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Dahlia Rose



Copyright © November 2013, Dahlia Rose Unscripted

ISBN: 978-1-936668-77-9

Cover art by Fiona Jade

Formatting by Bob Houston eBook Formatting


This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form.


Cowboys of January


The spring was in full bloom and Kayla Phillips looked out from behind the counter of the local post office in January, Montana. The air was sweet with the scent of the local blooms, the bluebonnets already covered the green of the mountainside and the local spring festival would be that weekend. A buzz of excitement was in the air, blended in with the smell of fresh hay, green grass and plain ol’ happiness. The town only boasted two thousand inhabitants but when the ranches thawed out from the winter cold, the tourist season flourished. They had a spa built over real hot springs and ranches that had the cowboy experience. Kayla loved where she lived, the busy, fun-filled days of spring, summer and fall and then the hibernation of winter.

Oh shit!
She saw the familiar faces of Sam McGee and Travis Delhome coming around the corner and her stomach did a flip flop. These two were what kept her up at night. Cowboys with swagger and sex appeal who had also made her a stunning offer. They wanted her to be the dark chocolate cream between them. Oh yes, Sam and Travis had offered her a relationship built for three. She had gone on a date with each of them and liked them both. What they were offering was surreal. She bit her lip and, while watching them, the world seemed to slow down. Sam was tall and his broad shoulders always looked good under the t-shirts he wore. He filled out a pair of jeans with hips a woman would die to wrap her legs around. He had a rugged jaw line, with a hint of stubble dark stubble, and dark hair that he kept long over his ears. When he took off that cowboy hat and flashed his crooked grin, it went straight to those green eyes.

Sam had to be a good six feet-two inches in height. Travis had to be six feet but still the perfect height. Kayla was only five-four and even in heels she had to look up at the two men. Travis’s sandy blond hair and ice blue eyes made him look like a movie star. Instead he was a rancher who broke new stallions with a dominating personality and strength. Both men oozed sex appeal and, for as long as she had known them, were inseparable best friends.

People in town who grew up with them said it had been that way since they were children. Both wanted to date her, both wanted to bed her. And now, instead of a woman coming between them, they made the suggestion that still had her head whirling. She watched them talking outside to a few guys but more than once their glances met her through the glass window panes of the post office. She could feel the heat of their gazes from that far away.
Please don’t let them come in here,
she thought. She moaned when they came to the door and casually walked in. She was alone at the front counter. It was like that almost every day unless it was a busy holiday season. She had no answer for them—not yet—to their unusual request. It was certainly one of her fantasies but she never thought she would actually be given the opportunity
. How does a relationship like that work anyway?

“Kayla, you look good enough to eat.” Sam’s voice was a deep baritone that felt like a caress when he spoke.  “Doesn’t she, Travis?”

Travis nodded in agreement. “That cocoa skin begs to be kissed.”

“You two stop it!  I work here and there are people in the back,” Kayla snapped.

“Mrs. Bascombe is deaf as a post. Jack is down at the diner getting lunch and we saw Jenny and Mark outback catching a cigarette. Who’s going to hear?” Travis asked.

“This is a place of business. I don’t come out to the ranch and make salacious advances towards you, do I?” she asked

“We actually wish you would, Kayla.” Sam grinned. “That’s why we’re here. It’s been three days since we made our offer and we’ve heard nothing from you.”

“It’s a lot to take in, guys,” Kayla admitted honestly. “A threesome…how the heck does that work?”

“Kayla, we both have feelings for you. You pick one…the other will be hurt,” Travis supplied. “We don’t want to hurt you, either, by making you have to be in an uncomfortable situation like that. We talked about it a long time and this feels like the best way.”

“I don’t see how. Have you guys done this before?” Kayla leveled them with a cold stare. “Because if you think you can just use me and cast me aside let me tell you—this body is not just for play.”

“We’re thinking the long haul, Kayla darlin’.” Sam leaned on the counter. The intensity of his green eyes made her feel weak in the knees. “We’ve both fallen hard for you but we can take this one day at a time.”

“I don’t want to be the town’s new piece of gossip, guys,” Kayla interrupted. “This is January One person says one thing and by the time it spreads, they will have me dancing naked with you under a silvery moon.”

Both men grinned and Travis opened his mouth to say something but Kayla interrupted him before he could get one word out.

She held up her hand. “You know what I mean. I came here seven years ago as an outsider. I worked hard to become a part of this community. This could literally label me as an outcast if it came out.”

“Do you really care what these people think?” Sam asked quietly. “You never struck me as the kind who cared what was said about you.”

“I don’t but, jeez guys, I have to live in this town.” Kayla sighed. “I just don’t know how this could work in the long run, you know? What if you get jealous or something, or another girl comes into the picture?”

Sam hand caressed her cheek and slid his hand to the back of her neck before he leaned over the counter and devoured her mouth in a kiss. His tongue penetrated her mouth and left her reeling at the intensity of his kiss. “Sometimes you think too much about the wrong things.”

Sam moved away and Travis took his place. He cupped her cheeks with both hands and took his taste of her as well. His lips demanded that she open her mouth to his invading tongue. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped under the onslaught of both devastating kisses. When he finally pulled away, she felt as if she had a little bit too much to drink and swayed on her feet.

“Think about it, darlin’.” Travis’s voice was a slow drawl that sent shivers up her spine. “Think about all of us together, hot, naked and sweaty. Let’s try it out and see where it goes.”

He played out a little tune on the countertop with the palms of his hand before stepping away. Both men tipped their hats back and stepped out into the spring sunshine.
Jesus, I am in trouble
, she thought, rubbing her lips. She could still feel their lips on hers, two different textures and yet, it formed one amazing combination. Travis painted a pretty picture; she could see them all together, buck-naked and sweaty. Kayla had to admit as the day went on she weighed the pros and cons of their illicit offer. The pros seemed to be winning by the time five o’clock came around and the post office closed.


* * * *


Yes, the answer is yes.
Kayla said the word in her mind later that evening while she was in the shower. Two seriously sexy guys who wanted her, offering her something women could only dream about. She had to say yes. What red blooded female wouldn’t? Even though she made the decision, she was nervous.
How will it feel? Can I handle them both?
So many questions made her even more nervous as she got dressed, but the light of excitement in her eyes was there as she stared at herself in the mirror. This was a new adventure. The past seven years her life had become almost monotonous and routine. This was a definite shake up.

She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered how does a person dress for a threesome? The thought made her grin at her reflection. She wore a white knit jumper that ended in a cuff at her knees. It had spaghetti straps and a short bolero jacket. The white was contrasted against her ebony skin and she slipped her feet into a pair of black flats before picking up her purse and heading to the car. Most of the ranches were spread out across the valley when you left January. Sam and Travis owned M &D ranch. From what she could recall, they owned over five hundred head of cattle and some of the finest horses in Montana.  She had been out there a few times for a fourth of July barbeques or to see the haunted house they did for the kids each year at Halloween.

She knew the route well and forty five minutes later, she was pulling into the long winding driveway of the ranch with her car kicking up dust as she went. There was no one around when she stopped in front of the main house. Most of the guys who worked at the ranch were probably in town already, enjoying a cold one and some dancing with the local girls. The corral was filled with horses and against the backdrop of the sunset; their muscled silhouettes looked like a picture that someone could frame. She could smell the rich Montana earth in the air, the richness of the new soybean crop coming up, and hear the cows off in the distance in their own separate pastures. For a girl who grew up in New Jersey, it was a completely different environment but yet, she felt completely at home from the first day she moved there.

Kayla looked around and took slows steps, not seeing either man she was searching for. Both their trucks were there so she knew they were around. She walked to the hay barn and there, she could hear a bit of muted conversation. The voices were familiar and she felt that nervous flutter in her stomach begin. She stepped around the corner and stood in the half open doors. She noticed the long shadow her body cast across the straw-covered ground right to the stacks of hay they were lifting. Both of them were shirtless and their muscles bunched when they lifted each bale. Watching them made her want to drool but both stopped their work turned to her.

“Hi.” Kayla gave them a tentative smile. “I thought I would come by.”

Sam took two towels off the rung of the wooden ladder that led to the hay loft and threw one to Travis. They both wore smiles as they wiped down their damp necks and chests.

“I never thought we would see you today,” Travis said.

Kayla stepped further inside. “Hell, I didn’t know I would come until I was in the shower. This still seems unbelievable.”

Travis and Sam stepped closer to her. She could smell the different aftershaves they wore, mixed with the musky scent of their bodies.

“This feels right, you know. Kayla, we would of never suggested it if it didn’t,” Sam murmured.

His green eyes searched her face. He was so close, so very close, and so was Travis. She could feel the heat of their bodies radiating towards her. Her breath caught, arousal curling in her belly from them just being so close.

“Are you going to say yes?” Travis asked.

She could feel his hands on her shoulders, kneading the muscles there and on the back of her neck. Kayla held back the sigh of pleasure under his big hands. The barn had begun to cast more shadows as the sun dipped lower in the sky. She looked up at Sam who was facing her and the reddish glow of the last of the light made him look even more mysterious and dangerous. Travis pulled her against him so her back was pressed against the hard muscles of his chest. She gasped in surprise and delight, liking the sudden dominate move. Desire heated her skin and she could feel wetness pool between her thighs. She had made them wait long enough for her answer. It was always going to be yes.

Kayla nodded slowly before affirming the word. “Yes, I want this. I want you both.”

Sam gave a low growl of approval before stepping closer until she was sandwiched between both their bodies. He took her lips in a searing kiss and she held on to his shoulder for dear life. She opened her mouth under the onslaught of his and his tongue penetrated her mouth. Travis’s hands traced and caressed her body. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her and she moaned from the sensations coming at her from both sides.

“My turn,” Travis said and turned her to face him, taking her lips away from Sam.

Positions were reversed as she felt Travis’s demanding kiss on her lips and his tongue probing her mouth. Sam’s hands cupped her breasts through the soft material of her jumper before he slipped the jacket from her shoulders. She felt his fingers slip under the straps, pulling them from her shoulders.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Here and now, Kayla. We’ve been aching for you and we want you now,” Travis murmured before he ran his tongue over her bottom lip.

Her eyes followed Sam as he moved away. He came back with a blanket from the tack room and spread it over four bales of hay stacked next to each other.

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