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Cat Wilder



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Copyright 2015 by Cat Wilder

Cover by
Angelic Kitten



This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, and locations within either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, or locales is entirely coincidental.


All characters in this story are 18 years old or older.




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Super Heroine Girl's Night


            The city's most beloved super heroine streaked through the night sky, snaking between the towering office buildings.  She was looking for someone.  Actually, two someones.  One of them was the escaped criminal Doctor Death.  The other was Mikey the Mouse.  Finally, at the edge of the city's downtown-hugging red light district, she spotted Mikey standing half in and half out of the night shadows.  He, of course, stood next to an alley, because Mikey always thought of his escape route first.

            Ms Virtue came to a clattering high-heeled landing on the sidewalk.  Mikey turned and raced into the alley.  She took off after him.  Running in five inch stiletto thigh boots was nothing for the super-powered costumed vigilante.  What little light there was in the alley seemed to make her pure white costume glow.  Like Ms Virtue herself, her costume was iconic: white bustier with a golden "MV" design and white short-shorts, matched with white thigh boots with a gold strip up the front.  Her accessories were gold tiara, gold and silver wrist-to-elbow bracers, and the all important, golden power belt that gave her super powers.  With her long golden hair and supermodel beauty, she was the epitome of the Good and Virtuous super heroine.

            "Gotcha!" she said, grabbing the back of his shirt.

            "You got nothing on me, Ms Virtue!  I'm innocent," Mikey the Mouse said.

            It was all part of the game, in case someone unseen was watching and listening.  She pushed him up against the wall, towering over the little man.  Mikey was slight of build, but with a pear shape.  Really, he kind of looked like a real mouse.  Big nose, weak chin, beady eyes, small stature.

            Ms Virtue pressed in close.  She was not overly tall as a woman, but he was so small that his face was at chest level to her.  With a fierce face, she tensed and pressed closer as if to intimidate, which put his face barely an inch from her well-displayed bosom.  Mikey was not above a quick motorboat, either.  He'd done it before.  She never understood men's desire to do naughty things to her body, since she was known for her virtue and chastity.  But they just couldn't seem to keep their hands off her. 

            "Where were you at midnight on the seventh?" she demanded.  Then she pushed her face in close to his, and whispered, "Do you know where Doctor Death is right now?"

            "I was in bed asleep," he said loudly.  Then he whispered, "I just heard he was over at Babydolls making it rain hundred dollar bills."

            "Were you alone?  Can anyone confirm you were in bed?" she said.  Then, more quietly, "I'll deposit the money in your account."

            "Maybe, but she's married and I wouldn't want to blow her in," he said, and leered up at Ms Virtue.  "Since she did me so well when she blew me."

            Mikey's hands came up quickly, going straight for her boobs.  Men were constantly trying to get their hands on her.  And not just the bad guys, either.  The mayor, for one, was someone she didn't allow to get too close.  So Ms Virtue used her Power to surge straight back and avoid his attempt at feeling her up.

            "Better luck next time, pig," she sneered.

            "No, I'm a mouse.  Mikey the Mouse," he said, leering at her deep cleavage.  "Knew I should've gone for it and motorboated your sweet tits."

            Ms Virtue rolled her baby blues, shaking her head woefully.  "Men!"

            A second later, she was a hundred feet straight up, veering off towards Babydolls Gentlemen's Club on the other side of downtown.  It was a "high class" strip club.  Or so they claimed.  Lots of businessmen liked to eat lunch there, oddly enough.  And then drop by on the way home for a cocktail, or to try and get their cock into some skanky stripper's tail.  There were rumors that the strip club was a front for prostitution.

            As she approached the infamous gentlemen's club, Ms Virtue wished her sidekick was there to help.  Multiple doors meant Doctor Death had more means to escape her and justice, and it would be nice to have Virtue Girl covering one of them.  Unfortunately, Heather was in Mexico with some of her college friends and wouldn't be back for another three days.

            "I'll just have to be vigilant, as well as virtuous," she muttered as she slowed in midair to a crawl and swung her feet down to land extremely softly next to the kitchen door in back.

            The white-costumed super heroine slipped through the open back door.  The kitchen staff all stopped to gawk at her.  Ms Virtue was kind of used to that reaction.  Happened all the time.  And of course, their eyes all immediately raked her shapely, scantily clad body, before zeroing in on her half-naked breasts.  Her bustier top pushed her "girls" up nicely, and even other women tended to stare at them.

            "There are a hundred other women in this place, all wearing even less than me," she said.  "So really?"

            "You're Ms Virtue, a super heroine, so you're special," a young man in a cook's uniform said.  His eyes never rose above her breasts.  "And I suspect your…assets are real, too."

            "Hmmmm," she said, frowning.  They were real, but magically enhanced.  Indeed, the magic of her power belt altered her normal appearance so dramatically during the transformation into a super heroine that even her own mother couldn't recognize her, the least of which was a larger, firmer, higher set of tits, flat belly, and sweetly rounded hips.  "Thanks, I think."  She turned toward the door out into the main room.  "You boys just carry on as if I'm not here."

            Kitchen clatter slowly returned as she approached the door.  It was a set of swinging double doors so common in such places and more traditional restaurants.  Each door had a round window, presumably so the wait staff could see if someone was approaching from the other side so they could avoid collisions.  The windows seemed high, forcing her to rise up on her tippy toes to peek out.

            Not liking that, she bent over and pushed one door open a crack to peek out on the main room.  As expected, there were hordes of scantily clad, and outright topless, young women moving in every direction.  They sat with patrons — drinking, laughing, lap dancing.  Others wiggled sexily atop stages of various sizes.  Stripper poles were everywhere.   And on the main stage, a hot redhead was doing an actual dance.  Okay, it was a highly suggestive dance, but it was still more than just shaking her tits and wiggling her ass.

            Unfortunately, Ms Virtue didn't see Doctor Death anywhere.  She could see most of the room, but needed to look from a different angle to see the back booths.  On the other side of the bar was another door, next to the raised DJ booth.

Hey, I bet the DJ can see the entire room from that vantage point
, she thought.

            Strippers were coming and going from the door next to the DJ.  So she turned around and noticed that everyone in the kitchen had stopped again.  This time, though, they were all staring at her ass.

            "Really?" she said.  Shaking her head woefully, she headed to the other side of the kitchen.  "Men!"

            As expected she found a short hallway to the other door, and next to it was the dancer's dressing room.  There had to be two dozen pretty young things in there laughing and joking, and primping.  Ms Virtue just glanced into the dressing room as she headed for the door.  As expected, she got a better angle to see the back booths, but they were so dark she couldn't make out any faces.

            "So frustrating," she muttered.

            "With a body like that, I'd be anything but frustrated," a woman said behind her.

            Ms Virtue slanted a glance over her shoulder to find a beautiful blonde wearing a lacy black bustier, matching thong, opera gloves, and black thigh boots.  She also wore a lot of sparking rhinestone jewelry.  She was looking at Ms Virtue's butt like she wanted to grab it and lick it.

            "Hello, and you are…?" Ms Virtue said.

            "Candy," she said.  "Wanna lick me?"

            That kind of surprised her, but she was used to it.  Even from other women.

            "I'd like to, but I can't eat
and still fit into this costume," she said without missing a beat.

            "Heey, I like you," Candy said, suddenly even more aroused.  "Can I lick you?"

            "No," she said, shaking her head.  Ms Virtue sighed gustily, gave Candy a disapproving look, and then said, "But you can help me."

            Usually giving the city's citizens something to focus on beside her scantily clad body worked well.  People as a rule were good, and most wanted to help.  Or at least help her.  And sometimes people were already too focused and it didn't work.

            "Oooh, yes.  I'll help you if you help me," Candy said, eyes dropping to the super heroine's deep cleavage.  "You scratch my itch, and I'll scratch yours."

            For a second, visions of Candy and her going at each other like sex-starved minxes filled her mind.  Despite being Ms Virtue, she was a healthy young woman with all the needs, desires, and hormones that that entailed.  Unfortunately, her mind was too easily distracted by sex, so she had to be strong to remain virtuous.

            "Hey now, what part of Ms
do you not understand?"

            "Um, the whole virtue part."

            Ms Virtue almost commented on the stripper's attire, as an indicator of her own lack of virtue.  Truth was, though, Candy's stripper outfit probably covered a bit more skin than the super heroine's costume.  Their bustiers were about the same, while Ms Virtue's super skimpy short-shorts were a tad bit more covering than Candy's thong, but the stripper's opera gloves covered more than the heroine's bracers.

            "Naturally," Ms Virtue said, starting to wonder if she should just charge into the main room and hope to find Doctor Death before he stealthily slipped away.

            "Oooh, what you got, Candy?" another blonde said as she came out of the dressing room.

            Then a pair of brunettes came through the door from the main room.  Ms Virtue found herself surrounded by scantily clad beauties.  She wanted to be annoyed, frustrated, but they were all looking at her with such admiration and awe.  Except for Candy, of course, who was all but drooling.

            "Are you really Ms Virtue?" one of the brunettes said, voice deep, breathy, and sultry.  She was wearing the skimpiest white bikini and stiletto FMPs the super heroine had ever seen.  And she had a spectacular set of silicone tits Ms Virtue had a hard time not staring at.

            "Yes, and you are…?"

            "Mystique, and she's Charisma," she said, blue eyes alight with awe and delight as she moved up close, until their boobs were pressed together.  Ms Virtue glanced down at their boobs, and then past Mystique to Charisma.  The other brunette was wagging her brows at her, which wasn't comforting.  "I've never met a real super heroine before."

            "Yeah, a pleasure I'm sure," Ms Virtue said, moving back a step.  She felt so breathless and energized, not to mention hot.   Her eyes went wide when Mystique placed her hand on Ms Virtue's belly, and Candy gave her butt a stroke.  "Hey now, look but don't touch."

            Candy's response was to grab a big handful of butt cheek, and dig her long nails in sensually.  The sexy super heroine gasped, rising up on her toes when the other blonde moved up quickly, capturing her attention.

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