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This is dedication to all the women out there in search of themselves, or a fresh start. Just remember that while you are finding yourself, be careful you don’t get lost.



Chapter One

Olivia Parker sat at the top of the stairs, waiting for her husband to come home, intent on surprising him, but the surprise was on her. Her heart raced as time slowly passed. 

From the moment she stepped in the door, Olivia should have known something was wrong. The twins weren’t outside playing when she pulled up. They had summer camp until three-thirty, and should have been home for an hour before her husband arrived. Their next-door neighbors always kept an eye out for the boys until either she or Travis made it home.

Olivia whipped out her cell, dialing the camp just to find out that the boys hadn’t been there in a week.
That’s strange.
She hung up and called Angela, her younger sister.

“Have you seen the boys?” Olivia scoured the house in search of signs of life, stopping at the doorway of her bedroom.

“Yeah, I have them. Travis said he wanted to come and surprise you for a week, so I kept them for him. What’s going on?”

“Oh, really? Look, I’ll fill you in later.” She abruptly hung up the phone.

The pink thongs peeking out from underneath their bed stood out like a sore thumb. Olivia hadn’t been home in two weeks due to a business trip. There was no way those were hers. She sat her purse down on the dresser and noticed a bottle of off-brand perfume, mixed in with her Victoria Secret body spray.

Her heart sank.

This jerk has lost his freaking mind! He did not have some woman in my home, our home! Not again.
Her mind flashed back to right before they got married.


“You have reached the voice mail box of…” Olivia hung up the phone and tossed it in the passenger seat. It was the third time she tried to call him.

They were supposed to go out, but at the last minute, he called to cancel. He said his business meeting was running late. She wasn’t buying it for one minute. Being rushed off the phone started the sirens of an impending class five hurricane, and its name was Olivia.

“Where the hell are you, Travis?” She whipped her car around, doing a U-turn in the middle of the street. Ignoring the old lady giving her the middle finger, she turned onto the highway. Olivia had planned on going home and getting herself together for their evening out. Now, she was on her way to Travis’s house.

The ten-minute drive seemed more like ten years. A blur of luxury homes whizzed by until she finally rounded the corner of his housing division. Travis’s two-story, three car garage with full basement sat on the left hand side of the road, right before the start of the cul-de-sac. At first glance, one would think his house was smaller than the others surrounding it because it sat further back. In actuality, it was the largest in the new division and the one she was packing up her apartment to move into.

Seeing no other cars outside of his home, she felt like an idiot.
Oh what the heck. I’m here now.
She climbed out of her car and entered through the open garage. Travis must have been in a rush when he got in. Normally, he never left the garage open. After entering through the laundry room, she removed her heels and continued around the corner to the living room. She had a full view of the kitchen, dining room, sun room, and den. Travis was nowhere in sight. Olivia hoped he’d be in the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of wine as he so often did.

A running shower caught her attention, and she headed upstairs, having every intention of stepping inside the shower with him. Olivia loved the dual facet heads. The second one was directly above and came down like a waterfall. The shower itself was kind of like a cave and had no doors. She and Travis had spent plenty of time in there. A few of the moments found him behind her, thrusting deep and hard as she gripped the walls with the water pouring down on them.

Olivia walked into the master bedroom and took note of his unmade bed. That was odd. He was a stickler for making it as soon as he woke up. The door to the bathroom was cracked open so she proceeded to enter.

“What that…” Words left her.

She couldn’t believe the sight in front of her.

vis was in the shower all right, with someone else. They’d yet to notice Olivia from the noise of the shower and their intimate session. Time slowed down as Olivia watched Travis holding the woman up, she facing him, his back against the wall, as he thrust in deeper and deeper. Her head was cocked back in enjoyment of his large member—the one belonging to Olivia. Water ran down the woman’s back like a small waterfall.

Travis reached out and grabbed the back of her hair, causing her body to arch further into his. From her vantage point, Olivia could see his hard member sliding in and out of the woman’s shaved pearl. Travis’s body looked magnificent. His muscles were bulging out more normal than usual from balancing the woman in the air. Going to the gym four times a week suited him well. The scene was so erotic she almost had the urge to join them.

“You like this dick?” Travis commanded, pushing himself in hard.

“Yes, baby, yes!” she screamed.

That drew Olivia back to her senses. This was not the time for her voyeur side to kick in. She leaped in the shower faster than a lioness taking down her prey, leaving them no reaction time. Olivia snatched them apart. The girl fell on the wet floor.

“Travis? Who the hell is this bitch?” the other woman questioned as if Olivia, the woman who had been with this man for almost three years, had no right to be here.

“Bitch?” Olivia moved further in the shower as the woman scrambled to her feet. “Bitch? Who you calling a bitch? You’re in my man’s house!” She slapped her.

Travis wanted no part of it, or at least that’s how it seemed to Olivia. He kept his mouth shut, maneuvering his way out the shower while Olivia’s slapping turned to punches.

“Why are you fighting me? You should be fighting him!” The woman held up her hands, trying to deflect the assault.

Olivia stopped mid punch. “You’re right. Now get your shit and get the hell out!”

“Travis?” Her voice trembled as she looked between them.

“Bitch, why are you still talking to him?”

“Cause…cause I need a ride home,” she cried.

“I don’t care how you got here.” Olivia rushed at her again.

The girl took off. She grabbed her clothes that were strewn about the floor and ran out the room. Olivia stayed hot on her trail to ensure she left.

She stumbled around as she ran while trying to put on her clothes. Half naked she made her way out the front door.

Olivia slammed it shut behind her.

“Travis!” she called making her
way back up the stairs. “Who was that?”

“My client.” He sighed.

“Now you’re providing home service?” Anger raged through her. She opened and closed her fists, ready to strike.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen. Baby, I love you.”

“You didn’t mean for it to happen? You drove her to your house! You took her up the stairs, and you were screwing her in the shower!” Olivia’s heart beat hard against her chest.

He dropped his head. “I’m sorry.”

Despite refusing to move in the house with him, she and Travis managed to work it out. As weeks passed Olivia learned she was pregnant and her attitude towards him softened. They started over in a new home.


Shaking the memory, Olivia picked up the perfume and threw it at the wall, shattering a picture of Travis and her.

This bastard screwed this woman with our picture looking down on them!

Olivia calmed her thoughts when she heard the keys jiggling in the door. Into the house he came. Travis was so busy on the phone he didn’t notice her sitting at the top of the stairs. The alarm system beeped loudly, drowning out his conversation. In her attempt to maintain the surprise, she’d reset the alarm. By the time Travis disabled it, he was off the phone.

Get your ass up these stairs.

She heard cabinets open and close, then ice coming from the refrigerator dispenser. Finally, footsteps back in the direction of the stairs.

“Hey, baby,” Travis said, finally noticing her. He sounded more aggravated than happy to see her. “What are you doing back early? I thought you had two more days at your conference.”

He tried to give her a kiss, but she moved to the side. She didn’t know where or on who those lips had been.

“Hi,” she said dryly. Olivia held up the thong by the waistband with two fingers. “Whose are these?”

She wanted to slap the mess out of Travis.

“How should I know? Where’d you get them?”

Are you serious? You are not trying to act like I just picked up some random chicks funky draws and brought them with me.

“I found them by the bed. Who did you have in my home, Travis?” It really didn’t matter what he said. She knew it wouldn’t be the truth. She was sick of his lies, his false promises.

“Man…” Travis scratched his head. “I thought…I thought I told you my mom was coming in town. She changed up in here and must have dropped them,” he stuttered.

We live in a four bedroom, two-story home, with a full basement and only two kids. Who obviously haven’t been here in the past week. Despite all that, you expect me to believe she changed up
in our room?  I’m supposed to believe a sixty-two-year-old is wearing a thong? Eww.

“What about the perfume on the dresser?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “It must be hers too.”

She didn’t believe one word he said. Olivia wanted to kick his tail and tear up the house with his lying ass. Instead, she resorted to being the peaceful, loving wife.

“Okay, where are the boys?” She sighed, allowing him to kiss her on the cheek.

Travis pulled her up off the stairs and gave her a big hug.

“They’re at your sister’s. The camp was closed this week. I still had to work. I was actually going to come and surprise you, but I picked up a big client at the last minute. Lucky me, you’re home early.”

Yeah, lucky you. Lucky I didn’t come home and catch you with that other woman and took both of y’all out.

It was late, and Olivia was worn out from her flight from Los Angeles back to Chicago. “I need to lie down and get some rest.” She was far from letting the incident go, but she’d grown older and was no longer the woman she was over a decade ago.

He took the hint and didn’t try to have sex with her, not that it would have done much for her anyway.

When they first met in college everything was like a fairy tale. He was a halfback on the football team and had a full ride scholarship. The players had mandatory study tables at the same time as the track team, which Olivia was on. She didn’t have a full ride, only a partial. The good grades she had brought in some grants, covering the rest.

In the beginning, she thought Travis was a typical dumb jock. Then, he had her review one of his business plans for class. It was the layout for the company he owned today. Olivia fell for his mind. It didn’t hurt he was handsome as well. He was six foot two, had a body that never missed a day in the gym, was brown skinned, kept a low fade, and wore a goatee. Travis was one of the sexiest men on campus.

3.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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