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Must Wait

BOOK: Must Wait
Must Wait
(Pedro’s Story)
Ginger Sharp

This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons,
living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental. Names,
characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents are
the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Copyright © 2013 Ginger Sharp
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 1492853259
ISBN-13: 978-1492853251



This book is dedicated to my Dirty Birdies, you know
who you all are and to all those who enjoy steamy
romance novels. Enjoy!





To Mike, my poor husband, who had to endure my glares
for him to leave the room while I wrote the book.


And to everyone else that I tortured to give me feedback
on the chapters that I emailed to them from time to time.



Two week later, Katie arrives back in Costa Rica. Katie
is staying with Rosalie and Henry. They are aware of our
union and are very accepting. I am shocked one evening
coming home from working out in the coffee fields to see
Katie in my kitchen cooking dinner. She is so beautiful. I
have missed her completely. She is so elegantly petite in
her flowery sundress with her blonde hair pulled up in a
ponytail. I pull my eyes away from her, as I glance around
looking for my son. Ramón may be still playing outside. I
turn to see, Ramón watching videos that Katie brought
him on her laptop. He has headphones on and glances up
smiling at me. I smile back to him as I stare back to Katie.

She walks next to me touching my arm. “Ramón
seems content.”
I avoid contact with her because of my son’s presence.
She notices my avoidance and I can see that she is getting
upset with me.
I speak over to her quietly, “After dinner I will take
him to Paolo’s house for the night.”
Her face turns red. “No, he stays here tonight. We
deals with this tonight. He needs to know that we are
married. He needs to know that you share your bed with
me. Tomorrow, when he wakes. I will be the one who
will make breakfast for him while I tell him that his daddy
needs to sleep-in. I will take him to the beach and watch
him while he plays with his friends then go off to lunch
with Rosalie. You need to start trusting me with your son.
Sorry, our son.”


I am nervous at Katie’s forwardness on how to deal
with my son. I need to remove him and take him to my
brother’s house. He shouldn’t be here in this house
during our first night as a married couple. I know that
Katie will not be able to contain herself. I am already
aroused just by looking at her plating the dinner that she
has cooked for us. Yet she is trying. She wants to make
this work for us and my son. She really loves me. I am so
proud of her wanting to be a mother to my child since
she never wants any children of her own. She is so
accepting of me and Ramón, wanting to be a nurturing
mother. I am afraid, but I will follow her lead for the

Dinner is awkward for me. Katie is growing more and
more impatient with me. She glares over at me waiting for
me to talk to Ramón. I could see that Ramón is confused
by Katie’s presence in our house. He has only seen her a
few times. I should have already told him when I got back
from Las Vegas, but I did not know what to say to him. I
get up and clear the plates away, bringing them to the
sink. Ramón runs over to me and starts washing the dirty
dishes. I lean on the counter trying to find the right words
for Ramón. I am distracted when I hear rumbling outside.
I walk to the window and look out to see a storm off in
the distance.

“Ramón, please hurry with those dishes and get ready
for a storm.”
I leave going outside to close up the outbuildings and
to put away the equipment. Katie runs out of the house,
chasing behind me.
“I do not understand you, Pedro. Why are you having
an issue telling your son that you married me?” I ignore
her while I gather the drying screen as her voice rises.
“Pedro, answer me.”



“Katie, I really can’t get into this with you right now.

There is a storm approaching,” I say calmly.
“You know, Pedro, that you had two weeks to tell
him. Why didn’t you tell him?”
“Not now, Katie.”
“Fuck you, Pedro. You are a coward.”
“Katie, do not swear at me.”
It starts to rain and she is still yelling at me. She
follows me into the grain shed, telling me off as I tune
her out while putting the drying screens away. Her harsh
words are eating away at my patience as I stew up anger
towards her.
I spin around glaring at her. “Katie, go in the house.”
She is all red with anger and soaking wet from the rain.
She balks as she turns to leave. “Yes, I will go in the
house. I will tell Ramón myself about us.”
I grab her arm harshly. “No, Katie.”
She gets angrier trying to pull away from me. I am
losing my temper as she continues to rant. I snap, yelling
back at her and she seems unfazed as she continues to
taunt me pointing in my face.
I smack her hand down pushing her into the bags of
grain. I hold her there, yelling at her, “Katie, you are not
his mother. You will never be his mother. I do not want
him to know that I stopped loving his mother. You do
not get the right to tell him anything, Katie. He is mine,
not yours.”
She is very silent, looking up at me in shock by my
candor. I can see the hurt in her eyes. I reach out taking
her hands.
“I am sorry Katie. That did not come out right. That
was my anger speaking. What I meant to say is that you
have been here for an hour. Please do not come here and
take control of my family. I am all he knows. It is going to



take time for this adjustment.”

Katie sighs, nodding. “I am sorry too. Ramón is not to
know that you stopped loving his mother. He needs to
know that you will always love her and that you can love
me too. Just because I am here doesn’t mean you have to
stop talking about her. When your father was with
Rosalie, did he stop talking about your mother?”

I feel a sense of regret for snapping at her. “No. He
talked about her until the day he died.”
I step closer to Katie’s wet body, reaching to touch her
face looking for forgiveness. Her eyes mesmerize me,
captivating me as always. I know it has only been two
weeks, but I missed my wife so much only having that
one night with her after we married. I want her to forgive
me for being forceful with her. I need to touch her. I
trace my thumb across her chin as I tilt her head up and
kiss her lips tenderly. She places her hand on my
shoulders and slowly slides them down my chest. I feel
her hands immediately tugging at the top of my shorts. I
break the kiss, looking down to watch her unbutton them
then pull my zipper down. I pull my head back and look
down at her gorgeous features. She stares back at me with
a seductive wicked grin on her face as she removes my
cock from my shorts and stokes me with her one petite
hand. Her other hand removes her panties. I grab her by
the waist lifting her up onto the stacked bags of grain.
Now we are eye to eye so I can gaze into her crystal blue
eyes. She raises up her sundress spreading her legs apart
as she slides her hands up to her breasts. She rubs them
aggressively and I am instantly burning with desire just
watching her. My mouth goes dry as I take in every part
of her that is exposed to me. There is another crack of
lightning which illuminates her face. I rush in to her,
kissing her profusely. She digs her fingernails into my


backside wanting me to enter her. I move myself into her
wetness as she screams out. We start moving together as
she begins to moan. My fingers are entwined in her hair
as I insistently kneed her breast with my other hand. She
hisses out since I am being too rough with her. I remove
my hand as she rapidly snatches it back placing my hand
back to her breast. She moves her hips meeting me thrust
for thrust. She satisfies my ache from being apart from
her. She touches her breast as her other hand grips my
bicep. She gets wilder screaming out my name as her
body goes limp pulsating around me. She shudders as she
still moans. I roll my hips a few more times, grunting as I
am releasing myself into her as she continues to moan in
ecstasy. Another crack of lightning warns me that the
storm is nearing. I exit her rapidly and put myself away
and pull down her dress. She lies back on the grain bag all
breathless staring up at me with glossy eyes.

I guardedly shake my head at her. “This is why I can’t
have you in the house yet. You are too loud when I make
love to you.”

She unreservedly laughs. “I promise to keep quiet later
“The storm is getting stronger. Stay here. Give me ten
minutes before you come back to the house. I am going
to cut the power to the house and tell Ramón that you are
my wife.”
She looks at me confused while she is still panting, but
she just blissfully nods.




I am enjoying the early evening setting sun while
driving back to my farm up the rocky hillside from
visiting with my in-laws. Cyntia is begging me to slow
down since the terrain in my old pickup truck is making
her nauseated. I glance at the paleness in her face. This
pregnancy has been difficult for us. We have been going
back and forth to the clinic when she developed
gestational diabetes at 24 weeks pregnant. We still have
about one month to go before our baby arrives. I am
really looking forward to the happiness that the baby will
bring us.

Cyntia and I have only been married close to one year.
Her family was moving from San Bart to a better farming
location. We were in love
and with my father’s
encouragement I had ask her to marry me
Cyntia said yes
to my proposal, but her family declined. They felt that I
was cursed and needed to remain alone forever. I was the
youngest of three boys. My mother passed away while
giving birth to me and my father raised me all on his own.
Eventually Cyntia’s family gave in after she ran away a
few times to be with me. Shortly after we married, my
father passed away leaving me with his house and the rest
of the land to farm coffee beans. Cyntia’s family felt that
the curse was lifted from me when my inheritance from
my father looked pleasing to them. I am nineteen years
old and I own my own farm and home. Our union
became accepted by her family after my father’s passing.

“Slow down, Pedro. I am going to be sick again,” she
I stop the truck and peer over at her heavy breathing.
“Should I help you out?”
She whips her head snarling at me, “No! I want you to
drive slow. The bumps in the road is making the baby
kick me and my body aches.”
I smile over to her. “I can’t wait until the baby is born.
Then I will have my sweet Cyntia back instead of the
demon sitting beside me.” Looking at Cyntia took my
breath away. She is so petite with perfect long black silky
hair. Her almond colored eyes glisten in the sunlight with
flecks of gold. She is beautiful and I am very lucky that
she chose to love me. She had other boys that tried to
win her love, but she wanted me. The mature strong
Pedro as she used to say. In a village with more men than
women could make it hard to find love. Many men leave
to find love in neighboring villages. That was what my
two older brothers had done.

I drove slower, but she is still complaining. We arrive
home and I help her out of the truck. I am watching her
waddle in to the house laughing to myself. She is so tiny
and her belly is enormous. I smile at myself knowing I did
this to her.

I head down to the field since I have some work that
needs to be done. I check on the cherries that are soaking
in the water to see if I can remove the pulp around the
coffee beans. I thought I heard Cyntia call for me as I was
splashing around in the water to move the cherries
around. I listen carefully. She screams out my name again.
I walk up towards the house when I hear her scream in
panic. I pick up my pace turning in to the door to see her
gripping the edge of the table.

“Sweetie, what is wrong?”

She lifts her head to look up at me. “I think you need
to go in to town and get Rosalie. Something is

I raise an eyebrow. “No, we have to go to the clinic.”
She is shaking her head as I see tears form in her eyes.
“I cannot go back in that truck. It will make this worse
for me. Please stop and tell Galiana that I need her. Then
get Rosalie and hurry back to me.”
I nod as I am backing out the door staring at her
panicked face before turning to run to my truck. I drive
off leaving her alone. I stop at my brother’s farm, my
truck sliding in the dirt. I locate my brother so I can have
him take his wife, Galiana, to my house to watch over
Cyntia. He agrees then I am off to the Cantina.

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