Victor assured me. I rolled my eyes while chuckling myself and turned towards the spectacular view of the city once again.


“You know, I’m thinking this modeling thing will be an adventure. In the meantime, update me. How we doing on numbers?” I got back to business with Victor and he picked up the month’s reports and flipped through a couple of pages before he pulled one out of the stack and walked over to place it on my desk. He adjusted the waistband of his slacks before he took a seat on the other side of my desk.


“Changes to the new model of the C-1200 carrier craft have taken up more time and resources than anticipated. We might have to rework some projections for the year’s overall progress. It will be slower as far as our profits and productivity, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.” Victor told me exactly what I needed to know.


“Good, as long as we’re moving forward. I’d be a little concerned if we were progressing too quickly. How about the deal with Ireland? Did they pursue the offer to buy the specialized Z-13s?” I asked Victor.


“They are back and forth with us and our competitor, Greywing. Their X-150s are ridiculously similar, but I think we’ll come out on top, as we’re cheaper.” Victor winked and I laughed at his lame joke.


“Knock, knock. Jeff, I’ve set up your first shoot. It was surprisingly easy to get you a gig as the face of freaking Armani. By the way, don’t let this get to your head. You aren’t


Both Victor and I laughed at Vanessa’s brazen attitude as she waltzed into my office. Vanessa went on to prattle off the details of my first photo shoot while simultaneously programming it into my phone so I wouldn’t ‘


“You’re looking mighty fine today, Miss Cross. I hope we aren’t bothering you too much?” Victor turned on the charm for Vanessa and I gave him a cautioning gaze. Vanessa actually smiled, her expression turned saucy.


“You’re looking mighty okay too, Victor.” They grinned at each other and I wondered if they already had something going on. I’d have to have a talk with Victor, he usually knew better. Vanessa was attractive and all, with her blonde bombshell looks and curves that would grab any guy’s attention.


But she worked for me and in her current position as intern, she worked for Victor, too. She was smart and capable and I really wanted her on my team. I just didn’t want anything to happen where she ended up quitting, much less a sexual harassment case added to that.


“So that’s tomorrow night, six p.m., Mister Bates. At the Third Street Warehouse. They’ll give you what they want you to wear, obviously. This is big, it’s Armani.
Do not forget
,” Nessa kept her gaze on mine to convey the seriousness of my showing up.


“Don’t worry, this is something I want to do, I’ll be there. Promise.” 


Nessa nodded, satisfied with my answer. Victor drew her into a conversation about Ireland and our pending deal with them. I answered a call from reception.


“Mister Bates, there is a Mister Cromwell here to see you, sir,” Julia, the receptionist, informed me. She’d worked for the company ever since my father started it up.

“Alright, you two, I have a meeting. Nessa, I’ll actually want to talk to you about the Ireland deal a little later, so don’t go too far.” I dismissed them and soon Cromwell was striding purposefully into my office. Cromwell manufactured specialized parts for military level aircraft and wanted to settle a deal with me and Stargate. I grasped his hand in a firm shake just before he sat down across from my desk. Cromwell was middle aged with grey encroaching the black hair around his temples. He looked good for his age, though.


His skin was tanned from much travel, but it wasn’t too leathery and he had an intense focus to his dark brown eyes. His features were hawkish and the way he held himself was almost superior. He was very well put together and a bit intimidating. Even with his dark blue suit and white pinstriped shirt, he reminded me of my father. Almost eerily so.


“I hope you don’t mind if we get right down to it. I have a tight schedule today.” Cromwell’s tone was cordial and warm, yet, I saw the impatience in his eyes. I wondered what crazy morning he must have had.


“Of course, what businessman doesn’t have a tight schedule? Let’s get to it, then.”  I rounded my desk and sat down to pull out his proposal for a possible contract between our companies.


“We love your ignition designs and they were tested to be incredibly efficient with our engines,” I began, but before I could comment further.  Cromwell lifted a finger.


“It’s good that you bring that up as the first point. We made those designs especially for your engines because we loved the idea that aircraft should be incredibly fuel efficient as well as maximized on performance. Our guys had a lot of fun cooking up those designs and the prototypes really did work great.” There was a spark in Cromwell’s eye that only a true engineer would get when talking about their work.


“That being said, we’d actually like to draw up a few more modifications for the fighter jets and unmanned crafts specifically for Stargate aircraft, so I’d agree for a more open ended contract so we can freely add more products to the list,” Cromwell suggested.


I smiled, also excited about where this could take Stargate in the future. “Of course, Stargate loves innovation and anything you can come up with for us we won’t turn away. Either way, I didn’t have much issue with your proposal other than the time frame for our contract. I’m thinking we could lower it to five years and then renew if need be.”


Cromwell pursed his lips and I waited for his answer. Usually these partnerships would last at the very least for ten years. But with Cromwell’s recent hiccup with one of his other partners there was definitely room for concern.


“So, basically this would be a sort of trial partnership then. Because of the incident with Morgan Skye?” Cromwell was blunt about it, he got to the point quickly.

“Yes, you can understand my concern with a complete breach in contract. You sold their parts to another company just so you could get out of the deal with Skye,” I replied just as bluntly, not bothered by his intense gaze and souring expression.


“I know the public side of things looked bad, but I assure you, Morgan Skye was double crossing us, so I simply returned the favor. Needless to say, I understand your caution. I like you, Bates, and what you and your father have built here. So I’m prepared to jump through a few hoops to ensure that I want a healthy and thriving relationship between our companies,” said Cromwell, surprising me with his sincerity.


“I can get behind that ideal, Cromwell, well said.” I addressed a few more points with him and we were able to come to agreements relatively quickly.


“Alright then, Bates, I’ll see you back here to sign once your people get everything drawn up.” Cromwell stood to leave and I got up to walk him out. We shook hands in parting once we reached the elevators that would lead Cromwell to the lobby.


After the meeting with Cromwell, my Friday went by pretty quickly.


“Hey Jeff, how about some drinks tonight, yeah?” Victor was packing up as I passed by his office directly next to mine.


“That’s not a bad idea, I’ll meet you at Shift’s?” Shift’s was our favorite bar on Fourth Avenue, the vibe was laid back and the food and drinks were always good. Victor told me that he’d see me in a few hours and I went home to get in a quick nap. Knowing Victor, a few simple drinks at the bar could turn into something much crazier. I wondered briefly if I should watch it on my drinking and not stay up too late.


I didn’t want to look drawn and hung-over on my first modeling gig. I chuckled to myself as I walked into my house and went back to the kitchen where I dropped my briefcase on the counter. Great, I sounded like some sort of diva and I hadn’t even had my first shoot yet.

BOOK: Mr. Handsome: A Billionaire Romance
5.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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